Free bootcamp and now I’m doing 1-on-1s

February 28, 2011

I don’t push commerical products on this blog. There’s a commerical tab at the top for anyone who wants to stump up the cash and learn from the Rock Solid Game crew. So in a rare departure from blog policy, let me tell you of two events:

1. Rock Solid Game free bootcamp
The team will be having a meet’n’greet on Sunday 13th March in Central London. There’ll be five lectures (including me, Jambone, Moran, Tony T) and some Q&A. We are charging five English pounds per student to cover costs. So if you’re local and want to meet the men behind the bullshit, sign up through the website link.

The RSG Dream Team

2. I’m doing 1-on-1s
For a long time I’ve been resistant to teaching like this. It’s laziness mostly. However of late I’ve been helping Moran and Burto with their students and decided I’m gonna save up for a new laptop. So for a limited time I’ll be doing 1-on-1 sessions, until I’ve trousered enough loot to buy this.

Crysis, Empire, Civilisation

Contact me by email at krauser [at] rocksolidgame [dot] co [dot] uk for rates and times.

Facebook long game: Spanish exotic dancer

February 25, 2011

This was a ten minute number/facebook close on Oxford Street in early January. We haven’t dated yet. Treated as a normal set this is a dead one – she wouldn’t come out on a date. But I liked the girl and I’m practising different avenues to reach the cock-into-fanny position. So I’m gonna long game her and see if I can either social circle her or just get a late-2011 fuck from her when logistics become favourable.

I'm not scared

This next chat takes place over two hours. The whole time I feel the girl is uninvested but feels some attraction. After all, why chat for two hours when there’s no attraction and I’m not throwing validation at her? So I persevere for the intellectual challenge of trying to invest her. She gradually goes for it.

My frame is that she is a beautiful/low-esteem girl and therefore needs to be lured with banter, strength, and false disqualifiers. I need to be a challenge and different to the long line of higher beta supplicators that fill her coffers with tips every night she dances. This girl’s job is playing men for validation and the money that brings. I must be different.

So I tease close to insulting and I decide any time she calls me out I will stand my ground without backing down. I’m still at the stage of Long Game of being “the guy on facebook she chats with”. They all break eventually.

Me: I’m having a party in [Bar district] tomorrow.    Come along, bring some friends  [non-needy, not a dating frame]
Her: tomorrow i work    sorry   [denied. short uninvested answer but more polite than ignoring me altogether]
Me: no prob    I like your new profile photo    You look sexier  [it’s a photo of a yapping little puppy]  [tease her vanity]
Her: lol    thanks
Me: There was a dog like that on my street when I was a little boy    I used to throw stones at it  [expand tease to move into a conversation]
Her: what!!!!!  [hook]
Me: It was noisy    little dogs like that always cause trouble   [imply she always causes trouble and I don’t like her]
Her: realy you are crazy for me not is fanny do that  [shit test]
Me: I like big dogs. Like siberian huskies  [pretend it never happened]
Her: yes its nice
Me: I like wolves. Huskies are almost wolves    Do you have normal photos on your facebook?  [challenge her vanity again. I wouldn’t come out this hard on a girl who started off giving me normal attentive answers]
Her: yes    why??   [girls hate open loops concerning vanity]
Me: Every photo is in a club, wearing nothing    like a barbie doll  [imply but don’t outright say that she’s shallow and that I disapprove]
Her: no i have photo whit clothe and outside of club  [she qualfies, but only a little bit]
Me: I saw one where you look like a carrot  [snip and move]
Her: lol
Me: I don’t like carrot    I like potato  [I’m not attracted to her]
Her: its a sliping bag    lol    me to dont like carrot dont worry about that  [more mild qualification]
Me: Are you a stripper?    I prefer librarians  [my third strong challenge to her, to a normal girl this would be a beasting but I think she is so used to being validation that it requires a relentless attack]
Her: no i m not streper im dance  [she’s a scantily-clad pole dancer for clubs. She definitely wants the legitimacy of being a dancer so I’ll withhold it]
Me: proper dance? like contemporary, jazz, hip hop etc    In fact, I don’t care.    I’M the best dancer in the world  [outright telling her I dont care, but playful]
Her: haahahah lol   [hit. It’s all about being different to the supplicators]
Me: like Elvis, Justin Timberlake, and Kermit the frog    [her name] dancing. I found it on youtube…. [clip of Yogi Bear and Booboo dancing]
Her: you are yogi no??i  [This is five minutes later. So she watched it – good sign]
Me: smarter than the average bear
Her: aah good  [she’s rewarding me]
Me: If we dance together, I’ll do all the cool moves    You just shake your ass to collect the tips    then give the money to me    and maybe I’ll buy you a milkshake  [future projection where I get one over on her]
Her: not thank i dont need you for do tips beliveme  [she thinks she’s pushing back but really she’s qualifying on her dancing ability]
Me: Are you good at playing the guys? Naughty girl…. -10 points  [I know she doesn’t want to be considered a player. This is my fourth neg / attack / rapport-break]
Her: mmm i think you mistake about me you dont know me but dont worry i forgive you because you are men and all people knows that the brain men its small  [anger is a form of investment. She’s testing me and trying to position herself above]
Me: It’s WAR!!!!!    England vs Spain    We are now enemies    Next time you dance, I’m gonna sneak into the dressing room and put itching-powder into your costume  [tease, reframe]
Her: are you sure?? you want war with a woman  [likes it – IOI]
Me: I’m not scared of little blonde girls    That’s like being scared of a puppy    or a mouse    or a chipmunk  [tease]
Her: hahahaha lol
Me: But don’t worry, I won’t spank you    I don’t like your ass  [false disqualifier]

