More work with Skeletor

I had a fear of enlightement. Call it a success barrier if you will.

There are many positive things I’ve been able to internalise in my life. For year after year I always came top of the class in every subject. Literally from the first year as a little shit-cake baker five year old playing in the sandpit between classes, right up to my school leaving exams. Always the best, in everything. But I went to a shitty school so I wondered if I could still be top at college. I was. But it was a shitty college. Finally I went to a top university and it took a full academic year before I realised I was smarter than everyone else. Then I went into business for a top consulting firm and again I wasn’t sure I’d rise to the top of my peer group but I did.

In the face of such consistent positive feedback over literally two decades I have fully internalised that I am among the top 1% of men intellectually. I project as such with serene confidence.

That’s the plus side. There’s other things where I haven’t been able to internalise the leap to greatness. Since getting involved in game this has held me back from believing I am at the top of the value pyramid, or as Skeletor would say in his fiat currency analogy – “the guy who owns the printing press”

Regular manosphere readers will be familiar with the idea that men own the extremes of the bell curve and women own mediocrity. Because reproductively women are “where its at” they just need to exist and not breakdown in order to pass on their genes. There is no selective pressure in nature to reward mutation and punish mediocrity. Hence all the select pressure and thus evolution is on the male side. Men inhabit a wide spectrum of mutation and ability, compete strongly, and over time the top 40% reproduce. This is why every achievement that’s ever happened was acheived by a man. Just go to wikipedia and get a list of inventions. Here’s a handful:

  • Johannes Gutenburg invents the printing press. Mass literacy becomes possible.
  • Luca Pacioli invents double entry booking, the bedrock of modern business administration.
  • Christiaan Huuygens invents the pendulum clock setting the stage for effective timekeeping.
  • James Hargreaves invents the spinning jenny which massively increases productive capacity of weavers.
  • Claude de Jouffroy invents the steamboat and thus reliable long distance travel.
  • Benjamin Franklin invents spectacles.
  • Edward Jenner invents vaccination and single-handedly cures small pox, the largest killer of urban populations.
  • Michael Faraday invents the electric motor.
  • George Stephenson invents the steam locomotive that allows heavy industry to move its products and people to move between urban centres quickly and easily.
  • Samuel Colt invents the revolver. Useful for pacifying savages.
  • Crawford Long invents anaesthesia

Men own the top and bottom. As loyal readers and devotees of self improvement you are quite likely somewhere in the top half of the male value pyramid. Don’t pay attention to the total size of the pyramids, just their relative heights. The central points to take on board from it are:

– The best men are higher value than the best women. A female 10 is lucky to get a male 9 or 10.
– There are more girls cute or better than their are high value men.
– Some men are too low value for even the lowest quality fertile women.

One of the most helpful passages in my talks with Skeletor has been how he has impressed upon me that once you’ve already acheived the reality of getting to the top end of the pyramid, the big challenge is to start believing you are there. That requires a big leap of faith. If you genuinely have the value, this video is great for helping you believe it.

Calling in more expert help: He-man meets Skeletor – part two

So why did my marriage fail?

That’s a long involved question. There’s the version my wife gave me and then there’s what I really think. Without going into huge detail, the woman’s version is that I was too mean, didn’t show enough interest in her, became dull, and that she fell out of love. My version is I betatised and lost most of the qualities that had attracted her in the first place. I focused too hard on being the GQ / Esquire / Hollywood version of a perfect husband and that led me to become boring, home-centred, and to care too much about making the marriage work. I also found her increasingly unattractive as she aged and became masculine through starting a new job and Westernising. There’s alot more to it than this, but they are key trends.

The first six months of 2010 were weird for my game. I was getting lots of dates, lots of attraction, and lots of almost f-closes. Then suddenly in June everything fell into place. Most of that was down to getting my alpha shit together, but there have been lots of outliers that couldn’t be explained by lacking alphaness. I’ve had about a dozen girls crazily attracted this past year, to the point where they’d say things like “before I come out to meet you my heart is beating fast and I’m short of breath” and they’d be super horny. And yet I failed to f-close them and they drifted away, much to my bemusement.

So what gives?

Masculine polarity

At the end of my free one-hour consultation session with Skeletor, as he was packing his notebook away he teased “I think I know what the problem is.” Guess I better sign up for those paid sessions then,…… thing is, he actually delivered.

A week later we had a three-hour sit down in a casino cafe. Mostly he was pumping me with questions. Delving deep into my attitudes on men and women, on my attitudes to sexuality, the relationship my parents have, whether I was popular at school etc. Then after a ciggie break he reflected everything back to me and took me through the theoretical basis.

Now it’s common for overly-enthusiastic reviewers to talk about sessions being “mindblowing” or “shattering my reality”. A teacher can give you a whole new orientation towards the world and open up a panorama of new possibilities.

This one didn’t.

The most helpful takeaway from the whole session was that we actually agreed about 90% on how the sexual marketplace works. It was freakishly similar. We have different models and different priorities but we essentially agreed about what Game is and how to get it. What this told me is I’m on the right track. All that theoretical knowledge I’ve worked on in the past 18 months, all the worldly wisdom I’ve picked up in the past 35 years – nothing Skeletor said invalidated that.

So the session wasn’t too useful, you ask? Fuck no, keep reading. The mindblowing bit was far more subtle. I’d gone into the sessions deciding all my barriers would be down, all the shields turned off, and the phasers set to stun. People who know me know I am an exceptionally open person but also strangely guarded without realising it. I knew Skeletor was going to need a direct unfiltered look into my character to do his work properly. There’s no point trying to hold stuff back or reframing stuff to impress him (and lets be honest, I wanted him to respect me so the temptation to qualify was there).

I was handing him full disclosure in a way no-one but my brother has ever seen before.and hoping he could work some magic. What he did was take pretty much my whole personal history and current sticking points and explain everything as stemming from two character traits, then explained the detail, then explained how to fix it.

That’s mindblowing. Not boom!smash!bang! mindblowing. It was just incredibly perceptive and reductionist. The two traits are:

1. I lack soft dominance
2. I look to the world for external validation of my self image as a high value man [I’ll go into this in the next post – it was mostly from the second paid session]

Soft Dominance
A woman looks to a man to lead her safely through the dangers of a hostile world. He has the ability to impress his will upon the world (rather than the reverse) and build an impregnable fortress within which the woman is safe. This is hard dominance. The woman feels safe and protected both physcially but also in her social status, which becomes attached to the man’s. I do this very well. Bad boys do this too, but they also have fleeting attractiveness that eventually turns the girls away. Why is this?

