Some teenage French ooh-la-la

Same Day Lays are a strange thing for many reasons. I suppose if you take a typical non-community guy and tell him you can pick up a girl from the street in the middle of the day, take her on a date, and then fuck her before the moon comes up he’ll look at you like you’re crazy. Yet there is a method for accomplishing just that and there’s plenty of guys who have racked up a whole bunch of them. I’m personally not an SDL guy. I’ve had some but I think it’s way overrated. Like having a fight or appearing in porn, it’s something every man should do just for the experience and the dinner-party story but taking it too seriously will unbalance your life over time.

That said, it’s a fucking awesome feeling when you pull one off. You just wanna run around the streets with your shirt over your head Ravanelli-style.

A new close, yesterday

Nonetheless its an ego thing and will lead you to unnecessarily burn too many sets that you could’ve closed with a more patient 3-date model. I’ve yet to meet the man who can SDL better than a lost tourist 7 or a mentally-unbalanced low-8. Maybe someone has done it somewhere but I never saw nor heard about it.

This summer I went for SDLs whenever the circumstances seemed right. I got a few but most of them drained away into nothing or blew up in my face. Here’s an example of a girl who was a prime candidate…. but it never happened. In this case it was pure logistics. I got her heated up and ready but she got called away to her host family’s dinner table and then the trail ran cold. A few facebook chats later and she was back to 50/50 but I couldn’t get her over the hump.

I’ve put the video up because for the first thirty minutes it was textbook, so you can still get some ideas from it.

The french hamster has a love interest

It’s a sunny day and I’m in the garden relaxing with the RSG gang. I open up a few chats, of which this is the most notable. My plan with this girl is to just keep the comfort / rapport going and some light simmering attraction while I wait for her next birthday, because she’s a bit younger than I’m comfortable with. Over time I should be collecting the soul and then I’ll ramp it up when the time is right.

This chat is interesting because I have to deal with the reality that she’s in another country and has other romantic interests who are closer to her and have longer history. So above all I can’t be getting jealous. Rather, I accept it as inevitable and simply work on my position relative to his.

oooh la la

Me: the french hamster    [attraction refresh, keep the frame as she’s a bratty little kid]
Her: yo !
Me: they could make a good cartoon show about you    [I’m about to go into a little tease story]
Her: tell me what you do when someone that you really love don’t want to forgive you ?    MDR    LOOL    [instead it sounds like she won’t be listening cos she has something on her mind, so I snip myself and take what she’s offering. It’s a good rapport opportunity and she’s basically looking for advice, which is an easy way to position myself and reframe her reality]
Me: it’s ok, I forgive you
Her: MDRRR    no seriously
Me: don’t know. Tell me the story, so I can understand the situation    [I don’t give advice without knowing facts, and I want her to invest. This is a good chance to see how she thinks. Also, I genuinely want to help her if she needs it. It’s not all games]
Her: well .. a friend was dating a girl for 3 years now but she cheated on him    so he left her    his ex add me on face    and was asking me to tell her what    was on his facebook pasge    so i was telling her    but i was about to date this gay
Me: gay or guy?   [low hanging fruit, but also my frame is that this is just kids stuff and easy for me to advise upon from my position of maturity]
Her: guy    lol    :p
Me: maybe both….
Her: MDR    so    he knew it and he tols me to never speak with him again    and he deleted me    ect    and now    i apologized and everithing    but he doesnt want to forgive    –‘    for a stupid story like this
Me: ok, let me paraphrase this     translate from girl logic…   [attraction, leading, reframing]
Her: lol
Me: 1. You wanted to date a guy. He’s already your friend. Not a stranger.    2. You became facebook friends with his ex. You told her some things about his current life   [making it obvious I can talk about these things without being weird, and that I’m not trying to talk her out of it]
Her: Yes
Me: 3. He finds out you are talking to her. He gets worried. [position him as a worrier] He feels you have betrayed him, somehow    4. He gets angry, and throws all his toys out of the pram. [position him as reactive]    5. You are disappointed, because you can’t date him now. And extra-disappointed because he might stop being friends with you [rapport with her]    is this correct?
Her: oui    this is exactly that    !
Me: does he know you fancy him?
Her: yes    but him too
Me: so you fancy him, he fancies you?
Her: yes
Me: even though you look like a hamster? [attraction in the push]
Her: yes even though i look like a hamster    :p
[her internet cuts out for 10 minutes]
Her: im back
Me: your internet sucks    ok, my thoughts…..    It’s just a little temper tantrum    from him    he’s still a boy, learning to be a man [position him, I’m assuming he’s also a teenager]    so he’s learning about trust. He’s learning that a man does not accept bad behaviour from his woman [implication is I don’t either and I know what a real man is because I am one]     but it is new for him, so he has over-reacted     you did nothing badly wrong    you should not have told her things from his facebook [but I do have to tell her off for bad behaviour, not just validate her]     but it’s just kids stuff
Her: ok ok ..    so i wait for him to come back     or    what do i do now ?  [a sign of trust]
Me: There’s no obvious right answer    Kids change their mind all the time. They are unstable
Her: he’s 21    i dont think that he’s still a kid    lol  [a surprise]
Me: Hmmmmm    Keep your dignity    give him some time, don’t get emotional and needy
and then     when he is ready, he’ll calm down and talk to you again    if he still likes you  [which is the same advice I’d give a kid sister]
Her: ok lol    thank you    🙂
Me: it’ll be fine    but here’s some life advice for you……    Boys come and go. Girls come and go.    Never get too excited about one person    Don’t weaken yourself and do things that make you feel bad, just to impress somebody else  [again, genuine advice]
Her: lol    thank you 😉
Me: I’m thinking of buying a hammock [and snip]
Her: oh yeah    its a great idea    !!
Me: I want to be a pirate 🙂    We have a big garden. We’ve been sitting outside, drinking juice, listening to music    would be perfect to have a few hammocks between the trees
Her: yeaah i love hammocks    its amazing    when its sunny

Four hours later she pops up again.