An ass nobody could like

Her: hahahah ok
Me: Ok, so Little Miss Dancing Chipmunk    You tell me you are more than just a dancer    Do you have examples of stuff you’re good at?  [It’s a high point, so I try to qualify her harder]
Her: excuseme is it a interviu???  [shit test, but also a sign of non-compliance. She’s not rejecting me, she’s just not playing along]
Me: aha, defensive    all bark, no bite    like the little dog on your profile  [reframe the rejection to put the blame on her]
Her: yes of course i not bite  [she softens]
Me: I’m writing a book right now. What are you doing?  [I realise I’m telling her nothing about me and there needs to be some comfort. It’s often good to offer comfort after passing a shit test and her playing nice]
Her: woooow its good you can speak with me and write a book both congratulation men!!!    hahahahaa  [she’s bantering back which is good, as are the hahahahas]
Me: grrrrrrrrrr    (that’s my angry growl)
Her: lol why are you angry??    you think that im stupid blond girl and im not angry  [she still wants the vanity loop closed]
Me: I see only the blonde hair and the stripper photos.    I’m not judging you. I’m just curious that this is what you show on Facebook    When I met you, you seemed very different. I was actually very surprised at your facebook photos    I expected you were a librarian, or teacher, or art student or something  [this is all true. I’m trying to bring it closer to rapport but without surrending the frame, hence it’s a deeper topic but I’m still challenging her]
Her: first not is striper photo [she really wants to be considered a dancer!] ok and second some people can do teacher librarian or student    and dance in the night but its posible for you its to much for understand  [she’s biting, it’s investment]
Me: nope. I dated a dancer for 9 years. I know all abotu it    She was very smart, lots of interesting hobbies. And she also danced    I understand    BUT    you don’t tell me about your non-dance things. so what can I think?  [not backing down, showing pre-selection and knowledge of her world]
Her: I dot know you can think what you want  [shit test, but she really is only mildly invested. She really could take it or leave it with me. She has a ton of options]
Me: You ARE angry    :O  [so I reframe her and unable to leave it]
Her: hahahahaha no  [Hit! IOI – low esteem girls flip from anger to fun very suddenly]
Me: Hey, [her name]. I wasn’t trying to insult you    I find you interesting    We friends again?  [give some comfort. I’m a challenge, not an outright arsehole]
Her: hahahahahaha    realy im not angry  [reduction of defcom level]
Me: cool    +5    Are you doing anything exciting tonight?  [stack into normality]
Her: yes!!! work!!! lol
Me: busy girl
Her: yes    and you???  [she’s much closer to liking me now]
Me: I’m lazy    I’m gonna do some boxing, then play video games with friends  [finally I throw in a DHV, but disguised under a disqualifier]
Her: are you boxing?
Me: When I lived in Japan, I had lots of fights    Now I just teach my friends  [DHV]
Her: that fine  [no idea what she means by this]
Me: I enjoy it
Her: i dont like boxing i prefer others sport

Conclusion: She’ll be alot of work and I probably won’t bother. However, girls like this if you keep irregular contact will occasionally give you the “Hey, whatcha doing tonight?” call. Just stay in the game and a percentage of them become available. It’s what facebook was invented for.

I bang my first Latvian 21yr old brunette – Krauser’s story

February 24, 2011

It’s valentine’s day in Riga and the famous five are gonna do some nightgame. We warm up with vodka and Dynamite energy drink in the flat then jump in a taxi. Minus 12 degrees and none of the clubs are open midweek. We chuck one of the students in the boot and get the taxi to drive us from club to club, all closed. Finally we drop off in the centre of the Old town and just attach ourselves to a big group of local students who are headed to some bar.