Girls also crave a garden paradise within the walls of the fortress. A warm beautiful space to express their true character without risk of judgement and to let all their love flow. They need to feel cherished, to feel needed, and to feel romantic connection with their protector. Otherwise the fortress is a prison and the girl feels trapped in her relationship. The analogy we came up with in the session is of a motorcycle helmet; The shell is the hard dominance, the padding is the soft dominance. What happens if one is missing? If the man is a beta pansy the force of a crash impacts upon the padding and kills the woman. If he’s a bad boy there’s just a shell and while the road doesn’t kill the woman, the shell does.

My heart, artist's impression

As we talked about my attitudes it became clear not just that I lacked soft dominance but also why:

  • My father is a spineless beta and now a kitchen bitch. My mother is a confrontational aggressive, barely empathetic shrew. Thus the male-female roles were reversed through much of my upbringing. Don’t get me wrong – my parents have had a successful 40-year marriage, are still in love, and I’m close to them both. But I rebelled against the role reversal and vowed I’d never become a wuss like my father, and never allow a woman to treat me like my mother did my father.
  • Growing up as an intellectually exceptional student but athletically unimpressive, I always tended towards bookish hobbies and developed a sense of physical lacking. In my late teenage I went on an over-compensatory quest to become physically competent that led me into boxing, BJJ, and muay thai. This is now an extremely strong part of my identity. I’m not a wuss.
  • I credited (rightly) much of the success of my relationship with my wife as due to being strongly masculine, aloof and badass. I blamed (rightly) much of the relationship’s collapse to us losing this male-female polarity. Thus I became determined not to be a wuss.

Notice the W-word coming up a lot? I believe many of the softer characteristics of a man’s dealings with women are wussy, and I’m not a wuss. You see the issue? This explains why I missed all those f-closes earlier this year, and why my wife’s complaints during the marriage weren’t simply the rationalisation hamster but actually stemmed from real unmet needs.

Skeletor went on to outline his models and how to work on the soft dominance. I promised him I wouldn’t steal his proprietary material so I won’t go into detail here. The basic principles however are:

  • During the hypnotic scanning phase (usually on a date, in deep rapport) the man is scanning for genetic fit while the woman is scanning for identity. Thus it’s crucial to have the inner game fixed and to drop the mask. This is why routine-based and dishonest game ultimately fails with high esteem women, and why earlier this year I was getting day 2s that went nowhere. I was able to show an attractive mask for the ten minutes of the street pickup but on the Day 2 when we had to actually get to know each other I would either keep the mask on, or let the girl see into an inner game that still had broken pieces jangling around from the divorce. Either way, the girl didn’t connect.
  • Good game is creating a strong identity in alignment with your masculine core, then removing all the barriers that prevent that showing through in your interactions.
  • Men and women can each be characterised according to confidence / competence (men) and beauty / esteem (women). This create a dual hierarchy of 4 types each. Durable relationships occur when the man and woman are from matching types.

It’s surprising how much you can get through in three hours. So far Skeletor is living up to his rep.

Calling in more expert help: He-man meets Skeletor Part One

I’ve been plateauing of late and it’s mostly expressed itself through a lack of motivation for approaching and dating. I’ve been hitting on girls mostly because I felt compelled to because I’m the guy who hits on girls, not cos I really enjoyed it. After ruminating on this during a few hot baths I decided it’s my inner game issues that need the most work. I’ve been pulling away from what I’d call the “learning stage” of pickup where you force yourself out into the field (taking “right action”) to normalise the act and to bank all of the experience. The stage where you devour ebooks and dvd sets then mechanically apply the lessons in your next sets. This stage, which took me over a year, is absolutely necessary but is robotic and fake. For a few months now I’ve felt like I can drop lots of that stuff and just rely upon my internalised game. The last couple of lays I’ve got came when I just had fun and unselfconsciously did what came natural (after over a year of drilling a new version of natural into me).


So, like when I went to Yad earlier in the year, I felt like I was in a transitional phase and needed something new to kick me forwards. The questions now became what do I want and who do I go to. There’s only two people I’ve ever paid cold hard cash to for pick-up instruction: first was the Rock Solid Game bootcamps in 2009, then Yad. This is an industry full of clowns and charlatans. Now that I’m fairly good, the pool of worthy instructors is even smaller.


Enter Skeletor.

Advanced game

I had Masters of the Universe action figures when I was a kid. I collected the dark side: BeastMan, MerMan, TrapJaw etc. I thought HeMan and ManAtArms were homo. One of my most treasured childhood memories is when my dad built a homemade Castle Grayskull out of cardboard boxes and did such a good job of it I genuinely preferred it to the official plastic version.


So this guy calls himself Skeletor and that seems like a reasonable basis to give him my money.


Hang on… Actually, I’d long heard about him and back in summer 2009 when I spent a lot of time on the LSS trying to get “into” the community he was/is the old sage of the forum. The Gandalf / Chomsky / DeepThought if you will. I’d read lots of his posts and then during a LSS free seminar in late 2009 I saw him speak. The material was similar to what Johnny Wisdom had been teaching me but I was impressed mainly with his command of the topic and manner of delivery (I was subsequently to learn he’s a hugely arrogant narcissist – a compliment in my world – and that’s where the self-assurance came from). So, he happens to advertise he’s doing inner game 1-on-1s again at precisely the time I’m looking to take them. Easy.


Or not. He’s not cheap and I’m essentially unemployed. Also, while the community is absolutely awash with instructors competing for student’s cash (and thus its a buyers market) the fact is I’d headhunted him as an instructor. Like Yad before him, at this point in my life I wanted his instruction and only his instruction. A self-imposed seller’s market…..


So I mail him to say a little about myself and what I want. At this point I’m not  yet sold on him, but sense he’s the right guy for it. I believe the teacher-student relationship is more than just cash and the nature of the topic will involve me revealing a hell of a lot about myself, stuff even my parents don’t know. I know there’s not many students like me about, so that ought to help pique his interest. He replies and sets up a 1 hour free consultation in a cafe. Ahead of time I do some serious introspection to verbalise exactly what it is I want and come up with four specific goals:

  1. Believe 10s are lucky to meet me. No value taking.
  2. Reduce envy of other people’s success.
  3. Balance the drive to open vs the reactive need.
  4. Project solidity and certainty.