Her: You know about the guy i was talking about    evererithings good 🙂    i told him to call me    and i explains everithing    soo its ok    🙂
Me: well done    I’m glad you fixed it
Her: 😀

You can never control a girl. You can only control yourself and your response to her. She’ll break up with him eventually, or I’ll just steal her off him. But for the next six months I’m not interested in any of it.

Two French 17 yr olds

Jimmy Shite-Town and I are out in Camden looking to do a few 2-sets. It’s a Saturday afternoon. As much foot traffic as we are ever likely to see but just thin on the ground for quality girls. After over half an hour of nothing I notice a couple of little French teenagers walking behind us. Ok, let’s open that. Kick the day off.

It goes well. I realise my target is actually really hot. In the video it’s reversed – the curly haired girl looks best on camera but trust me the straight haired one was a full 2 points above her and with an adorable Frenchness about her. So we bounce them to a bar and begin putting beer down their necks. It’s all going swimmingly and it’s a done deal mentally. It becomes a game of logistics, and finally that’s where we come unstuck.

Round about 6pm, two hours in, and we’ve got them to a bounce-back frame of mind. They have some weed and want to come to our house to smoke it in the garden and watch the squirrels. However, they are staying at a friend’s place who is cooking them dinner for 7pm. We try to get the momentum our way and we are on the bus to our place, but by half six we are stuck in traffic and it’s killing the mood. The girls are agitated. There’s no question they are up for it but what kind of friend takes someone’s free rent and cooked dinner then doesn’t show up? To be honest, if they’d bitched out on their friends they’d have needed screening out. Sometimes the god of logisitics fucks you over, and this is such a time.

So we tell them to get off the bus and take the tube to their friends. Swap numbers, arrange to meet tomorrow. We’ll see. Attraction momentum was great tonight, but I’m not banking on tomorrow’s date coming off. Live an learn.

An adorable French “maybe” girl

Some girls hook strong at the beginning and are totally into you.  You’re their type, they are looking for a man, and everything clicks. These are “yes” girls. This is the numbers game part of pick-up. If you introduce yourself to enough girls you’ll get some of them. It doesn’t really take skill. Just not fucking up. Conversely there are “no” girls. Married, engaged, loved-up, fucked-up or just simply not into you. You have to filter them out quickly because nothing will ever progress with them. These no-girls are precisely why anyone who tells you he can get 100% success is a liying theiving piece of shit.

The best girls are “maybe” girls. They kinda like you, they might be available. What you do in-set will massively change the outcome. This is where the Game is played. Few things are as satisfying as turning around a maybe girl. And almost every high-value/high-self esteem girl is a maybe. Very few of them are “yes” girls.

I’m doing some daygame yesterday afternoon when I get a good five minute set with a teenage French girl. Exactly my type. In fact I wouldn’t change a single thing about her. Well, perhaps bigger tits and longer legs. And not French. But apart from that, a Krauser girl.

I rate her very highly

I don’t mind that I’ve already banged a Frenchie. I don’t do any of that lame flags bullshit.

The hook is not especially strong, I’m twice her age, and she’s with her family. All the signs of a difficult close. So I’m thinking I’ll just try to invest her a bit and see how it goes. Practice doing retarded attraction material. At 4pm the next day I see her online. I re-open. This is the entirety of our chat:

Me: oh, she’s checking me out…….    the crazy little French girl..
Her: [twenty minutes later] LOL    how are you ?  [low investment! I need to tease her hard, kick away that pedestal]
Me: I’m good    I just had a look at your photo    You have loooooooong arms    Like Mr Tickle

