Mediocre nightgame in Camden

April 28, 2011

I’ve been experimenting with ways to shoot nightgame sets. It’s kinda hard because of the darkness and noise. Here’s a taster me and Burto did last weekend. No real magic to be seen in set. We were just drinking and seeing what we could do with the paucity of fuckable women in the bar. Got a couple of facebooks from the Finnish girls that I never bothered adding.

Facebook sex chat: Polish virgin

April 27, 2011

Here’s a chat from January with the 20yr old Polish virgin. Regular readers will recall I opened her in a Krakow nightclub in October by saying words to the effect of “you are the type of girl I like to fuck” then spun a weak facebook close into strong rapport. Here’s the first chat with her that I sexualised. Every single part of this chat is pushing something further – before this day I hadn’t even talk about kissing her, instead running attraction and comfort material.

The first five minutes is normal chat until I ask her what she’s wearing and take it from there. Note I soften myself in many places to come across a little more nice guy that usual, even though I’m advancing inch by inch. The usual “ewwww!” warnings apply for anyone who actually knows me personally.

I'll have her first

Her: bra is ecreu     I was on the shopping 😛
Me: ecreu? what is that?
Her: hmm     bright beige
Me: Nice. I wanna feel your breasts  [the first escalation]
Her: heh…    <embarrassment>
Me: +15    nice demure response    I want to feel your butt too    I’m sitting in Starbucks, writing….. but…    I’m suddenly turned on by you
Her: I don’t know why recently this way I am acting to men…. 😦
Me: What do you mean?    You are having a sexual effect on men?
Her: different sexual proposals…   hmmm   [don’t get jealous, don’t validate her with an IOI]
Me: tell me more    [order her around]
Her: special from Italians :/    hmm….I don’t know….    even when I am walking along a street are turning    it’s not comfortable
Me: are they being rude about it?
Her: no…..not really    but for me…It’s not comfortable situation
Me: Are they giving you the “starving wolf” look?    [frame them]
Her: yes! I think yes… :/    I should probably be pleased, but it not in my style 😛    [I like her response here, not a validation whore]
Me: Why is it different with me?    [lead her that it is different with me]
Her: hmm…. you have something interesting in yourself….    🙂    I like talk with you…
Me: Yeah    But I can say something like “I want to feel your breasts”    and you accept it    and are pleased with it    and not threatened    [pacing and leading]
Her: yes…… it’s strange 😛
Me: I guess, you know I’m not going to chase you    [even though that’s exactly what I’m doing]
Her: haha 🙂    no….you’re nice guy…
Me: I try to be a bad boy :/    [An inadvertent contrast game from me]
Her: haha 😉
Me: Have you ever thought about sex with me?    [more pushing, a punt in the dark. It does no harm at this point to be so bold]
Her: heh… I didn’t think about it…    now I am waiting for my closest co-workers… which will arrive in two weeks 🙂
Me: think about it now    Imagine we are alone    perhaps in a kitchen    and I walk over to you.    We both have a glass of red wine    I stand close to you, nose almost touching your nose    [so I just launch into a sexual projection anyway, to see if she yields. She hasn’t cooperated in the set-up, so it’s a risk]
Her: ohhhh! it’s right! in a kitchen!    😀
Me: I look down into your eyes    you can feel my breathing against your skin    your heart starts to beat faster, and your mouth feels dry    you lookup into my eyes
Her: I like it in you. You are immediate 😉     [almost all girls like submitting, even virgins who haven’t really experienced it first hand]
Me: Haha. Shall I continue?    [Normally I wouldn’t ask but I haven’t quite calibrated her and I want to soften things. I really don’t want to put in loads of work to the projection if she’s not giving some positive feedback]
Her: haha 🙂   if yoy want 😀    *you  [this could be “yes, but I’m shy” or “don’t care”…]
Me: ok, wait a moment    [… so I act distracted a bit so I don’t look to keen on doing it]
Her: ok
Me: just bought another coffee    Ok, where were we? 😀    [a test to see if she wants to continue or tries to snip the thread]
Her: hmm…we are on the kitchen    [she continues, so I proceed]
Me: did you not get those last messages?    [internet problem]
Her: your last message was “just bought another coffee    Ok, where were we? ” 😉
Me: oh dear!    I wrote a long message, you didn’t get it    I’ve already fucked you and gone to sleep :/    I guess I need to wake up, and do it again…..
Her: hahaha    sometimes are you imagining the sex with me? 😛
Me: right now    I’m going to tell you what I’m imagining    I want you to tell me what you think about it
Her: about your imagine? 😛
