Ah, the memories of daygame bootcamps

June 29, 2012

I suppose of late I’ve come off sounding a little dismissive of daygame techniques, with all the talk I’ve given towards masculine development and frame. This isn’t representative. I think technique is very important for pretty much everyone who hasn’t already reached the pinnacle of manliness. It’s all well and good to say “be natural”, “be in the moment” and other such advice but it’s kinda like telling a boxer “just knock him out”. There’s the big question of how? It’s not until you’ve internalised the right way to do things that you can hit unconscious competence.

I’d also forgotten what it was like to be new to this stuff. That awe-inspiring sense of realising what’s possible, seeing coaches performing what looks like street magic in front of your disbelieving eyes. So when I was watching this Daygame.com documentary this morning, it all came flooding back.

There’s alot of guys out there who don’t really know what bootcamps are like, the actually nuts’n’bolts of what happens on the day, how it feels, how impactful the experience can be. This documentary puts you into the middle of it very effectively. They really are like this. I taught a couple of them with Tom and John last summer.

Note how timid and nervous the students are in the beginning, almost not daring to hope. Then the wide-eyed wonder when suddenly they are talking to hot girls and getting positive responses. See how they look up to the coaches and follow instructions then come back with beaming smiles after getting a girl’s number. Obviously this is a marketing video so it remains upbeat, glossing over the tough times such as the frustration when all the instant dates turn into flakes, the Day2s leading to snubbed kiss close attempts, the difficulty of dragging yourself into town to begin opening some days, all the self doubt. These students are so full of positivity they don’t realise how much further they have to travel to progress from “nice friendly five minute chat” to “banging pretty girls regularly”.

But fuck it, that is a character building journey in itself. Good luck guys, you’ve gotten off to a flying start.

It’s great marketing though, isn’t it? You can feel the camardarie develop over the weekend, see the guy’s demeanour shift as they come out of good sets, and there’s a few nice vignettes where John and Tom give really accurate on-the-fly technical advice. Both are good solid teachers which comes out well in the video. For example at 35:58 John gets it absolute bang-on correct and you can see the concentration and passion for teaching in his demeanour.

So worth watching if you’re new to this and a bit nervous about signing up for training, or an old hand whose lost a bit of love for the Game.

I bang my first 19 year old Spanish exchange student

June 29, 2012

Robusto recently unearthed a great bar in London which gets alot of foreign students so we’ve been down there the past two weeks. One of the arguments in favour of daygame is that you don’t have to deal with the energy-sapping problems of London bars, namely:

  1. Fat ugly English girls
  2. Loud music that prevents comfortable conversation
  3. Stand-offish behaviour from girls when you open

All those problems miraculously disappeared in this bar cos it was teeming with young fresh new foreign girls really keen to talk in English and the music is dailed right down. Beauty. I walk in with Bhodi about 8pm and we immediately install ourselves at the bar to “build our vibe” by talking animatedly to each other, ignoring the room, and not value-scanning. Pretty soon we catch girls looking over at us. It’s a bit cock-heavy tonight but there’s a cute little Spanish brunette standing right infront of me talking to a Mexican and a Turkish orbiter. During a high point of banter between Bhodi and I she turns her head and gives me a look, then repeats it about thirty seconds later. Clearly she’s tiring of dealing with the omnipresence orbiter game and quite intrigued by me. So I open with something really lame:

“Let me see. You’re both Spanish and you are…. Turkish?”

That simple. The guys don’t realise I’m about to steal the girl and she gets animated really quick. Her English is painfully bad but she’s trying hard, bless her. I get the Mexican dude to translate everything for me so he’s soon removed from contention as I get him to pass on my teases and DHVs to her. It’s all polite and I’m sure to include the Turk guy too because they are pleasant people and I don’t want to be a dickhead, plus I want to make the Spaniard work.

Like this, but a bit smaller

A side-benefit is I’m locked in at the bar with a horseshoe around me dancing to my tune. That’s something I picked up off Jimbo. I spend about half an hour running textbook bargame before rolling off and finding Robusto elsewhere in the bar. I know all my work is done and just need to go back to collect contact details. Another half hour passes and I see that as see moved her orbiters trailed behind. I say “it was a pleasure to meet you all, I’ll see you around” knowing full well how Spaniard will respond:

“Do you have Facebook? I have skype too! Here’s my phone number. And can we take a photo?”

