Finally I get the Croatian Ten opening up

April 14, 2011

This girl will be tough but I need to get myself working on tens. I street opened her in Zagreb back in November, and then had my light re-open facebook chat and a week later another light follow-up. I’d just been waiting for a chance to get her sitting at home with time on her hands and nothing better to do. That’s when you can suddenly jump a few levels in rapport. In her case, it was the third chat towards the end of December.

I see her Facebook status is updated to “in a relationship”. This is to be expected from super hot girls – as Jambone says “the girls I date are always in a relationship. I expect to have to take her from her boyfriend”. So I use it as a chance to build rapport and pepper her with DHVs. It’s long game. They’ll break up eventually. And even if they don’t, I’ll have another hot female in my social network. This is the third chat. Two weeks after the second. It’s almost midnight.

Me:  ola, I see someone is in loooooooooove 😀     [recognise the relationship status and don’t get butthurt about it]
Her: 🙂 is truth 😉    how are you?
Me:  I’m good. I just got a new girlfriend too, so I’m happy    Well, I’m happy by myself too…. but you know what I mean 🙂    [and immediately use it to temporarily disqualify myself from something I can’t have now anyway]
Her: of course.. 🙂    how old are you?    you didn t write year.. 😉
Me:  I’ll tell you. But guess first.
Her: 30
Me: older
Her: hm..33
Me: older
Her: i dont belive you    tell me..I dont know
Me: 35
Her: I was close.. 😉
Me: yeah. You are 22?
Her: however,it is time to have same girlfrend.. 😉    yes
Me: same? I’m not sure I understand you
Her: wrong..a girlfrend… 🙂
Me: I’m still confused. Honestly.
Her: it does not matter..
Me: Who is your new guy?
Her: how do you think who?
Me: Your status doesn’t say who, and there’s no men in your photos    maybe you’re dating that girl who is hugging you    [genuine interest in who she lets date her]
Her: 🙂    no way    I love guys 😉    he is not on facebook
Me: Hmmm, so he’s probably an older guy    [might as well cold read]
Her: he is 33    [great, she is happy dating guys ten years older]
Me: Too old 😛
Her: you are really smart guy 😉
Me: Thanks    How did you meet?
Her: this summer..the company [name] organized some tour for students to represent themselves..
Me: hang on, he’s your teacher?
Her: and he was one of the employees in that company    no..
Me: I see
Her: that company invited good students in area that is important to them..    to meet us..and on the other hand it was good marketing for them..
Me: Hang on, you’re starting to talk like a business plan!!!!    Tell me how you met!    Was it a romantic Hollywood moment?
Her: oooo yes
Me: tell me    [order her around]
Her: first we didnt talk at all.. because he was attractive to me.. and to all girls.. I dont like be “one of many”
Me: haha, then I’m surprised you talk to me 😀    but continue….    [might as well DHV and start framing her as a dating opportunity]
Her: way?
Me: way or why?
Her: why
Me: Because I have lots of women near me.    [pre-selection]
Her: but you are not potential boyfriend for me    [whether this is a shit test, recognition of living abroad, or she simply hasn’t got me on her romantic radar soon becomes moot]
Me: No. Too far. You’re not really my type    [reframe the reason why as if I’m selecting]
Her: I see that you have a lot of women    and I know that..    we are not the same world..
Me: I mean, you’re pretty so I like you that way. But in a few years of being a lawyer you’ll be half-man 😛
Her: hm..I dont think so..but I am very complicated women    and you..even you are psychologist..   [if I had a penny for every self-snowflaking I’ve heard…]
Me: I don’t believe you. If I lived in Croatia, I think I would understand you about 95% within three dates    [position myself as not impressed and that I’m knowledgeable]
Her: you would understand but you wouldnt never agree with    somebody like me…;)
Me: I don’t need to agree. I’d just learn about you, and show you who I am. Then after a while you’d start to change your opinions to become more like mine    [confidence]
Her: hahahhah    [hits]
Me: Of course you’ll deny this…….. 😛
Her: 🙂     why you dont have serious relationship?    you are are not some teenager    [shit test and genuine curiosity, which is a mild IOI]
Me: I was married
Her: well..that is something new about you..    and I even didnt remember to ask you something like that    see..different worlds    😉    or years..    😉    why?
Me: [link to photo of my ex-wife]    why did I get married?
Her: no..why you say was married?    she is very nice
Me: You asked why I don’t have a serious relationship    This is the reason
Her: I know..but that marriage finished?    why?
Me: We changed. She wasn’t the girl I married. I wasn’t the man she married.    [it’s important not to evade this and also not to go blaming her]
Her: 😦    but you loved her?
Me: Yes
Her: and now?
Me: I would never marry a girl I didn’t love    I’m totally cold to her. No feelings – positive or negative
Her: i want to belive that my marriage will be for the whole life 🙂
Me: I can. But that requires hard work    My parents have been married for 40 years    [move it on to positive thoughts without outright agreeing with her]