Me: yeah    ok, right now I am imagining you in this imaginary kitchen    there’s a radio playing in the background. Wagner I think    You are wearing white panties and a light beige bra. Nothing else    You’re still wearing glasses and your hair is in a pony tail    You have light make up. Just enough to accentuate your features    [playing up the feminine angles, especially because she already told me she likes cooking and cleaning]
Her: I like it…
Me: cool    Now, I wonder what you are doing in this scene…..
Her: recently he is “whirling” for me sex in the kitchen. you hit
Me: So you are standing, leaning against the wall    one of your feet is up on a chair    I have my hands on your hips    while I kiss your stomach    I hold your thigh tightly with one hand    while I unhook your bra with the other hand   your bra falls to the kitchen floor, and your breasts are freed    I look at them for a few moments. Then I look into your eyes. Then I move my head down and begin to blow lightly over your nipples, without touching    You grab the back of my head. I wait. I wait until you are moaning, then I flick out my tongue and start to play with your breasts
Her: you must absolutely have the shirt white, up to the half unbuttoned
Me: business shirt?
Her: yes 😀    it is probably my single condition ;);)    [cool, she’s into this]
Me: maybe I just came back from work. I’m still wearing my suit    my tie is loose, so I take it off    So I’m licking your breasts    and grabbing your butt    you are moaning, pulling my head towards you, moving around    I can feel you want me to touch you    so I slowly drag my hand down your body    over your breasts    down your stomach    lightly scratching the inside of your thighs    your whole body shakes, with anticipation    finally, I place my hand on your panties   first, I just hold it there    you breath out deeply, it makes you feel safe
Her: heh…. you’re amazing 😛
Me: I know 😉    So, I wait a minute. I’m just enjoying the touch of your body beneath my hands
Her: you are knowing exactly, what the woman needs
Me: Enjoying the smell of your neck    I can feel your heart beating, I can see the pulse in your neck    I enjoy making you wait    making the anticipation build into something special    then, when i think you are about to explode….    I start massaging you through your panties    Slowly at first. A simply motion. Up and down, slightly pushing into you    I hold my mouth next to yours, not quite touching    after a couple of minutes you are very very hot    I can feel your skin burning with passion    I spin you around    You are facing the wall. You put your palms against the wall    I slap your butt and pull it towards me    You push your butt out. You want me to take you    You want me to put my cock into you right now    But I’m not ready. I’m going to make you wait longer    How is it so far?
Her: ooomg 😛    soo hot 😛
Me: 😛    So I slap your butt again. I like doing that.   One hand is holding your hips from behind.    With the other hand, I grab your pony tail and pull it backwards    Hard enough for you to notice. But not quite hard enough to hurt you    Your head snaps back and you gasp. I slap your butt again    then I just look at you. I absorb the image    of you    your slim legs    your stomach, pulled in tight and quivering    your round butt, pushed towards me, swaying slightly from side to side   and your face – your eyes closed and your mouth open in pleasure    I think to myself “I want this girl”    So I pull down your panties
Her: why just with me? 😛
Me: ??? explain please
Her: ohh..nevermind    [she doesn’t want the momentum broken]
Me: shall I continue?
Her: yes 🙂
Me: Ok, so you are bent over    panties aronud your ankles    waiting    I keep my shirt on    I just pull open my trousers    (it’s imagination so I don’t wear a condom. In reality I would) :/    My cock is really hard now    You are grabbing behind yourself, trying to grab my cock    so I slap your butt again and pull your hair    again    I stand behind you    then slowly, very slowly, I slide my cock into you    as you feel it fill you, you gasp    your legs shake a little, and your knees go weak for a moment    I push all the way inside you. You feel like I’m so deep into you that it’s going to come out of your mouth    I wait. I let you enjoy the feeling of having me inside you    I feel you relaxing
Her: very good idea, that’s all what I can say … heh    [accepting the fucking]
Me: So now I start thrusting    going in and out    slowly at first, making you savour each time    very gradual    I start to increase the speed    make you feel my power    You start moving alot    You try to grip the wall    You try to match my movement    You try to pull me further in    I reach around and grab your breasts. You gasp    You put one hand back, on your own butt    You look around, look at your butt    You are trying to imagine how you look when you are beign fucked    you know you look sexy, and you want to see what I see   I keep fucking you for ten minutes like this    I vary the speed, the power, how I touch you    You are lost in pleasure. Probably can’t even remember your own name    Then I suddenly stop, and pull my cock out    You feel the loss. You feel empty. You look at me. Your eyes say “please, that’s good. I want more”    Your turn, what do you want me to do to you next?
