I bang my first large-breasted Serbian teacher

July 29, 2012

I’ve been in Serbia a little less than a week and feeling properly run down. Yesterday’s escapades (post coming) were great fun but left me with a minging hangover, blue balls, and less than three hours sleep…. and suddenly it’s Saturday which ought to be the best day. Robusto and I do a few half-arsed opens mid-afternoon but there’s not much to shoot at and our heart isn’t in it anymore. I’ve been ground down having spent a week or two in each of Lithuania, Croatia, Turkey, Bosnia and Serbia without a night in my own bed back in glorious London.

My cute Serbian librarian starts missing me and decides she does actually need a revision break and would love to meet me for coffee at 8pm. I tell her to wear a dress so I can see her legs and to style her hair down. She follows instructions admirably. This girl is really falling hard for me, giving me a carefully chosen book as a leaving present, her favourite bookmark and an inscription of romantic poetry. She’s adorable too, fitting my newly-defined type exactly – exotic look, introverted, thoughtful, innocent. I know pulling her home is too soon so I just fingerfuck her in the cafe and say my goodbyes. She gets parked into long game and a possible import.

Banged a high six version of this

The main reason I cut that date short is because my Hail Mary text to yesterday’s SDL-near miss results in a 10pm date. I’d already told her I want to fuck her so there’s no question what’s up. She’s either DTF or wants me to validate her all night and it’s up to me to figure out which.

We have drinks in one of the many pavement cafes then I move her on to a bar near my apartment. It’s on. Easy, really. She downs a couple of vodkas then tells me she doesn’t want to go to an apartment I share with other men but will happily take a cab home to her own apartment where she lives alone. So we go. It’s effortless, all the work having been done the day before. Afterwards I cab it back. I’d put her as a high six, probably late-twenties.

I get my Serbian flag, +1, regain F-town. Sometimes it’s that simple.

One of many cute young Croatian girls

July 26, 2012

I’m out in Zagreb by the train station when I notice a film crew shooting in the park, lots of them lolling about on fold-up chairs lined up on the pavement. A girl I like the look of walks past – shortish, curvy, slim, mousey hair – just my type so I stop her. I’m about two feet away from a pair of camera guys so they can watch and listen to the whole thing.

I run a near-perfect set. Compliments, teases, humour, rapport, leading, everything. The girls is giggling and cooing and the guys are well impressed. Probably the highlight is when she shows me her university report card so I read it aloud, inserting my own comments (e.g. “Biotechnology, F. She keeps texting boys on her mobile phone. Must try harder”). I take the number and what a surprise she’s leaving Zagreb that afternoon for the coast. As good as the set is, I don’t expect much. Just another roll of the dice. I write this one up because of the interesting text chat that ensued.

Note I haven’t fucked this girl, or even seen her. She’s still at the coast. Hopefully something will happen when we are in the same city.

Me: So this is the cute little Dubrovnikian… [standard follow-up, leave no doubt about man/woman frame]

Her: Ouh yes London man 😛 i am in cinema watching a cool romantic film 🙂  [warm response, good]

Me: Ugh… Romance 😛  [set up first challenge, a bit of hard dominance]

Her: heh, it was good, not too much pathetic. Uh… I am ready for sweet dreams 🙂

Me: Hahaha. Girls really like the romance   [soft dominance]

Me: I’m sitting in History bar, sipping coffee, being very civilised 🙂  [a window into my world]

Her: Nice, good time with your friends. I am going to bed now, zzzzz 😛

Me: Sleep well 😉

So far so good, but the next day the logistics fail….

Her: Hi Nick, I changed the plan and today I am going to Dubrovnik. Have a good time in Zagreb these few days. And I hope you will welcome me when I come to visit London soon, hehe 😉   [sounds like she’s happy for long game, her giving the come on, a good sign]

Me: Young lady, you will be my honoured guest 😉 Enjoy Dubrovnik!

Her: O thank you, older man 😛

This is progressing like a normal set, gradually easing into flirting and rapport while waiting for logistics to pan out. I add her to skype and settle in for the long game. Then, out the blue I get a spider-sense tingle that she’s more sexual than I’d first figured, so I test it with an overtly sexual comment….