Economic disparities

The bar turns out to be absolutely perfect for the KNM. Wide open lounge bar with unrestricted views, quiet music, and crawling with hot tottie. There’s no competition either, except for the few guys here with girlfriends. So we prop up the bar and start building our aura. After an hour we are glowing and catching IOIs from everyone. One girl squeezes past Jimmy and grabs his fat waist. A nice 2-set sits at the bar a few feet away and I really like the brunette, noticeable for a white hair band. A proper stirring of the blood. I wait for a few IOIs then when my drink is empty I order it next to them.

Me: Hey, can I just say something? When I was a little boy and learning to read at school, we had these books called Peter and Jane. The girl Jane was really clumsy and naughty. She had a white hairband exactly like that *points to target*

The girls laugh and the blonde obstacle is loving it. I chat about two minutes while I wait to be served then roll off for half an hour. We go back to building value. Jimmy and Bhodisatta are working sets. Then a fight breaks out in the street. It’s a proper straightner with a referee and standups when the groundgame stalls. We only catch a bit on video but see the whole fight. When the police come to break it up we pull one of the fighters in and let him blend like we’ve just been out smoking all along. Then back inside.

I’m catching plenty of IOIs from my set and the girl told me later she thought I was really cool but thought I was interested in her friend and was jealous. So far, so Mystery Method. When they go outside for a cigarette I stop them and tell ’em to join my group when they come back. They do. At this point a student fucks up a bit after I make the introductions. He starts trying to run the set doing some pretty lame MM routines which turn the girls off. I have to decide whether to fight for control (try-hard), stand their quietly bleeding value, or what I actually do which is roll off to Jimmy and tell him “raise my value”. He starts laughing like I told him an amazing joke. My girl later said she thought they’d bored me and she felt loss at the takeaway. All I really cared about was protecting my value.

The student realises his mistake and ejects and for the next hour or so it’s just me and my group talking, not involving the girls. Then we head to a club across the road. Now everything is a blur because we were all smashed by now. Moran starts rapidly escalating some disgusting painted-up blonde harlot and is convinced she’s hot. She repells me in every way. I re-open my set and start to show interest in the brunette Latvian.

Her friend goes apeshit.

She’s a proper low esteem girl who is clearly used to being the one of the pair who gets hit on. So she wanders over to Moran and tries to peel him away from his girl. He shrugs her off and now she’s really angry. My gang tries to divert her but she’s in full-on cockblock mode, dragging my girl to the cloakroom and gives me the finger.

I get the fury. I turn to Bhodisatta and say “I am not having that!”


That's Chodesville in the distance. Population: Moran

I storm over and remonstrate. My target is melting in the show of dominance and I pull both girls back into the club. Then I isolate my girl and rapid escalate her against the wall. We kiss, and I future project fucking her. She’s massively turned on. The club is at chucking out time now so we all leave.

Moran is extracting his girl who is flagrantly playing him for validation but he’s too determined to keep F-Town to screen her out. Jimmy tries stalling the cockblock to let me sneak out with Latvian but my girl won’t isolate. Finally cockblock comes over for one last hurrah. Beautifully, my girl reads her the riot act in Latvian which clearly translates as “I’m going home with this guy. Don’t get in the way”. Blondie cools down and we put her on a tram. It’s -12 and I’m so desperate to get indoors again.

Walking into the flat I give my girl the tour. In the lounge is all the boys, Moran’s target, plus three meth-head friends of hers that wouldn’t detach. Horrible. I pull my girl into the bedroom and start undressing her. There’s no LMR from her but plenty from me. I’m convinced Moran is gonna fuck his girl. The rules of F-Town are quite clear – the clock ticks from the first two strokes. Thus whoever sticks his cock in last keeps F-Town. So I’m delaying my girl, hoping Moran will isolate and fuck his. The moment I hear her squealing I know it’s safe to fuck mine and take F-Town. It never happens. Finally I hear an argument outside. It’s indistinct but I think I just have to fuck my girl before the window of opportunity snaps shut.

So I fuck her three times. After the first, I go next door to the other bedroom. It’s a pitiful sight. All four lads are cramped into a tiny room with no girls in sight. I see Moran alone in bed. I sigh in relief and announce myself as the new F-Town. Even more satisfying than fucking the girl.

I got back in and tell my girl about being a dating coach etc. She loves it and we analyse the pickup. I’m pleased to find out that from her side she was thinking / feeling exactly what I thought she was so my calibration was tight. She tells me she’s 21, I’m the fifth guy to fuck her, and the first to SNL her. Nice.

I blow an SDL by trying to start a fight

February 24, 2011

I’m out with Moran in the west end for daygame. It’s been a while since I did a proper session. We do a few models and head up to Regent Street till I finally see some Krauser girls. First off I get a quickie facebook off a French girl who is only here a few days and off to meet her mum. Then I see a really curvy Brazilian and give chase. Check out the video for the open, instant date and second date later that night. I’m really off form but she’s hooking strong anyway.

So far so good, right?

