I-Just-Don’t-Get-Mystery-Method Game

December 29, 2010

It’s fashionable to talk about Mystery Method like it’s old (furry) hat. This is a natural part of the modernist intellectual approach – we assume that progress is a forward line and thus the newer is better than the old. The lazy eye can see supporting evidence throughout the world – new video games are better than old, new mobile phones better than old etc. Thus technological progress, which is culmulative, is equivocated with general societal or intellectual progress. So too is capital accumulation. As any liberal (and I mean that in it’s actual sense, not the Obama-voting retard sense) knows the forces of free market capitalism lead to a harnessing of man’s productive energies into creating consumption goods and intermediate products (capital). As more work is done but not consumed, the capital wealth of society is increased leading to ever increasing productivity and thus material progress.

Has it really come to this?

So simple retards, and yes that includes most intellectuals, equivocate these two undeniable forces of progress with a progress in ideas. Oh no. It’s pretty easy to see that the economics and sociology of the 1920s is light years ahead of the current commie scrubbers infesting universities. So onto Mystery Method.

Although flawed, the Method remains the widest, deepest and most perceptive treatise on picking up girls to ever see print. Just as Islamist scholars are constantly trawling the Koran to fabricate evidence that all the great advances of civilisation where not due to white Christians but actually arab Muslims, so too does Jambone trawl Mystery Method to tell me he thought of everything first too. But unlike the Islamists, Jambone has a point.

A statistic I just pulled out of my arse is that 95% of PUAs practicising MM don’t understand it. They think MM is thumbrings, furry hats, negs and rountines. Or “acting like a prick” for short. They have an engineer’s logorythmic understanding of MM like it’s a machine code program to follow step by step until the girl ends up in your bed. It goes like this:

1. Lame opinion opener – “Hey. I need an opinion of something. Are starfish scarier than spiders?”
2. Neg – “Hey, you’re a fucking bitch whore. Haha, just joking. So, get this…..”
3. Routine – “So me and Hef are racing our Ferraris around Colin Farrell’s mansion yard”
4. Kino – * touch upper arm”
5. Routine – “Have you been to New York? No? Anyway, here’s a crazy caper that happened there…..”
6. Salsa-spin, high-five.
7. Palm reading
8. Isolate – “We’re going over here now. What do you mean, why? You’re like my bratty kid sister, how do you guys roll with her?
9. Get slapped. Go home alone.
10. Write field report on a forum.


Three peacocks. Yesterday.

Let’s just be straight. This is not Mystery Method. This is Retard Game. To do MM you have to actually read the book, absorb the principles, then come up with your own free conversation and body language consistent with the principles on the spot. You aren’t running an algorythm, you are in a two-way interaction with another human being who has hopes, dreams, plans, intentions of her own which will shape how you interact with her. Thus you don’t move from A2 to A3 after you’ve done three routines. You move when she shows you she is attracted to you. You don’t neg the target right after the opener – you neg her if she is being prissy and needs taking down a notch, and if she doesn’t act prissy then you don’t need to neg at all.

Don’t get down on MM just because clowns like Mehow are micro-analysing every single sentence into a multi-stage flowchart with feedback loops while completely missing the point. Don’t get down on MM just because a pack of skinny beta pork pie hat-wearing retards in Tiger Tiger are blowing up every set by acting like douchebags. If you’re new to game, stick with MM but understand that it’s an extremely deep system which only works when you get the priniciples and drop the superficial trappings.

Inflation: Everywhere and always an immature phenomenon

December 28, 2010

Let’s allow Ludwig Von Mises to consider inflation and it’s evil consequences:

“There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved” – source

As the great but ultimately flawed Milton Friedman stated, inflation is everywhere and always a monetary phenomenon. It is created by the central banks and their flunkies in the money centre banks. For those of you with a genuine interest in the theory of money and credit, a surprisingly alive topic and one necessary to attain intellectual mastery, go over to Mish‘s website for his commentary on the roving cavaliers of credit.

But this isn’t the inflation I’m talking about.