Her: Hi Nick, are you still in Zagreb? Some Englishmen are sitting in front of me in bus, so I think of you 😉 Today is friday 13th, be careful 😛   [another IOI and a nice jumping off point to try sexualisation]

Me: Be careful of what, young lady? Of a cute little sex maniac? 😛   [I usually accuse them of being sex maniacs]

Her: Haha. Which sex maniac? Me? Oh, you uncover me. I was that sex maniac who spy on you last night 😛  [she plays along rather than backpedal, another good sign]

Me: I thought I heard some heavy breathing and moaning from my closet. I thought it was a bear.   [don’t jump in too eagerly]

Her: Haha, maybe it was your friend with his girlfriend

Me: OMG you really are crazy. How is Dubrovnik?  [and snip, so I don’t look too keen. I want her to feel like its a mutual sexualisation]

Her: Hahah. Sorry,I am sometimes a little bit kinky 😛 [brilliant!] it’s ok, sunshine, hot.. later i will go on the beach to swim and sunbathe…Jeej

Me: I shall require a bikini picture, of course. That’s one of the rules.

Her: I have a small breasts, so i can’t show you topless picture, haha. Ok, we will see, you must deserve that with nice and polite behaviour 😛  [trying to get me jumping through her hoops, a reflexive behaviour to see what I’m made of]

Me: Nice and polite? I think you have me confused with someone else 😉   [so I refuse]

Clearly the sexualisation was accepted and I was able to push, though I was careful not to break rapport or sound too keen. I’m just a sexual man who doesn’t mind letting the girl know I like sex. A couple of incidental rapport texts fly and then it gets ramped up again….

Her: You are man of the world 😉 And I wish to travel, but when I grow up, someone could kidnap me 🙂   [another come-on from her]

Me: I thought we already agreed… I’m going to kidnap you. You’d be my cook and sex slave… Beware!  [I always throw in cooking with the sex to look more demanding and position her into a womanly role]

Her: I will fulfill your every pervesian fantasy and order. It will be my pleasure… my dear lord 😛   [she likes it, great. If this comes off, I think I’ll really like her]

Me: +10 🙂 I’ll keep you very busy. I’m not easily satisfied!  [but in for a penny, in for a pound. So I continue to frame her as chasing and qualifying because ultimately that’s what we both want]

Her: Don’t doubt in me. I know what I need to do 🙂 I am going to take a shower, I am salty of the sea 😛

From then on I’m out the country so it moves over to Skype chat. I figure there’s a total green light here because she fancies me and is liberal about sex. I might put up a post of those chats too. Anyway, to cut a long story short this one is still in the balance. She’s obviously up for it but there’s not getting around the fact we’ve only met for ten minutes and have horrible logistics. Time will tell.

Are you a man’s man?

July 24, 2012

While in conversation with one of my buddies it occured to me that a man’s man is quite different from a woman’s man, and have different routes to getting there. Quite a few times I’ve met guys who are successful with women but who I have no respect for and look down on, while other guy’s its the reverse. Only just now have I figured out how to put words onto this feeling.

A man’s man (MM) exemplifies those qualities men respect in other men such as honour, work ethic, dependibility, state control, toughness, interesting conversation, life experience and so on. These are guys you want to hang out with, the first guy you ring up when you want a few beers and also when you are in trouble. You want a MM behind you in the foxhole or a bar scuffle.

A woman’s man (WM) exemplifies those qualities women respond to sexually such as aloofness, strong frame, emotional highs and lows, full attention, touchy, passionate, complex. Girls get roped in and try to solve his mystery in all it’s angst-ridden, creative, whimsical glory. To say I don’t trust these men is an understatement.

They love women and orient their life around them. They are the guys with extremely high (100+) lay counts. Some of them are good company but there’s always that feeling that they aren’t right. That they’ll throw you under a bus for pussy, fail to repay a loan, disappear when the shit goes down, get all temperamental and throw a hissy fit etc.