Nope. It started well. She’s into me at the approach, IOIs, and we get a coffee in Starbucks. In the pub after that I verbally escalate and she’s responding well. There’s no bones about what’s going on and she’s only in the UK two more days. Kino is good, with handholding and thigh touching. I clearly IOI her sexually. She rebuffs two kiss closes with a “not now” and no attempt to escape. There’s a time constraint on both sides because I’ve arranged to meet two daygamers for a coffee and she’s had a long distance meet arranged with some guy she once knew at university who now works in London. She tells me she barely knows him.

So we agree to part at 6pm and meet up again for a drink in Camden at 9pm. There’s no doubt whatsoever about the frame. If she shows up, it’s an SDL. We swap numbers and I give her an out – if anything changes she can text me to bail. At 9pm I show up. She’s 20 minutes late but physically present. So it’s on. Or not….

“My friend should be here” she says. Yes, she’s arranged to meet the guy at the same time. I make my first mistakeI should clarify right now if its a date or not (and walk if its not). I don’t. I figure maybe it’s just a quick pint with him for appearance purposes. This girl was IOIing big time in the instadate so it doesn’t enter my head this guy is gonna hang around and get in her way.

Dude is a commodities trader. I fucking despise traders. Every last one of them I met (and I met alot during my career) is a shallow stressed blowhard. This guy doesn’t disappoint. Right from the off he’s trying to amog me. He’s a smart guy with alot of backbone, being a trader. No pushover. And he keeps slipping into Portuguese with my girl. And he will not shut up.

I’m watching thinking he’s being a tool, and she’s not responding to him at all. There’s very little I can do. I make my next mistake – she knew this was a date, she knew the score, and she still brings this guy out without warning me in advance. She’s playing. I should’ve spotted it and called her out but I didn’t. So she’s sitting with two guys, one of whom (me) has already declared clear sexual intent and the other who is qualifying qualifying qualifying and clearly wants to fuck her. Evidently she can stay all night basking in the validation. So I refuse to give it. I let him talk, don’t defer, don’t seek rapport, and don’t fight for attention.

He gets ruder and ruder. He’s talking over me, calling England worse than shit, bigging himself up, disagreeing with literally everything I say, and trying to push me down. I really ought to just punch him he’s that much of a cunt, but I figure that’ll kill the vibe. And the girl is tolerating it. She could’ve easily said something in Portuguese to rein him in without belittling him infront of me but she failed to do so for the obvious reason she wanted this to continue.

So I lose all respect for her. I still want to fuck her, which is my third mistake. No amount of sex is worth losing the frame but here I am sitting having a drink with a girl who clearly doesn’t deserve my time. The guy keeps pushing until finally he goes too far. To paraphrase the video:

Him: England is shit. It’s history. The future is China, India, Brazil.
Me: Wait and see. There’s a reason we civilised and invented everything.
Him: You guys only did well because you are so violent. All the knowledge and culture was in Persia.
Me: Not true. Learn history. England ruled the world because we had Christianity, monogamy and the reformation. That created the social conditions for the agricultural and industrial revolutions.
Him: blah blah, that’s bullshit. There’s monogamous tribes in the amazon and they didn’t civilise.
Me: Maybe its because they are Brazilian [bear in mind he’d spent two hours belittling Europe and europeans, particularly English, and I’d already decided I was happy to burn the set]
Him: That’s racist. You’re a racist shit.
Me: Just facts. Everything of value that was ever invented was by a white straight beta male [I’d already been explaining the monogamy = civilisation thing to the girl and she was giving me rapt attention, so he was constantly trying to talk over me and say bullshit as he felt himself no longer the centre of attention]
Him: You’re a racist English shit. Are you saying all the whites are better.
Me: No. I’m saying England had the cultural conditions to civilise, Brazil didn’t. Nor did Japan or China or India.
Him: Racist
Me: Everything you’ve said tonight is anti-English. You’ve no business accusing me of racism
Him: I’m not anti-English [a flagrant lie], I am anti-American
Me: I’m pro-American. Well, I don’t like Obama but Bush was ok.

He gets more het up and foolishly I’ve allowed myself to get sucked in and be reactive. I’d simply decided my boundary about being hectored by a retard was more important than fucking a girl who invites such a situation. And to be honest, this guy was never going to fuck off and leave me isolated so he’d already succeeded in killing the set. I decide I’m gonna physically back him down.

I give him a challenging “fuck with me if you dare” look and start pressing him on why he called me a racist, that it’s an insult and he’d better defend it. He can’t, he’s just bluster. I happen to have a rolled-up till receipt in my hand that I’ve been playing with. I flick it at him and catch him between the eyes. Beautiful shot! He flips, stands up like he’s about to attack me. I stay laid back, hold eye contact, flip him the finger and tell him to fuck himself. Then  I calmly wait for the violence to begin.