Looking promising but there’s time pressure. She has one week in London and I’m leaving for the continent too. She opens me that night with a Skype video chat so I let it run for an hour of consulting google translate, letting the comfort build, seeing how hard she’s investing. Then a morning chat and I slot her into my dating calendar for the evening.

Immediately upon meeting, near her place, I know it’s on. Not necessarily one for that night, but she’s a horny young thing who has fuck energy bubbling underneath everything she does. We make out and she’s soon climbing all over me in the bar. One thing I really enjoy is having the girl chase, so I lean back and act like a dickhead, pushing her away with a cad’s grin on my face. Nineteen year old and horny means she loves it. But she won’t fuck….

The next day she tells me she’s only had sex with one guy before, who she was in a relationship for two years with and turned down his marriage proposal. Apparently they only had sex towards the middle of the second year and she’s barely done it…. hmmmm… I do seem to attract the inexperienced girls. So over the next three days I meet her once more in a pub, once back at my house and I gradually progress to having her semi-naked on my bed. It’s tortuous stuff and if I’d known how long it would take I might’ve passed up on it, but in for a penny in for a pound I think.

Fourth night and before she comes round I tell her that if I see her again I’ll fuck her. She knows its her last chance with me and after an hour of canoodling and several half-hearted “we aren’t having sex” protests, I have my cock in her.┬áIt’s crappy sex too. She’s totally inexperienced and as tight as a budgie’s arse. It’s a physical struggle to get in there and the poor girl is in some discomfort throughout. She takes it like a trooper, bless her. Then an hour later I bundle her into a taxi and return to Dark Souls.

+1 but not very memorable. She wants to go onto my import roster but I’m not sure.

More online dating silliness with hot Russians

June 28, 2012

I am utterly indifferent to getting hot birds out onto dates from teh interwebs. Don’t mistake me – I want to bang hot slavic girls. In fact I’d happily book a week off work and lock myself into a hotel room with a dozen fine fillies. But online dating? meh…. that’s just for losers who can’t street approach. So I use dating sites primarily for lulz, to troll some lonely ladies. And funnily enough that attitude is precisely the one that intrigues them. So here’s a few conversations I’ve been having. Haven’t met any of them yet. All are 8s.

From a technical point of view note that most of my messaging is push-pull-push, and that I frequently reject the first bit of rapport-seeking from her, but let her in a little. At no point do I sound like a care about meeting her. At no point does it sound like I’ve done anything except look at her profile photo.

This post was inspired by the utterly uninspired gambits the commentors were putting in Roissy’s recent post on OkCupid

Do you tell a girl about your lifestyle?

June 22, 2012

I won’t compromise my integrity as a man in order to get a girl into my bed. When I first got into Game I was living in scarcity and just getting laid was the order of the day. As time went on it became easy to let principles slide, tell a few white lies, and try to weasel into a girl’s knickers. I found that as I reached greater abundance with women this didn’t sit right with me. I’d never been comfortable in the Dark Side but I’d learned to revel in the seediness of it. Eventually the cognitive dissonance between who I wanted to be and how I chose to live were just too far apart. Something had to give. At around that time I was dating a girl I really liked and had met two more good girls who I really liked.

The easiest way out of the Dark Side is to develop affection for a girl you genuinely like. I started to pull out…. and then two of them found my blog, including their own lay reports. I was in the tricky situation of explaining who I was and what I was up to. You can imagine they were a little surprised, and none too keen to have their photos online.

So I told them. I went into detail about my life as a dating coach, my journey from the low point of my divorce to rebuilding myself into the man I wanted to be. I explained how my teaching method involves discovering your core identity and then conveying it effectively to the girl, without hiding anything. How my students were often good men who were broken in some way or had their heads stuffed full of odious fem-centric conditioning and I was helping them straighten out, develop confidence and poise, learn how to lead and manage women – I was putting more charming confident men into the world for women to choose from, and encouraging them to relate openly and honestly.