Her: 🙂 nice
Me: Both my grandparents were married till death    Still in love until the end
Her: how long have you been married?
Me: Dated 6 years, married 3. 9 in total    Been divorced 2 years. Haven’t talked in over 1 year    My new girl is the first one since then who I thought might be good enough for me.    [I select, and I’m setting it up because I know she’ll be blown away by the photo]
Her: and now is serious with this new girl or?
Me: No. Just potential.    Wanna see who I mean?
Her: i never spoked with someone who is divorced about this things.. that is why I ask.. but you dont have to answer    😉    yes
Me: I’m fine. I’m comfortable with it. My life is great right now.    If you ever get bored, try browsing my photos and you’ll see what I mean
Her: I saw already 🙂    [Great admission, that she’s already been scanning through my profile. Another IOI. Even if this girl isn’t having sexual thoughts about me, she is intrigued by me which is a good base to build from when the time is right]
Me: impressions?    by the way…. my new girl    [link to modelling photo]
Her: interesting..that is what I thought about you when I met you    wow    she is a model?
Me: yeah, catwalk
Her: she is beautiful really
Me: Thank you. I think so too. But that’s not why I like her    Beauty is common    [qualify the target indirectly by qualifying my girlfriend]
Her: what you like ?
Me: She is confident in her femininity. She likes being a woman and wants to be the best woman she can be.     In England, too many women try to be like men.    Aggressive, competitive, sarcastic, partying    etc
Her: I see..:)
Me: BTW, you now have enough information to know why I talked to you outside Hemmingway    [i.e. my original approach]
Her: you ask me did I understood the point?    understand
Me: not quite
Her: but?
Me: do you know why I talked to you    ?    In Zagreb    I could have talked to any woman, but I talked to you    [I am the chooser]
Her: no..I dont know why..    at first it was very nice and interesting to hear all that.. but when you called me to drink a coffee    you were just one of the tipical guys..    now I see that you are special and interestng person..but why me..i am not sure..
Me: Shall I explain?
Her: yes..please..:)    than I have to go..:)    [it’s 2am in Croatia]
Me: ok    I forget it’s late in Croatia    I was sitting in Hemmingway with my friend Jimmy    ([his real name on facebook] – he’s tagged in lots of my photos)
Her: ok
Me: We were talking about girls. About how they are different in Croatia compared to England    I said Croatian girls are quite feminine. That they have a good balance between sexy and serious    I was describing the qualities I look for in a girl    Then you walked past    I pointed at you and I said    (I remember my words exactly)
Her: 🙂
Me: “That is exactly the type of girl I like”    “She is a ten”    (“ten” meaning 10/10 – the highest quality girl)    [I have to hit on her now, but I can’t do it directly because of our respective relationships, so I phrase it more hypothetically]
Her: yes..I know 🙂
Me: Oooooh, [her name] is confident….
Her: no..    I know what thet mean..    that*    not that I know that I am ten    🙂    understand?
Me: Yeah, I know. I’m teasing    Shall I continue?
Her: yes yes
Me: So Jimmy says to me “talk to her”    I say “I’m on holiday. I’m doing fine with girls right now in London”    So he says “Don’t be so weak. You’ll regret it if you don’t say something”    So I say “ok”    You know what happened next    I wanted to see if my first impression was accurate. If you really are a “ten”   [you’ll note I never actually answer if I think she is a ten – she’ll have to earn it later]
Her: and what did you find out?.. I think that you cant have a right picture about me because I dont know express what I think on english like when I talk croatian
Me: It’s not really about language    It’s about watching non-verbal communication    How you move, how you hold eye contact, your gestures, your energy    [qualifying her and showing I “get it” abotu human interaction]
Her: that is interesting
Me: that is much more accurate than words    It’s easy to fake words
Her: sometimes I ask myself why I talk to you here.. and why I gave you my phone number..    you could be anybody..somebody dangerous., 😉    but you have something that I dont know explain..    [rationalisation hamster – she knows she liked me and felt a stir but can’t admit it to herself, hence why she’d been through my profile. This girl is warmer to me than I’d expected]
Me: That interests me. Can you try to explain?
Her: I had feeling that I know you and that I can trust you    in that moment    later,I thought that I am crazy    [Hamster 101]
Me: hmmm    How about now?
Her: I have the same feeling but I know that I am crazy 🙂    I always think good about people..and that is not good.. but I dont give my number and name to everyone.. 😉
Me: You probably noticed I had quite strong eye contact with you. Almost like I was in an art gallery, looking at a painting.
Her: yes..    maybe that is the reason    maybe I am good psychologist too but I am not aware of that    :9    🙂    here is 2:22 am and I really have to go    good night    🙂
Me: ok    sleep well