sexy. weird  [flagrantly stolen from Jimmy]
Me: when you wake up in the morning, are they in knots?
Her: wait i just need to take a dictionnary    just in case    so no they arent    :p
Me: 😛 x4
Her: On which picture have you seen that i have long arms ?
Me: None. I was just teasing  [occasionally ground myself as a normal person despite a theme of retarded attraction material. she’s young so probably flakey and ADHD]
Her: Oh okay
Me: Where are you now?  [Logistics. Is it possible to fuck this girl with short game?]
Her: im not in London    i visit my ante    in the suburb
Me: boooooooring!  [keep challenging her to pique interest]
Her: Yeahh it is    lol
Me: Did you go somewhere nice with your mum yesterday?
Her: no just shoppinbg    what about you    what did you do yesterday    ?
Me: I nearly had a fight    That’s very unusual for me    :/
Her: Why ?
Me: I was in Camden, drinking with friends    Some Brazilian guy was very rude. He really hated everything English  [there’s a post coming on this. It was on a date]
Her: So    what did you do ?
Me: For the first hour I ignored him    but he really really wanted to offend me  [frame myself as the reluctant aggressive guy]
Her: and .. ?  [I force her to keep asking for me to continue. It’s a mild form of investment]
Me: So I teased him for a while    Made jokes about Brazil    until he called me racist (for no reason)    I had a till receipt which I’d rolled into a little ball. I flicked it into his face
Me: It hit him between the eyes
Her: so funny
Me: a perfect shot 😀    Everyone laughed. He stood up, very angry    I stayed seated. Gave him “the finger”    and waited for the violence to begin    …  [obviously I frame myself as the hero of the story. Although all of this is true, reality wasn’t quite as cool – I was really angry with the guy]
Her: seriously ?    ..    so bad :p
Me: I don’t usually do this    but he was on a mission to start trouble    Anyway, he looked at me and changed his mind    then he walked out of the bar    England 1 – Brazil 0    How long are you in London?
Her: until friday    on the morning    im coming back    just q minute
Her: im back
Me: 😉    I’m checking out your profile now….  [open a loop on her vanity]
Her: lol
Me: oh no!    the worst photos I’ve EVER seen
Her: im supposed to laugh right ?    :p
Me: I didn’t realise you are famous    I just googled your name, and found a great picture of you  [Jesus, this one never gets old]
Her: Of course i am    you should know it    😉    i took this picture last year
Me: Do you prefer tea or coffee?  [false dilemma for setting up a date]
Her: chocolate     i hate coffee    and i dont like tea
Me: Hot chocolate?
Her: yeap
Me: afternoon or evening?
Her: im not sure i can    im quite busy    until i leave england    actually im here because my grand mother is sick  [she gets the message. I assume all attraction is sexual attraction]
Me: how many of your family are in England?
Her: a cousin , 2 antes ang my grandparents
Me: It’s like an invasion :O  [again I’m focusing on attraction and retardation. Most sets I’d do comfort here but in this case I’m experimenting with low comfort]
Her: AHAha    IT IS
Me: Here’s my number. Text me if you wanna meet [my number]  [another experiment, suggested by Burto]
Her: Ok    thanks
Me: I’m in Starbucks now. Gonna buy a caramel shortbread    I forget, are you from Paris?  [then snip and stack]
Her: LOOL    Not really in Paris    in the suburb
Me: Not cool enough for Paris?
Her: ?    what ?
Me: Do you llike dogs or cats?  [didn’t want to explain a joke, so I snip and stack]
Her: i have an allergy
Me: -10 points    I love dogs     A real allergy?  [qualification]
Her: I hate dogs    lol    yeah    you have a dog ?
Me: No. I really want a siberian husky    They are like wolves    I have an image in my mind    of when I live by the beach again    talking my big siberian husky for a walk in the morning    wrestling him in the water    then hunting penguins together  [this is true, except for the penguins]
Her: LOOOOOL    i want a cat    but i cant because of my allergy    thats to bad
Me: My parents have five cats. I don’t like them    We can’t be friends  [false disqualifier]
Her: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA    youre so funny    :p  [big IOI]
Me: Can you cook?  [qualify her on  high]
Her: Nooo     im a desaster  [banter]
Me: -50 points  [qualify]
Her: in a kitchen     xD    LOOOOOOOOOOOL   [IOI]
Me: we can’t get married either  [bigger false disqualifier]
Me: is that French for “oh no!”?  [subtle flipping of script in this sequence]
Her: no    it means    LOL
Me: When we get divorced, I’m gonna keep the dog, the car, and the Playstation    you can have the pans, cups, and duvet
Her: you can keep everything    a kind of present for me    no for you    :p
Me: You are a naughty girl     I’m shocked     :O    What are you wearing?  [misdirection and sexualise]
Her: naughty ? why are you saying that    ?    a jeans    and    a t shirt
Me: not sexy at all    -5 points    What are you really good at?    (apart from gymnastics)  [doesn’t quite hit so don’t dwell on it, stack into a qualifier]
Her: school    the best of my class    Im good at everything in fact
Me: [don’t validate her]

Her: so cute
Me: I was top of my class in everything every year    but I don’t tell people    oh    I just did….    :/
Her: LOL
Me: I’m actually very modest    I only believe I’m half as good as I really am
Her: yeahh i see that
Me: What colour underwear are you wearing?    if it’s not a personal question…..  [sexualise]
Her: black  [surprised she answered]
Me: I prefer red  [demanding]
Her: Yesterday    it was red   [I’m surprised again]
Me: sexy, or like an old woman’s underwear?

[half an hour passes with her offline – this could be a shit test to see if I chase, bad internet, or she just has other things to do]

Her: hey  [She blinked first]
Me: don’t you “hey” me! 😀  [I like to tell girls off]
Her: lol
Me: did you finish cooking my dinner?  [frame her as my slave]
Her: not yet
Me: I want roast potatoes    with cheese    and gravy
Her: mais bien sur    :p
Me: no onion    no mushroom
Her: okay    :p
Me: I want red wine too    maybe you can sing while you cook
Her: if you like the rain    why not    :p
Me: Your internet is not good
Her: its my internet    its me
Me: you’re a crazy french girl    My mother warned me about girls like you  [frame her]
Her: what do you mean girl like me ?    and what did she tells you ?
Me: she said “be careful of dark brunette french gymnasts”   “they are sex maniacs”  [blame her for the sexualisation]
Her: MDRRRRR    its not true
Me: Yeah, those girls are not all sex maniacs    only you are
Her: we heard the same thing about    english girls
Me: English girls are always fucking    But they are fat 😦  [generalised sex talk]
Me: I prefer skinny girls. More fun to slap their ass
Her: dont be rude    ^^  [simple shit test]
Me: I’m a man. It’s normal    But I guess you are still a shy little girl  [don’t back down, frame her as the weird one]
Her: Probably  [neither acceptance nor rejection. so I back off the sexualisation]
Me: Anyway, you’re fun.    I like that  [time to get real and give her a reason I like her]
Her: lol
Me: I like girls who have energy and can joke around    it’s sexy  [SOIing her]
Her: thanks
Me: I’m going home now. My friends are cooking me a meal    Send me a text tomorrow and we’ll get a quick drink  [assume the sale]
Her: thats nice
Me: I’ve probably only got an hour spare  [FTC]
Her: I’ll thimk about it    okay  [= probably not, but I am above her attraction threshold]
Me: have a good evening    😉
Her: thanks    you too

Conclusions? She’s a maybe girl. There’s some obstacle somewhere whether it’s logistics, a boyfriend, insufficient attraction, whatever. She’s on the backburner for Long Game. With that much family in London she’ll be back. The important thing is she spent three hours chatting to me, investing, and re-opening. I’m now “the guy she talks to on facebook” and from this in lots of beautiful things can be built.