It seems obvious now, but at the time I was surprised by how positively the girls responded to my explanations. They became supportive and hungry to know more, quite rightly realising that the flip side of learning to be a man who can attract beautiful women is learning to be a woman who can attract and keep high value men. It was around this time I really started to absorb Skeletor’s lesson about Game being a win-win proposition for both men and women rather than a value-taking scam to grab more than you have earned.

When you are confident in your identity, comfortable with your life choices, and proud of what you do…. you feel bulletproof. You know you can walk up to a top-rank woman of beauty and poise and fully expect her to like you. My friend Steve calls it the “twelve cornerstones” of masculinity and ranks honesty near the top of the list. Why should you give a fuck about “my friend Steve”? Well…. because that’s him in the video and just look how open he is and how agreeable the girl is to him in full awareness of his lifestyle.

Dark Side doesn’t get you girls of that calibre and it doesn’t get win-win life enriching relationships with them. For that you need to build up a strong identity and a code of personal honour.

Some rare bootcamps

June 14, 2012

My friend housemate Robusto is getting off his lazy fat arse and teaching a few bootcamps this month in London, inbetween stuffing lots of pies down his neck. They follow the usual format – lectures, daygame / nightgame infields – over a weekend. I am not personally involved in these ones because unlike Robusto I’m not a penniless scrounging Aussie, so I’ll be on holiday in the Land of Beautiful Women.

However, Robusto adheres to all the same concepts and principles I do and his daygame in particular is just like mine. I also vouch for his ability and personal integrity. Go have a look here.

Just make sure you hide your money under the soap.

You’re obviously a crazy Russian sex maniac

June 14, 2012

I’ve been dicking around on a Russian dating site recently filtering for the ones who live near London. Just a way of occupying my time for an hour while I wait for Jambone to wake up and drive us to LeMans. Here’s a few of the exchanges. Now, I’m not holding this up as an example of excellent online game – it’s just some fun. All the girls are stunningly hot.

A sex maniac, this morning

I sent out ten mails, and got 4 chats like this. Will wait an see if anything comes of it. Here’s another girl who I’d put at a high 8 / low 9.

They are everywhere

This is my dream harem

June 13, 2012

I’m not sure what most men’s fantasy harem is like. Looking around popular culture, talking to friends, it would appear that most of us would like a big Turkish-style palace with lush gardens and a room full of purple divans, serving wenches, and perhaps a nubian eunuch keeping gard outside. As the wheel of time turns it would appear we’ve lost that opportunity forever…. grrrr…..

My ego still pops up now and then telling me to try harder with women and achieve more. I simply will not settle for a long term exclusive relationship with a woman. Maybe later, but for now I have an ego to feed. So for now I’m working towards what I call the “import model” which is uniquely suited to the specifics of my lifestyle (well, and Jambone and Robusto who are also doing it).

I live in London and travel around Europe almost every month. I’m pretty good at meeting women. I have lots of free time. I live in a big house. I’m good at keeping women once I have them. So how do I used that to get what I want?┬áIdeally, my love life will look something like this:

    • Two girls in London who I date reasonably regularly
    • Five girls spread around Europe who I import into London for a week at a time on rotation, taking advantage of Ryanair cheap flights
    • Occasionally looking for SDLs / SNLs if the opportunity arises

I apologise in advance to the six men who will be frozen out of the sexual marketplace by my hogging of excess women. This idea came to me when watching the old Macarena video. Oh my god those women are my type… it’s like the ideal type of a Krauser Harem. Cute feminine girls of every nationality happily co-existing with each other. Yes it’s fantasy but I wants it. I will try to gets it.

Just incase you’re wondering, my favourites are the grey-suited Brazilian, the pink-vested chink, the pineapple-headed African and the one with blue hair. Nom nom nom.

There’s downsides to this harem business. Probably the main one is it’s feeding my ego rather than destroying it. The main countermeasure is to be honest with everyone involved and to make sure I have one favourite girl who I exchange the most affection with. We shall see. At the moment I’m shopping for the London candidates and have two on import.