Her: I can see that you like to dominate and to decide on everything    😉
Me: Yes, but I’m always thinking about what will give the girl a special moment    so, what do you think you’d like next?
Her: it is nice, that you know, that for the woman these are a special moment, rather than only normal fucking…
Me: I know. Women rely on men to lead them to special experiences.    Most men can’t lead like that. It’s sad
Her: therefore you’re special 😉 hehe
Me: thank you    now stop avoiding my question!
Her: hahah
Her: what I am supposed for you to say, since I don’t have experience 😛
Me: ok, shall I decide?
Her: yes, please 😉
Me: ok, wait a minute
Her: you aren’t finishing the book, by me :/    [she knows I’m writing the daygame book]
Me: wait    So, where are we now?
Her: my eyes say “please, that’s good. I want more”    [accepting the chasing frame]
Me: ah ha!    Lucky you, there’s more….
Her: <lol>    yeah! lucky me 😛
Me: So I grab your hair and turn you around    push you to your knees    you are desperate to keep my cock inside you    I pull your head onto it. You take it all in your mouth   You start sucking, moving your head up and down
Her: stop pulling my hair! 😛    [symbolic resistance, loves it]
Me: again, you just love the feeling of having me inside you    You start to play, to use some creativity    You lick my cock, running your tongue from top to bottom    you kiss the end    your push it into your mouth against the inside of your cheek
Her: it probably too much for me 😛 pfff
Me: perhaps    So I grab your hair again……    [defiance, considering earlier warning]
Her: ohhh nooo 😛    all the time you’re saying nothing to me? 😛
Me: I pull you to your feet. Then I pick you up over my shoulder and carry you to the bedroom    I don’t talk much during sex    You are giggling, squealing, and kicking your feet as I carry you     I throw you onto the bed. You look at me, like I’m a big strong bear    you are thinking “take me. I surrender”    I get onto the bed with you and push you back    I lean on top of you. We kiss    Then I push my cock into you again    It’s different this time. You are totally relaxed. It’s like getting into a hot bath. Or putting on your favourite shoes
Her: you can be more delicate 😉
Me: All of this is rough, but not painful    you feel my strength and energy. You surrender to the power. But you trust me and it doesn’t hurt    So I start fucking you again    At first I’m lying on you and you can feel my weight. You wrap your arms and legs around me, holding me tightly    You are panting, sweating, moaning    You orgasm a few times    then I slow down and push myself off a little    so I’m looking at you, naked, underneath me    I like seeing you naked.    I like seeing you watch me watching you    Each time I push into you, you moan and squirm    I’m looking into your eyes as I do this. I enjoy making you moan    I grab your ankles and hold her legs together by my head    I lean into you. You can feel me very deep inside you    I start fucking you harder again. I make you come    I make you scream my name    Then I slow down again and we slowly fuck for another ten minutes.    comments?
Her: sorry 😛 I’m in shock 😛    heh
Me: enjoying?
Her: yes…. .I like your imagine 😉
Me: Ok. we’ve been fucking for about half an hour now. I want to watch TV soon, so we need to finish
Her: I would still prefer to be in your shoulders…    I don’t want the mechanical sex
Me: this isn’t mechanical    you’d have to feel it    much of the pleasure for you is in how I use my weight, my grip, my energy, my timing    when I fuck you, it feels like I am projecting my character into you
Her: ok, but after the sex the woman needs the support
Me: I haven’t finished yet    I’m still fucking you    where were we?
Her: but you are already thinking about television, not against me
Me: haha    So I speed up again. I’m looking at you and enjoying this. Now I’m thinking about making myself come.    You want to feel my sperm    You want the satisfaction of making me come    Because it makes you feel sexy    It makes you feel your feminine power as a sexy woman    You sense I am finishing, so you grab tighter and moan louder    trying to draw me into orgasm
Her: 😛
Me: It’s imagination, so I’ll be a bit ruder than usual    For our first fuck I’ll come inside you, normally (using a condom)
Her: no, I don’t want to 😛