The girl immediately gets up and tries to calm it. He realises I’m ready to fight and dick tucks behind some bluster, then starts walking out. The girl is 50/50 on what to do and ends up following him. I blank her. He tries some parting shot that I blank as I’ve already stopped paying attention to him. I see him in the corner of my eye necking his pint, very very angry. The girl is looking perturbed, like her validation-fest didn’t go to plan. She seems to have contempt for the guy but she’s still with him and not me. They leave. No kino, no IOIs, no raised state from her towards him. There’s no way he fucks her, but he did a good job of stopping me fucking her.

I sit back with the strange quiet satisfaction of a boundary clearly drawn, mixed with the tinge of disappointment that I didn’t fuck a hot girl who had seemed so up for it just a few hours earlier. Live and learn.

Learning points
1. If a girl springs a guy on me, clarify it’s a date and walk out if she gives bullshit. No point wasting time trying to pass her stupid tests.
2. When faced with a smart mouthy amog, do the Reardon gambit. I of all people should’ve known this.
3. Don’t try to win the arguments he starts. Just point out his compulsive need to argue and frame him as try-hard.
4. Hold the girl accountable. The entire displeasing situation was of her engineering and she enabled it the whole way.
5. Never ever ever lose the frame to get sex.

An adorable French “maybe” girl

February 23, 2011

Some girls hook strong at the beginning and are totally into you.  You’re their type, they are looking for a man, and everything clicks. These are “yes” girls. This is the numbers game part of pick-up. If you introduce yourself to enough girls you’ll get some of them. It doesn’t really take skill. Just not fucking up. Conversely there are “no” girls. Married, engaged, loved-up, fucked-up or just simply not into you. You have to filter them out quickly because nothing will ever progress with them. These no-girls are precisely why anyone who tells you he can get 100% success is a liying theiving piece of shit.

The best girls are “maybe” girls. They kinda like you, they might be available. What you do in-set will massively change the outcome. This is where the Game is played. Few things are as satisfying as turning around a maybe girl. And almost every high-value/high-self esteem girl is a maybe. Very few of them are “yes” girls.

I’m doing some daygame yesterday afternoon when I get a good five minute set with a teenage French girl. Exactly my type. In fact I wouldn’t change a single thing about her. Well, perhaps bigger tits and longer legs. And not French. But apart from that, a Krauser girl.

I rate her very highly

I don’t mind that I’ve already banged a Frenchie. I don’t do any of that lame flags bullshit.

The hook is not especially strong, I’m twice her age, and she’s with her family. All the signs of a difficult close. So I’m thinking I’ll just try to invest her a bit and see how it goes. Practice doing retarded attraction material. At 4pm the next day I see her online. I re-open. This is the entirety of our chat:

Me: oh, she’s checking me out…….    the crazy little French girl..
Her: [twenty minutes later] LOL    how are you ?  [low investment! I need to tease her hard, kick away that pedestal]
Me: I’m good    I just had a look at your photo    You have loooooooong arms    Like Mr Tickle