Vignettes from a harem – Frenchie

Recently [text game]

Me 10:43pm – Guess who is out with friends, talking about random stuff, and then suddenly thought about fucking you  [burst back into her attention sexually. She’s on the other side of the world so needs a strong maintenance pattern]
Her 11:06pm – Oh I hope it’s this sexy English guy… i like him a lot 😛 I might have dreamed of you fucking me under the shower, I’m not sure. I should go back to sleep for a few minutes and finish that dream….  [perhaps an IOI?]
Me 11:09pm – That might really happen.  [Short, almost threatening]
Her 11:13pm – Yeah 🙂 but I should warn you: I’m gonna think about it a lot until it happens for real…  [Something Ace taught me about douchebag game – give girls strong infrequent emotional spikes and then they”ll do all the hard work of falling in love with you during your absences]
Me 11:18pm – I’ll survive 😛
Her 11:24pm – I hope so… Don’t die before decembre (nor after) or I’ll be really sad 😉
Me 11:25pm – That’s so romantic. I think I have a tear in my eye.

Very sweet

Last week

Her 2:09pm – I’ve sent the photo to you on your phone… But it could be a while before you receive it. Let me know! [naked photo] Good weekend too, cinema with the australian guy on Friday night, shopping with two friends from class on saturday, and today I studied in a park. It was very sunny 🙂  [this is how betas romance girls. He’s not really a threat but I want to amog him nice and early to set the frame]
Me 2:31pm – Has he had the courage to kiss you yet?  [amog]
Her 2:33pm – Yes he did. But very quickly when I was about to get on the bus. I didn’t have time to react.  [there’s a lesson in k-closing there]
Me 2:40pm – Did you do it with tongues?
Her 2:43pm – No. He kissed me very very quickly, like a kiss on the cheek but on my mouth. I did not see it coming….
Me 2:47pm – Did he feel your tits?  [obviously he didn’t. I’m framing him as a pussy, trying to draw the alpha/beta contrast as sharp as possible]
Her 2:51pm – Ahaha no. He’s not like you 😛 he did nothing else but take my hand while I was about to get on the bus home, and give me this quick kiss…  [which hits]
Me 2:53pm – Were you disappointed?  [lead her state around him]
Her 2:55pm – No, I was surprised… Would it be possible that you’d be a bit jealous?  [reaction-seeking because she wants comfort]
Me 2:56pm – I told you before – only if he cums on your face.  [rebuff her first ask]
Her 3:22pm – … you should be. Seriously, you don’t care at all? Not cool. (have you received the photo by the way?)
Me 3:26pm – Didn’t get the photo – it needs to go to my hotmail. And yes, I do care. I don’t want you dating other men. You’re my girl. But also, I don’t want to control your life.  [snowflaking her, but this is honest stuff]
Her 3:36pm – And I don’t want to date other men. I want to date you. It makes me a bit sad that you’re fucking other girls, but I don’t want (anyway I can’t) to controle your life as well….  [accepts her role]

A few days ago

Me 11:15pm – Got your picture. I like it. Cute.  [reward]
Her 11:18pm – Ah cool 🙂 I think it woud look better if my hair was longer… But thank you!
Me 11:26pm – Yeah, longer is better. But I’d still fuck you the way it is.
Her 11:28pm – I was just thinking about you fucking me by the way…. 😉
Me 11:30pm – What a surprise :O you have a one-track mind…… krauserscockkrauserscockkrauserscock all day every day…
Her 11:35pm – That’s not true! I can control myself now 😛 last time I thought about that was a long time ago… and you can’t judge me! You’re always thinking about fucking.
Me 11:37pm – Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Her 11:49pm – He…! Go to bed 😛 ! Where are you?
Me 11:51pm – I’m at home. Just getting ready for bed.
Her 11:55pm – Cool. I’m just about to get up… Sleep well. And dream of me… but without the 4 or 5 other girls please 🙂
Me 11:57pm – I’ll try. Would be easier if I had the right photos….
Her 12:00am – You’ve had a photo just a few days ago! I’m not gonna send you everything in one time… Wait a bit 🙂

This morning [facebook chat]

Me 13:29 – brrrrrrrrrrrr
Her 13:29 – 😛     how are youuuu?
Me 13:30 – I’m good. Having coffee in starbucks. [with Thai] But have to go soon [to meet Finland]
Her 13:30 – oh ok, could I get a “goodbye” this time? 😉     eh I was in the opera house tonight again!
Me 13:32 – why opera house?
Her 13:32 – the australian guy had free tickets to see the symphony orchestra of Sydney     it was cool, but not as cool as the marriage of figaro
Me 13:35 – how is Beta Guy?  [amog]
Her 13:36 – ahaha     he’s fine     and now I really see what you mean by Beta/ Alpha guys     you’re much cooler… 🙂  [this is good for her. I explained it all very early in the relationship because she is clearly a badboy chaser in the making and it’ll ruin her]
Me 13:39 – haha     be nice to him     He’s probably a really kind guy  [amog]
Her 13:40 – yes he is     but I’m not like you… I don’t have number 1, number 2 etc.
I prefer having only one.     😛
Me 13:42 – good girl     +20 points  [reward acceptance of harem and amog frame]
Her 13:43 – I know… you should feel lucky to have me!     ^^
Me 13:47 – 😛
Her 13:47 – how is it going in Castle RSG by the way?
Me 13:47 – Brilliant
Her 13:47 – I suppose you’re having fun     !
Me 13:47 – My room is finished     We have a machine gun
Her 13:48 – cool!
Me 13:48 – But I have to go now
Her 13:48 – ok     have a good day then     🙂
Me 13:48 – goodbye
Her 13:48 – thank you!     😛     xxx

Cute french fan in Poland

Krakow again. Suave, Shammers and I are sitting in a street cafe on the main square having lunch. I’ve just ordered a pizza when this girl walks past. Camera on, give chase….