I’ll break these down further. Right now I can walk up to a 7 or 8 and absolutely feel deep in my core that she is lucky I chose her and she’ll never meet a guy of my quality again. This means my manner is extremely relaxed and confident. I know I’m giving the value and she senses this. These sets go very well and I can just talk the way I want to. I SNL’d a hot 22 yr old two days ago precisely in this way (blogpost coming soon). However, when I see a girl who is at the pinnacle of female beauty I don’t have the same self-assurance. Look at my last infield with the Croatian at the train-station. She’s a ten (if you had a close up view of her face you’d not dispute it) and very confident. Although the set is ok you can just see little traces of doubt in my manner. Very subtle but enough for a girl to read.


Though I’m having way more success than I ever thought possible when getting into game, I’ve noticed I still don’t react to other people’s success stories the way I should. Whether it’s getting my knickers in a twist over Jambone‘s success in Lithuania, or like two weeks ago when the RSG guys went to do a bootcamp in Dublin. They had a great time and Burto fucked some girl in the alleyway behind the pub he’d met her in an hour earlier, Jambone got a few solid numbers from beautiful women, and the students did great. So the boys come piling back into Chateau RSG on a massive high that Sunday evening with their stories of sexual adventure. Intellectually I was genuinely pleased for them. Emotionally, I envied it. Despite the reason for my absence from the bootcamp being that I was in London making a Russian catwalk model fall in love with me (posts to follow, perhaps). Clearly this needs to change.


I’ve already mentioned I tend to approach because it’s in my identity to be the guy who approaches. When I see a hot woman walk past me I feel guilty if I don’t open her. Scarcity mentality. What I aspire to is to simply live my life and if I want to meet a new woman and see one, then I open. If those conditions aren’t in place, I simply think about other things – like actually living my normal life. I’ve got a high level skillset now so I don’t need to be trawling Covent Garden every weekend. I’ve got 35 girls in my orbit so I really don’t need new targets.


Lastly, I want to improve the masculine vibe I give out. When people talk to Tony T they feel like they’re talking to a statue on Mount Olympus such is the solidity and certainty in his subcommunication. I’m getting there but I want to be closer to it. I don’t think I need to study the body language and non-verbal micro communication. I think I need to organise my frame internally and then all that stuff will take care of itself.


Future projection

So this is the challenge I set to Skeletor.  Part Two to follow

Ruminations on happiness

I’ve indicated many times that the Player’s Journey carries with it an undercurrent of nihilism and hedonism. We are engaged in a project which is nominally exactly what we as men are designed to do (impregnate lots of hot women, and thus by proxy seek novelty in sex) and yet it’s just not especially satisfying. I was lucky enough to spend a lot of my free time at university taking philosophy classes so I’m well aware of the Paradox Of Hedonism and the various great men’s ruminations on the nature of happiness. Of all the other Alt-Right / Game / Red Pill bloggers out there, I think Vox Day comes closest to my worldview.

He wrote a quick post on his reading of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations which is nonetheless packed with interesting statements. Let me pick out a few of them and give my thoughts as they apply to the Player’s Journey.

“A man must be able to look honestly inside before he can look accurately outside”

Way back in late 2010 I started doing Game therapy sessions with Skeletor. I’d spent enough time studying psychology and informal logic to be well aware of human cognitive bias, ego defences, and the general inability of people to see anything rationally when the ego stakes are high. Even simple things like surveying opinions is fraught with issues and sociologists have long grappled with the simple problem that people either do not know or will not say what they really think.

I figured that with Game and it’s attendant identity overhaul, the odds of me having massive blind spots were very high. Thus I sought out Skeletor as the best-qualified man I knew to do a deep dive and identify them, then posted commentary on my blog about the sessions. His meta-theory of Game is best expressed by Vox’s above quote [1] He liked to use the metaphor of the human eye. He said you are conveying your character to the girl like light flowing through the lens of the eye. A good lens is (i) the correct shape (ii) unblemished. His principle idea was:

Sorting out your inner game is like straightening out kinks in the lens, until it is the correct shape to reflect the light. Sorting out your outer game is like cleaning the lens until it is free of blemishes that muddy the image.

Another metaphor would be a cinema projector. To correctly project a movie onto a screen you must have a clean, well-formed lens. Otherwise you get the equivalent of a warped, out-of-focus image and all the dust and debris sticking to the lens is magnified onto the screen.

On the big screenImage downloaded by Gillian Abbott at 16:07 on the 20/07/12

First screening of A Deplorable Cad movie, with Idris Elba as Krauser

Thus Vox’s quote above applies to the aspiring player as much as it does the military commander, the emperor, or the husband. If your lens is damaged, you can’t see clearly through it. Inner game cannot be neglected and anyone telling you to “just do what works” and focus on technique is a buffoon [2]

“Tell yourself the unvarnished truth, even if you cannot bring yourself to admit it to anyone else”

I wrote about compliance in Daygame. Most of us live our lives insulated from real-world feedback and thus nothing pops our bubble of delusion. Reading literature, watching TV, playing video games, going to the gym, eating right, doing a hobby….. these activities rarely generate unvarnished feedback to you about who you are and how good you are at doing stuff [3].

You’ll see this everywhere, even among people who should know better. A good example of this cognitive bias going wrong (to avoid real feedback in case it’s negative) writ large is the 2008 financial crisis and ongoing response to it. Federal Reserve printing, extend-and-pretend loans, SIV shell games, abandonment of mark-to-market accounting rules, SEC regulatory forbearance….. these are all complex evasions by the financial sector to avoid the realisation that their assets are shit and their banks are insolvent. It’s exactly the same psychology as the Game forum chode who won’t cold approach but wants to tell himself and others he’s good with women.

Telling yourself the truth doesn’t just make your decisions better, nor just quicker identify your straying from the path to success. It’s also central to avoiding the dreaded Gamma and narcissist mindsets. Both are wildly delusional and spin a web of lies to themselves and others to maintain a false idealised self. The truth pricks that bubble so making it a rule to tell yourself the truth is a necessary daily discipline [4]. This is a refreshing aspect to cold approach – few things discipline you like hitting on ten pretty women and receiving their feedback.

Now let’s get to the quote that most resonated with me because of where I find myself in life in 2017.