sexy. weird  [flagrantly stolen from Jimmy]
Me: when you wake up in the morning, are they in knots?
Her: wait i just need to take a dictionnary    just in case    so no they arent    :p
Me: 😛 x4
Her: On which picture have you seen that i have long arms ?
Me: None. I was just teasing  [occasionally ground myself as a normal person despite a theme of retarded attraction material. she’s young so probably flakey and ADHD]
Her: Oh okay
Me: Where are you now?  [Logistics. Is it possible to fuck this girl with short game?]
Her: im not in London    i visit my ante    in the suburb
Me: boooooooring!  [keep challenging her to pique interest]
Her: Yeahh it is    lol
Me: Did you go somewhere nice with your mum yesterday?
Her: no just shoppinbg    what about you    what did you do yesterday    ?
Me: I nearly had a fight    That’s very unusual for me    :/
Her: Why ?
Me: I was in Camden, drinking with friends    Some Brazilian guy was very rude. He really hated everything English  [there’s a post coming on this. It was on a date]
Her: So    what did you do ?
Me: For the first hour I ignored him    but he really really wanted to offend me  [frame myself as the reluctant aggressive guy]
Her: and .. ?  [I force her to keep asking for me to continue. It’s a mild form of investment]
Me: So I teased him for a while    Made jokes about Brazil    until he called me racist (for no reason)    I had a till receipt which I’d rolled into a little ball. I flicked it into his face
Me: It hit him between the eyes
Her: so funny
Me: a perfect shot 😀    Everyone laughed. He stood up, very angry    I stayed seated. Gave him “the finger”    and waited for the violence to begin    …  [obviously I frame myself as the hero of the story. Although all of this is true, reality wasn’t quite as cool – I was really angry with the guy]
Her: seriously ?    ..    so bad :p
Me: I don’t usually do this    but he was on a mission to start trouble    Anyway, he looked at me and changed his mind    then he walked out of the bar    England 1 – Brazil 0    How long are you in London?
Her: until friday    on the morning    im coming back    just q minute
Her: im back
Me: 😉    I’m checking out your profile now….  [open a loop on her vanity]
Her: lol
Me: oh no!    the worst photos I’ve EVER seen
Her: im supposed to laugh right ?    :p
Me: I didn’t realise you are famous    I just googled your name, and found a great picture of you  [Jesus, this one never gets old]
Her: Of course i am    you should know it    😉    i took this picture last year
Me: Do you prefer tea or coffee?  [false dilemma for setting up a date]
Her: chocolate     i hate coffee    and i dont like tea
Me: Hot chocolate?
Her: yeap
Me: afternoon or evening?
Her: im not sure i can    im quite busy    until i leave england    actually im here because my grand mother is sick  [she gets the message. I assume all attraction is sexual attraction]
Me: how many of your family are in England?
Her: a cousin , 2 antes ang my grandparents
Me: It’s like an invasion :O  [again I’m focusing on attraction and retardation. Most sets I’d do comfort here but in this case I’m experimenting with low comfort]
Her: AHAha    IT IS
Me: Here’s my number. Text me if you wanna meet [my number]  [another experiment, suggested by Burto]
Her: Ok    thanks
Me: I’m in Starbucks now. Gonna buy a caramel shortbread    I forget, are you from Paris?  [then snip and stack]
Her: LOOL    Not really in Paris    in the suburb
Me: Not cool enough for Paris?
Her: ?    what ?
Me: Do you llike dogs or cats?  [didn’t want to explain a joke, so I snip and stack]
Her: i have an allergy
Me: -10 points    I love dogs     A real allergy?  [qualification]
Her: I hate dogs    lol    yeah    you have a dog ?
Me: No. I really want a siberian husky    They are like wolves    I have an image in my mind    of when I live by the beach again    talking my big siberian husky for a walk in the morning    wrestling him in the water    then hunting penguins together  [this is true, except for the penguins]
Her: LOOOOOL    i want a cat    but i cant because of my allergy    thats to bad
Me: My parents have five cats. I don’t like them    We can’t be friends  [false disqualifier]
Her: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA    youre so funny    :p  [big IOI]
Me: Can you cook?  [qualify her on  high]
Her: Nooo     im a desaster  [banter]
Me: -50 points  [qualify]
Her: in a kitchen     xD    LOOOOOOOOOOOL   [IOI]
Me: we can’t get married either  [bigger false disqualifier]
Me: is that French for “oh no!”?  [subtle flipping of script in this sequence]
Her: no    it means    LOL
Me: When we get divorced, I’m gonna keep the dog, the car, and the Playstation    you can have the pans, cups, and duvet
Her: you can keep everything    a kind of present for me    no for you    :p
Me: You are a naughty girl     I’m shocked     :O    What are you wearing?  [misdirection and sexualise]
Her: naughty ? why are you saying that    ?    a jeans    and    a t shirt
Me: not sexy at all    -5 points    What are you really good at?    (apart from gymnastics)  [doesn’t quite hit so don’t dwell on it, stack into a qualifier]
Her: school    the best of my class    Im good at everything in fact
Me: [don’t validate her]

Her: so cute
Me: I was top of my class in everything every year    but I don’t tell people    oh    I just did….    :/
Her: LOL
Me: I’m actually very modest    I only believe I’m half as good as I really am
Her: yeahh i see that
Me: What colour underwear are you wearing?    if it’s not a personal question…..  [sexualise]
Her: black  [surprised she answered]
Me: I prefer red  [demanding]
Her: Yesterday    it was red   [I’m surprised again]
Me: sexy, or like an old woman’s underwear?

[half an hour passes with her offline – this could be a shit test to see if I chase, bad internet, or she just has other things to do]

