Worship Ross Jeffries

September 27, 2009

I’m mulling ways to blast through the sticking point of getting LJBF’d / failing to k-close. I think the main cause is my lack of sexual intent. The reason I don’t project it is a subconscious fear of losing the girl by pushing things. I’ll be in a set and chatting well and just not move it on. So my first goal is this:

Visualise fucking the girl before I approach her, and then as I look her in the eyes continue thinking about fucking her.

So far, so Gunwitch. What I also learned from my verbal escalation with HB7 Somali, and the doggy dinner bowl looks I got with my NLP on some Day 2s is the power of creating sexual state in the woman.

So if I combine a projection of my own sexual state with direct NLP leading her state – WHAM BAM – a pincer claw trap of seduction. And in all things speed seduction, Ross Jeffries is king.

I’ve got his 1994 ebook and I’m learning about weasel phrases, embedded commands and anchoring. He’s also put some set routines into the Make Women Hot video I watched recently. So far I’ve just been dipping my toe in the waters. It’s time to make a splash. Here’s my favourites:

Softener + weasel phrase + command verb + state

“When I get to know someone, I like to ask questions so I can find out what they find important. I hope you don’t mind me asking this. When you meet someone and you feel an immediate intense connection…”

“Would you mind if I asked you, just for the sake of helping me understand you better. A person can often think about fantastic sex while just having normal conversation in a normal place….”

“I just want to say, and I hope you don’t find this too intrusive, what’s it like when you are sitting comfortably and totally relaxed with a man you find totally fascinating….”

I blundered into some of these before but I need to integrate it so it’s second nature. I figure I have to be safely past the hook point and in isolation. A few times I’ve thrown these in early to no effect. It’s probably also best to start with a generic NLP routine (like my boxing one) before digging deep with these personal ones.

Have you ever…
This is the super weasel phrase. The purpose is to get the girl to recall a pleasurable state and then anchor it to you.

“Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been totally fascinated with someone? Like maybe as you were there, looking at him, and you started to listen carefully, it was like his voice just seemed to wrap itself around you, and the rest of the world just disappeared. Your entire world, everything you see, is what is right in front of you. And anything he describes, you can just picture it clearly. So, you know, if he talks about a romantic walk on a moonlit beach, the waves lapping at your feet in the sand, with your perfect partner, you can see yourself there with him, just enjoying the feeling of what it would be like?”

This is meant to create fascination and put the conversation into the emotional world. From there you’ve got her captivated and she’s ready for whichever states you elicit next.

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  1. Wow… I was doing a search for a good “original source” for the **doggy dinner bowl concept** for a post I’m writing for my blog… and this post came up in Google. The title made me very curious as to what you might say about Ross Jeffries.

    Ha. Very cool to read this, and imagine who you were as you wrote it… how you were into this NLP stuff in 2009, what you moved onto, and where you are today.

    A long journey indeed.

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