Learning points are:

0:12 – Never move your feet in the first minute if the girl’s momentum is still continuing, or else you’ll give off a creepy vibe and she’ll leave. Just plant the feet, turn your body if necessary, and keep talking.
0:40 – Note how far away she is. I didn’t follow so that calmed her fight-or-flight instinct. Now she’s laughing.
0:50 – I still haven’t killed her momentum so I keep plowing. She was about to accept the complement then walk off. I see this and ask another question to keep her there. You can feel her hindbrain is enjoying this even if the forebrain has somewhere else to go.
1:00 – She’s still wandering off but turned to face me and smiling. Classic forebrain-hindbrain conflict so I just have to keep ploughing and keep it playful.
1:07 – I reel her in by holding out a handshake and asking her name. It would seem socially retarded for her to not shake my hand now, so she comes back.
1:44 – Her English isn’t very good so it’s tougher to get her investing. I have to talk more than I’d like but whenever she talks I shut up and give her plenty of time to respond. It’s often tough to resist the urge to keep jabbering on.
2:01 – The first classic IOI but it’s already obvious from her smile that she’s enjoying this. Her nerves are due to the situation and her English, not the idea of talking to me.
2:46 – Very simple sentence structure and basic vocabulary. The vibe is doing the attraction work so I don’t need to overcomplicate it with fancy talk.
3:04 – She’s investing through body language. Would she do this if she wanted to leave?
3:35 – If you don’t find this girl adorable by now, you are clearly homosexual. She’s a perfect example of how a feminine vibe can boost an otherwise unremarkable girl into “I’d love to facefuck her” territory.
3:41 – Personalise the interaction to her. Avoid generalisations about places and interests.
3:52 – I’m having to guide her through the language and suggest vocabulary.
4:15 – I eye-fucking the shit out of her by now.
4:30 – Note how well she holds eye contact while her gestures are open. That’s the eye-fucking at play.
5:08 – She’s in a mild sexual state now. Check out the hand movement.
5:26 – Consider the difference between her at the beginning and now. Killing momentum is crucial.
5:45 – Slower and deeper vocal tone.
6:15 – I think the language barrier is giving her doubts.
6:43 – After getting her email I try again for the number. Rebuffed but no harm in trying. My value with the hindbrain is still good even though her forebrain appears to have a rule about giving her number to men she doesn’t know.
7:20 – Oops!
7:41 – I’ve completely lost the vibe with this new girl and I’ve also realised she’s not hot. Starting to regret opening her.

The Facebook defibrilator shocks HB French Fan back to life

This set had started with a ton of promise before logistics intervened and it faded away to nothing. There was no set-ending blow out so really it has just gone cold and needed warming up. So this delightful girl is moved to the Long Game pile and facebook is revved up.

18:44 Me -oh, it’s you….  [tease opener]
18:47 Her – Oooh right, that’s me.;D    Hello.{;    Or tather, bonsoir.{;    rather*   [that’s a pretty invested response. Gonna be easy to be playfull]
18:48 Me – !!!!! :O    What you doing now?
18:48 Her – Chatting with my roommate.{; You?  [hmmm, might need to keep this short]
18:50 Me – finished a book  [draw the question. She’s an educated sort, so probably into books]
18:51 Her – Oooh what book?{;  
18:51 Me – A big one. Long words. No pictures    Not sure you’d understand  [tease – still need to do attraction]
18:51 Her – >;D Oh really? Do I like quite stupid, not to understand it?  [playing along, mild shit test to see if I backtrack and reassure her]
18:53 Me – The Fountainhead    by Ayn Rand  [ignore test]
18:54 Her – I’ll check this up.{;<    Why does it interested you much?  [nice IOI but perhaps she’s just trying to make me carry the conversation]
18:56 Her – interest* sorry my mistakes, in a hurry writing always makes me write stupid things.;D  [or perhaps not, she’s willing to work at this]
18:56 Me – It’s kinda funny    in a cute way   [deflect question and tease by putting her in a little girl position]
18:57 Her – Oh, then it’s oukey, I guess.{;    I’m really sorry for not being able to have a cup of coffee with you, my phone bill was dead, and as I am a student, you know, not a great thing, and parents, and gone to Palanga,no possibilities.;s     [she’s apologising, that’s good. I never brought up the flake so she must feel a bit guilty / disappointed, like she has to keep on the right side of me. Good IOI]
18:59 Me – no probs    I might be back in Vilnius again    I’ll let you know    [no big deal, hold out a carrot]
19:00 Her – Sure thing, anyway, someday we’ll meet again, that’s for sure, it always happens so in my life.;DD    Eventualities, that’s what I mean magic.{;<    [it’s playful but I read the subtext as she really does want to meet sometime. If she was just killing time she wouldn’t bother future projecting and writing it in an interesting manner]
19:01 Me – heh    When are you visiting London?    [plant the seed]
19:01 Her – Ooooh don’t know yet, someday.;D    [fertile soil, but will need time to reap what i sow]
19:08 Me – Gotta go    Talk later    [this isn’t going anywhere yet and I don’t want to overstay my welcome]
19:08 Her – Sure.{{;    See you, Krauser.    [nice she used my name]

Ooh la la

I leave it another week. There’s no timeframe on this so no need to push too hard too fast. Then I catch her online again. She’s obviously a playful sort so I max out that angle;

