Plenty of Fish game – My first bite

January 31, 2011

In my first foray into online game I messaged five girls. The results are in:

  • Pinky – No reply, no evidence she opened the mail.
  • Asian – Replied with a slightly indignant response like I’d prodded her vanity. Didn’t seem to get the joke.
  • Black – Checked my profile. No reply.
  • Brown – No reply, no evidence she opened the mail.
  • Bitchy – Great response, see below. Notably, she doesn’t seem to have checked my profile. She just riffed on the original mail.

So out of five mails, three of them drew a girl’s attention and one hooked well. Here’s the full text of the exchange with Bitchy which all took place on the same evening as my original message.

Me: Your photo intrigued me for all the wrong reasons (for you). Such a “look at me, I’m the princess” pout I thought: this profile is gonna be funny, let’s see how much self-delusion can be squeezed into a single About Me section.But no, you seem like a normal, down to earth girl. Except Dan Brown – ugh!

Her: Haaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

You are so freaking wrong for saying that! So out of order – but I get that all the time! Unfortunately. – Actually, I take that back, it’s not unfortunate, I’m over it now.
Ever heard of the expression “never judge a book by it’s cover”???!? #justsaying
AND that “”look at me, I’m the princess” pout”” picture was taken in my bathroom, I’ll have you know! My whole bathroom was covered in TIN FOIL for my little brothers spaceship project! Below the neck I was wearing an alien costume! It was NOT the slightest bit sexy!
AND AND, DAN BROWN RULES ALL! *sticks tongue out* 


Me: So let’s get this straight. Just so it’s clear in my head.
You’re some kind of x-files weirdo.
You dress as an alien, you read novels about conspiracy theories, and you cover your bathroom in tin foil? Why the latter – is it to stop the CIA / grey aliens from perving with their X-ray goggles while you take a shower?
Nice that you look after your little bro, mind. I’m got two nephews and they are the cutest things in the world. The littlest is a tank so I’m teaching him judo. He’s a natural. The older boy is a bit rangy, so I’m showing him kickboxing. He’s well into it.
Let me ask you two personal questions:
1. What’s your second favourite dinosaur?
2. How many marshmallows can you hold in your mouth while I tickle you?

Her: The XFiles was my answer to evading peer pressure! It was one of the things that aided me through my awful teenage years! Good old XFiles AND Sunset Beach AND the documentary channel. . . Bathroom was covered in tin foil for my bros science project. He won – obviously!
I hate children – every last one of them! BUT they seem to like me for some unknown reason to mankind?!? I think that they think “come near me at your peril” translates into “I like you, please dribble on me” – It really doesn’t.
I only spend almost every waking moment with my little brother and sister because they are really really extremely mature for their age PLUS i love them!
1 – Triceratops
2 – I’m allergic to marshmallows (don’t ask)
^^^^^^^^^ And then you have the audacity to query whether I’m weird?! When you ask “I-may-stalk-you-on-a-sunday-afternoon” questions like these?!? Shame on you x 3!

Me: Ok, I like you. Cheeky, spritely, and creative.
I think I’ll meet you for coffee but please indulge me with a few safety questions so I can confirm you’re not a crazy bunny-boiler.
Would you ever:
– Text me ten times in a row without me having answered?
– Leave more than one comment per day on my facebook?
– Message my facebook friends trying to find out who I’m sleeping with (that’s not you)?
Thanks for the banter. It was worth logging in today.

Her: Haaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha!!! I promise you, you’re not well! I’d do all three!! And then when I finally get a hold of you, I’d obliterate you for allowing me to embarrass myself in broad light! Yeah, yeah thank me later!
Oh shut up! Don’t try to be sweet after you gave me a good what for just because I had a half decent picture!!! – ****!
Hitting the sack – yes my sheets are clean. Question is – are yours clean? Dun dun dun . . . . Yeah, whatever. Have a goodnight!!x

Me: Goodnight

Her: P.s, it was good talking to you. Made me laugh – even though you insulted me first! You have a sick warped sense of humor – awesome nevertheless!! Boomselecta!

Note – For those of you asking why are the black girls, it’s because that’s hows I filtered my first search. I’m going through a phase where I want a girl with a bit of jungle in her. Voluptuous, earthy, bitchy and so on.