“No amount of pleasure will ever satisfy a man. No amount of comfort will ever satisfy a woman”

For this to be properly unpacked we must differentiate between pleasure, happiness, and satisfaction. My rough-and-ready definition is [5]

Pleasure: A state of temporary well-being in the body, enjoyed in the moment, based upon what is happening right now. Chatting to a flirty woman, having sex, being drunk, and being high are all pleasurable. It is primarily sensory. Sights, sounds, smells, touch etc are pleasurable to us. It does not require a feeling of accomplishment.

Happiness: A state of well-being in the mind, enjoyed before, during and after whatever caused the happiness. Being in a new city, surrounded by friends, chasing skirt can cause happiness and that feeling remains even when you’re sitting in your apartment in the evening doing nothing in particular. There is a residual effect to happiness that doesn’t disappear as quickly as pleasure does. It requires some feeling of accomplishment, of having gotten your ducks in a row.

Satisfaction: An ongoing state of well-being best characterised as a peace of mind that your life is headed in the right direction. This can co-exist with a momentary feeling of displeasure and a current lack of happiness. Examples include the pain and stress of gym training (displeasure) while being satisfied that you are working hard and your plan is moving forwards. I felt quite a lot of satisfaction during my first 1000 sets of hell even though they were often unpleasant and I was frequently unhappy.

The paradox of hedonism advises us that the self-conscious pursuit of pleasure will necessarily lead to unhappiness. I agree. In one of his Darkstream podcasts Vox commented that happiness is a symptom of doing other things. You can’t directly pursue happiness. Rather you must have a purpose in life, move towards that, and then happiness will usually result. This is why we Euro Jaunters recommend creating ongoing projects and doing stuff other than just chasing skirt, so as to avoid hollowing out.

Bird with a big rack

High pleasure, medium happiness, low satisfaction. Yesterday

Anyone who has spent a long time chasing women will know how it relates to the Player’s Journey. Chasing skirt is chasing pleasure. The Player’s Journey is a structure that provides purpose to the process (“getting good with women”) and thus happiness. For significant periods of the past eight years I’ve had both pleasure and happiness. It’s been great. The problem comes:

  1. Pleasure is subject to diminishing returns. You can only get your first SDL once. You can only bang your first eight once. After that it’s no longer the first and you cannot recover the high of novelty because it’s no longer novel. Accumulating notches becomes less and less pleasurable [6]. For a while the gradual reduction in cost as you get better offsets the gradual reduction in benefit, so the cost-benefit calculus remains strongly favourable. Eventually your improvement slows and you lose these “super-normal profits”. Your game becomes “normal profits”.
  2. Happiness is fleeting. I believe happiness is a temporary reward that our DNA rewards our brain with for successfully advancing the DNA’s plan. The very structure of human biology means we cannot stay in a state of happiness. For happiness to motivate action in a Darwinian world, it must be periodically snatched away (by our DNA) then dangled in front of us again as a carrot. Additionally, once you’ve become “good with women” Game loses purpose. You’ve gone from swimming forwards to treading water. To be happy again you need to find a new purpose.

This is perhaps ironic. A player will gradually become unhappy as he becomes successful with Game. Personally speaking, probably the lowest ebb of my entire journey was the morning after I had four girls in my bed on the same day (and fucked three). I’d reached the highest peak I could realistically expect to reach and…… well….. now what?

Chasing skirt is like a hamster wheel. It just happens to be a very pleasurable hamster wheel, and thus a better bet than whatever wheel we were spinning pre-game (in my case, the career wheel). I haven’t yet figured out a way to structure my Game to maintain pleasure, happiness and satisfaction all together.

After eight years, this suggests to me that it simply isn’t possible. Game will give you pleasure and often make you happy, but it won’t ever satisfy you. The thing is, if you don’t go through the journey you’re likely even worse off [7]

If you liked this post you’ll probably not like my memoirs. They are all fun stories of chasing skirt and loving it.

[1] Smarter PUAs have long said that Game success is 90% inner game and 10% technique. I think this overstates the case but the general thrust is accurate.
[2] Or a knowing charlatan who has figured out that most money is to be made in the Purple Pill area where you give the customer some Red Pill tactics that seem edgy and underground, but never require him to abandon his Blue Pill pretty lies. It’s how Oprah and Tony Robbins got rich.
[3] Within reason. If you want to nit-pick there is an element of compliance. For example, you need a certain literacy, intelligence and patience to understand some books. Challenging games require competence to complete. If you have SMART gym goals then the discipline of the scales, tape and caliper present potential fail states. Competitive hobbies such as 5-a-Side football feedback on your fitness, skill, teamplay etc. Sitting watching Netflix, however, is zero compliance.
[4] I tried very hard from the beginning to share harsh truths about myself on this blog and even then, lots of delusion crept it. Imagine the delusion if I’d never even tried.
[5] Yes, I’m pulling these definitions out of my arse. They are intended to be effective only for the duration of this post.
[6] Though never actually bad. It ceases to feel like winning at life, but it is still lots of fun.
[7] At no point am I regretting my own path. I’ve had a great time and my life is far better now. The problem doesn’t appear to be my life choices but rather the intrinsic nature of the human to never maintain a state of happiness.

Moscow Stories #3

Cast your mind back to September 2016. I’m coaching a residential in Moscow, teaching GG. As long-time readers are no doubt well aware, I don’t really teach anymore. It’s not that I lack enthusiasm for it, but rather I find coaching sits uneasily with my self-image and my medium term goals. The problem comes down to this: I’m prone to grandiosity. The PUA world is outrageously grandiose and coaching tends to feed a man’s urge to hoover up all available sources of narcissistic supply.

A grandiose man loves to feel separate from and above the world around him. He feels special. Deep down he knows he has no innate special-ness and that his achievements probably don’t support his grandiose self-image either. Nonetheless, the more people he can find who will buy into his false idealised self, the more narcissistic supply he has to support that image. Think of the many opportunities for grandiosity offered to the PUA coach:

  • A blog chronicling his larger than life adventures, weaving his thoughts and world-view artfully into each post
  • A YouTube channel showing him jetting off around the world doing all kinds of adventure sports, seeing cultural sights, and chatting up birds.
  • A phalanx of young enterprising men modelling their own lifestyle upon his, and using a lexicon to describe it that he invented.
  • Internet comments telling him how awesome his life is and how cool he is.