14:59 Me – Frenchie    [bold, reference to her interests]
15:01 Her – Bonsoir.;D    [accepting the “our world” frame]
15:02 Me – Je ne parlez not the french    pas    [playful]
15:02 Her – ;D Same here, haha.
15:05 Me – still in Vilnius?
15:06 Her – Suuure, I’m studying here.;D
15:07 Me – BOOOOOOORING!!!!    [just being the dumbass]
15:11 Her – It’s not. B} I love talking, so here;s the possibility to do it for all day long. B}
15:12 Me – Oh, you’re a talker?    oh no! What have I gotten myself into……    [frame her as luring me into a trap, the subtext of which obviously means she is chasing me]
15:14 Her – >;D Mhaha no way out, a real maze.   [accepting frame and playing with it]
15:15 Me – !    [reduce my energy, see if she carries it]
15:16 Her – No turning back. {;<
15:17 Me – I’m no push-over    I know how to fight back!    [exactly what it says on the tin]
15:18 Her – >;D Oh really? How?    [nice, she wants me invested too]
15:18 Me – Pushes    Shoves    Grunts    Slaps    Grabbing    [very clear double meaning]
15:19 Her – Mhahahah, ouhouhou, whole armory.;D    [not rejecting it]
15:20 Me – If you continue to be naughty….    I’ll put you over my knee, and spank your naughty bum    then send you to the naughty corner    [slip into a sexual frame, with me as the boss]
15:21 Her – ;DDD Mhaha, no way, I’m not naughty at all.{;<    That’s only your imagination.    And noone will tell me what to do, never. >;}    [token resistance]
15:22 Me – shhhhhhhhh! little girl     [come right over the top with Dad Power]
15:23 Her – >;D I’m not that little, and believe me, I have more power, than average man in his 20-30s {;<    [qualifying herself, playfully]
15:24 Me – shhhhhhhh!    [showing I don’t back down, getting her back up a little]
15:25 Her – Stop it, or else I’ll punish you.;D    [I like where this is going, she’s emotionally invested]
15:25 Me – How? Stamp your little feet and shake your little fists?    [neg, show her I don’t take her seriously]
15:26 Her – It’s good that you think isthis way, this means you won’t be ready for any attack I will make.{;<    [a little exasperated, which is where I want her – in the submissive crouch]
15:27 Me – I’m gonna check your facebook photos now    See if I can find any silly ones    [snip thread]
15:27 Her – ;D What for?
15:28 Me – to laugh at    😛    [tease]
15:28 Her – >;DD Oh yes? Feel free, I don’t mind if someone laughs at me, but you won’t even imagine how i will laugh at your photos >;DDDD Just kidding.;D    [she enjoys the back and forth but is being careful not to offend me, thus she hopes this will continue – a good IOI]
15:29 Me – I’m putting up some new ones today
[dropped connection on my side]

It sucks that I couldn’t end the chat properly but there’s no loss of value in just binning the chat at the end of a thread. She wants more.

Sometimes there’s not enough days in a week – HB French Fan

I’m out with Jambone daygaming in Lithuan….. oh whatever. Just watch the video.

0:46 – Gentle tease on her shoes that doesn’t hit, so I just plough through
1:04 – Joke on the similar spelling of philology and philosophy. She doesn’t get it, so just plough through. It’s ok because her momentum is always thoroughly killed already
1:17 – Personalise the interaction to her. It’s always “how did you”, “what do you think”
1:30 – Leg movement and rapport laughter shows how much she is enjoying this
1:48 – Qualifying herself
1:55 – Drive by DHV about Tokyo
2:02 – Personalising the interaction about her hopes and dreams so she invests
2:19 – Her body language shows strong investment
2:59 – DHV about Paris and my high value lifestyle
3:40 – Painting an emotionally evocative picture with my words that takes her out of her world and into a fantasy rich with colours, smells and fun
4:26 – In-joke about Jambon because Jambone is filming this
5:11 – DHV about leading my friends on a beach holiday
6:14 – Notice how much familiarity we have after just six minutes. She’s completely relaxed with me
6:25 – Qualifying her
6:57 – Always personalise, always playful. Note how invested her body language is with full body twitching
7:45 – Rapport
8:08 – Leg twitch shows her pussy tingle
8:27 – Preselection DHV
9:10 – Make her conscious that this is a man talking to a woman
9:33 – Finally, I ask her name. Almost ten minutes in.

0:20 – Much lowered sexual vocal tone and eye contact
1:30 – Photo routine because to get to the photo I show her I have to browse through a few high value photos first. I don’t dwell on them, it’s just a teaser of my interesting life
2:20 – Preselection about the other Lithuanian girl
2:35 – Mild NLP
2:55 – Finally I give a statement of interest before the number close. She’s already given a time constraint so no point going for the instant date. I mute lots of the sound from here because it takes ages to get the number and facebook right.

I move on to more sets but I’m pleased with this one. She was a strong hook right from the beginning and her body language was so good I could move into rapport very quickly so she’s solid. Unfortunately logistics on her side get in the way. Text game ensues:

10/09 4:58pm Me – Is this French Fan? The slightly cute, slightly fun girl who owes Krauser a coffee (white americano, no sugar)
5:36pm Her – Yes, yes, the same one! The one addicted to France {;
6:29pm Her – By the way, you had disappeared, so the coffee is left for the future {;
6:31pm Me – Haha. We’ll do it tomorrow
11/09 12:30pm Me – Mornin’! Let’s get that coffee this afternoon. is 3pm good?
1:10pm Her – Hello, Krauser. I’m truly sorry, but today parents are coming, you know missed me and want to see if I’m alive still, and I can’t come ;I
1:19pm Me – No problem. Family is more important
1:20pm Her – They’d simply go mad, if they come and see that French Fan doesn’t care about it {;

Definitely a Krauser girl

I send a couple more texts over the next five days but no responses. I write it off as a dead set but them a week after I get back to London I add her to Facebook and she accepts. Clearly this set requires lots more attraction work.