I’ve been reading “King Warrior Magician Lover” (Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette) as part of my Skeletor homework. A fascinating book that I’m only halfway through. It’s heavily influenced by Carl Jung, a guy I never really got into during my psychology classes. Back then I was a hardcore Scientist to make even Richard Dawkins blush and thus if a proposition couldn’t be falsified, it had no value. Now I’m becoming more sympathetic to the 19th Century German conception of science as a unified and systematic system of enquiry. And thus symbolism and cultural commentary is back on the menu. But I digress….

Four Archetypes of Male Psychology

Moore & Gilette contend that modern society is undergoing a crisis of masculinity in which boys are not being inducted into manhood due to an absence of coming of age rituals. This leads men to remain esconded in Boy Psychology throughout adulthood. I used to first notice this when I worked out in weightlifting gyms – they’d be full of huge men completely lacking any maturity or confidence. My brother and I used to call them “little boys in gorilla costumes“. I saw the same thing throughout university when many highlyregarded academics where just building walls and fences of inpenetrable jargon and bullshit to protect a vulnerable core of intellectual incompetence. But due to their socially elevated position and the huge barriers to entry in getting to their ideas, they were able to sit atop Mount Olympus and pretend to be gods. I used to call them “a dwarf on a mountain”.

M&G offer more examples: “the drug dealer, the ducking and diving political leader, the wife beater, the chronically crabby boss, the hot shot junior executive, the unfaithful husband, the company yes man, the indifferent graduate school advisor, the holier than thou minister, the gang member” and interestingly the therapist to attacks his clients’ efforts to shine and achieve so he can impose upon them a gray mediocrity. These are all boys pretending to be men. I’d add the perpetual-SNLing PUA, and the Roissy-ite “more alpha than thou” douchebag who haunts the manosphere. [though not Roissy himself, just his keyboard jockeying commentors].

Each of the four adult male archetypes has a preceding Boy archetype that determines the final makeup of the mature male, should he make the ego-killing transition to Man Psychology. In this sense the boy is the father of the man. The archetypes are:

KING: The Divine Child [DC]

WARRIOR: The Hero [HE]

MAGICIAN: The Precocious Child [PC]

LOVER: The Oedipal Child [OC]

These boy archetypes represent a balance between two extremes, or shadow sides, which boys need to tread carefully to avoid becoming a fucked-up worthless little turd. The Divine Child is the baby Jesus/Moses of unlimited potential who is both almighty and vulnerable at the same time. He is the source of life, energy and boyish wonderment at the world, producing our sense of wel being and enthusiasm for life. However when out of balance one extreme is the High Chair Tyrant, sitting at the table banging his spoon and demanding the universe revolve around him and his insatiable desires. He is exemplified by Spoilt Bastard in Viz, or the typical American entitlement princess. This leads to inflation through pride, hubris and narcissism. When the HCT is set loose upon the world as an immature adult we end up with Hitler and Stalin. Less murderous we get a Dick Fuld who would rather bankrupt Lehman Brothers than deal with his own hubris and grandiosity. In pick up, it’s Mystery.

The opposite extreme for the DC is the Weakling Prince, a pathetic little boy with no personality, initiative or enthusiam for life. This boy plays the sickly child who needs mollycoddled throughout life lest he break. It’s fake because he attacks those around him with sarcasm and passive-aggressiveness. He’s playing the Kick Me game.

The Hero is full of desire to achieve, to impress and to become great. He provides the means to tap into our masculine energies and propel us from boyhood to adulthood. But as M&G comment, “ours is not the age for heroes. Ours is an age of envy, in which laziness and self-involvement are the rule. Aynoe who tries to shine… is dragged back down by his lackluster and self-appointed peers”. If you’re making a connection to socialism and why it is the enemy of moral character, well done.

When out of balance he is commonly a Grandstander Bully who believes the centre stage belongs to him and he’s going to rattle off display after display of unnecessary attention whoring so everyone will applaud his brilliance. Think of Tom Cruise in Top Gun, or Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s the jingoistic officer throwing his men into peril to earn his Victoria Cross. The hero thinks himself invulnerable and chases the impossible dream.But once the hero has slain the dragon and rescued the princess he doesn’t know how to live with her. At the other extreme is the Coward. This is self-explanatory.

