Sargethon Day 2: Rain stops play

September 16, 2009

It’s pissing down with rain and not only did I neglect to bring my umbrella but I’ve got a hole in my boots too. I really can’t be bothered to go sarging so I buy a new netbook and spend a few hours in Cafe Nero setting it up and writing blog posts. Finally Sai rings me and we decide we have to do at least one approach today.

Walking through Trafalgar Square the rain has stopped. I spot HB7 Italian walking past the National Gallery. I open, she stops easy. Mentions she’s on the way home. I’m not especially good at the vibing:

Krauser: Where are you from?
HB7: Italy
Krauser: Don’t say Milan. I went there last year and nearly got murdered
HB7: I’m from Milan
Krauser: I hope you’re more friendly

Not exactly blasting this set with the attraction gun. I try to work my cold reading / calibration a bit. I don’t do any routines in day game now, or at least not in the first ten minutes, so I’m trying to get good at just picking up on anything she gives me and have a few fallback observations. For example:

Krauser: *looking her up and down quizzically* You seem quite relaxed, like you are comfortable here. I’m guessing you’re not a tourist. You actually live here.
HB7: Yes, I’m studying here for a year. I came a few weeks ago
Krauser: Yeah, I could tell you still have some of that look about you, like things are still new and exciting

I also try to comment on their clothes and invite an explanation. Not good at it yet. This girl was dressed in sombre casual greys and blacks but also had on some colourful wellies:

Krauser: I quite like your coordination. The hat is cute, and as it works down *gesturing from her head towards her legs* it all matches in a nice understated way. It’s like you didn’t want to dress up, but you still wanted to look stylish
HB7: *agrees*
Krauser: But the wellies! What were you thinking? It totally destroys the stylish vibe.

I get her Facebook but really ought to have gotten the number. Lately I’ve been struggling to push towards the instant date and here I let myself get choded out of it by taking her at face value on her having to be somewhere.

We move on to Covent Garden. The sets just aren’t there. It’s deserted cos of the rain. Finally I see a cute leggy HB8 Brit walk by. She’s delivering packages for her company. It’s an easy stop. She’s working and mentions it but seems comfortable just talking. I try the calibration and cold reading again.

Krauser: The way you’ve put your outfit together, I’m guessing you work in fashion
HB8: Actually I work for a fashion magazine
Krauser: I thought so. What inspired this outfit
HB8: Actually I just threw it together in a hurry. The coat is a friend’s.

I get her name and number. I try to find her on Facebook but its a very common name and there are literally hundreds. I’m pretty sure the link above is her profile pic but I’m only about 80%sure. Close didn’t feel very solid.


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