Me: But this is roleplay, so……    I’m feeling myself getting closer    The pressure is building    I’m thinking about how much I want you, and how much I like fucking you    I’m absorbing the visual image of you beneath me, trying to make me come    I pull out of you    as you lie there, I sit on your chest and push my cock into your mouth    you grab my cock and start pulling on it, sucking it, trying to get me to come    I feel it coming    I pull my cock out of your mouth    We hold eye contact. Your mouth is open, trying to get my sperm   I come    I splash you with it    It’s a bit messy    You feel it. It’s hot on your skin    You feel it on your cheeks, in your mouth    It’s exciting. You feel dirty, but victorious    You feel like you’ve succeeded. You’ve had a great fuck, and you’ve made me come    You feel good.    I roll off. I’m a bit tired
Her: i don’t think soo 😛
Me: I play with your hair a little. Kiss your forehead.    You go shower    then we lie in bed together and watch tv    the end    [comfort]
Her: “then we lie in bed together” —> ok, I like it;)
Me: How was it for you? 😀
Her: “Your mouth is open, trying to get my sperm I come I splash you with it It’s a bit messy You feel it. It’s hot on your skin You feel it on your cheeks, in your mouth” -> it’s too much 😛
Me: haha, I told you – a bit ruder than usual because its imagination
Her: I know I know 😉
Me: Generally, is that how you’d like me to fuck you?    [seamlessly bring it into the real world and an intention]
Her: yes 🙂    [now it’s about logistics and comfort]
Me: 😉    How did you feel as I described it?
Her: but I like more sensitive guys 😛
Me: answer the question
Her: serious?    I am dreaming of the sex in the kitchen 😛 <lol>
Me: haha
Her: haha
Me: You want me to fuck you, don’t you
Her: :>    I don’t know…. we saw ourselves only once…    😛  [= yes, but there’s a rationalisation hamster to feed]
Me: true    but you have to admit, we’ve built quite a connection    [overtly stating it to make it consciously accepted]
Her: hehe…. something like that 😛
Me: Well, I’ll be honest with you    I want you to come to London    I want to take you out a few places    and I want to fuck you. Lots of times.    [turn it from fantasy into a real-world proposition that requires a decision]
Her: WOW!     are you sure?!
Me: Yes.    I know enough about you now. I know I will enjoy your company
Her: why do you want it?
Me: Because I like you. You have the balance of feminine energy, playfulness, and thoughtfullness that I like    [qualification]
Her: thank you…. very much 🙂
Me: Would you like to come?
Her: it’s very important to me …    hmm    I would like to…, but…. i think…I can’t 😛   my study….
Me: A four day holiday. Friday morning to Monday evening.    The flights are cheap. The accomodation is free.    [hammer the frame]
Her: and I don’t think so it would be nothing result from the sex …:P   hehe
Me: You are not obliged to have sex with me    [which is true]
Her: it isn’t about money
Me: what is it about?
Her: nice 🙂    hmm    I don’t know..    haha, Nick…. youre crazy 😉    I like it 😉
Me: 😉    so tell me, what is holding you back from reserving a flight?    [trying to close]
Her: OMG!     it’s crazy proposition 😛    I’m a woman…. not to much crazy 😛 hihi    I can’t explain it… 😛
Me: a mix of excitement and fear?
Her: yes 😀
Me: You don’t have to decide now
Her: something like that 😛
Me: I’m making my intention clear    I’m making you an offer    If you say “no”, we can still be friends.    think about it
Her: thank you )    a little bit surprised, I didn’t expect it…   but I’ll think about it 🙂
Me: Cool    Remember it’s not just me. You get to see London too
Her: ok, but I will be alone in the major city 😛    [she’s sorely tempted, but it is a huge ask from a virgin who’s only met me once and never been to England]
Me: not alone    We have two spare rooms in my house, so you don’t have to sleep in my bed    and you can bring a friend (so long as its a girl, and she’s not ugly) [always thinking about my wings to feed ’em another girl]   really, it’s not just about sex. I want to show you my city
Her: 🙂
Me: I have to go home now. Dinner time    [don’t want this to spin on any longer, I’ve made my point]
Her: I appreciate it    ok
Me: Is this a good time to ask you to send me a sexy photo?    [but might as well push further]
Her: haha
Me: cropping your face outside the photo is ok
Her: cleverly    😛
Me: C’mon, take a photo
Her: haha
Me: put on your best underwear, have a sexy pose    take a photo
Her: I haven’t!
Me: do it now
Her: no! 🙂
Me: c’mon, make a guy happy
Her: maybe when I will be in London 😉
Me: haha    I’m gonna keep asking
Her: my body isn’t good! and beauty!    I don’t have big breasts
Me: I like it. I wanna stick my cock in you. That’s enough    I’ll decide if your breast are good
Her: haha    I’m resolute 😛
Me: sure    anyway, I have to go now    talk later
Her: tasty 😉
Me: have a good evening
Her: thanx, you too:)
Me: think about what we talked about (yes, all of it!)
Her: 🙂   bye
Me: bye