Daygame while loaded with cold

January 30, 2011

I must’ve walked under some ladders and kicked some black cats because my luck has been shitty of late. I’ve had flu twice in three months and two minor colds. Waking up this morning to teach bootcamp the glands around my throat were so swollen it hurt to swallow and tossed and turned in bed getting a sum total of three hours sleep. Very much breaking my daygame rule of “get a good nights sleep and feel refreshed”.

Nonetheless I stumble out and do a few demo sets for the students. This is the best of them. It’s really nothing to get excited about because at best its a 50/50 she’ll contact me, probably less. But she had a bizarre vibe to her and there was some fun challenging interplay between us.

0:29 – She’s pulling a “what’s going on” face
0:36 – Don’t be scared to comment on racial factors. Girls really don’t care.
0:38 – The first indicator that this is a confident girl with some creativity on her side. She’s not going to lock up.
0:44 – So I go straight into a tease to show I can play this game too. I’ll keep coming back to it.
1:00 – Personalise it all to her.
1:07 – She’s very comfortable now she knows I’m not a mugger. I’m pegging her as having high self esteem and good social skills. Nice.
1:14 – More teasing but also screening to see if she’s a perpetual student (which I don’t like)
1:22 – The mutually agreed frame is banter and challenge. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s alot of fun to have a girl stand up for herself and throw things back at you.
1:32 – Time constraint. So everything now has to be hurried. I manage to string it out eight minutes in the end which is a sign she enjoys the interaction.
1:40 – I was not expecting her to extend this with questions. Might as well run with it and throw in some cheesy obvious DHVs.
2:20 – Very basic mild defiance gets a laugh. Don’t be agreeing to everything a girl says.
2:31 – Callback humour to her posh voice and then a tease about Manchester culture.
2:54 – I’m just free associating because I know she might head off any time this gets boring or has a long pause. She’s enjoying it, but has a real time constraint which I’m gradually weakening.
3:12 – She enjoyed that cold read about “incongrous”. It’s contrast game from me. Act like a retard and throw in some hints I’m actually smart and well read.
3:30 – She’s sharp, relaxed and fun. I’m really enjoying talking to her.
3:44 – Notice how her body never stops pointing vaguely in the direction she was walking. This is because I never fully kill momentum. The time constraint is constantly there.
4:26 – I’m introducing a theme that I drop unexpectedly educated words into an otherwise normal conversation, to see if she notices and plays ball.
4:41 – I really don’t know what she was thinking here.
4:55 – Normally this means a dead end but it does no harm and in this case it sounds like she’s genuinely considering the date. God knows what’s holding her back.
5:30 – More dumbass teasing
6:08 – She likes arrogance so I throw some in and she IOIs twice with a smile and a question.
6:25 – She picks up the ball on the clever word game.
7:13 – Callback humour to her posh voice. My tone makes it a qualifier because I clearly like her accent.
7:48 – She does the clever word game again.


My first foray into online game – Plenty of Fish

January 26, 2011

Generally speaking I have a low opinion of online game. It is designed to fail. The only girls who would use it are those who are too old/ugly or too busy (=career woman= masculine= unattractive) to pick up guys face to face. The only men online are those too scared to overcome approach anxiety. Thus online game is just low value men spamming the inboxes of low value women, making out their entitlement complexes. Not for me.

Then look at how sites like Match and eHarmony are marketed. They are flagrantly positioned as “find a sucker” for over-30s women to get married off. Thus my conclusion that online game is a waste of time, like trawling through a sea of sewage in search of an occasional zircon. Why bother when I can just see a girl on the street and get her.

Over the past six months I’ve watched Burto and Tony T mercilessly invade dating sites and string together an unending ho train of ready, willing, and most importantly fuckable girls. They’ve cracked the code. So my ears perked up. Then Jimmy jumped in and found an entertaining way to get these girls – troll the fuck out of them and then turn the anger response into attraction. That’s fun.

So I’m giving online game another chance, as of today. I’m gonna pick the brains of T-bone, B-bone and J-bone to figure out a style that works for me. My profile is up and it’s heavy on the playful douchbag, qualifying girls from the first sentence. Here’s the mails I sent out today. Results (or lack of them) should come through in the next two days.


Girl One – Pinky has a short playful profile presenting herself as a cute fun girl who wants a fun guy with kind eyes she can swim in.
Subject: Your hair scares my dog
Message: Nice colour, but really. When Bodger walked past my laptop he yelped and hit in his basket.