The plan is for more of the same. Just keep her on the radar, build more rapport, occasionally refresh attraction and then if something turns up, great. If not, it’s all practice and reference experiences with being comfortable turning on tens.

The fundamental basis of attraction

April 13, 2011

I’ve finally figured it out. What is the underlying principle from which all attraction springs? When you do something in a set and a girl responds well, what was your behaviour an expression of? What is the single most basic ingredient from which the entire superstructure of successful game rests?

It’s not value

It’s not character

It’s not survival and replication

The fundamental basis of all attraction is the ability to create order out of chaos.

That’s gonna need unpacking.

Nature has a plan. We have evolved into fixed gender roles so that mutually dependent men and women can specialise in skill sets and attributes that combine to create a strong family unit. At a high level of aggregation this is the exchange between a man’s means to provide (caring) and a woman’s gratitude for provision (caring). From this base an entire superstructure was built and we called it civilisation. Feminism and communism have since been wrecking it – the former by undermining the male role and the latter by undermining the family as the basic unit of society. This has created extreme disorder and disfunction.

Humans are designed with an innate desire for pleasure and will move towards it. However pleasure is hedonistic and does not bring satisfaction. Witness your typical witless drug-taker or sex addict. Satisfaction, the grounded feeling in your gut and the tranqility in your mind, comes from removing disorder in your life. This is beyond sexual attraction. Consider the following actions and the satisfaction they create:

  • Cleaning your room
  • Sorting your dvd collection into alphabetical order
  • Finalising your holiday itinerary
  • A well cut suit with shirt tucked and tie straight
  • Crossing the last item off your shopping list

The world is a disorderly place with multiple competing plants, animals and germs. It is the human capacity to impose it’s own order (i.e. own reality) and make the world bend to his will that gives us the platform to survive and replicate. When a woman attaches herself to a man with a strong reality it is increasing her chances for survival and replication. Dissatisfaction is signalled through disorder. Have you ever walked through a council estate and seen gardens with unkempt hedges and shopping trolleys and mattresses piled up? Have you noticed how people who flit from job to job, town to town, and lack stability are also usually disatisfied? Have you noticed how fat unkempt slobs are also full of neurosis?

Disorder is unattractive. The symptoms of disorder kill attraction.

So how does this relate to pick-up?

Nature evolved women to chase their tails until given direction from men. The natural state of affairs is that men lead and women follow. There is no evolution or development on the female side of our species – they simply reproduce mediocrity every generation because that is sufficient to be fertile. No risks are taken either in their biology or in their behaviour. Human advancement falls to men, whether we like it or not. It is up to men to create order.

Everything you project during your interactions with men and women must convey the ability to create order out of disorder. Examples:

  • Unreactivity to shit tests shows a solid reality grounded in order, not a fumbling fleeting weak-kneed character
  • Leading a girl shows you have a plan and will order her life
  • Strong open body language conveys power and relaxation, signs that a man is comfortable in having imposed himself on the situation
  • Intellectual mastery shows the mental tools to understand the world around you, identify the important areas, and organise them the way you want them to be
  • Escalation is taking the girl along the human courtship ritual, an ordered sequence of events
  • Having your shit together in life through your appearance, grooming, job and schedule are surface markers of an orderly existence she can slot into
  • Repelling AMOGs shows your reality is stronger than theirs and thus you are the king in this social order

We currently live in a world of weak men and disorderly women. Men have ruined their ability to create order and thus women screen for societally-bestowed surface markers of order-creation, such as wealth and social status. Women have ruined their submissive nature and allowed free regin to their hedonistic bullshit and thus men screen for the last-gasp surface marker of order – balanced physical appearance. Modern dating advice is based on operating within these disfunctions rather than smashing through them.