I get a sexy underwear photo two weeks later, and her London trip is looking ever stronger.

Four days, four 20yr old virgins

April 22, 2011

People tell me my drunk text/chat game is shockingly bad. Perhaps. When I’m drunk I don’t care. I’ve just been out with Burto tonight in Camden and bagged us a pair of Finnish au pairs (video might follow). I’m drunk as I type. Here’s a chat I’m on with the Polish virgin.

This is actually the fourth 20yr old European virgin I’ve been dallying with this week, weird as that sounds. So far it’s been:

"Deflower me!"

  • Monday: second date with the Greek virgin. Facefucking, fingering then LMR. Send her home. She texts me back on Wednesday saying she wants to come visit again before she goes back to her debt-ridden houmous-eating boy-raping shithole country.
  • Tuesday: the Polish virgin tells me she wishes I was popping by her hometown this week so I could fuck her.
  • Wednesday: Lithuanian virgin stops by my house for the BBQ. Under Tony T‘s wise tutelage I run pure comfort and no escalation. This is the long haul.
  • Thursday: Romanian virgin flakes on our date half an hour before the meet. I tell her to fuck off. DD-cup and all.

Anyhow. Thursday night and we’ve rustled up more targets. I come home and start harassing my network. Polish virgin obliges as follows. There’s no analysis. There’s not much to learn here.

Me: blegh!
Her: pff     nice to “see you” too :P:P:P
Me: I’ve been drinking
Her: ojojojojj
Me: that makes no sense, woman
Her: huh? why?
Me: ojojojojblahblahblah
Her: ahah;)    did you drinking alone?!
Me: no way. Been out in Camden with my friend [fat useless Aussie cunt]    causing trouble
Her: not good:P     –> trouble:P
Me: I’m a horrible bastard
Her: no way!     I disagree
Me: heh
Her: why you think, that you’re bastard?
Me: Maybe I need to tie you to my bed and do rough things to you.
Her: do you think that then I will believe you, that you’re bastard? 😛     wrong 😛
Me: no, not that     I just want to do it to you     😛
Her: really?     hmm     I think that you want to do it with every younger woman 😦
Me: nope     you have trouble believing I like you
Her: or…. you want me, because I’m a virgin… and this is something like…hmm…. challenge …?
Me: that’s 10%    the 90% is I like you
Her: thank you:)    it’s so nice:)
Me: Hmmm, I need to be more horrible…… :/    ok, I’ve got it    !     I want to……     …..     wait until you are cooking my dinner….     then I’ll come into the kitchen     pull up your skirt    and fuck you in the ass     until you scream my name    then I’ll go and watch TV
Her: you aren’t like this man…. !    I know that!
Me: blegh
Her: it’s your mask 😛
Me: hmmm, so what is the real me?
Her: for me?;)    heheh
Me: yes
Her: uumm…     nice, protective, caring man 🙂     sweet 😉
Me: oh dear….    NO! I’m tough, rough, bad!
Her: you’re stupid!    you aren’t having to pretend 🙂
Me: heh     enough talk about me    tell me something
Her: I want to have holidays ! 😦
Me: where do you want to go?
Her: hmm    Spain…    or somewhere, where will be warm 🙂 hehe
Me: and what will you wear?
Her: bikini…    or dress
Me: big difference    show me
Her:  [link]

Birds don't get it

Me: 4/10
Her: but it is only a shape    !!    you are too demanding
Me: you mean the dress, or the girl?
Her: dress
Me: ah    If you wear that, I won’t fuck you    I want something sexier    try again
Her: you have imagination, you can imagine what I have under the dress, it is not a problem 😉
Me: that’s too much work    show me a photo
Her: you should try, if you want me 😀
Me: hmmmm    I want to put my cock in your mouth    heh! that stopped you!
Her: still…I’m in shock 😛    are you being drunk still ? 😉
Me: yes    but what do you think? (about my cock in your mouth)
Her: do you intend to have the wife?
Me: that’s totally NOT an answer
Her: haha 😉    it’s similar:D    because    if you say: yes, and I’ll be her… I’ll say, that it’s ok    (your cock in my mouth) 😉
Me: It’s not so easy to be my wife    This is your list of duties…..    1. suck my cock    2. cook my food    3. iron my shirts    4. clean my house    5. feed my dog    can you do all of these?
Her: you are irritating me 😛 pfff
Me: I think you are turned on
Her: but..    me?    now?    NO!
Me: finish your sentence
Her: but your list isn’t difficult (apart from point 1)    😉
Me: ok, we’re getting married    shall we do it in a castle or a church?
Her: but as your wife, I must accept him and it is my duty
Me: +20
Her: church! of course    😉
Me: You’ll enjoy it, you know. Girls ALWAYS think they won’t. And then they do.    You’ll need a big white dress    and lots of bridesmaids    we’ll have red wine, not white
Her: why big white dress?!    no way!    not big
Me: we’ll have a huge hotel room, with a double bed and a big ivory bath in the middle of the room    the view from the window will be fields, a stream, and the edge of a big forest
Her: in Poland 😉
Me: No. Poland is boring
Her: not true
Me: At the wedding, I’ll tell everyone I love you, that I’ll protect you, and all that stuff    then I’ll pick you up and carry you to my room    bend you over the bath
Her: you couldn’t see, where I live
Me: and fuck you in the ass
Her: you are horrible    but still I think, that you’re nice guy:P
Me: hahahaha, I am SOOOOOO gonna take your virginity
Her: dreamer 😛