Girl Two – Asian has “activity” photos and a few smiley ones. She’s a bit dull and talks about her favourite tv shows and travel destinations. She doesn’t say it, but looks like an office girl.
Subject: Your profile is masculine
Message: Skydiving, travelling and stuff. Maybe if you’d put up a few photos of you baking a nice cake, and maybe wearing a cute summer dress, somebody would look and think “she’d make a good little wife”


Girl Three – Black has put alot of effort into her profile to describe her hobbies. She comes off as a feisty charity worker who wants to be a bit quirky. Likeable but a bit full of it.
Subject: You lost me at “RSPCA”
Message: We have pretty much nothing in common. I dislike hip hop, amateur dramatic, and prodnose charities. That said, being a man, I liked your photos so I thought I’d force myself to read past the first paragraph. Just in case there was some gold to be found in your character traits.  Not sure. You’re a marmite girl – you’ll inspire love or hate and not much inbetween.


Girl Four – Brown has one sentence describing the type of guy she wants and one photo that doesn’t even show her full face. Entitlement is written all over her.
Subject: Honestly, that’s all you have?
Message: You’re asking alot for a girl who has one badly-cropped photo and a half-arsed About Me section. I spent two hours writing my profile, filling it with subtle wit and screening questions. Then I carefully went through my photos to present a well-balanced introduction to who I am.  Your sheer audacity intrigues me. But my attraction-o-meter is barely registering.


Girl Five – Bitchy has an annoying photo but her profile is actually nice and sweet.
Subject: You look bitchy
Message: Your photo intrigued me for all the wrong reasons (for you). Such a “look at me, I’m the princess” pout I thought: this profile is gonna be funny, let’s see how much self-delusion can be squeezed into a single About Me section. But no, you seem like a normal, down to earth girl. Except Dan Brown – ugh!

I’ve left the messages exactly as written, so if the girls are smart enough to google the text they’ll find this page and see what I’m up to. I messaged another four girls. I might do a second post.

Warming up a cold lead: Button Nose

January 24, 2011

A couple of months ago I opened a sweet English girl near Trafalgar Square in day game. It was an unremarkable set. Nice ten minutes of banter and she responded well but it never quite seemed to reach a point where I could commit her. Nonetheless I follow up. I post this long text exchange to show one way of warming up a cold lead. It takes lots of texts so it’s important to enjoy the process for self-amusement, rather than as a means to an end.

Me: So is this [button nose]? The kinda cute but kinda feisty girl who owes Nick a coffee (white americano, no sugar)
Her: do i look like a girl who buys men drinks?  [shit test, hard and fast]
Me: No. Just mine.  [stand my ground, cocky arrogance]
Her: you are so insane.  [IOI]
Me: Uh-huh. I’m on my way out now. Talk soon. I’m thinking Saturday afternoon, about 5pm. Be a good girl and say “yay!”
Her: im not a good girl and maybe ill discuss with my boyfriend then see. ur outrageous.
Me: Cool

So nothing happens. It’s a cute girl who likes me but she’s got a boyfriend and she doesn’t like me enough to ignore the fact. There’s lots of sets like this so I move on. Three weeks later I’m browsing my contacts with a new warm-up text in mind. A few cold leads get the same text and Button Nose responds.