I think it’s due to an identification with the feminine which is a double-edged sword. An ability to adore and understand the feminine smoothes out all obstacles to a woman’s pussy. The over-identification that comes with natural seducers often leaves them failing to develop the normal structures of a man’s life: career, mission, friendship circle, hobbies. In contrast I know men who are great company but simply cannot translate the high esteem with which men hold them into an ability to close women. I wonder of the two archetypes of MM and WM are mutually exclusive or can be transcended to become a James Bond-esque man that “all men want to be and all women want in their bed.”

I bang my first 26 year old Sarajevan muslim

July 22, 2012

Team Krauser has been out in Sarajevo for a few days, mainly because Jimbo is obsessed with the place and wanted to do the night train from Zagreb. I’ve had a week in Turkey visiting a girl then I roll in 9pm on Friday night. Apparently it’s impossible to get laid in Sarajevo…. according to this guy on the internet:

“Leave – ASAP! Let me be frank. Just forget Serbia, as well as Bosnia and Croatia.

You will never get any girl from there, if you are aiming above 3 in grade out of 10 (and I guess most of us aim for at least 7 or .

I have lived there, studied there, know the language, been there almost ten times now, know their songs, their culture, their politics, whatever, and also have some kind of network there.

But, their women – just forget it. Their culture, their society, will not allow it.

What we will be offered, if not living there for like 20 years, and really play their slooow game, is “kaka”, that is shit. So, no need to read any more threads about the former republics of Yugoslavia. Just get your bag and leave! If you are there hunting women, so to speak.”

I’m pretty sure that sex and tourism forums are where the high value men hang out. Probably George Clooney and Cary Grant have a few posts on which Serbian dive bars to find grotty 6s….. but I digress. There’s no question Yugoslavia is a difficult place to get laid if you are after high quality non-slutty locals and only in town a couple of weeks. Sarajevo is an order of magnitude harder than Zagreb. Bhodi goes so far as to offer a bet that he’ll drink a glass of his own cum if one of us fucks a Bosnian non-rotter in Sarajevo. Stakes are too high for me seeing we only expect a long weekend here.

Not easy

So Friday night rolls around, I’ve been in town only a few hours when we hit the bars. Jimbo and Robusto get into a really good set with two beauties, girls who’d turn heads in every London club and it’s going great until the inevitable friction…. both in serious relationships to local guys and just not willing to cheat. This isn’t the UK. When girls say that here it means something. So the boys eject and we try to find a club on the first day of Ramadan. It’s pretty dead. We end up downstairs in some rubbishy nightclub playing folk dance music. There’s only ten people and only one set – four girls of whom two are pretty hot. Robusto and I are figuring out how to open when some Spanish guy opens me and brings his Bosnian girlfriend over. Just friendly people wanting to chat so I reciprocate knowing it’s making me look social. But then the girls leave.

This is where I become something of a cunt and break the hallowed wing rules. Robusto follows them out and opens before they can jump in a taxi. The set has a weak hook but hook nonetheless. As I sidle up some gypsy beggar boy slides into the middle to hijack it. I fucking hate gypsies. Really despise them. Robusto proceeds to neutralise him while I notice the prettiest girl is looking at me alot and has the “up for it” vibe. I eyefuck her ragged and chat about nonsense, tooling her and being a dick. I hear Robusto in the background calling me a goblin (code for set-stealing) with steam coming out his ears. One week of blueballs, several hours of cocktails, and a hot Krauser girl returning my eyefucking…. I just don’t care. I steamroller the set and shut him out.

This is diabolical behaviour. I have no excuse at all. After taking her number I get a well deserved dressing down from Jimbo while Robusto mostly just calls me a cunt. There’s no answer to it.