Her: hey  [She blinked first]
Me: don’t you “hey” me! 😀  [I like to tell girls off]
Her: lol
Me: did you finish cooking my dinner?  [frame her as my slave]
Her: not yet
Me: I want roast potatoes    with cheese    and gravy
Her: mais bien sur    :p
Me: no onion    no mushroom
Her: okay    :p
Me: I want red wine too    maybe you can sing while you cook
Her: if you like the rain    why not    :p
Me: Your internet is not good
Her: its my internet    its me
Me: you’re a crazy french girl    My mother warned me about girls like you  [frame her]
Her: what do you mean girl like me ?    and what did she tells you ?
Me: she said “be careful of dark brunette french gymnasts”   “they are sex maniacs”  [blame her for the sexualisation]
Her: MDRRRRR    its not true
Me: Yeah, those girls are not all sex maniacs    only you are
Her: we heard the same thing about    english girls
Me: English girls are always fucking    But they are fat 😦  [generalised sex talk]
Me: I prefer skinny girls. More fun to slap their ass
Her: dont be rude    ^^  [simple shit test]
Me: I’m a man. It’s normal    But I guess you are still a shy little girl  [don’t back down, frame her as the weird one]
Her: Probably  [neither acceptance nor rejection. so I back off the sexualisation]
Me: Anyway, you’re fun.    I like that  [time to get real and give her a reason I like her]
Her: lol
Me: I like girls who have energy and can joke around    it’s sexy  [SOIing her]
Her: thanks
Me: I’m going home now. My friends are cooking me a meal    Send me a text tomorrow and we’ll get a quick drink  [assume the sale]
Her: thats nice
Me: I’ve probably only got an hour spare  [FTC]
Her: I’ll thimk about it    okay  [= probably not, but I am above her attraction threshold]
Me: have a good evening    😉
Her: thanks    you too

Conclusions? She’s a maybe girl. There’s some obstacle somewhere whether it’s logistics, a boyfriend, insufficient attraction, whatever. She’s on the backburner for Long Game. With that much family in London she’ll be back. The important thing is she spent three hours chatting to me, investing, and re-opening. I’m now “the guy she talks to on facebook” and from this in lots of beautiful things can be built.

I bang my first Latvian 21yr old Brunette – Jimmy’s story

February 23, 2011

This is a guest post from Jimmy Jambone, one of my main wings, who played an integral part in getting me inside this girl. Head over to his blog for my own lay report of this girl, and video footage.

It had been a horrible couple of days in Latvia. Day game was off. I’ll probably post a video diary on Vimeo or YouTube just for the hell of it but it was -13 and biting. Over the whole holiday I did about 5 half hearted approaches, got blown out every single time then the last one, I saw an absolute stunner dressed in really expensive clothes. I opened her with energy. Facebook close. Bhodisatta filmed it but accidentally deleted the footage. I didn’t have my infield mic turned on.

The clubs and bars were where the game is at. For once I felt like a night gamer, which used to be my strong suit and I haven’t been into it for a long time. The bars were low volume and target rich.

Monday night was a long and interesting one. We started with a long taxi drive trying to find a club open. They were all shut. After trying 3, we got the driver to drop us off in the old town and walked the streets in the cold. All bars shut. Bumped into a party of girls and they walked us to a bar.

And it was a good one. We went in, ignored everyone, stood by the bar in a horseshoe and started to build value/elicit IOIs. Which started to come within half an hour.

Best part of the night was seeing a bit of hand to hand outside the bar (video of streetfight on JJ’s blog – K.)

The five of us were all well in set all night. Krauser’s set of choice were a blonde and a brunette. I saw him open, then leave the set, asking us to give him value. I noticed blonde looking over, she smiled. Lee at some point turned up with a haughty, tall blonde stripper looking girl and disappeared off to another club, Bhodi was in with a Norwegian and London Sky and I had a two set by the back wall we were working.

We’d hit the bar at about 1am, maybe later, but it seemed earlier. We were a bit caught off guard when it suddenly shut. We all decamped to the club across the road. It was pretty empty. And a bit of a seedy joint. Moran took his sour faced slut and the rest of us sank beers by the bar while desperate Latvian men took very unsavoury looking women into the toilets and fucked them.

Krauser then, out of the blue saw his two set leaving, so he went and stopped them, dragged them back to us and then isolated his target, the brunette, much to the surprise of the blonde, who thought that he wanted her. What followed was a painful half an hour of trying to distract the very disgruntled cockblock, while Krauser got his lay.

First off, when they were dragged back and the blonde was left with us, she turned to me and said ‘I think you’re boring, go away, don’t talk to me’.

No worries here. She wasn’t fit, wasn’t on my radar and I would rather talk to London Sky and Bhodi. But that’s not how you work a set is it. If the obstacle gets bored or kicks up a fuss, it can slow down, interrupt and even end the player’s set. So for half an hour Bhodi, Sky and I desperately emasculated ourselves to a preening, unattractive nasty blonde doing and saying ANYTHING to prevent her from turning around and spoiling Krauser’s chances. This included standing in the way of the cloakroom so she wouldn’t see them getting their coats and leaving.

After around half an hour Krauser left with his girl, we waited until they got clear and cut the blonde loose. She realised what we’d done and stormed off. We breathed out, congratulated each othe,r then went to get our coats. Ten minutes later we’re in the street and horror of horrors the obstacle is back and talking to Krauser and the target. It’s -500 and after 2 minutes of trying to flood interference, Bhodi calls a taxi, grabs me and says ‘We will die if we stay out in this’. I tell Krauser he is on his own and flee.