Me 3:18am – You just invaded my dream. I can’t even remember what you look like. That’s totally not fair.  [draw her in on her vanity because girls need to know how people perceive them, but make it clear it wasn’t a pervy dream]
Her 8:32am – Sorry who is this? i dont have this number saved…  [proves how little investment she has right now]
Her 10:36am – ?? Come on i am so curious now i don’t have this number in my phone..   [I’d not replied for two hours. She’s started work and it’s nawing at her mind]
Me 10:38am – Don’t worry about it, you barely know me 😉   [more defiance – a normal guy would been saying “It’s Nick! We met at Trafalgar Sq three weeks ago. Remember?”]
Her 10:39am – it doesn’t matter if i barely know you then how do you have my number?
Me 10:40am – You liked me so you gave it to me. I don’t think you do that often to strangers. [framing her as liking me and me being different]
Her 10:42am – I don’t… So where did i meet u? If u have forgotten my face it had to have been long ago right?
Me 10:45am – Just a few weeks ago. We were both stone cold sober. I might not remember your face, but I do remember meeting. Dunno your excuse…  [slightly challenging]
Her 10:55am – It would be helpful if u gave me your name or where we met and then i will remember… come on if u waited 2 weeks to text or something what do you expect?  [this one unanswered question has been spun out so long that it allows me to DHV and invest her]
Her 11:00am – I am fairly sure i remember you but i changed phones so my sim lost you.. are you the sandwich compliment man who chased me down outside costa?  [I don’t want to be framed as “sandwich compliment guy”]
Me 11:02am – Not sure about a sandwich. I think I complimented your arse or your walk.  [remind her how sexual the opener was]
Her 11:03am – Sandwich complimenting! U complimented them in an offensive way!  [mild shit test / banter]
Me 11:05am – Offensive? Yeah right… Little Miss Innocent now, are you?  [introduce an image]
Her 11:08am – Of course! I was raised catholic 😉 i think using the word slutty was a bit much…  [playing along]
Me 11:16am – So should I apologise and do some Hail Marys?
Her 11:18am – i could def use some form of grovelling right now… bad dayyy  [she’s opening up a little about herself, a move into rapport]
Her 11:18am – Maybe explain what i was doing in ur dream  [she’d almost forgotten the original text because of how I distracted her]
Me 11:24am – It wasn’t sexual. Well, not very… You were sort of a cameo character in the background. I don’t remember the details – you know how dreams are – but somehow it was definitely you.  [this is basically a neg]
Her 11:29am – How…. flattering?
Me 11:31am – Oh, I like you Button Nose. But I don’t control my subconscious. Why’s your day so bad?  [SOI and stack forwards. You can’t tease forever, I’ve done enough attraction for now]
Her 11:50am – Oh god its an old cliche to be honest… ‘my boyfriend and i broke up’ blah blah blah. But you know… new day, new start  [sometimes you get lucky with timing and logistics. Have to be careful not to jump on it with lame “hey baby, forget him, you’ve got me” lame-assery]
Me 11:55am – Boo, that sucks :/  Does your breakup recovery plan involve chocolate and wine?
Her 11:56am – No because that will lead to weight gain and me feeling even worse!! My break up plan involves fruit and cocktails. Lol i don’t know i don’t have a break up plan i am not organized enough.
Me 11:58am – If I was proper shifty, I’d be looking to pounce during your window of emotional vulnerability right now….  [verbalising the obvious subtext]
Her 12:00pm – ‘if’??!! Anyway sadly for anyone thinking that, break ups make me toughen up.
Me 12:11pm – Ok, I’m shifty…. Unburden yourself on your girl friends for a few days (I’m a bad listener), then we’ll do something together  [ordering her to do what she’d do anyway while showing intent and a lack of outcome dependence]
Her 12:11pm – Hahahahahahahahahahaah ok

Krauser Night Game Model

January 21, 2011

While Jimmy and I were out in Lithuania last week we went to the same nightclub (Salento) four times. He hates noisy places and is always bitching about it but after talking over the first night we realised we’d figured something out. There’s a way to run club game as talky guys, without relying on dancing, rapid escalation, looks, or lame social guy proofing. We’d figured out

club-game for talkers

We then tested it the next three times and in each case drew a ton of IOIs, warm opens, and both of us would’ve had SNLs if not for external interrupts. How did we do this you say….. Presenting the nascent Krauser Night Game Model.

– A wing you really like talking to and knows your style
– Beer money
– Patience
– A club that is reasonably open plan, and not so loud you can’t talk at all (this will also work in large bars)

1. Walk in like a rock star
Roll in chatting with your wing about any old shit, laughing and confident. Do not scan around the room, do not notice the hot girls. Just stride straight over to the bar and get a drink. Then lock into the best position in the house – somewhere highly visible, with lots of traffic past it (walking or dancing). This is preferably against the main bar so you don’t even have to move to get drinks. Try to avoid anywhere that requires you to move out of the way for people such as the busiest part of said bar.