A high seven version of this

It’s a hot lead. Text chat goes well and at 5pm on Saturday I meet her for drinks, already halfcut from cocktails with Jimbo the previous two hours. Conversation goes great. My date game is focused and on point so she keeps cooing “you’re so self confident”. That’s the best thing you can hear from a girl until “do you have a condom?” She takes me to the best little cafe in Sarajevo, real Austro-Hungarian style place, and I just know its on. I do my usual verbal escalation. Things like:

    • Sorry, I just looked at your breasts. I’ll keep my eyes up
    • I can see you are very introverted. I like it. You can really focus your attention and make interesting conversation
    • When you go to the bathroom I’m gonna check you out. [when she comes back I stare at her legs and give an approving nod]
    • I’m going to kiss you in the next bar

These have a dual function as compliance tests. If the girl doesn’t want to fuck, she’ll block or evade. Instead I was getting smiles, thanks, reciprocal compliments, and good sexual tension. Finally two hours in I kiss her on the street, planning to do one more bar but my spidersense tells me she’s ready to extract. So I suggest mixing cocktails. She’s easy about going to my house or back to her flat. When she tells me she lives alone I realise that’s better than trying to text three buddies and have them desert my apartment. Also, I want to fuck her in a soviet era block… my little fuck you to Socialism.

Back in the house it seems like plain sailing with the usual music, youtube videos and vodka oranges to get her ready. We makeout and I gradually escalate when the inevitable LMR comes up. This is Sarajevo not London. She puts her bra back on and I have to lean back for a while. With most girls there are a couple of key moments in the escalation where doing the wrong thing will set you back an hour or two by triggering ASD. I spot this one and just change the subject, put new music on and let her lean into me. My vibe works well and twenty minutes later I’ve got her top off again. I finger fuck her to orgasm but get more LMR. So another step back and we sit in the kitchen chatting, her sitting on my leg. Another half hour and now there’s time pressure because her friends are due around. We go back to the lounge and I’ve pretty much accepted the moment is gone… I’ll have to close tomorrow and risk her not contacting me. Bugger.

And then it all turns. I sense her horniness. Finally the hindbrain has overpowered the forebrain and she really wants to fuck. The clearest non-verbal signal a girl will give you that she’s finally ready to fuck (after a few knock backs) is she’ll proactively grab your cock and start rubbing it. Almost a 100% sign. So I push her over, pull the strides down and get my cock in her. +1.

Three minutes later her doorbell rings and I have to pull out with blue balls. It’s physically painful for the rest of the night. It’s about 10pm so I chat to her friend and then taxi home to join the gang. Got my lay but a bit unsatisfied. Bhodi weasels out of drinking his own cum on a technicality. I consider replying to the chode forum post above. I’ve knobbed a local Sarajevan good girl in less than 24 hours in the city. Surely I deserve a medal.

That’s me on the ninth floor, third left

I can’t gloat because it should’ve been Robusto with his dick in her. So my mission tonight is to make right my bad behaviour. The town is much busier on Saturday and it’s easy to open some sets and let him take over. Nothing really sticks, same old story. Hot girls, good conversation, plenty of attraction but overbearing social pressure cockblocking it. Around midnight my girl texts to say she’s in Hacienda bar with her friends and would we like to join? I remember she said her blonde friend (a solid seven) is a dirty ho so I figure I can strike off my debt. My girl has clearly been spending the past few hours sharing her story with her friends and DHVing us by proxy so when we roll up this blonde immediately fancies Robusto.

We run the set for an hour or two and he pairs off into isolation and dirty talks the blonde. He winks and lets me know its on. So I suggest a four-handed drinking party back at the girl’s flat and we taxi there. It’s a done deal. After a drink in the lounge we pair off. While I’m fucking my girl over her chest of drawers I get the “F-town” text. Nice one. I finish my girl off and dump another week’s work of cum on her tits, in her eyes and up her nose.

Lovely girl. She tells me her Number is “much lower than ten” and this is her first chance to tick the “get taken home by new guy” and “fuck foreign guy” checkboxes. Bhodi refuses the drinking the glass a second time.

Cold reading for daygame street stops

July 18, 2012

I’m a big believer in cold reading but not as a PUA-y gimmick to impress birds with palmistry nor as a weirdo speed seduction thing to mesmerise a girl. Rather, I think it’s a great way to screen girls so you don’t waste time on ones you don’t like and can instead focus laser-like on the girls who really get your blood bubbling. So let’s define terms.