Totally irrelevant

The Precocious Child is eager to learn and wants to share it with others. He is an adventurer in the world of ideas with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He represents our curiosity and impulse. When twisted at an extreme he can be the Know-It-All-Trickster who is constantly manipulating and playing tricks. He sells us a psychological lie just to enjoy pulling the rug out form under us once we’ve commited to it. He’s the Jim Jones looking to lead his followers into the jungle. Unlike the PC, he participates in discussions simply to show how clever he is. He has no interest in helping others or advancing the inquiry towards truth. His knowledge is a sham and thus he’s aggressive when pressed lest everyone realise the smoke and mirrors hiding his vacuous mind. Such immature men delight in wrecking things of beauty, diminishing great accomplishments, and have an authority problem. They will never achieve anything of note themselves and thus feed their egos by becoming haters. Think of the fat virgin losers on PUAhate. Many keyboard jockeys are KIATs. They have no heroes because to have heroes is to admire others. The opposite extreme for the PC is the Dummy. He seems unresponsive and dull but it’s often a shame to hide his grandiosity because he feels he’s too important to share it with the world. He’s a secret KIAT.

The Oedipal Child is passionate with a deep appreciation of inner depth. He is warm and affectionate, interested in spirituality. When out of balance he can become the Mama’s Boy. He persistently chases the impossible perfection of female essence, trying to reconnect with his mother. He moves rapidly from one woman to another unable to find satisfaction with an actual mortal woman. He’s the number’s game roadsweeper who trawls nightclubs at 2am to take home drunk skanks. He may compulsively masturbate and collect pornography. He doesn’t want to have an actual relationship because that involves taking on responsibility and he’s too immature for that. At the other pole is the Dreamer. This pretentious little shit sits on a rock meditating on the infinite complexities and beauties of life, withdrawn and depressed in his own little Emo kid world. He’s the teenager who sits in his dark bedroom listening to The Smiths, dressing like Jarvis Cocker, and never getting anything done. Top Man exists to relieve them of money.

Inflation is the condition in which a boy lives when he is at an extreme of his archetype. He stays there into adulthood. Inflation is what we talk about to say “he has an inflated ego” or “he needs to be brought down a peg”. It’s the hubris that leads to nemesis. The pride before the fall. Inflated boys want to just be. They don’t want to do the work to be great, they just want the river of greatness to flow to them. They are the theory junkie PUAs who never approach women but type volumes on the internet about what other doers should do instead. They are the gurus who won’t release infields lest they be exposed (KIAT). They are the cultish gurus who collect acolytes and send them into the jungle without food and water (HCT) to face rejection after rejection until their spirits are crushed. They are the lay-report fabricating PUAs who tell noobs they have threesomes five times a week with playboy models (GSB), and in some cases they might even get those lays. They are the cowards who sign up to a $1,000 bootcamp and then wont do a single approach  then blab on the internet how it’s everyone’s fault but their own. They are the dreamers who sit at home reading Echardt Tolle and navel-gazing their nimbus without ever talking to girls.

Hunting down a 19 yr old virgin – Meet HB Mouse

December 25, 2010

I’ve been letting things slide with posting facebook chats. I’ve got well over a hundred saved so I’m actually thinking of writing a full book on Long Game and filling it with case study breakdowns (if Tony T doesn’t beat me to it – he’s already 20,000 words into his).
My second last day in Croatia I opened a cute little 19yr old virgin . She’s a feisty one and pretty sure of herself in general but obviously due to her age and sexual immaturity it’s easy to prod her on that. We had a date the next night ending in a good kiss close. She said I was the third guy to ever kiss her. I was working the radicial honesty route even stronger than usual so she knew all about my harem, recent SNL, and that I teach pickup. Nonetheless she was fascinated.
Since then she’s been opening me on facebook every other day right up to the moment I type this. I like her but she’s nothing amazing. If it wasn’t for her virginity and strangely feminine aggressiveness I might’ve lost interest. Here’s a chat from about four days after I got back to London, so about six days from the first meeting.