2. Ignore everyone but your wing
You came to the club to have a great time with your friend. Turn to face each other and start talking with great animation and interest about things you genuinely care about. Ignore the whole fucking room. Start to talk each other’s state up, laugh, play around, pull funny faces at each other and tell stories. Do this at least half and hour. You are building your glow. You’ll feel yourselves getting more and more socially lubricated and any worries about the night will fall away. This is in stark contrast to every other guy in the club. What are they doing? Half the guys (at least) came to get laid and will be standing against a wall with their drink in chode position. They’ll ignore their friends standing next to them as they both value-scan the room with anxious faces. They’ll eye up every girl and leech out validation and value. Any time a girl gives one of these miserable bastards a look it’ll spring them into a short chode-dance until the girl ignores them again and they re-attach themselves to the wall. The remaining half of dudes will be either actively hitting on girls over and over again or else just chilling doing nothing. Whatever, you will be having far more fun than the lot of them and be far more relaxed. You are building outcome independence and building value.

3. Clock the IOIs but don’t bite
Both of you will be the warm end of the pool now and glowing with value. You might be a little drunk too. Good stuff. Start using peripheral vision to pick out the various IOIs you’ll now be receiving. As wings, pick out each other’s so neither of you need to move your heads towards the dancefloor. At first they won’t be strong – some of the validation-dancing girls looking your way to see if you notice their butt-shaking, a few proximity IOIs as girls maneouvre nearer, the occasional bump as they come near to order their drink. You will see them. Continue what you’re doing but start to divide the field and prepare to act.

4. Open the easy meat
Do some low investment openers on the girls that require the least effort and seem most approachable. For example, has a three set of 6s been sitting next to you for the past half hour looking bored? Does a smiley girl give you a nudge as she orders a drink next to you? Does any kind of easy opportunity fall into your lap? Take it. Take anything that allows you to get into a set that doesn’t look like you’re hitting on her. These are your pawn sets. Don’t try to hang in the set any longer than is natural, and after one set is done immediately either got back to building value with your wing, or open another. Before long you’ll have a horseshoe of girls around you. Every other girl will see this. Re-clock the IOIs. Should be more of them and from better girls. But do not return the attention they throw you. If you ever get a blowout, turn back to your wing and laugh it off so as not to lose value.

5. Unleash the douchebag
You’ll have high confidence and some inebriation by now so make your conversation with your wing about topics that raise your douchebaggery. Tell fight stories, drink stories, close scrapes with the police or whatever. Nurture the douchebag. You are already the two guys in the club having the most fun and unlike the cool dancer guy, you don’t look try hard. You could take or leave any set. Now start opening sets for real. Do it any way you want, but do it with intent and confidence. Talk to girls at the bar, sitting near you, pull them over as they walk past. Just go with your intuition and exercise leadership. Laugh off the bad responses. Tease girls to get them visibily responding to you. Every set should build value in the eyes of every other set. Any time you feel a set flagging or your own momentum slowing, dismiss them and recharge with your wing.

You should now be remaining in Phase 5 for the rest of the night and snowballing your value. Think through what you are accomplishing here. The method is all based on building and then maintaining the following attributes:

– High personal charismatic value (not social proof per se)
– Fun Fun Fun vibe
– Total outcome independence
– Social lubrication
– Weakening boundaries of what is unacceptable or impossible
– Minimal effort

* Note – this is not as practised as my day game model. It’s simply codifying what I’ve found tends to work for me (read my last three lay reports from late 2010 – they all went this way before I realised this is what I was doing) and have since practised.

* Note – Jimmy deserves a tip of the hat for standing next to me laughing while I figured this stuff out. And yes, somebody somewhere might’ve written this kind of stuff before. Don’t fucking care. This model came to me by observing what I did that worked for me.

I bang my first 21 yr old Lithuanian painter

January 20, 2011

This is the pay-off for some diligent Long Game. I’ll go into detail here on the end game, something I’m still pretty weak at, but first a summary of the preceeding stages:

The Meet: I’m walking through Gedmino street (main shopping area) in Vilnius with Jambone doing some scheduled day game. I see a cute young chick sitting on a bench waiting for someone. She’s wearing a deep purple coat. I open her saying its the same colour as my favourite raspberry yoghurt I’d eat as a child. She’s flattered and later tells me she thought about the meeting for the rest of the day thinking it was extremely romantic. She tells me she has a boyfriend and won’t give her number. I take the facebook and add her later that day. I assume its a dead lead.

The Long Game: Over the next three months I guide her through the steps. She gradually warms to me and by Christmas she’s sending me naked photos and telling me how she wants to be fucked. Slutty as this sounds she does so while maintaining a demure maidenly frame and insisting that she has a boyfriend. Nonetheless we agree that when I go to Lithuania she’s gonna come round to the apartment and cook for me, and then whatever happens happens.