Mentalist books would call cold reading “the process by which the reader creates the effect that he has knowledge of an unknown subject’s life – past, present and future.” For their purposes this is true. For pickup it’s more about showing you understand the girl, can build rapport quickly, and learn about who she is. I don’t like the mystical side at all. To break it down further we need to consult Sherlock Holmes who outlines three pieces to the science of deduction:

Observation + Deduction + Knowledge

Is that a Holmes or a Watson girl?

While observation tells you a girl with a rucksack and a map of London is a tourist, deduction tells you that when she’s still alone at 8pm wearing shorts and trainers with slightly dishevelled hair then she’s been out all day, done lots of tourist sites, and is now pretty bored and starved of social contact. That’s a girl who will open and idate easier than average. Knowledge requires you to really learn about people from watching and talking to them, a side effect of doing lots of sets. You just get a feel for the girl’s biography and character as you pick up all kinds of incidental details about her country and identity. I’m not suggesting you have to take it as far as Holmes and research a monograph on “the influence upon trade upon the form of the hand, with lithotypes of the hands of slaters, sailors, cork-cutters, compositors, weavers, and diamond-polishers” (Sign of the Four) but keep your eyes and ears open.

So with this in mind lets apply cold reading to the beginning of the street pick-up. I dislike the old PUA mindset of “get any girl” by figuring her out and then changing your character and technique to fit her. I think it’s bad for inner game and will lead to unsatisfying lays with girls you have no chemistry with, and it’s inefficient to boot. I believe the main purpose of a cold read is screening. You maximise your own personal qualities and then turn over stones (opening) until you find a girl that matches you. So I’ve broken it down into stages. I don’t consciously follow these stages (I try to be natural and intuitive) but for intermediate guys it might help clarify the underlying dynamics.

Stage 1 – Introspection

So many students / regular guys seem to have little idea of what they want in a woman. These are men who probably have extremely finessed tastes in music, books, clothes, video games and porn….. but women? Scarcity mentality means they’ll fuck anything vaguely pretty. So, have a good think about all the women who ever turned your head, the ones who you feel good around, and boil it down until you can articulate what you like. Here’s mine:

      • High oestrogen
      • Feminine essence
      • 18-25 years old
      • Introversion / thoughfulness
      • Respect for male authority

I’ll have one of those please

Once you’ve narrowed the field you’ve also narrowed the amount of knowledge you need to acquire. I’ve never bothered learning about career women, native English speakers, party girls and so on because I’m just not interested in dating them. I learn what is relevant to the girls I like. You’d be surprised how much I know about Eastern European culture and history, for example. Also, you are now ready to learn to recognise these girls. You have to be able to pick them out of a crowd and confirm your guesses while talking. Examples from my list:

      • High oestrogen – long silky hair, bright eyes, wide hips, radiant skin
      • Feminine essence – lilting walk, shows her shape through clothes, often bare legged, girly clothes, soft body language
      • 18-25 years old – smooth skin, inexpensive clothes, signs of her identity subculture / hobbies in her dress and accessories
      • Introversion / thoughfulness – alone, preoccupied in thought, slow aimless walk, carrying a book, muted colours, lack of makeup
      • Respect for male authority – looking down or around, absence of any outward display of defiance (e.g. look-at-me slogan t-shirts)

Again I stress that these are not conscious thoughts in my mind when I look at a girl, it’s a feeling I get where the emotion comes first (the “that’s a Krauser girl” feel) and it’s only now I’m explicitly trying to unpack the feeling that I’m able to make the list.