Once I’d identified grandiosity as a central weakness in my own character, as amply outlined in A Deplorable Cad [1], I vowed to be very very careful about engaging in any activities that would feed it. I want to be tied to the real world, not a delusional version of it. The thought of someone paying £5k to follow me around for a week, hanging on my every word, doing whatever I tell them, and conscientiously trying to implement whatever changes in their psyche I encourage them to….. well….. such power is dangerous [2]


I actually read this last year. Good book. Great author.

I received this email in July 2016

Dear Nick,

Hope this email finds you well. It’s GG (you put me in touch with Skeletor, and we last met at the Outlaw event).

The last few months I’m been targeting higher quality of girls. Unsurprisingly I’ve reached a plateau (with the occasional success). Coaching with a competent daygamer would be beneficial in speeding up the learning process.

Hence, I’m contacting you to enquire if you’d consider doing residential coaching?

Kind Regards,

Normally I don’t reply to such mails but I’d met GG a couple of times and was impressed by the massive change between the meetings. In less than a year he’d gone from typical Paki to sorted man. He also told me he’s half-white. So I reply. Five weeks later.

Hey boss, glad to hear from you again. I’ve only just replied because I’ve been avoiding coaching queries lately. However, I’m looking to do one or maybe two more residentials this year so if you’re still interested, let me know which dates you can do and we’ll see how it fits in.

I’m not cheap, mind.

We agreed a week in Moscow for September and it’s on the second day of coaching that this story picks up steam. We’d gotten off to a good start because the weather was fine, our vibe was on, and the girls were receptive. While walking through an underpass at Tverskaya late evening I see a blonde girl coming down the steps. She gives a pretty strong IOI so I do a demo set for GG [4]

Her English is weak but she ticks the usual check-boxes. Smiles, laughs, flirts. All that boring stuff you read about in Daygame Mastery [5] so I take her number. She’s just graduated and started a PR job. Twenty-one. Pretty. A solid seven, possibly an eight. Then GG and I do a few more sets and the next day I send a feeler text.

Nastya is not a texter. Everything is short and functional.

It takes a week to get her out, by which time it’s raining heavily every day, my vibe has gone to shit, and I’m now sharing an apartment in Arbat with another hanger-on friend from London. Nastya meets me at Smolenskaya station and not ten metres across the path is a quaint English pub serving proper beer. We get a pint each and head upstairs. Nastya has that peculiar quality of saying very little and just following my lead: a good sign. Halfway through the pint I sit her next to me and begin escalating. It’s all very easy, she’s already a done deal. We make out and after the pint I walk her to my apartment.

We roll around on the bed then she tells me she can’t have sex because she’s on her period. That disgusts me so I don’t press the issue. We watch some YouTube and I wave her goodbye at the Metro. There’s still a week remaining so I’m optimistic. Giving her four or five days to become normal again, I get her out for another drink. By now I’m in a pokey private room in a Hostel by Kamergirsky and running on empty.


You’d be tempted

We meet at Red Square and walk around looking at all the pretty tourist stuff twinkling in the evening darkness [6]. She’s dolled up nice with heels, tights, form-fitting dress, and real care in her make-up and styling. She hangs onto my arm and wants to take selfies together. She’s so obviously come to fuck. I walk her to an underground rock bar on Kamergirsky that I’d been meaning to try. Unfortunately it’s expensive and whiskey plus her wine sets me back a tenner.

Her phone rings and her face drops. Within a minute of chatting her mood sours. She starts complaining about the drink, then the bar is too loud (it isn’t), and then she goes silent on me for ten minutes. I have so little patience with bad behaviour nowadays that I’m tempted to walk out [7] but instead I down my drink, reach over to snatch her half-finished wine out of her hand and neck it in one gulp, then walk her to my hostel.

I have no desire to humour her shitty mood but I do intend to fuck her. We walk back in silence, not looking at each other. I say a few words as I unlock the front door and walk her up the stairs but she doesn’t reply. Then she follows me into the bedroom, takes off her jacket and heels then sits on the bed with a prissy look.

“Did you get bad news on the phone call?” I ask

I push her backwards and we start making out. She halfheartedly plays along and doesn’t quibble as I undress her. Finally, she’s naked but for her panties and I’m pulling them down [8]

“No. I can’t” she says, then quickly dresses. “I want to go”

We walk in silence to the Metro and exchange frosty goodbyes. That’s the end of that one. Silly cunt.


If you like stories about failing to have sex with girls you’ll love Death By A Th… my memoir Balls Deep available for just ten notes.

[1] Yes, that’s a subtle up-sell
[2] There’s an additional coaching problem that most students are twats or no-hopers, but let’s park that for now [3]
[3] Or brown men chasing white women. When the Day Of The Rope comes, I don’t want to be known as a daygame coach who cucked on immigration and taught the invaders to molest white women. I certainly won’t be forgetting the traitors. I don’t wish to be one of them.
[4] Or at least that’s what I told him it was. A demo set. For his benefit not mine.
[5] Or its shameless rip-offs. Wait… hang on… was that grandiosity again?
[6] Which I find rather boring, having spent probably a hundred hours in or around Red Square on this trip
[7] Evidently, not that tempted

[8] Yes, I’d already gotten my dick out

Balls Deep: Chapter Three, The Daygame Grind (3 of 3)

The grind continued all through September. I took a week off work to spend ten straight days daygaming, ten sets a day minimum. There’d been too much half-assing it, so I wanted massive action. Mental pressure was willing me out because deep in my gut was a sickening dread at being blown out by a procession of girls and perhaps peering into the abyss—that I’d never get good at this. Eugenia had inadvertently knocked my confidence. So every day that week I followed the same ritual, trying to impose the illusion of control onto the scenario.

I’d go to a Caffè Nero and sit on the big brown leather sofa watching the Blueprint Decoded instructional videos on my laptop until my sexual desire/desperation overcame my anxiety/avoidance. For example, the first day:

Monday 14th September. My mind was full of big plans and motivational self-talk. No excuses, I was going to turbocharge my stats on approaches. It didn’t matter how I felt, or if my wings were busy, I’d go solo and just plow through. Received wisdom in the community is you are a noob until you’ve completed one thousand sets. I was at about four hundred and very impatient to improve. Having a full-time job restricted my daygame to weekends so the solution seemed obvious— take time off work.