Bonus Round: I float the idea of her bringing a friend to help cook and then Jimmy can talk to her. A cute blonde 20 yr old is chosen and we have a couple of weeks to DHV J-bone in advance of the meet.

So I turn up in Vilnius deciding Painter is my #1 target and all other targets must fit around what I do to close her. She wants me, I want her, but there’s three massive obstacles:

1. She has a boyfriend of 5 years who is fully integrated into her life and she does not want to cheat on.
2. She has only ever dated this one guy. So she is sexually inexperienced and still links sex and love strongly.
3. She can’t be seen publically with me lest her reputation be tarnished and she loses what she considers to be “everything”

The fact she knows I’m a player with a harem doesn’t phase her at all. It’s a DHV not an obstacle. The same day I arrive she comes around.

Day 1 – This is all about comfort. I need to confirm to her that I am the guy I presented as and that she isn’t forced into anything. She needs to relax and feel that I do like her and this isn’t just a booty call. We chat as she cooks and then Jimmy shows up for his eats. After I tell her “I promised I’d kiss you if I like your food….. I liked it”. Short kiss, push her away, and we watch a movie on my laptop in the lounge. It’s on now and by the time she needs to leave we are making out. I do not try for the close.

Night 1 – Jimmy and I are tired. We haven’t slept the prior night and now it’s midnight after all the travel. Painter texts unexpectedly to invite us clubbing at Salento. It’s five minutes walk from our apartment. We end up there, and start free-wheeling a new method for nightgame (another post to follow). We roll in like rock stars, take prime bar position and then talk animatedly to each other while ignoring the room. Soon lots of IOIs come our way. Painter is on the dancefloor with her blonde friend Daewoo [in-joke]. We don’t look at them and before long they notice us and start IOIing. We begin pulling girls over to us to get a nice horseshoe in front. More IOIs. I run some “secret” long distance gesturing with Painter. After a couple of hours we leave. Job done. She now has witnessed me as the guy chased by hot girls, and Daewoo has seen Jimmy as the same.

Day 2 – More of the same. Chatting, fooling around, rapport and then move on to making out. I spent alot of time doing the Tony T “masculine presence” routine. This means you are just exuding masculine energy so that her feminine radiance comes out, and as she glows hotter she feels more and more magnetised to you. You aren’t “kino escalating” or “running material”. You are creating an aura so she is emotionally drawn to you. Towards the end of the evening I push her further sexually until she is down to her panties on my sofa. At the moment I’ve hooked my thumbs into them her boyfriend calls. I pull back.

Day 3 – Same again. This time the LMR returns as I have my hand down her panties. I am telling her variations of “It’s okay for you to say no. You can leave anytime. I won’t be angry.”

The weekend comes and with it her boyfriend and some family obligations. She has two days to stew on it while I pursure other targets. She texts to say she will spend the night next time, and bring her friend.

Day 4 – The first two hours are bringing Jimmy into it and getting Daewoo into him. It’s a struggle because her English is awful so it’s so hard to get rapport. She obviously wants him but she can’t be moved through the necessary stages of the courtship ritual. We aren’t drinking much, it’s not a club. Fools Mate isn’t gonna work. Jimmy knows Daewoo is just a bonus ring so he keeps his eye on the ball which is to get me laid. Knowing that I have all night to work, I keep it light and make her chase. By midnight we are upstairs in my bed and undressed. It’s make or break.

I decide to make her chase, make her jump the chasm. I lie on my back with my arm around her and just wait. She gradually escalates me. Before every escalation she stops to look at me. Like a child puzzling over a maths problem, I can read her mind on her face. It’s a straight-forward forebrain-hindbrain conflict. She starts talking:

Her: I’m such a bad girl
Me: Why?
Her: *thoughtful silence*
Me: Tell me
Her: I left my boyfriend at home with my parents. They are watching tv together now. He’s angry.
Me: *smiles inwardly*
Her: And I forgot to log out of facebook. Maybe he’ll see our messages  [“Are you staying over tonight?” etc]

There’s more LMR until an hour later she’s finally so hot that the forebrain folds it’s cards and I fuck her. She never truly relaxes but it’s good sex and she orgasms. Afterwards as we lie together she’s thoughtfully silent another five minutes then:

Her: OK. You got me.
Me: *silence*
Her: I’m another one of your victims.