I bang my first French teenager

I arrive in Gare du Nord at lunchtime and it’s full of fucking Frenchmen. I endure long enough to reach my hotel so I can have a bath and a nap. Frenchie finishes work at 4pm and comes to my hotel. There’s no messing around. After half an hour preamble I bang her. She’s massively up for it. As lays go there’s nothing unusual or technically proficient about it but it’s a helluva lot of fun – cute shy feminine 18 yr old girls don’t find their way to my bedroom often enough. We talk a little and she reveals I’m the fourth man she’s ever kissed and only the second she’s ever banged. Hmmm. We go out for the evening to eat and I play mindgames with her. We are sitting in an Indian restaurant and start a people watching game with the two couples near us, taking turns to comment on their body language.

I explain to her the pussy tingle leg cross, then I trigger it by eye fucking her and doing NLP to raise her buying temperature. When she realises I’ve just led her into it she blushes and laughes shyly. Then I triangle-gaze her and she licks her lips unconsciously. I say “you are thinking about kissing” and she’s shocked that I knew. Then I explain the trick. She’s loving my total mastery over her buying temperature and for trick three I eye-fuck her into another pussy tingle. She’s got the full-on doggy dinner bowl look now.

Next day I pull the Korean and then meet Frenchie back at the hotel and bang her again. We go out for night sightseeing in Paris and it’s just like a proper date. My last full day I see the Korean again then meet Frenchie for another date and this time get her to deliver her first ever blowjob back at my hotel. I’m trying to think of technical learning points from the close but there aren’t any really – all of the hard work was done in London, after that I just had to not fuck up. A lovely girl.

I felt an unwelcome twinge of guilt in turning out such a nice young girl so I gave her a long lecture on the dangers of men like me and warned her not to fall in love, though she probably will anyway. As Suave would say: “I think I’m gonna break her heart….. oh well, that’s what we do.”

Some more books I read


31. Don Pendleton – Nightmare Army: A rich scientist in Sweden has concluded that Islamic immigration will lead to the annexation and disappearance of the Swedish homeland. So he bio-engineers a deadly virus that targets Muslims, turning them into homicidal zombies before they die. For some reason, in this book the scientist is the BAD GUY and Mack Bolan has to stop him! Cuck bullshit. 1/10

32. Michael Avallone – Meanwhile At The Morgue: Someone is trying to kill the starlets of a new Broadway production so the producer brings in Ed Noon to sort it out. This is the usual hard-boiled fare and no-one is gonna stop me reading them until I’ve finished the series. 7/10

33. Erle Stanley Gardner – The Case of the Careless Cupid: A distraught woman hires Perry Mason to help prove she’s not a gold-digger and really does love the rich widower she’s engaged to, and to fend off the machinations of the relatives eyeing his inheritance. Tight plotting and tighter dialogue. Mason is an alpha male. 8/10

34. Erle Stanley Gardner – Cut Thin To Win: Gardner’s “Lam and Cool” series are more hard-boiled than the Mason novels and more humorous. I like that Bertha Cool is a big money-grubbing battle-axe who dominates every scene. In this case everything hinges on a traffic accident. 8/10

35. Hilary Ford – Sarnia: Winner of best romance novel of 1974, it’s set in Victorian times when bored office clerk Sarnia is found by relatives from Jersey because her rich estranged dad is dying. A murderous plot ensues. It’s a good book until you realise the tropes are standard “which man does the heroine choose?”. Is it the boring conservative nice guy, the devilishly attractive rogue, or the rich good-looking adventurer who she accidentally rejects first time? It ends with the chosen man begging Sarnia to marry him and raise her bastard child. Yeah, right. 7/10

36. Donald Hamilton – The Interlopers: Matt Helm goes on a long wild goose chase following couriers collecting five microfiches for the Soviets all the way into the Canadian hinterlands in the hope of flushing out a Soviet assassin who is expected to murder the President. The usual hardboiled ruthlessly violent Helm stuff. I love them. 8/10

37. Giacomo Casanova – History Of My Life IV: The bi-sexual Italian rabbit is probably hoping we’ve forgotten that he admitted to getting bummed by a hairy Turk. He’s up to his usual tricks and it’s a fascinating insight into rabbit psychology and the 18th Century European bottom world. Slow going at times, though. Casanova isn’t one for dramatic or funny anecdotes. 7/10


38. Peter Singer – Hegel: Considering this was written by a communist pro-infanticide animal rights lunatic academic, on the subject of a spectacularly grandiose German bullshitter, it’s a surprisingly tight and coherent book. Now that I know more about Hegel, I can safely disregard him. Not as much of a moonbat as I used to think, though. 6/10

39. Time Life – Winds of Revolution: I swear I’ll finish this series. Nearly there! This time its the 18th Century. Most interesting is the French Revolution, of which I’m increasing of the opinion that it was the worst thing to happen to Europe. It birthed communism and then allowed Napoleon to kill all of France’s wolfish men, leaving the country full of the whiny faggots we now know as Frenchmen. On the plus side, even Robespierre wasn’t so corrupt as to hire African mercenaries to win him the World Cup. 8/10

40. John Creasey – Inspector West Cries Wolf: There’s a secret gang of burglars plaguing London under the direction of the enigmatic Lobo. When startled, they kill. West is on the case and as usual it’s a fantastically human look at police work, London life before it became Somalia, and Britain before it was full of degenerates. 7/10

41. A.J. Ayer – Hume: Another single-day read to give an outline of a great thinker. Except, Hume doesn’t seem very great to me. He was wrong about everything and not very original. He was also pretty much ignored in his lifetime, which seems about right to me. 6/10