I’d spend the first hour in Caffè Nero reading. It was still not quite lunch time and Covent Garden was deserted so I didn’t feel like I was descending into avoidance. Finally, I stepped outside and straight into a hot Belgian dancer. I opened weakly, but she stopped and chatted. She was in a hurry to get to the Pineapple Studio for a dance class. I knew something about that stuff so I rambled on about dance, contemporary dance, how my dancer-ex had a careless grace in her movements from all the dancing. Blah, blah, blah. She was not interested, and my attempt to take her number led to an awkward refusal.

It only took a few minutes to shrug that off, and I saw a dusky Mediterranean girl walking through the market. She stopped briefly but either didn’t speak English or was seriously unimpressed. She smiled, waved her hand dismissively, and disappeared without a word. Next was an English girl carrying shopping boxes. She didn’t stop, but smiled, thanked me, and said she was late getting back to work. One more open got me a stop but nothing doing.

Damn. My forehead actually felt tight, such was my poor state. It was like the skin was too tight for the size of my skull. I’ve since learned that is how to recognise when I’m pulling the “creepy face” caused by poor state.

I persevered. On Shaftesbury Avenue just past Forbidden Planet an Asian girl came towards me. She was young, and had just started her first day as an intern in a fashion magazine. We chatted a bit. I was too talky and too outcome dependent, but she didn’t seem to care. She checked the text she was writing as I approached, so I told her off for not paying attention. She giggled and twirled her hair. I made a mental note to self–set arbitrary boundaries and playfully tell a girl off for breaching them. She gave me her number but never replied to my texts.

Another instant date to nowhere

Another instant date to nowhere

I got myself blown out a few more times on Oxford Street before a hot English girl gave me her Facebook. It was weird because the whole time I was thinking she was wanting to get away, and I was struggling and just talking into the space, yet it was five minutes or more in conversation and after getting her Facebook I kept her another few minutes talking about her Geography Uni course she was about to start her second year in. It didn’t go anywhere. It’s common for beginners to think the length of the interaction is directly related to how strong the resulting contact details will be. This isn’t correct. Ultimately, you’re trying to create a particular emotional impression upon the girl while also ticking off checkboxes marking particular signals she needs to give you to show she is available and into you. If you accomplish that in two minutes the number will be stronger than if you dither around chatting for twenty minutes but fail to accomplish it. So while advanced day gamers can quickly take solid numbers (or eject when it’s not forthcoming) it’s common to see beginners getting dragged into over-long conversations that go nowhere.

The last approach of the day was a pleasant failure. I opened a hot Lithuanian in Carnaby Street. She was ambling around aimlessly, which I took as a generalised approach invitation. My forehead was really tight, and I was having a tough time. My vibe was horrible, but I was determined to just press on and grind out the sets. She stopped, smiled, hair twirled, and indulged me for ten minutes. I could almost visualise a hologram of a graph between us showing a downward slant as I continued to lose my confidence throughout the whole thing. I tried to take her number and she was very explicit: “I don’t want to exchange details”. Fair enough, on that performance she really shouldn’t have.

I was getting some good reactions but no success

I was getting some good reactions but no success

The first day of my daygame “vacation” resulted in talking to ten girls, taking one number, and one Facebook. Neither of those two girls replied to me. At the end of each day I’d analyse the work and write a blogpost of my learning points. Self-diagnosis is a crucial skill for seducers because no-one else is going to help you. Quoting my blog, this is what I felt I’d learned:

  • I felt crap but took right action anyway. Good work.
  • Even with shit state I still had good enough fundamentals to get one decent number.
  • I didn’t worry too much opening sets. The poor state was once in-set. Only a few months ago I wouldn’t even open five sets when in good state.
  • While in set I knew consciously all the mistakes I was making, even as I couldn’t stop making them. The biggest one was outcome dependence. I really wanted to get numbers and was worried the girls would walk away and leave me feeling shit.

Lesson learned. Back out tomorrow.

It was also this week that I went to an LSS talk at London Bridge on “game for men over 35” organised by a guy called Curran. It seemed perfectly pitched to me, but I was so lacking in entitlement that I worried I’d be refused entry because at the time I was thirty-four. I actually emailed Curran a few days before to ask if it was okay. As if they’d check my passport and throw me out!

The event was unremarkable, held in an upstairs function room of a pub by Tower Bridge. About thirty older gentleman packed the pews while a short ginger guy called London Playboy gave a talk, then Curran and then a lanky Scotsman with the online pseudonym of Skeletor. His real name is Colin and, though neither of us knew it then, he’d become a major figure in my journey. At the time I was very impressed with his presentation about identity and how to change it. I tried to get pally with him afterwards on his smoke-break but there was a ring of eager older gents two-deep around him that I couldn’t penetrate.

Deep Conversion

Total submission of body and soul in which the woman trusts and admires you so much she presents her whole being to you to do as you please.

If there’s one thing I do better than everyone else I’ve ever met, and do to a level where I don’t think I need ever improve, it is to deeply convert a girl. I used to call it Soul Collection and I’d gotten halfway through writing a book on it before Skeletor persuaded me not to. There’s plenty of guys out there who are better than me at getting women whether its lone-wolfing in bars/clubs or creaming off the top tier girls with little effort. That’s fine. I do my best and it’s acceptable to me. Game isn’t about gangbanging supermodels every weekend, it’s about improving your access to women over and above what you’d otherwise get.

But sometimes I shake my head when I hear how little control some guys have over their women, ending in a lose-lose inverse/low polarity relationship rather than a win-win balanced maledomfemsub. As Tolstoy remarked in opening Anna Karenina:

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

Done correctly courting and relationships are plain sailing. Done incorrectly the pressure builds and bursts out in all manner of unpleasant acting out from disobedient women, lost in existential directionless dread, and pissing and moaning from delusional men. Things like:

All four of these problems are real and unavoidable within their own terms and in very specific cases. I don’t deny the legal system is anti-male, nor do I deny the rigmarole of dealing with bitchy shit-testing women, or the deep-seated genuine differences between male and female hardwiring for love. But these are extremes. The men who suffer most are those who have conditioned themselves to be soft targets, oblivious to danger signals. Even in the depths of the Great Depression, male unemployment was never above 25%, meaning 3/4 of men had jobs. It’s the weak and stupid who bear the brunt so while it’s worth outlining exactly what that brunt is, don’t become obsessed with it. If you know how to deeply convert a girl you are managing the risk to almost zero. Listen to the lyrics of these two songs. This is what a deeply converted girl sounds like. It’s in their soul to crave it.