Stage Two – Observe and Deduce

So you’ve picked out a likely target and are commited to opening. Take a few moments to see as much information as possible and then apply your knowledge of girls to make a few working assumptions. This is an art that requires considerable practice. As homework I’d recommend you sit by the window in a cafe and just watch people interact, trying to invent biographies for them. It doesn’t really matter if you are right, just get your brain into the Sherlock Holmes groove of seeing the elusive obvious and applying knowledge. Here’s a few ways to make working assumptions on a girl’s logistics, country and mood:


      • Rucksack + slow walk + evening = a solo tourist likely bored and aching feet from walking around all day
      • Camera + guidebook + shopping bag from Harrods = also a tourist, somewhat adventurous
      • Union jack or “I love London” souvenier clothing = anglophile who’d love to speak English and get an English boyfriend
      • Striding purposefully + eyes fixed ahead = somewhere to go, things to do
      • Chatting on phone + checks watch + headed in direction of station = meeting someone or going home


      • Scarf around neck, elegant fashion, jacket over blouse or t-shirt, handbag, smoking = French
      • Flowing thick black hair, dark colouring, good fashion, black eye liner = Italian
      • Flowing thick black hair in a strange / punky style, big eyes = Spanish
      • Long shiny black hair, beautiful striking eyes, heavy make-up, slightly gaudy fashion, skin mostly covered = Persian
      • Long slim legs, efficient fashion with few items, heels, high cheekbones = Slavic
      • Tall with good proportions, a bit chubby, not as hot as you’d expect from a distance, quite expensive clothing, shopping bags = Nordic


      • Slow walk with wandering eyes, frequent impulsive stops to look at shops, changes of direction = bored foreigner
      • Slow walk listening to music on headset, fully-stuffed handbag or visible book = has been or expects to be by herself for a while and currently starved of social contact
      • Hips sway during walk, showing more skin than other girls today, attention-getting behaviours such as tossing hair, fussing with bag, big smile = horny and happy

None of this is science. You are working probabilities and intuitive feel. Ask any student who has been out with me and I can normally sum up a girl in a couple of seconds before I send him in to open. There’s probably a way to spot which university an American girl attends or which coast she’s from, but I’ve never learned it because I don’t talk to native English speakers. Learn the knowledge right for you.

Stage Three – Calibrate you energy, teasing, directness and friendliness

You are working from an initial assumption about the girl which, under my method, informs your choice of opener and in particular the details of the compliment and tease. Based on your initial profile, a knowledge of psychology and current trends, you are able to make a number of opening statements about the girl. These will intersperse specific information about the girl (based on your observation) with fun assumptions (based on your deduction and knowledge) and general assertions that are likely to be true about almost anyone in that demographic. Probative statements will follow in which you read the feedback for hits / misses and try to get her to open up. Everyone likes talking about themselves so if the girl has any attraction for you at all (even if she’s already taken) you can expect her to start giving answers that help you make your reads warmer and warmer. Here’s a few tips for how you open:

    1. Easily approachable girls, shorter than you, around 6-7 in hotness will generally stop with any kind of opener and should only be mildly complimented. They will find a strong compliment disingenuous. Make sure any teases are soft and not too direct to her sexual value.
    2. Purposeful girls who are in a hurry need a strong commanding stop and you need to quickly imply / outright state that you are hitting on them with a fairly direct compliment.
    3. Tall trophy girls who fit the archetype of highly-sought-after need far more masculine dominance and eye contact to stop them, a clearly direct opener and make sure the tease is quite personal. Take a risk then hold your frame against a challenge.

My usual London opener has me saying a simple deduction (e.g “You look Spanish”) then three observations (e.g “It’s your long black hair, big eyes, and silly shoes”) but there’s no neeed to stick closely to that model, especially if you have something more inspired spring to mind.

Stage Four – Try ons and Ropers

Now that you are starting to branch into a real conversation through the assumption stack you can get a bit more creative, more fun, and start prodding her to give information back. It’s at this point that it becomes more important to figure out where she is on the introversion/extroversion scale. Now, I much prefer introverted girls because being an introvert myself I prefer girls who have a long concentration span, are thoughtful, and not into attention-seeking. Few things kill my attraction quicker than a girl who won’t give me her full attention. There’s a few early indicators to pick up:

Introvert: muted clothing, lack of jewellry, closed body language, startles a little when you open her, looks down or away alot in the beginning, lets you lead the conversation, gives you full attention

