August 29, 2011

Regular readers will be familar with the female typology I cribbed off Alchemy42, namely:

      1. High beauty / High Esteem – the holy grail of pickup
      2. High beauty / Low Esteem – ditzy club psychos
      3. Low beauty / High Esteem – annoying cockblocks
      4. Low beauty / Low Esteem – Big Toe‘s girls

I have very pointedly aimed my game for type one girls because I like actual dating and thus want to be around girls who make me feel good and don’t try to fuck me around with their stupid games. I believe that honest direct game, especially street game, is the way to get these girls and then on dates you just take your time. Turn off the bullshit and let the girl see your value. However, type 2 girls are also useful on your journey in masculine development and not just because they are often great lays. Like a boxing prospect needs some testing fights against challenging opponents for him to elevate himself to contender status, an aspiring player needs challenging game-playing girls to teach him about women.

I have been lucky enough to have some such girls. Tall, smoking hot women who are in constant demand from men and have, due to daddy issues or whatever, learned to shamelessly manipulate them and break their frames.

      • Man-Eater: A tall leggy black English girl with massive fake tits and a £100k City job.
      • Button Nose: A tall leggy white English girl with massive natural tits and from extremely posh background
      • Russian Bear: A tall leggy white Russian girl who oozes sexuality and works as a hired gun for nightclubs.

You’ll probably notice some similarities between these girls. In each case, everytime I walked down the street with them on my arm, every single man’s jaw dropped, his tongue hanging out. Literally 100 times per hour. It was a great insight into these girl’s reality. They are being validated with attention, favours, and offers of cock literally a thousand times a day every day for years. No wonder they are difficult.

I didn’t fuck any of those three girls. Man-eater gave me a few blowjobs, Button Nose masturbated over sex chat and is dating me later this week, and Russian Bear let me put my cock halfway in before she spazzed out and I threw her out my house. No lay report on the later because I didn’t get my two strokes. But over the course of the chase I learned an incredible amount about frame control, shit tests, flipping the script, state control and so on. These girls helped educated me alot for when I encounter the girls I actually like.

JJ calls them “messers”. Girls who mess you around. The most important thing I learned from them is don’t date them. They are a siren song waiting to drown you on the rocks. Learn to recognise the warning signs and don’t waste your time.

Rocky’s Escalation Model

August 23, 2011

I’m busy with all kinds of shit right now, so it’s a great opportunity to hand over the reins to my capable friend and wingman Rocky for a theoretical post that is close to all our hearts – closing high value girls. Take it away….

This model is what I use for girls that I want to be able to see over long periods of time; I wouldn’t use this model on a girl that I just want to see once for sex. The idea is to structure a process that is as linear and as predictable as possible; the aim is to make as few escalation mistakes along the way as possible. By that I mean that I do want to create an escalation process (romantic and sexual escalation) that is as smooth as possible and I want to trigger as little rejection to my escalation as possible. Note that I do not fear rejection and I am not trying to avoid escalation; my aim is to avoid rejection as much as possible and if possible to flip the script, making her seduce me. Experience showed me that rejection is mostly a result of escalating too early (sexual and romantic escalation).

Failure due to romantic overescalation: We all know the “I-would-marry-her-right-now-and-treat-her-like-a-queen-for-the-rest-of-her-life-feeling” when first dating a very hot and charismatic girl. As a result you will become needy because you feel the urge to let her know early on how much you are falling for her. This clearly creeps girls out because you have no reason to like her yet. She will assume that your affection is fake or phony in order to sleep with her as soon as possible or you have no standards and fall for any girl, both of which is bad. You could also miss to create enough attraction if you go down the romantic route too early.

Failure due to sexual overescalation: Similarily, if you bring the girl into a situation where she has to reject your physical escalation, you might lose her as well. Even if you manage to blast through LMR and sleep with her she is very likely to get buyers remorse the next day and she may not want to see you again. Note that sex after strong LMR is not very good usually anyway.