Most guys are simply incapable of inspiring this kind of total soul surrender and devotion in a women. Most women never get to feel it and instead must get off on Deep Conversion Lite through sugar-rush books like 50 Shades of Grey. It’s the difference between spinning plates with fuck buddies and having a genuine harem where all your girls are exclusive to you. The women aren’t aligning with you out of cold calculation or temporary strung-out groupie lust, the connection runs far far deeper and feels wholesome to both of you.

Done correctly deep conversion is the most satisfying experience possible between a man and a woman. So long as you keep the elements in place, it has no natural time limit. I had my ex-wife in this state for eight of the nine years we were together (losing it only when I lost my mojo) and I’ve had four girlfriends in the past two years in the same position. I’ve got a few more on the boil now. It’s really not very hard to do if you have the following core competencies in place:

  1. An unshakeably strong frame. You are special, you know you’re special, and your masculinity is stratospheric compared to the chumps around you.
  2. Cheerful misogyny. You love women but don’t take them seriously. This is more than just the attraction phase teasing. You genuinely believe women are more like dogs or children, meaning they are a delight when well-lead and a nightmare when left ill-disciplined without a pack leader. It’s empathetic but not weak or equalist.
  3. Direction. Your life must be a straight line in a Deida-esque manner. Whether it’s your music, philosophy, career, fitness your life contains several arrows pointing the same direction… towards building the archetype of a fully developed man. If you are one-dimensional the girl will hold back.
  4. Sexual mastery. Understand that women crave dominance above all else in the bedroom. Give her the kind of sex that penetrates her soul. This isn’t high-fitness sport sex and G-spot finding. Those men will keep a woman around as her sexual provider, the guy she goes to when she wants a good fucking, the bedroom equivalent of a qualifying beta chump. A sexual master rocks a girl psychologically so even a half-assed knee trembler in a public toilet has her dreaming for weeks afterwards. The girl dreams of pleasing him, not him pleasing her.

All four elements increase with age if you live your life correctly. I don’t want to write too much about it and certainly the book will never be released. Just be aware that it has it’s own ego traps, its own risks…. but it is possible. When you’re tired of the notch-carousel you might want to look into it.

Magic mushrooms as an inner game accelerant

Robusto and Bhodi recently roped me into an evening on magic mushroom truffles (still legal in the UK). I was hesitant because I hold druggies in contempt. For all the hippy talk about expanding your mind, I don’t take hallucogens for the same reason I’m not into Buddhism and Zen…. it’s all just the oblivion of the opium den. There’s a tension in much of the Eastern-influence philosophy. On one side are tools which help address the imbalances and stresses of modern Western life, in particular ways to achieve mindfulness and live in the Now. I strongly urge men to read Osho and Tolle in order to unburden themselves of needless resistance against immoveable objects. But there’s another side. Tolle lived on a park bench for two years – basically a vagrant – and the hippy Mecca of India is in fact a dirty festering shithole where a billion inbred illiterates live in filth and bathe in a river full of upstream faeces. You need to come out of the Now to get things done.

Living in the Now has its drawbacks

I had an unremarkable trip, sitting in the lounge of Chateau RSG listening to music, chatting, on Facebook. Bhodi locked himself away in his room to “play chess with his Ego” and had an incredible time. He came round to my room the next morning waxing lyrical about all his inner game breakthroughs…. hmmmmmm….. so a week later I try it. Here’s my inner game recipe for mushrooms.

*warning* – if you have no experience of hallucenogens, or even worse you often have bad trips, then don’t do this

  • Take the normal regular dose. There’s precious little advantage from doubling it.
  • You must control your environment to have only the stimuli you want. This means stay in your bedroom, turn the lights off, and have Spotify / a music player open. The music will determine your mood so have a wide selection for different emotions. You will be providing the triggers to access the emotions you want – you will be controlling this trip.
  • Be alone. There should be one non-tripping friend nearby to check in on your occasionally and he should be someone you trust not to fuck with you.
  • Have a notepad or some other means of recording your ideas.

Mushrooms are an inner game accelerant. From discussion with Robusto and Bhodi it seems we all achieved a similar effect. Men have a module in their brains that allows us to interact with the real world and impose our will upon it. It bestows logic, discipline, third-person observing ego upon us. This is what I mean when I say men live in their logical forebrains. Women don’t have it. Mushrooms remove that module. The effect is profound for inner game because suddenly:

  • Empathy shoots right up. I remember listening to some upbeat dance music and really getting into it, feeling it in my bones, letting my whole body absorb itself. Suddenly I realised that this is what women mean when they go to dance clubs to dance all night and lose themselves in the music.
  • Everything is symbolic. You can deeply read life’s lessons from the tiniest of events or triggers. The downside is that your mood is determined and amplified from tiny shifts in the tide and you also lose the ability to critically separate the profound from the ridiculous… just like a woman.
  • The ego dies. You no longer have the little voice trying to repress or fool your core emotions. You can dive right into those emotions and let them loose.
  • Without that Real World Man Module (RWMM), you become shockingly aware of how incompetent and vulnerable you are. I knew when I got hungry that I couldn’t be trusted to cook a tin of beans on the hob without supervision from a non-tripping housemate. I knew I couldn’t win a fight. It’s a strange feeling to be unable to confidently impose yourself onto the real world. Again, this is how women feel all day every day.
  • The RWMM necessarily creates emotional distance because lots of the things we have to do tread on other people’s toes. You can’t fight and kill easily when you are emotionally connected to your enemy. You can’t discipline a wayward child without detachment. This is a feature not a bug and women don’t have it. Women have unfiltered emotion. It’s only when mushrooms remove the RWMM that those structures dissolve and you acheive deep emotional connection.

So the ‘shrooms are giving you a simulation of the emotional impact of thinking / feeling like a woman, an archetype you can refer to when trying to understand their behaviour and needs, while also internally letting you connect to your masculine core without hinderance from your ego and it’s elaborate structures. Imagine if you could learn to turn off the RWMM at will (non-assisted). That’s what it’s like to be a ladies man.