Back at the apartment, Lee is back with his haughty stripper slut and some loser mates of hers who are doing Crystal Meth in the bathroom. The haughty bitch is doing a great job of tooling Lee who is so drunk he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I laden myself down with spy cams, 4 of them, and just sit around the flat confident I might catch something amusing.

Something fucked up with the spy cams but I did get Krauser returning with his target.

I blow a dead-cert SNL by being a douchebag. Again.

February 22, 2011

Moran is hyper again and he wants to spend Friday night before Latvia getting smashed. Fuck it, I’m in the mood. We drink some Strongbow on the underground and roll into the Worlds End in Camden at about 11pm. This is an area known for its freaks and methheads but also some good pubs with the indie crowd. There’s lots of decent girls and all the guys are too much into their emo / asymmetrical haircuts to notice.

We immediately go about building value. We do aftershock shots between pints. We’re getting nicely rat-arsed and glowing with fun. IOIs start to come our way. Moran is always a ball of energy and we are just laughing, messing around, doing countless meaningless gesiticulations just for the fun of it. A polish 3-set eyes us and stands behind. A Slovak 2-set positions it next to us and I open. Can’t remember what with, but it’s rude.

Moran's girl

Some little chodeboy comes running over like an energizer bunny. He’s been talking to them the past hour, running “game”. The little Slovak gives him a fake number. She just flat out tells us it’s fake and is trying to get rid of him. He runs back to his friends triumphant. He is like a schoolkid taking a gold star home to show mummy. The little one gives Moran an IOI and he pounces on it.

Cunt, I think. My set. Wing rules.

There’s no way to back either of them off. So I immediately walk up to the Poles and open them by saying my friend is gonna start rapidly escalating even though I told him not to. Sure enough we all look over and Moran has already got her up against the wall making out, in the middle of the bar. I start heckling him. A pole asks “what is rapid escalation”, I demonstrate, on her. Freaks her out but she likes it. All four of us start heckling Moran. He is distracted now and turns round embrassed telling us to stop it. We just keep going.

My set. I don’t care.

I go over and physically pull them apart. I start admonishing Moran. He knows he took my set, but he’s drunk and horny. The little Slovak is a seven. Definitely worth a poke. I turn my back on her and say;

Me: You are not going to fuck this girl tonight. Remember we came here to get drunk.
Him: Yeah, you’re right
Me: So, we’re gonna get drunk. None of this rapid escalation shit. Get rid of her so we can get back on the beer.
Him: *face like a child told his trip to Disneyland is cancelled* Okay

The Slovak can hear all of this. She’s just standing rooted to the spot, speechless. But not moving. The obvious subtext is that I am essentially escalating her for Moran, and he knows this.

Me: Ok. If you have to, either take her number now, or drag her to the toilets and fuck her. Whichever, just do it now.
Him: *looks at her, indecisive*
Me: *to her* Just wait a minute darlin’. Man talk.

She protests because she wants to stay and finally Moran takes her round the corner and accepts her number. She’s in a 100% chasing frame now and I’m the Bad Cop. Moran tells her to wait around a few hours and he’ll call her. The SNL is already a done deal. We move to the next bar. We’re just buzzing with energy and vibe now. I take a couple of facebooks on the way and then Moran does my “douchebag opener” on a mixed five set coming down the street. He stops them, holds laser eye contact with the hottest girl, and with a dismissive thumbjerk over his shoulder at the guys says:

Moran: Hi. Are you fucking either of these guys tonight?
Girl: Um…  *smiles, tentative*
Moran: Cool. *rapid escalation*

The chodes stand helpless and finally a cockblock tears her away. We roll into the next bar and immediately get into set. More drink, more fun, and Moran pops out to collect his SNL girl. When he gets back with her I’m with a blonde girl styled like Marilyn Monroe. I put her at a six, Moran says seven. I just open direct, handhold and pull her in to the bar. She buys me a drink then a verbally escalate her and put her hand on my cock. She’s massively horny immediately.

Like this. But a six

We double extract.

Getting a taxi is a nightmare. We end up walking towards the canal bridge taking at least ten minutes. I’m in full-on don’t-care douchebag mode. I keep calling my girl a slut. Hurry up slut. What you doing slut. Follow me slut. She’s really into me but this is hard work for her. I keep having to soften to reel her in.

Me: *looks into her eyes* I’m just playing a character. I like your really. We’re gonna have a great time. Ok?
Her: *sheepish* ok
Me: Cool. C’mon slut

When we finally get to a free minicab she’s bolted. Whatever. Getting out the other end at my house Moran has a piss in the bushes and I have to let his girl into the house. She keeps saying to me “I’m not a slut. I don’t usually do this”. I have bright red lipstick smeared all over my face like Heath Ledger and I was still drunkenly opening sets, to zero success, after my girl ejected. Great night. Moran owes me one.