The cure: In my experience, these are the two main issues why guys screw up and lose girls. To circumvent these two problems it is important to understand that

  1. YOU NEED TO GIVE THE GIRL REASONS WHY YOU LIKE HER or your romantic interest will come across as fake and phony and

To be able to create 1) and 2) you need to give yourself time because you need multiple dates to make it plausible to the girl. 1) and 2) go hand in hand because for a girl liking a guy and having sex with him goes hand in hand. Girls want to have sex just as much as guys do (or even more). The difference is that girl wants to know that you want to have sex with her because you like her and not only because you are horny. The same counts for herself: if she likes you she will want to have sex with you as well. Girls are very vulnerable and their biggest fear is to have sex with a guy that doesn’t care about her personality and that doesn’t want to see her again after sex. Almost all girls have had this kind of experience and they remember that slutty feeling very well: it is their biggest fear. For that reason girls have very finely tuned sensors that are detecting guys with the following mindset: I want to sleep with you because you are hot but I don’t really care about you. With a very hot and charismatic girl (gf material) it is your aim to make it plausible to a her that you want to have sex with her because you really like her and find her very attractive. In that way you will avoid triggering her slut defense. As a matter of fact, you will become the special guy that appreciates her for who she is and has more than just a physical need to satisfy.

Timing and Escalation: you are constantly escalating. The difference to a 10min club extraction is that the speed of the escalation is much slower and you bring in an additional element which I called romantic escalation. In a club you approach, attract, bounce and close. All this can happen within 10min to 2h. For getting the charismatic hotty that you consider gf material you need to take a different route. You take your time. You escalate sexually but you escalate slowly, while you are building comfort, trust and chemistry at the same time. Then you escalate sexually more while letting her know that you like her.

You have various dates, some of which involve activities that she and you are interested in: maybe an art exhibition or maybe a walk along the canal from Camden to Paddington. After 3-4 dates you end up at her or your place. You have made out with her various times before and both of you feel that this is going very well. You may cook together and watch a movie and then half way through the movie it just happens. No LMR, no ASD, you jump each other, the sex is passionate and there to release all the sexual tension that has built up over time. Because you want to keep her around and because you feel comfortable with her you stay over after sex. You may get up in the morning together and have breakfast. The next day she calls and tells you that she had an incredible evening and night with you and that she is free on Wednesday. You reciprocate and tell her that she can come over on Wednesday.

Thanks Rocky. If this doesn’t sound like rocket science, it’s because it isn’t. Much of the complexity in game comes from digging yourself out of holes you should have never fallen into, or choosing the wrong girl / failing to screen out a girl who isn’t right for you.

Why day game works

August 18, 2011

Never underestimate the chodiness of the average chode. Once you’ve done a few hundred street stops it becomes part of your reality that if you see a girl you like you go talk to her. It seems…. just….. obvious. Why wouldn’t you talk to her? Taking some weird circuitous route seems so weird and circuitous.

I mean, what kind of man can’t talk to a girl he likes?

A pussy. That’s who. Girls already have a pussy of their own. They don’t need another. Fortunately for us the world is absolutely awash in male pussies. They are terrified of approaching and just stand there holding their cocks when a hot girl ambles past.

Unsurpringly whole industries have grown up around this fear of approaching. You have Game companies that teach you how to approach. And you also have internet dating sites that pretend you don’t need to. What is news to me is there are companies determined to fall between two stools: daygame companies for guys who won’t approach.

Witness this:

And this godawful moneypit. (mind you, it’s advanced level!!!!)

I bang my first 18 year old Estonian girl. Anally.

August 18, 2011

It’s the second full day of Big Toe and I’s jaunt to Estonia. We’ve been ripping it up in daygame pushing for bouncebacks and flagrant sexual propositioning. Not the type of solid game I’d usually recommend but sometimes you want to push the envelope on a specific part of your game. We are doing more of the same in nightgame with rapid escalation. So we’re pumped. On the way to the bar I see a slutty-looking 2-set stroll by. Young girls with curvy figures and ripped-up punky clothes. Me and Toe exchange glances. “Let’s just blatantly hit on them for sex” I say and we run after them. They crack open easily.