Her – Hey there   [she had opened me the last three times since I got back from Croatia]
Me – hi    I just brewed some coffee    would you like a cup? [retarded vibing, giving her an image]
Her – No, not really..    So, how did your weekend go??   [she doesn’t take it, but is curious about me]
Me – We watched another movie in the cinema room last night    You went out, right?   [DHV and simple investment question]
Her – Well, literally out, we were in front of school..
Me – school?
Her – College
Me – drinking juice and giggling about boys? [framing her as immature but in a cute way]
Her – Haha, no, there were 2 girls + me and like 10 boys
Me – that’s a big group. Sounds like fun [normal relating to her]
Her – Yeah, it was. Some boy brought his guitar so he was like our personal jukebox    What movie did you watch??  [she’s IOIing with the interest but being a young girl she doesn’t really have the social skills to ask interesting questions]
Her – ..that has some full name or..?
Me – It’s the self-referetinal Jean Claude Van Damme movie
Her – Oh, so fights are pretty common thing in your life? [She likes the contrast game I play between being a rough fighter and an intellectual]
Me – Yeah. For the other guy it’s usually the last fight he ever has…… [retarded shit]
Her – ..oh well…    You were drinking beer and giggling about girls??
Me – That’s all I ever do [contrast, pretending to be a caveman]
Her – Really??    Video games are not jealous now??
Me – Wow,you actually remember what I say!    I like you   [IOI her for playing along with this stuff]
Her – Haha, I actually don’t understand how people don’t remember what someone else said, what’s the point of the conversation then if you don’t pay any attention…
Me – uh?    what?  [chick crack]
Her – Uhm, I just remember what people say about themselves..
Me – uh/    you say something?  [chick crack]
Her – -.-‘
Me – I think you are a good listener  [then knock it off and be normal]
Her – Really??
Me – When you talk, you are genuinely trying to understand people    Most people are just waiting for their turn to speak  [I stole that from a movie]
Her – Sorry, you said something??    😉  [nice – she’s throwing the ball back at me]
Me – you need spanking [sexualise on the back of the good momentum]
Her – No, I don’t…    So, what are you doing?? [which she blocks, but without losing interest. She’s just not comfortable with a sexual frame. Remember she’s a virgin who has only ever kissed three boys]
Me – watching a scene from a good action movie    Someone told me I look a bit like the actor [lead into DHV and buying temp raise]
Her – Fighting scene?    What movie??? I wanna check    =) [she’s into me big time]
Me –    It’s a little bit too grown-up for you, tough [teasing her sexual immaturity] In the movie, the guy has an artificial heart and when the power goes down, he needs adrenalinin to restart it or he dies    sort of comedy action
Her – So, it’s kinda porn??
Me – not really, but its’a sex scene    It’s a big-budget famous Hollywood movie    Crank
Her – Hmm..okay…    You look a bit like the actor in that particular sex scene?? How would your friends know you look like right then??
Me – you’ll see
Her – I can’t see the video…    just verify your age    Well, I have to register, you have some interesting name suggestion??  [I’ve framed her to look at me for approval though she keeps pushing back with tests]
Me – yeah    [Virgin]Mouse
Her – -.-‘
Me – Gotta make some toast. Back soon    Here’s some really cheesy 1980s rock opera for you    [link to Heart “Alone”]   [takeaway]
Her – I love that song
Me – me too    heard it before?  [link to Meat Loaf “Bat Out of Hell”]
Her – of course    Heard that one already too
Me – I’m back    What are you wearing? [I always drop this in at random points with a girl when I know I have enough rapport that it won’t scare her off]
Her – Again??? Pajama (actually, tshirt and leggings)    take your shirt off and tell me again    a-ha-ha-ha    What happened to the toast??
Me – It’s been eaten
Her – What was in it??
Me – margarine
Her – and that’s it?
Me – uh-huh    What’s your plan for today? [mild defiance then stack forwards]
Her – Studying…
Me – You’re very dedicated. I like that  [IOI her. The general tone of our chats is a bit too challenging, so I think I’m losing rapport opportunities]
Her – Well,…I’ve been pretty lazy so far, so now I have to study    What’s your plan for today??
Me – I’m taking some friends to a traditional English pub I like in Hampstead and we’ll have Sunday roast  [DHV – leader of men]
Her – Oh? When??
Me – About 3pm    Wanna come? [retarded vibing]
Her – Haha, sure, on my way already..    What’s your favourite song??
Me – I’ll find a link…..  [link to The Skater Tots miming to Screeching Weasel’s cover version of “You Are My Sunshine”]    bizarre video
Here’s a more normal video I like [Rancid “Fall Back Down”]
Her – Haha, that first one is a great video, so cute    So, how many one night stands have you had?? [she’s not the only one to fire lightning bolts out of the blue. She’s intensely interested in me as a conduit to learning about sexuality in general and hers in particular. That’s a role I’m happy to take on if it results in me taking her three-orifice virginity]
Me – you first    oh, it’s zero isn’t it……. [tease her immaturity to get her defensive and framing virginity at her age as something that needs to be dealt with]