The french hamster has a love interest

April 21, 2011

It’s a sunny day and I’m in the garden relaxing with the RSG gang. I open up a few chats, of which this is the most notable. My plan with this girl is to just keep the comfort / rapport going and some light simmering attraction while I wait for her next birthday, because she’s a bit younger than I’m comfortable with. Over time I should be collecting the soul and then I’ll ramp it up when the time is right.

This chat is interesting because I have to deal with the reality that she’s in another country and has other romantic interests who are closer to her and have longer history. So above all I can’t be getting jealous. Rather, I accept it as inevitable and simply work on my position relative to his.

oooh la la

Me: the french hamster    [attraction refresh, keep the frame as she’s a bratty little kid]
Her: yo !
Me: they could make a good cartoon show about you    [I’m about to go into a little tease story]
Her: tell me what you do when someone that you really love don’t want to forgive you ?    MDR    LOOL    [instead it sounds like she won’t be listening cos she has something on her mind, so I snip myself and take what she’s offering. It’s a good rapport opportunity and she’s basically looking for advice, which is an easy way to position myself and reframe her reality]
Me: it’s ok, I forgive you
Her: MDRRR    no seriously
Me: don’t know. Tell me the story, so I can understand the situation    [I don’t give advice without knowing facts, and I want her to invest. This is a good chance to see how she thinks. Also, I genuinely want to help her if she needs it. It’s not all games]
Her: well .. a friend was dating a girl for 3 years now but she cheated on him    so he left her    his ex add me on face    and was asking me to tell her what    was on his facebook pasge    so i was telling her    but i was about to date this gay
Me: gay or guy?   [low hanging fruit, but also my frame is that this is just kids stuff and easy for me to advise upon from my position of maturity]
Her: guy    lol    :p
Me: maybe both….
Her: MDR    so    he knew it and he tols me to never speak with him again    and he deleted me    ect    and now    i apologized and everithing    but he doesnt want to forgive    –‘    for a stupid story like this
Me: ok, let me paraphrase this     translate from girl logic…   [attraction, leading, reframing]
Her: lol
Me: 1. You wanted to date a guy. He’s already your friend. Not a stranger.    2. You became facebook friends with his ex. You told her some things about his current life   [making it obvious I can talk about these things without being weird, and that I’m not trying to talk her out of it]
Her: Yes
Me: 3. He finds out you are talking to her. He gets worried. [position him as a worrier] He feels you have betrayed him, somehow    4. He gets angry, and throws all his toys out of the pram. [position him as reactive]    5. You are disappointed, because you can’t date him now. And extra-disappointed because he might stop being friends with you [rapport with her]    is this correct?
Her: oui    this is exactly that    !
Me: does he know you fancy him?
Her: yes    but him too
Me: so you fancy him, he fancies you?
Her: yes
Me: even though you look like a hamster? [attraction in the push]
Her: yes even though i look like a hamster    :p
[her internet cuts out for 10 minutes]
Her: im back
Me: your internet sucks    ok, my thoughts…..    It’s just a little temper tantrum    from him    he’s still a boy, learning to be a man [position him, I’m assuming he’s also a teenager]    so he’s learning about trust. He’s learning that a man does not accept bad behaviour from his woman [implication is I don’t either and I know what a real man is because I am one]     but it is new for him, so he has over-reacted     you did nothing badly wrong    you should not have told her things from his facebook [but I do have to tell her off for bad behaviour, not just validate her]     but it’s just kids stuff
Her: ok ok ..    so i wait for him to come back     or    what do i do now ?  [a sign of trust]
Me: There’s no obvious right answer    Kids change their mind all the time. They are unstable
Her: he’s 21    i dont think that he’s still a kid    lol  [a surprise]
Me: Hmmmmm    Keep your dignity    give him some time, don’t get emotional and needy
and then     when he is ready, he’ll calm down and talk to you again    if he still likes you  [which is the same advice I’d give a kid sister]
Her: ok lol    thank you    🙂
Me: it’ll be fine    but here’s some life advice for you……    Boys come and go. Girls come and go.    Never get too excited about one person    Don’t weaken yourself and do things that make you feel bad, just to impress somebody else  [again, genuine advice]
Her: lol    thank you 😉
Me: I’m thinking of buying a hammock [and snip]
Her: oh yeah    its a great idea    !!
Me: I want to be a pirate 🙂    We have a big garden. We’ve been sitting outside, drinking juice, listening to music    would be perfect to have a few hammocks between the trees
Her: yeaah i love hammocks    its amazing    when its sunny

Four hours later she pops up again.