Extrovert: mostly the opposite, so loud clothing, brash jewellry, opens up immediately, offers information unbidden quickly and soon tries to redirect conversation, checks phone

I’ll only pursue an extrovert if her interest level is high. They make for excellent high energy sets but I generally tire quickly around these girls. Each to his own. With introverts you can really get the slow verbal game going and slide into deep rapport without too much silly vibing which suits me because I like to drop the game and get real as soon as possible. Assuming you’ve picked an introvert (bear in mind extroverts overwhelm them 3-to-1) it’s easy to drop in character reads by rephrasing these tendencies to relate to her:

      • You are more comfortable alone than in a crowd
      • You tend to draw your energy from personal activites such as reading, listening to music, computers, or working on little projects
      • You have a few select long time friends
      • You become drained of energy when you are out in large groups
      • When your study and family require you to be outgoing you need to take time off alone to recharge your energy

So just pick out little bits of her life and retell it to her with one of these themes, for example if she tells you she’s out for a walk around, say “I often like to just stroll around cities, by myself, absorbing the atmosphere of the culture and seeing interesting buildings. It’s often nice just to be in my thoughts, not talking to anyone, enjoying the anonymity of it.” Boom, instant commonality and rapport. Remember the goal is to relax her, get her to open up, and to build rapport. You are not trying to impress her with feats of intuitive ingenuity – that’s performance art and try-hard, which will prevent a successful flipping of the script. Don’t go directly into mentalist statements, just ask questions and apply many of the cold reads to yourself so that she agrees and finds commonality.

Might be a few thoughts in there

Stage Five – Hopes and Dreams

People like to consider themselves unique but in aggregate they are hugely predictable and both society and the human life-cycle tend to shunt people through the same critical stages. The challenges, dreams, hopes and regrets differ for each stage but the one that interests me is of course women 18-25. What concerns them? Here’s a relevant summary from a Cold Reading textbook:

“Before 18, the beginning of young adulthood – the battle cry is often, “I must get away from my parents!” However, there is seldom any real action behind the words. After that point, most people “do” begin the process of physically breaking away from the parental bonds of childhood. A person may go away to college, go into military service, take short-term trips, or lease an apartment.

During this period, young adults seek to establish a base of their own, while separating their views of the world from those of their parents. While “testing those beliefs,” according to Sheehy, young adults are likely to be “drawn to fads, preferably those most mysterious and inaccessible to their parents.” All the while, however, these young adults harbor a secret fear that they cannot really make it in the adult world – that they are still children. These feelings are masked by defiant behavior and acts of false bravado.

Young adults look for friends and peers whose views mesh with their own and for a time, they serve as a surrogate family. At some point, these friends may have a falling out – resulting in a return to the comfort and safety of the family home. “Rebounds are common between the ages of 18 and 22.”

At the end of this “test” period of independence, the young adult is better prepared to leave home from both a physical and emotional standpoint. Again, according to Sheehy, “A stormy passage…will probably facilitate the normal progression of the adult life cycle.” Conversely, those who fail to break the parental bonds during this period are destined to face an even harsher transition down the road.”

This will help you relate to her and allows you to again take a punt at framing her the direction you want as the idate progresses. It’s tough to frame a girl against her basic character but quite easy to nudge her closer to the desired frame if you are beginning with a legitimate dream of hers. For example:

      • Focus on her identity and hobbies, the things that define her in opposition to her parents, and reassure her it’s good to break away and be a bit naughty at times
      • She probably finds boys her own age immature. Frame them as lacking confidence, direction and experience, and instead full of fragile bravado. Position yourself as a man of the world who has accumulated wisdom
      • She’ll be thirsting for new experiences and adventures. You are it. Let her know this is just an adventure and doesn’t define her character, making her a girl who “usually does that.” It’s always good to answer the question “what if?” rather than wish you had
      • She’s restricted by family and societal rules. Give her permission to live a secret life with you. Pitch it as freedom and finding herself.
      • Young girls rarely have money and still reliant on parents and part time work. Most would love to travel but haven’t been adult long enough to follow their dreams. So get them talking about it. There’ll be maybe one trip they’ve already done that holds strong sentimental value so get her talking about it.
      • Never take a girl seriously as a relationship expert. She’s likely dating a boy from her social circle who was simply the best available at the time and she’s still learning how to date and doesn’t particularly like him. She hasn’t really found her type. So even if she says she’s been dating him a few years it’s better to assume (and frame) her as bored rather than in love. If she is in love, there’s nothing you could’ve done anyway
      • Assume she sees you as a powerful, intriguing man of the world. It’s easy to forget how young people look up to and overestimate older people. That means it’s good to frame her as a silly little girl who doesn’t know anything. She knows that relative to you, she doesn’t. If she challenges give her qualified assurance that she’s very knowledgeable for a young girl.