Her – A-ha-ha…you never know…;))    Are you still counting????
Me – about 35  [true – I was off the market for about 11 years in total]
Her – Wow…    You have some logical explanation for that, right??
Me – When I was younger, I used to enjoy fucking very hot women    Now, I’m more interested in girls I can talk to, and have dates with  [reframe on a DHV]
Her – You weren’t afraid of some diseases??
Me – I always use a condom. Every time.    I never risk my health for anyone or anything  [strong boundaries]
Her – That’s good    ..but you still kiss a lot..
Me – yes
Her – ..with unknown girls, you can always get mono..
Me – I’ve never had a problem with it
Her – With kissing or mononucleosis??
Me – I’ve never caught anything before [also true. I’ve kissed very few skanks in my life]
Her – Lucky =)
Me – No. Really, it’s not as big a risk as you think
Her – Well, it was pretty common in my class in high school
Me – Maybe a weird Croatian thing [tease, put her back on the defensive a little]
Her – Haha, yeah, right…
Me – I don’t know a single person who caught anything from kissing    except a cold
Her – Not even a herpes?
Me – No    You’re some weird compulsive hand-washer girl [again push back to her]
Her – No, I’m not…
Me – What are you wearing? [it’s call back humour now as she realises I’m just trying to distract her]
Her – Still same things
Me – Take your trousers off    [three minutes silence] they’re off now? [not backing down to her shit test]
Her – Hahaha  [shit test passed]
Me – what colour panties?  [keep pushing forwards]
Her – Take your boxers off! What are you wearing now?  [deflecting rather than rejecting]
Me – Not boxers. I’m wearing a japanese jinbei
Her – Some gray with beige lace    jinbei??  [a floor is laid underneath my escalation]
Me – cool. I’m imagining you now… your legs…
Her – ..doooon’t…   [shy but not rejecting]
Me – jinbei is a traditional Japanese pyjama    mine has these characters on it
[two links]
Her – Haha, really grown up…
Me – don’t wanna
Her – so, you really wear nothing but pajama?? Like really nothing nothing?
Me – right now yeah    no boxers    Oh, and I have warm slippers on
Her – How can you???
Me – uh?
Her – ..well, be naked underneath your clothes    Wow, that really makes no sense at all…  [she’s frankly discussing sexual stuff, which is exactly where I want her]
Me – dunno    it’s normal for me    I sleep naked    you?
Her – Of course not    Wait, naked naked??
Me – yes
Her – What if someone walks into your room?? [It really doesn’t matter where this goes, I just want her talking about these general topics]
Me – I have a duvet
Her – ..is that a blanket??
Me – yes    Does your bra match your panties?
Her – Not always
Me – now?
Her – Can we chat via msn or something  [she wants the closer feel of voicechat. I can’t be bothered because this is one of many chats open right now]
Me – my internet is a bit rubbish for voice / video
Her – I don’t have a bra    no, no, not that, my facebook chat sucks
Me – Just your naked breasts underneath your pyjamas?
Her – Yes
Me – I wanna touch them  [escalation, statement of intent]
Her – But you can’t, haha
Me – 😦
Her – Hahaha, sorry  [she enjoys being pursued and wielding a little sexual power]
Me – So, naked breasts, grey panties with beige lace….    Is your hair up or down?
Her – up
Me – take it down  [pointlessly bossy]
Her – You can’t see me anyway…
Me – Yeah, but I’m bossy. Get used to it.
Her – Well, I’m not gonna listen to you    get used to it    =)
Me – you need spanking    then you’ll be a good girl  [not backing down, framing her as submissive to me and that her surrendering is inevitable]
Her – maybe I won’t
Me – I’m gonna be a bit rough with you [in for a penny, in for a pound…]
Her – Rough?? With tiny, little me??    =(  [likes the idea]
Me – Yes. Gonna grab you, hold you tight, make you feel my strength [not explicitly mentioning sex, just making her visualise the pleasurable feeling of being held tight by a man – something she’s seen in movies but perhaps never had in real life. Let her spin that through her mind until she realises she wants that feeling for real and I’m the obvious go-to guy to get it]
Her – …that’s kinda sexy…
Me – You’ll like it. But I warn you…
Her – Really now??
Me – You’ll probably get an uncontrollable urge to bite and scratch
Her – Me?? Bite and scratch?? [not rejecting]
Me – Yeah. You’d be surprised what you do when you get lost in the passion
Her – Whatever you say…  [she wants to hold me off for now, this is like a “maybe later”]
Me – “whatever you say” – important words for you to remember [reframe as bossy]
Her – hahha, I’m not so sure about that
Me – and “yes, you’re right”    I gotta go now  [leave on a buying temp spike]
Her – yes master    have fun  [playing the role]
Me – send me a sexy picture of you  [gonna keep asking chat after chat till she warms to the idea]
Her – in your dreams    =)
Me – Not yet. I won’t dream of you till after I’ve seen you naked  [frame of inevitibility]
Her – mmhhmmm    you’re still here…
Me – enjoy it while it lasts
Her – of course
Me – bye
Her – bye =)
I’d rate her as an 80% chance of a lay should I continue the pursuit. She’s already talking about staying in London for a week and bringing another virgin friend for Jimmy to feast on. I saw the pic and the friend is about a 7.