* hat-tip to the Principles of Social Competence for putting the last piece in place to boil this down to one element. It’s a great book.

More Hamster Inanity on Facebook

April 12, 2011

Regular readers with be familiar with my current long gaming of the Lithuanian hamster. She’s got low esteem and is a relentless games-player, but I do think she is genuinely kind at heart so I’m not simply trying to cop myself a slut. My plan is just run comfort and have fun being filthy every now and then. When I fuck her it’ll be unexpected and impulsive from her. Till then I just chip away at her frame and don’t let her milk too much validation out of me.

Me: you good?

Her: KRAUSIE KRAUSIE KRAUSIE :))))) I am great because today we have SUN 🙂 God loves LT,finally,how is your MALAGA???where are u?

Me: I’m back in London got back yesterday been catching up on sleep

Her: nooo..u should stay in lovely spain was it?

Me: great fun I put a few photos up hot, lazy sitting in tapas bars drinking beer

Her: wow…AMAZING :))) many girls? [Test 1 – failure would be variations of “no, I like you” or “yeah, I fuck loads of girls”]

Me: yeah, a bunch there was a Portuguese invasion, my favourite

Her: :))))) u are lucky bastard!!!!I am going to [spanish resort island] on Sunday,lucky me.that is why I am so excited :))

Me: what you gonna do there? [get her jibber-jabbing about something she’s excited about – investment]

Her: sun,beach,sangria and I hope some nice spanish guys,at least one :))) [Test 2 – failure would be to talk her out of it, showing jealousy]

Me: good luck! how many of you are going?

Her: me and my friend :))) but she is a little ugly..I know I shouldnt say about people like I hope all atention is going to be at me :))) I know that I am writting like a totall bitch..but I am a little desperate now..and I need boys :)))) are u going to Latvia with ur student? [I was tempted to tell her off for this but decided to be unreactive]

Me: Estonia June do what makes you happy Hamster

Her: that is what I am thinking about wright now because I think that the winter is over and the summer will soon come…that is why I need to put all the shit in the past and enjoy the future :)) what about u???are u happy?sad?? [she’s often random like this, so I respond by not getting sucked in]

Me: I’m happy 97% of the time just had a great holiday with good friends

Her: and the rest 3? 😦

Me: I get horny and want to fuck girls in the ass while pulling their hair and calling them bitches [ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. This sets an implicit boundary on how much random girl bullshit I’ll take, while also sexualising]

Her: but that is a normal are the man and all man want to do this..I can’t understand completely why but I understand that it is a dream of every man.You should do what u want KRAUSIE 🙂 just don’t hurt others..pulling the hair can hurt Are u celebrating Easter? [unfazed and snips, exactly like I expected]

Me: I’m not ashamed of it. I like it. The girls always like it I was gonna go to Sarajevo for Easter but had to cancel

Her: where???why to Sarajevo??

Me: Me and Burto were gonna go and pick up some girls there. Jimmy says its got the most beautiful girls for my type but then Burto got put on a new project at work and can’t go

Her: don’t u celebrate Easter with ur family?

Me: no [note I’m not matching all her smilies and energy. That would be falling into her frame through my form of communication as well as the content]

Her: why not???it’s not like Christmas for u???because in Lt it is..