42. D. Manners Sutton – Black God: This was a real gem. It has a similar structure to Ivo Andric’s Nobel Prize-winning The Bridge Over The Drina, in that it follows a wizened old African man sitting by a river crossing for decades observing the stories going on in the settlement around him. Written in 1934 it has zero political correctness and paints a vivid picture of colonial and indigenous life. Loved it. 8/10


43. Dennis Wheatley – The Ka of Gifford Hillary: Never let it be said Wheatley doesn’t take ludicrous ideas and then run with them straight-faced. This time rich shipyard owner Gifford Hillary is cucked and murdered by a brilliant live-in scientist and his disembodied spirit can roam the country figuring out the conspiracy against him, in a race against time before his funeral. Really odd but Wheatley tells the story so earnestly that it doesn’t feel ridiculous. 8/10

44. Harry Kurnitz – Fast Company: A rare book dealer moonlights as a detective hunting down stolen books. One such chase is wrapped up in murder. I like the 1930s aesthetic and did you know the third film based on this book was called Fast And Furious yet featured no car chases, annoying Latina lesbians, or big bald dudes? 7/10

45. William Haggard – A Cool Day For Killing: A 1960s non-pc espionage thriller about a South East Asian colony murdering the British counsel and plotting to declare independance, so the hero must sort it out. Feels very laconic and colonial in the right way without too much huffing and puffing. 7/10

46. Ross MacDonald – The Galton Case: Lew Archer is a good hardboiled private eye and this time the secretary of a rich old widow has hired him to track down a son who went missing twenty years earlier and may be dead. It’s full of lies, schemes, drinking, and danger. Good book. 7/10


47. Warren Murphy – Union Bust: A ridiculous story about a rising star in the Teamsters who has a secret murder room and is assassinating his way to the head of a unified labour union so as to take over the USA. Remy smacks him down. So quaint to think of what the 1970s writers used as deadly threats to be overcome. I imagine a new book would have Chick-a-Fil as the latest threat to world peace. 5/10

48. Alexandre Dumas – The Queen’s Necklace: The second in the Marie Antoinette series and quite a tight focused story, this time mostly about the Queen and her women. The usual court plotting and scheming but a lot less of the swordfighting and adventuring. Sadly, Joseph Balsamo barely appears. 7/10

49. Michael Avallone – The Living Bomb: Ed Noon is going up in the world as none other than the President of the United States hires him to track down a missing nuclear scientist. This book is less hardboiled and more Bond. Pretty good. 7/10

50. Ichiro Kishimi – The Courage To Be Disliked: An introduction to Alfred Adler written as a dialogue between a whiny millennial and a professor. The thrust is that Freud was wrong and our personalities are not fixed in childhood or troubled by trauma. Quite the reverse, the personality has no history and we are what we choose to be. An empowering book that I thoroughly enjoyed. 8/10


51. Edgar Wallace – The People Of The River: More anecdotes from British colonial administrator Sanders having to stop all the African tribes robbing, raping and killing each other. Has the usual suspense and subtle humour, and I dare say it’s considerably more accurate than Black Panther. 7/10

52. Michael Avallone – There Is Something About A Dame: Someone discovered an unpublished Shakespeare manuscript in WWII and Memo Morgan memorised it. So now someone is trying to kill him. God knows what’s going on in this one, but it made sense at the time. 7/10

53. Seabury Quinn – Night Creatures: Quinn was one of the Weird Tales big names, along with Robert Howard, HP Lovecraft, and Clark Ashton Smith. This is the first time I’ve read him. He’s not much for plotting and manly action, but he squeezes raw emotion from the strangest places. This collection has two sympathetic likeable werewolves and some tragic horror scenes (not gory!). A slow meandering read but felt like relaxing into a hot bath. 8/10

54. Martin Butler – The Corporeal Fantasy: I knew nothing about Kant, Schopenhauer, or the other dude. Didn’t know I wanted to know. This book is Butler’s personal interpretation of their philosophy and though it’s indiosyncratic and sometimes difficult to read I felt like it presented some great ideas that were new to me. 7/10

55. Warren Murphy – Summit Chase: Look, it’s rubbish. I don’t know why I keep reading them. 5/10


56. Wilbur Smith – A Falcon Flies: I’m a sucker for epic sweeping book series and Smith kicks off a Victorian-era tale of slavery, elephant-hunting, and African conquest here. The main characters are all thoroughly unlikeable cunts but somehow Smith writes them so we don’t lose patience with them. Ship battles, duelling, bureaucratic incompetence, tracking beasts through the wilds… it’s an African epic. 7/10

57. Michael Avallone – The Bedroom Bolero: Someone is killing off hot chicks and they are found in red-painted rooms with the Bolero playing. Noon sorts it out. 8/10

58. Dennis Wheatley – The Island Where Time Stands Still: This doesn’t hang around as page one begins with Gregory Sallust thrown overboard during a storm in the South China Sea that kills his crewmates. He washes up on a New Taiwan, a secrey colony set up by aristocrats fleeing Mao. It goes in directions you couldn’t hope to guess and is an engrossing read. 8/10

59. Alexandre Dumas – Ange Pitou vol.1: His series on the French Revolution continues and now its all about the storming of the Bastille. The first 1/3 paints a picture of rural life as the titular character is growing up, then he is swept on a wild ride to Paris and revolution. More focused than many of Dumas’ 2nd-tier novels and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Don’t jump to this one, as the series is much better read in order. 8/10



60. Michael Avallone – Lust Is No Lady: This one plays out like a Western. Noon is travelling through the desert when he blows a tire. He stumbles upon a half-dead woman tied to stakes and then into a gold-digging scandal. There’s rootin’ tootin’ and shootin’ here. Good book. 7/10