Ok, that’s enough for now. I could write a book on how to cold read all the way through to a complete soul collection / deep conversion but I shan’t. That enough to see you through the first hour.

I bang my first 18 year old Czech tourist. Anally.

July 16, 2012

It’s same-day-lay time, my favourite time of the week! I’m out in Zagreb with the usual cunts and a couple of students. It’s been a funny week. For some reason we’ve been at each other’s throats non stop with brutal amogging and state-leeching. It’s out of character for a group of guys who are usually such a finely-honed team. I’m guessing Jimbo has invested too much of his dreams in it and Robusto is still on a comedown from his big Central American jaunt. Whatever it is, it’s not been pretty.

Yesterday I binned the lot of them and went solo, desperately trying to recover my vibe. We’ve been really fucked over by logistics too – pretty much every girl we talked to was a day or two away from adjourning to the seaside foe weeks. Crushing. Under a normal (London) state of affairs I’d have been laid four times already but things just vanished… like Keyser Shose.

So, on to today. We make a real mental effort to cut the negativity and boost each other’s state. I leave the lunchtime restaurant buzzing. And I mean buzzing. I feel indestructable. I could fuck the Queen I’m so high on vibe. If you gave my vibe to Mehow even he would get laid. I’m walking down the street shooting six-guns from my fingers, hopping up and down, singing to myself. I do a couple of sets. Nothing solid but good reactions and a solid number. I’m doing high quality work so I just need to find an available girl who is into me. Not long before I get to the train station the girl appears. Eighteen, Czech, slim, a bit punky, and cracking tits. I’m not letting this vibe go to waste so I pounce.

It’s a solid ten minutes. I know she fancies me. Suddenly all the SDL planets align. She’s just arrived in Zagreb an hour ago, her mum doesn’t know she’s here, she just wants a look around for a day… she’s got nothing better to do. Her eyelids bat, she giggles at some jokes and suddenly she’s on an idate with me. I text Jimbo to keep the apartment clear and find the F-town tags.

I feel the vibe, spider-sense tingling. It’s hard to put my finger on the details but she’s kinda chill, putting up no obstacles, and when I throw out a couple of feelers (“Sorry, I was just looking at your breasts”…. “I like your ass. Let me have another look”) she takes them without blocking. She orders tequila and lets herself get a little drunk. This is clearly a girl who wants me to fuck her so I ramp it up a little with the “what’s the craziest thing you ever did” for which mine is Robusto’s Havana story, with me in the leading role.

When I go inside to pay the bill I tell her “this is your chance to escape. if you are still here when I come back I shall assume you like me.” On the way to the second bar I tell her she is in danger of being kissed at some point this afternoon, and when she asks what type of victim she will be I reply “sexual”. These are green lights. Next bar I kiss her and she’s massively into it so from this point its just a case of managing the forebrain/LMR and leading her to my flat. We get a taxi and I babble forebrain distraction bullshit just to be on the safe side.

Back in the flat it’s quickly sexual but she gets the wobbles, saying she’s on the rag. I ask if she’s done anal and that freaks her a little. So I have to sit her down and appease the hamster for ten minutes until her hindbrain overules it and she’s back on me. Cock in mouth, then ass, and it’s done. +1, new flag, and most important of all F-town

I dump 2 weeks of unused cum over her face and tits. Poor girl. I put her at a mid-seven.