Me: I’m not religious

Her: I see that :))) but all we have a little children inside of us..and i celebrate Easter because it reminds me of childhood 🙂

Me: I like easter eggs

Her: I like playing with eggs ..and coloring them..but not eating..and I like whitte rabits

Me: for some reason, I knew you like white rabbits I don’t know if it’s because you’re cute or they are innocent or you are crazy like Alice in Wonderland [push pull]

Her: everything is very simple- it’s the last reason..I believe that my destiny is to follow white rabbits and see where they will take me :)) and yesterday I even got a postcard with white rabbits and it’s not even an Easter yet :))

Me: yup, crazy what are you wearing? [I’m bored of this so I self amuse]

Her: I know that I am crazy..but that is me..better to be yourself that someone else!!!I will send u beach pics from M. wearing what u like :))) [she’s been doing bait-and-switch on the naked photos for a while so I’m not biting]

Me: just a bikini and a nice smile will be nice for the photos maybe playing in the sea

Her: ok..I will try my best with the smile :)) an Easter gift for u can celebrate Easter and let out your inner child :)))))

Me: I hope you enjoy the holiday. I’d like you to feel happy and peaceful [I snip the photo thread to show how little I care, but do so by adding comfort]

Her: WOW thank you for such nice wishes..nobody writes me like that :))) and u enjoy ur life and reach for 100 percent!!!

Me: have you decided when you’ll visit London?

Her: summer is a good time to travel :)))

Me: true if you wanna come see me, try to do it before May xxth [fear of loss]

Her: why?

Me: I got a girl coming to live with me then

Her: from where?that sounds very serious :))

Me: Vilnuis

Her: :)))

Me: I told her I might not date her but I’ll help her out. I organised a job placement for her and her friend she’s here 3 months [this is all true and a good DHV]

Her: she will live with u??so I should come before because there will be no more place or what?

Me: She’s living here 2 weeks while they find an apartment there’s space for you. We have 5 guest rooms now it’s not that When you visit I’ll give you my complete attention so I don’t want her to feel bad by doing it at the same time [I lack soft dominance so I put some in here]

Her: :))))))) ok KRAUSIE ,but I have friends in london no worries about space..I am not a hobo :))

Me: yes you are but I’d actually enjoy having you stay here. I like having my own private cook.

Her: :))) i am a person without place but not a’s not the same!!!I like cooking but the problem is that nobody eats it so I don’t think that throwing away the food when people starve in Africa is a good idea 😦 i am going to smoke..see u later:)

Me: ok


Daygame book – Cover designer wanted

April 4, 2011

Yes, my daygame book is finally finished. It runs to 35,000 words fleshing out my daygame model and the belief system that underlies it. I’ve got the draft in peer-review with some top fellow daygamers and I expect to have it ready to print within a fortnight.

All except a cover.

Well, I could easily design some functional cover. But I want a badass one. So I’m opening this up to my readership. If any of you are decent graphic designers and want to take centre stage on my book, let me know. I need the cover ready in a fortnight for a hardback 10.75 x 8.25 inch book. Front and back (separate images, don’t need a spine or wraparound).

In return you get a credit on the cover and inside, two free copies, and my gratitude. If you are able to get to London I’ll give you three hours one-on-one, if you prefer. Email me at krauser[at]rocksolidgame[dot]co[dot]uk

More facebook chat with the Croatian Ten

April 4, 2011

Non-retarded readers will likely remember the Croatian Ten I’m slowly drawing in. I street-opened her back in November and have done some light facebook long game on her. She’s a low investment set on my side – even now I’m less than 50/50 to fuck her – but its nice to talk to girls like this. To do long game consistently you have to enjoy the act of facebook chatting otherwise its far too much of a chore to bother with.

This second chat is just one extended DHV and touching base for light rapport. It’s two weeks after the first chat. The third one is where I finally catch her for an extended period.

Me: Hey, are you getting snow yet?   [assumed familiarity now]
Her:,but it is very cold..
Me: I was shivering all day. I’m still wearing t-shirts like it’s Autumn    I need to change gears
Her: 😦    how are you? how did you spend the rest of the vacations in croatia?   [she’s doing the stack for me]
Me: I had a great time in Croatia. We saw lots of old buildings, nice restaurants, good times    Next time we might drive around the country more    Are you studying hard?   [positive vibes, hint I’ll be back, stack]
Her: yes,you must see the croatian coast.. 🙂   [normal rapport]
Me: I heard    I got some good news today   [tease so she asks]
Her: yes,i am studying..mostly i am at home and learn..    ?
Me: My nephew just called me. He’s 6    He was really excited    He just won his first regional judo tournament    He beat “one of the big boys”!! 😀   [DHV on loves children and animals]
Her: wow    congratulations    🙂
Me: to him 😉   [modesty]
Her: yes.. 🙂
Me: I’m so proud of him. He’s really obedient and determined when I teach him   [DHV on protector of loved ones]
Her: 🙂
Me: Do you have nephews or nieces?   [bring it back to her]
Her: no…a will tell you later about that..i have to go..    my cousin is here now.. 🙂    by   [external interrupt]
Me: bye   [no big deal]