Her: You know about the guy i was talking about    evererithings good 🙂    i told him to call me    and i explains everithing    soo its ok    🙂
Me: well done    I’m glad you fixed it
Her: 😀

You can never control a girl. You can only control yourself and your response to her. She’ll break up with him eventually, or I’ll just steal her off him. But for the next six months I’m not interested in any of it.

I almost deflower my first 20yr old Greek ballet dancer

April 20, 2011

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m in Camden market with three new wings for a spot of daygame. It’s blindingly good weather and lots of girls out. We do a few unremarkable warm-ups and then on my fourth set I hook strong with a tall dusky girl wearing a yellow and black woolly cardigan.

Me: Hey, you know what you look like. A really clumsy bumblebee.

Right from the off she’s responding well to the banter and opening up. After five minutes I bounce her to a market cafe. I’m working alot on leading but also a few of the things Yad told me in our session a couple of days earlier:

  • Look for a single moment where you push (sexually or a tease) and her response says “Yes, I’m into this guy”. After that moment you know you have her and just have to not fuck up. Time for authentic communication.
  • Keep the banter stage going longer, and even when I move into investment and rapport, continue to throw banter in every now and then.
  • Stick to my model, doing the stages in the correct order. Don’t get carried away with having too much fun in any one part. Always keep thinking “is this an effective strategy right now?”

So we are sitting outside the cafe and she’s loving the banter and starts unconsciously playing with the bottle of orange juice she’s finished. She’s really twisting and pulling on it. I note that. I’ve got her. We move into rapport and she starts telling me her passion for ballet and how she’s on a university exchange for a few month and has travelled to London by herself for the week to take a ballet seminar. Ok, I’ve got a limited window to work in but she’s alone, probably bored, and has no reputation risk from a dalliance with me.

Needing a bailout

I walk her along the canal and up to Primrose Hill. I use some push-pull to get the kino going, pulling her down to rest her head on my belly as she gazes to the sky. Then there’s an obvious kiss-close moment when her face is near mine and we stop talking and gaze. I pull the trigger. She says no, stays there, then accepts it. I give her five seconds of it and pull away, back to just lying together. That’s what I do now – just get the thing done, don’t milk it like a horny kid.

We walk off hand-in-hand to a pub so I can put some alcohol in her. I’m going for the bounce-back. Too many times I’ve let instant dates stall out into numbers. Just the week before I’d instant-dated and kissed an Italian girl under exactly the same circumstances (actually picked her up about 10 metres further down the same street) and let it fizzle. So I get the cat-kino going and qualify her hard. Before long she’s excited to come back and eat noodles with me. Easy so far.

I give her the house tour, shoes off before she’s allowed in my room, then escalate. It’s smooth sailing until I start yanking her strides off and she gives me a firm “no”. The next two hours are a battle against LMR that I can’t win. She tells me she’s a virgin, expecting me to be all angry and disappointed. A swift reframe ensues as I take responsibility for making a woman out of her. But eventually I have to back off and let her go home.

Two days later we meet in town having a few beers and back to my place for white russians. She rebuffs kisses in public with a “not here” so I pull back completely. I know things’ll go down back at my place and sure enough they do. We connect alot on shared music tastes and then it’s another protracted battle with LMR. Ultimately I can’t deflower her. She does do a few personal firsts:

– blowjob
– facefuck
– fingering

And the coup d’grace is having her wank me off in the street while waiting for her bus home. It’s not until I’m debriefing with Tony T that I realise something curious. She wouldn’t let herself orgasm. About six times she came right to the edge of it and then suddenly pushed me away and cooled down. Strange that. The whole story of the escalation was me pushing, her resisting, then her giving some ground. One more day and I’d have fucked her.

Anyway, she flakes the third date and I don’t bother trying to reel her in. So the 20yr old Greek virgin is gone now. I’ve got a crack at a 20yr old Lithuanian virgin tonight. I’ll be playing that different.