Never heard that after sex. +10 points for me.

*Note – I’ve taken down all the photos because of the boyfriend / reputation issue. Sorry. She’s fucking sensational, so it’s not an easy choice. I’d rate her as the hottest of ALL the girls I’ve fucked since I got into game.

*Note 2 – This sounds like alot of effort. It was. To get girls of this calibre in the face of such obstacles is always hard work. If you don’t want to invest the time then scratch these girls off your target list. If you genuinely like high value girls and genuinely enjoy the thrill of the chase then you’ll be enjoying the work not resenting it.

Nurturing my inner douchebag

January 16, 2011

It’s Saturday night in Lithuania and I’m drunk. Jimmy and I get separated in a bar as he gets dragged off to a nightclub while I’m in a set. He texts me where he’s headed then gets lost so I actually get there before him. He’s twenty minutes away. Bugger.

So I’m sitting in a nightclub by myself and don’t know anyone. Our whole nightclub method relies on building initial value with the wing. I find a quiet corner bar where few people will notice me and then nurse a drink, trying to stem the loss of value bleeding out of me. To entertain myself in the interim I start texting a bunch of girls. Here’s two of the chats.

I’m in a prime douchebag mood and I use these text exchanges to raise my state. I’m deliberately playing a character and hoping the girls see that and don’t take my messages to heart. My only rule is to keep pushing the envelope further and further till I get a strong genuine “back off” signal. I’ve kept the spelling and grammatical errors as it’s an important part of the “I’m drunk and don’t give a fuck” vibe.

This was just a bit of fun, to fill a gap in the night. I’m not holding it up as an example of “good text game”. I rarely text in this style. First girl is a 19 yr old student I opened in Camden and haven’t gotten onto a date but she responds to my texts despite having a new boyfriend. Second girl is in Lithuania and I’ve already banged her several times.

Me – In Lirghunia, can see two of evertgibng
Her – riiightt
Me – Means what exactly?? are you tewsing me
Her – Sorry? You always drunk text me… not cool
Me – Not true. 100 percent [her name] bullsheet. Drunk now but not always
Her – You drunk text me before, leave me alone
Me – Eh? What? You’re not some softy
Her – No i dont take shit from middle aged men
Me – That’s pretty mean that is. Like a dagger through my heart
Her – Cool. Have a good life
Me – Damn that’s harsh. Can I hire you to attack my enemies?
Her – Sure… yeah heres my new number [some number] text me on that and ill reply there
Me – Dunno what to do woth that. My brain isn’t 100 pect now. You being mean girl or nice girl? I prefer nice girl
Her – Oops im being mean
Me – I’m so judging you right now. I liked yoyu too. Was the red hair and cute smile
Her – I really dont care what people think of me, judging is for those less than comfortable with themselves Yeahh my boyfriend loves it too
Me – Because trying to get a rise is so immature?
Her – Rise? Nope immature doesnt come into it, you asking me out though, is juat weird
Me – You have a boyfriend? Sure, smelly. You just jel cos I iz in foreign lands
Her – are you kidding? You cunt this is costing me loads… dont text me again
Me – Students! go smash a window
Her – I will ill make sure its yours
Me – You’re such a fucking bitch. I need to introspect on why I like you

Me – I’m shitfaced :/
Her – What’s up, Nick?
Me – In [club]. Lost Jimmy. Can see two of everything
Her – Nick, go home, you are drunk. why do you text me then? I can not help you now, because I’m not there
Me – Hahaha i’s having fun. Dunnowhy
Her – I’m glad-u have a fun time. It is strange, why you text me, you are busy probably now, there is a lot of girls
Me – Not now. Don’t like goirls anymore
Her – Haha, this is the most stupid thing about you 😀 i can not believe this.don’t u like me?!
Me – Girls are rubbish. I want safe world of playstation. No shit. Just games
Her – do u think i’m rubbish?! To hide in pc world – not for strong men. Take it easy, everything not so bad
Me – I’m gonna punch someone
Her – Stop to drink and go home to sleep, alone, otherwise, we’;; not meet tomorrow….
Me – 😀 is alright. Never twleve
Her – Or u don’t have me in your sunday plans
Me – Maybe. You gonna let me fuck you in the ass?
Her – [next day] How are u today?