“Hey girls. We were just over there when you walked by and we literally just saw you. Me and my friend here, we are on holiday in Estonia. We’re about to go drinking but we’re a bit tense. We thought that if we can find a couple of girls, take them home right now, and fuck them… then we’d relax and have a better night”

The girls are dumbfounded – a huge adrenalin spike wobbles their legs and they are hooked strong deer-in-headlights style. We keep ploughing and they realise we aren’t backing down and actually intend to bounce them 50m down the road to our apartment. They start to get turned on. The little redhead is in sexual state and would’ve done it right away but her brunette friend is more resistant. We spend a while telling them exactly how we’ll fuck them and occasionally slip into playful teasing and state raising. Finally we decide the girls aren’t up for it right now but might later, when left to chew it over in their minds. So I number close the redhead telling her “we’re going drinking now. We’ll swap numbers and then later if you get horny and fancy some great rough sex, let me know”

like this, but with another 5kg

Then we go out to a shisha bar to meet Toe’s date (a stunning 21yo ’9′) and her friend. We plan to go to a good club that we’ve been recommended, where one of my girls from the prior night is waiting for me to show up. Then I start swapping texts with redhead. It’s a boring exchange but just note how it is purely logistics. This girl had been given no comfort at all – just a five minute attraction set and even that was basically just intent, with little finesse:

    • Me 1:08am: We are smoking shisha at delaguardia. What you doing?
    • Her 1:17am: Sitting right here, outside at O’Malleys
    • Me 1:19am: We are at Delaguardia, at the shisha place. Come join us
    • Me 1:34am: We are going to Club Privee
    • Her 1:44am: We were just about to come up to delaguardia but ok
    • Me 1:44am: Club Privee!!! Join the party!
    • Her 1:45am: It costs too much
    • Me 1:46am: Boo! Come outside the club and we’ll find you
    • Her 1:58am: We’re pretty much near here right now, what next?
    • Me 2:00am: One minute, gonna see if they let me outside
    • Me 2:02am: They say I can’t go out. Can you come in?
    • Her 2:04am: I don’t have enough money with me at the moment
    • Me 2:05am: It’s 7 euro. I’ll pay that if you promise to 1. Laugh at my jokes and 2. Treat me like a super hero. Deal?
    • Her 2:08am: Haha, would be a deal, but what about my friend, i cant leave her alone
    • Me 2:09am: Ok, both of you BUT…. you must be our slaves. ok?
    • Her 2:18am: Hahah well… We’ll see about that. But we’ll be there in a few minutes.
    • Me 2:20am: Ok, we are on the right, upstairs. Surprise is
    • Her 2:22am: Guess I’m coming alone* but you have to come to the door to pay you know.
    • Me 2:24am: Wait. 1 min
    • Her 2:25am: I’m not there yet, chill
    • Me 2:26am: Fucking hell woman, I just walked down the stairs! It was a good song. Text me when you are at the door
    • Her 2:31am: Im at the door.

So I make my decision. I’ve only been in the club half an hour helping Toe raise state and be independent of his target, and the 19 yr old virgin I kissed the night before is somewhere in the club but hasn’t found me yet. A classic bird-in-the-hand / two-in-the-bush scenario. I go downstairs to check out my girl.

She’s up for it. So I ditch the club and just start walking her to my place. It takes ten minutes and I finally run comfort comfort comfort while engaging her logical mind. Once inside the apartment I tell her shoes off (“the wood floor is too clean”) and walk her to the bedroom to watch youtube videos. She lies next to me and then I roll over and close her.

Note: the interview / sexual fantasies thing begins about the seven minute mark

I get the expected token LMR which is easily defeated by intent (and some fingering). I give her some dirty talk and take her anal virginity, which she fucking loves. All the usual despicable depravity and by then Toe is home, sleeping on the couch. So naturally I try to pass her on. I reframe her on her attitudes to sex, DHV Toe, and push quite hard to get her to go into the lounge to fuck him. She’s considering it but it’s just a bit too weird for her. A few days later I booty call her and she walks 5 miles through the worst part of town in her heels to receive the Krausercock. She tells me she doesn’t understand why she did it.