A virgin wanders into my killzone

April 17, 2011

Sometimes long game surprises you. This is the 19yr old Lithuanian virgin, Goose, who I instant-dated in January. She’s been talking about coming to the UK in Autumn for study so I just assumed this was one for the back-burner. Then this lands in my mailbox:

"what have I gotten myself into?"

Her: i have a surprise for youuuuuu!;D

Me: You’re pregnant? It’s not mine, so don’t come after me for money or a wedding ring. [I replied 2 days later, been out of internet range]

Her: not now:D i mooved to London!! ;P

Me: good work! text me your UK mobile number

Her: i dont have it yet. but i will 🙂 my birthday is on [day].maybe we could meet for a while.i dont have any plans for that day but my friend and other roommates probably thought of smth.but still.theres enough time:) so just give your i could text you from my friends phone just in case.untill i get mine.

Me: [number]I’m busy from 3pm to 5pm on [day]. Free other times.

When I pick up that last message from her I see she’s just sent it and is still online. I want to get some logistics and a rundown on why she’s here.

Me: you still there?

Her: yep

Me: cool so what suddenly brought you to my town?

Her: yours and other 8million people’ it just happened ;D my friend talked me into this

Me: I guess you have a sense of adventure What are you gonna do?

Her: i dont think so. because i tend to plan everything in my head one step ahead ;D and ive had this (comming here) in the back of my head for a while.but i just didnt think it could happen any time soon.    but i lost my job.and there was nooooooooo point of staying in LT anymore. becides,i was really depressed and this is like a rehabilitation 😀 i need to become happy and normal person again:)   [she’s got no direction in her life so will respond to leadership]

Me: You’ll have a great time here How many people do you know in London?   [getting a sense for competing demands on her time and how isolated she is]

Her: ammmm.about 7.counting you and new roommates    [almost alone]

Me: Ok, I’m gonna have to look after you and show you around for the first couple of weeks No problem. You’re fun   [reframe as me having to persuade myself she’s worth the trouble]

Her: ohh,thanks ;DD im not asking because i dont whant to be a burden ;D i know youre a busy person :))

Me: Don’t worry. You’re a nice person, so I’m happy to have you around but don’t break stuff or cause trouble or get arrested or eat my food   [qualify her then playfully set a few hoops]

Her: dont aware of my surroundings 😀 but this is a new place so everything is possible. i do bump into people 😀

Me: Cool. I gotta go now. Text me and we’ll go out on [agreed day]    [job done so don’t stall out]

Her: good night 😉

And that in a nutshell is long game. Keep your female network orbiting and sometimes things just happen on their own accord.

I retain F-town on a No Score Draw

April 15, 2011

JJ has been hassling us to recreate the legendary RSG Malaga holiday from 2009. He’s got a flat out there by the beach and it’s a no-brainer really: £70 in flight and transfers, no accomodation costs. So I head out with Burto, Shammers and the beligerent Burnley tosspot himself. Burning sun, beautiful tapas, and small glasses of beer. It’s all good.

Daygame is a washout because hot girls aged 17-30 simply do not come out of their warrens until after 8pm. It took two days to figure this out. We opened the sets we found but it was slim pickings. My first day I had a fantastic set, technically perfect, on a Krauser girl headed to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. She came back and we arranged a date the next evening. She flaked. Bugger. I thought I was on for the lay, the signals were so good.

I stop another beauty the next day and facebook her. The spark of electricity was there physically but her English was non-existant and it faded to nothing. If she’d had even elementary speaking I’d have SDL’d her. I’m sure of it. After that I’m just losing interest in game. I get bladdered on the Friday and amped up to see Burto come over and just run riot with girls doing wildly Hail Mary street propositions. A couple of girls hook but I’m too drunk and impatient to play them properly and we end up staggering home.

The Saturday night I’m in shit state. I’ve had no sleep, got a horrible hangover, and JJ is pushing out truly obnoxious farts every ten minutes. Fortunately Burto is on form and carries the night. Later me and JJ are sitting defeated in a bar about to go home and hatch an idea to just open girls with gibberish. From that the bingo bongo opener is created. Our state rises and we get some decent sets. JJ closes a hired gun (see his shitty little blog for a video I shot) and we double-team these two girls.

Doesn’t go anywhere but it lifts our spirits. Next (and for me, last) night we head to a big market square that is full of Portuguese high school graduates on holiday. I run a fantastic three set. I swear it’s the best number close I ever got in nightgame. She’s on long game now. No video though. If I can progress it, I’ll do a full post on beginning to end.

And that’s it. My unbroken streak of fucking a new girl every month in a foreign country since September comes to an end.