Another street kiss close (and other fun)

April 3, 2011

My game has been lame over the past couple of weeks. I dunno if it’s the dull grey weather, the rain, the lack of girls on the streets, or just the ebbs and flows of my passion for the dark arts. Whatever the cause, I’ve just been going up to girls with a vibe of bored disinterest. Needless to say, not much has bitten. I happen to book in another session with Skeletor and I’m fully expecting to show up at 2pm with a wail of toe for him about how game sucks.

But I squeeze in a 11am first date with my number one target – a DD-cupped slim Romanian teenage nine. She’s well into me, I kiss close within an hour, and by the time I slap her ass and send her on her way she’s climbing all over me. Maybe I don’t suck.

Two days later I’m taking a student out for an early Saturday 1-on-1. Mostly I’m just watching his sets and giving feedback, not seeing any girls I wanna demo on. Two very nice ones enter my killzone and I open them. Neither really hook but it’s gotten me moving. Third time is a charm – a very cute FOTB Brazilian whose details I take.

Then Burto calls and we have a couple of afternoon pints in Camden before hitting the market half-cut. My vibe now is absolutely buzzing. I’m in peak state for daygame and just wanna hassle unsuspecting girls. The sun is shining and the market is rammed with decent sets. So we sit down at an outdoor table to eat lunch. This tall Somali chick strides past. I lean over my bench and beckon her over. Much teasing of her pirate friends ensues so much so that Burto has to look away to stifle his laughter. A number close.

A few more fun sets follow. We take on three Sardinians because one is wearing a white woolly hat. I open with “Girls. Did you have a competition and the loser had to wear a marshmallow on her head?” The language barrier is tough and they are going home the next day so I ask “Are you interested in casual sex tonight?” They say no. Burto facebooks a pair of Spaniards in a record shop and then some Irish runt. It’s all fun.

As we are walking some cute German girl in black flashes an approach invitation (call her ‘Rock Chick’). I rarely get them but my aura is like Sho’nuff so it draws her like a moth to a flame. I open and she’s immediately into me big time. It’s one of those rare sets where you know the girl is already sold and totally horny. Last time I got one this strong I fucked her in a pub toilets an hour later. Logistics get in the way this time because she’s about to go back to her hotel and catch a flight. But I push really fast for a kiss close in the first minute. She initially rebuffs it, see the video how she dances her hands around me, clearly up for it but not quite over the hump. So I eye fuck her some more, take the number, then kiss close – at the exact moment Burto pauses his iphone camera. Cunt. I’ll have to do it all over again to get my first street kiss close captured on film.

Me: So this is Rock Chick. My new favourite little German….
Her: ooo thanks a lot :$ and you’re my handsome favourite english man. I’m looking forward to see you…
Me: Come to Camden tonight. Me, you, Worlds End pub. Let’s meet 9:30
Her: Oh, i’m afraid… its impossible… have to fly back tonigh, and have to go to the hotel with my friend now. I’m sorry… but i’ll come back soon…
Me: No problem. I’ve added you to facebook.
Her: Ok. On monday i will be online, checking your great photos. Kisses and hugs. Bye

On the bus home I open a trio of Italians sitting behind us and run a ten minute set on a crowded bus with literally everyone listening. The highlight is:

Me: What are you girls doing tonight? [they already said they are flying home tomorrow]
Target: Sleeping!
Me: *earnest look* Would you like to sleep with me?
* gasps and silence around the bus *
Target: No! *giggles, flash of eyes*

That’s another facebook. After a pitstop at Chateau RSG we hit Camden again for night game. We’re dicking around most of the time but Burto opens and hooks a big European five set and inexplicably hands me by far the hottest girl, a solid eight Italian who is lovely in every way. I double check with him and he really does hand her to me. So I run her for twenty minutes and get the number.

Later we are having a cigarette outside and some huge Norwegian biker tells me he likes my hat and pays me £40 for it. Sorted!