Prince Harry has his shit together

August 16, 2011

From today’s Daily Telegraph

“……Prince Harry has broken off his romance with the lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, it has been reported. The Prince, 26, told friends he wants to focus on his Apache helicopter training and does not want to be “tied down”.

Harry began dating the 25-year-old lingerie model, nicknamed Flee, in June but has now broken off the relationship. “Harry has a lot on his mind at the moment. He is concentrating on his Apache helicopter training. After that, he’s expecting to return to Afghanistan,” a source told the Daily Mirror.

“Harry enjoyed spending time with friends over the summer, but he doesn’t want to be tied down in a relationship when training, so he called time on Flee.” Miss Brudenell-Bruce, who has fronted campaigns for John Lewis, Adidas and Knickerbox, was keen for Harry to join her on holiday in Ibiza this month……”

Sloppy seconds of Prince Harry and Jenson Button

It’s an open secret in the UK that Prince Harry and Prince William are half-brothers, sharing only the genes of their bed-hopping suicidal bulemic whore of a mother Princess Diana. This despicable little bitch caused much national shame so I wasn’t the least upset when she got herself driven into a wall at high speed. In fact, I remember where I was when the news of her death came out – I was walking into a bar in Tenerife with my girlfriend to watch the Newcastle-Liverpool game on SkySports, the season after the two famous 4-3 thrillers. As I walked in, the conversation went like this:

Me: Excuse mate, are you not putting the match on? It starts in five minutes

Barman: The match is cancelled

Me: Uh, why?

Barman: Diana is dead

Me: But why is the match cancelled?

Anyhow, I digress….. Whereas Prince William has bought the cow at a moment of sweet irony for me, Harry is busy with his boys in Afghanistan and dating lingerie models. He takes after his dad, the cad of cads. So check out this article. Harry has his mission, and there’s no lingerie models in the treehouse.

I talk too much

August 13, 2011

Recently I’ve switched up my date game. One concept familiar to community guys is that skills acquisition is like a pendulum. At first you are out of balance to one side – usually the passive side – so you need to swing the pendulum right over to it’s opposite side. Think of it like flexing your muscles. So for example, a guy who has never cold approached has to start flying into set after set regardless of how well-suited the girl is to him, just so he can feel what the other extreme is like. Or a timid nice guy might really dial up his assholery so he can learn how it feels to unburden yourself and piss off lots of girls.

Then once the test phase is over, you let the pendulum rest at the sweet spot in the middle. You calibrate that aspect of your game.

I’ve been pushing it hard lately in verbal escalation, reality-reframing, and intellectual mastery. These are core skills to get Type One girls. The problem is I’ve been pushing it too hard too fast and losing girls because of it. This isn’t a problem because I can get an endless series of dates with girls like in this video. However, after watching this video I decided I’ve swung the pendulum out far enough and it’s time to scale back.

I’m returning to minimalism on dates. Be quiet, let the girl talk. Whoever is talking is investing.

Note how despite doing too much work it’s still effortless to draw IOIs and sexual state out of this girl. She’s a bona-fide Krauser ‘9’.  In this particular case my hands were tied by logistics: she was in London for only three days, to stay with her boyfriend of two years, and I met her two hours before he finished work. Also, I was with a 1-on-1 student so I felt bad stretching the date out. Had logisitcs suited I would’ve led her around London for a couple of hours, put a couple of pints in her, then escalated once in my bedroom.  As Rocky said to me upon watching the video:

“I can see that you talk a lot and she doesn’t     she is easy     she is up for it     she needs to be led     look at the way she smokes     look at her eyes     she is ready”

My podcast

August 12, 2011

While out daycreeping with a wing a couple of weeks ago we got a call from Andy Yosha to ask if we’d drop by HQ to record a podcast.

Welsh HB10

I apologise in advance for the many sexually inappropriate innuendos. I can’t host the podcast myself, so click here to listen. It’s about an hour long.