One of the hardest processes in Game is to allow your new target identity to form. Think of your inner game as three concentric circles. On the outside is your Behaviours (stand like this, hold vocal tone like that, approach etc) which are a relatively quick and easy fix. However it’s hard to stay on point because those behaviours are informed by the next inner cricle of Beliefs (what women want, how dating works etc). The Red Pill normally deals with the beliefs and has a positive knock-on effect with the behaviours taking you closer to being a natural. However the beliefs themselves are driven by the deep inner circle of your Identity (who you are, what you want). It’s only when all three are congruent that you can unburden yourself and live the life you really desire. Changing identity is very very difficult. It’s a long hard process with many ego traps on the way.

The traditional method of identity change is to obtain reference experiences (e.g. to change beliefs that young women want to fuck mature men, you have to fuck a few. To change your identity that you are a man who young women want to fuck takes even longer) and then let them perculate, gradually bedding in and taking root until they are part of you.

Inner game, yesterday

Mushrooms accelerate this process of bedding down identity. It’s one thing to intellectually reach a helpful conclusion. It’s another thing, an order of magnitude above, to truly feel that conclusion in your bones.

Bhodi gave me two good metaphors. Imagine your inner game is like lasagne. You have different layers of pasta separating the meat, the top layers representing weakly-held easily-broken beliefs and lower levels being strong core beliefs that can’t be budged. Or imagine a big tall ceiling-less empty room where feathers (representing beliefs) are dropped in from above and gradually fall to make a big soft cushioned floor (your identity). When first dropped there’s always a risk that gusts of wind will blow them out of the room entirely, lost forever, but as they fall further that risk reduces.

Mushrooms make those feathers drop like stones. It’s an accelerant. While on mushrooms a whole flurry of feathers will drop and hopefully when you wake up the next day some of them have stayed there, some of the beliefs sunk to a lower pasta slice.

Do you tell a girl about your lifestyle?

I won’t compromise my integrity as a man in order to get a girl into my bed. When I first got into Game I was living in scarcity and just getting laid was the order of the day. As time went on it became easy to let principles slide, tell a few white lies, and try to weasel into a girl’s knickers. I found that as I reached greater abundance with women this didn’t sit right with me. I’d never been comfortable in the Dark Side but I’d learned to revel in the seediness of it. Eventually the cognitive dissonance between who I wanted to be and how I chose to live were just too far apart. Something had to give. At around that time I was dating a girl I really liked and had met two more good girls who I really liked.

The easiest way out of the Dark Side is to develop affection for a girl you genuinely like. I started to pull out…. and then two of them found my blog, including their own lay reports. I was in the tricky situation of explaining who I was and what I was up to. You can imagine they were a little surprised, and none too keen to have their photos online.

So I told them. I went into detail about my life as a dating coach, my journey from the low point of my divorce to rebuilding myself into the man I wanted to be. I explained how my teaching method involves discovering your core identity and then conveying it effectively to the girl, without hiding anything. How my students were often good men who were broken in some way or had their heads stuffed full of odious fem-centric conditioning and I was helping them straighten out, develop confidence and poise, learn how to lead and manage women – I was putting more charming confident men into the world for women to choose from, and encouraging them to relate openly and honestly.

It seems obvious now, but at the time I was surprised by how positively the girls responded to my explanations. They became supportive and hungry to know more, quite rightly realising that the flip side of learning to be a man who can attract beautiful women is learning to be a woman who can attract and keep high value men. It was around this time I really started to absorb Skeletor’s lesson about Game being a win-win proposition for both men and women rather than a value-taking scam to grab more than you have earned.

When you are confident in your identity, comfortable with your life choices, and proud of what you do…. you feel bulletproof. You know you can walk up to a top-rank woman of beauty and poise and fully expect her to like you. My friend Steve calls it the “twelve cornerstones” of masculinity and ranks honesty near the top of the list. Why should you give a fuck about “my friend Steve”? Well…. because that’s him in the video and just look how open he is and how agreeable the girl is to him in full awareness of his lifestyle.

Dark Side doesn’t get you girls of that calibre and it doesn’t get win-win life enriching relationships with them. For that you need to build up a strong identity and a code of personal honour.

Creeping Death #1 – The game equation

I was on a Facebook chat with an ex last night and we were talking about Game. I’d directed her to this Delusion Damage post where he contrasts “Game” with “Creeping”:

“Game is a difficult skill to master and its rewards are correspondingly spectacular, but it shall quite probably remain forever outside the reach of some 95% of men, who simply lack the required intellectual capacity and the calm tenacity to hone their skills to a fine point….

Game is not the path to easy sex. Game is the path to high-quality sex, and high-quality female interaction in general. The path to easy sex is called “creepin’”…..

“Creepin’” is the poor man’s Game (or should I say, the intellectually lazy man’s game). A fresh t-shirt, a gallon of hair gel, a couple gallons of alcohol and an inexhaustible fountain of pent-up sexual energy to grind up against enough club sluts to strike a hole-in-one is all it takes. You don’t have to read books. You don’t have to study psychological concepts like self-esteem and validation. You don’t have to understand women. What you do have to do is get’m drunk and press up against them, and keep doing that to enough of them until one bites. And that – unlike reading books – is something the 95% of men can do.”

I think it teases out a central distinction I’ve been grasping for. I got into Game to bang the world’s hottest women rather than to rack up numbers. I’d assumed that’s why everyone gets into it but now I see some people just want to get laid with anything halfway-pretty. Goals determine strategy.

I have endeavoured to raise my value so that I am above the attraction threshold of top quality women. That entails straightening out my inner game, learning female psychology at a deep level, and adopting an in-set frame that positions myself as a man of exceptional talent and poise. That’s not to say I’ve reached my goal, but my goal has determined my strategy down to micro-details.

Creeping is entirely different. You work on your superficial value (gym, diet, clothes, grooming etc) and take that value package into an environment where other Type 2:2 personalities are trading value for sex. As in, nightclubs, sex clubs, online dating. Creeping is a path to high volumes of mediocre sex because you are treating your own value as a turd to be polished. Day-creeping follows the same principle. There’s many guys who work a street numbers game according to a simple equation:

Man: Inherent Personal Value (IPV) x In-set Ability (ISA) = Projected Value (PV)

Woman: Inherent Sexual Value (ISV) – [Momentary Disorder (MD) + Residual Disorder (RD)] = Game Receptiveness (GR)

Sum: If PV > GR then Bang Girl. If PV <= GR then open more sets until PV > GR

Creeping assumes IPV is fixed within tight boundaries. Game assumes it has an almost unlimited upward ceiling. Creeping works hard to improve ISA. Game improves both. I’ll have more to say on the implications of this in the next post.