The Russian Infiltrator

December 23, 2010

For the first time since my divorce I’m in a normal relationship.

Perhaps I should define “normal”. I’ve still got my harem which consists of Thai and Jap in London, plus High-T as a fuckbuddy, and Brazil, Greek, Dissident, and ManEater as active but as yet unclosed targets while Estonian Model and Spaniard are long game possibles. I’m on Eurostar as I type to spend a week servicing Frenchie in Paris. Muslim is talking about visiting London again, as is Wonky Fringe. The Croatian Virgin opens me on Facebook every day and Croatian 10 is in long-game irregular rapport chat. I’ll be in Lithuania for a week in January when I’ll meet Painter, Borat, Salsa, Low Esteem and possibly also High Esteem, Squirrel and Newscaster. I expect to fuck at least two of them. Also Finland will be coming round for a bit of action too. There’s another ten girls which are in a looser orbit and may or may not go somewhere.

Despite this I’ve finally met a girl who inspires me to have a normal relationship in which we date, connect, and do all the normal boyfriend-girlfriend things. She’s the Russian catwalk model I picked up in Piccadilly a month ago. A solid ten if ever there was one. Here at Chateau RSG we are all using the beauty / esteem typology and this one is high beauty / high esteem. We are also complimentary opposites in polarity and good complimentary DNA matches. So the theoretical boxes are ticked and we both really enjoy spending time together. There’s a spark there that is extremely rare and I haven’t felt for years.


After the pickup I did some light messaging on Facebook while I was in Croatia, trying to draw her in. Then we had a first date beginning with a pint, then an English tea shop, then my members bar. It went astonishingly well, stretching into six hours, and finishing with a light kiss close. I almost couldn’t believe it because this girl seems too good to be true. I was having some real “I’m not worthy” moments and fortunately had enough game to hold the frame through them. This date was immediately after my first consultation with Skeletor and I told him “I’ve got a first date with a perfect ten. I’ll find a way to fuck it up” yet I managed to not fuck up – quite the opposite cos I smashed the ball out the park.

Second date went even better, beginning with coffee in Covent Garden and then a sunday roast in a pub and on to Bradley’s Spanish Bar where we ended up in a serious makeout. Another six hour date that went perfectly. I was starting to realise this girl adores me and feels lucky to have met me. A ten. Wow. She actually told me that when I kissed her it was the best feeling she’s ever experienced.

Third date was a walk around Camden market in the snow, a few drinks in a bar (the same one I’d gamed the thai barmaid in – I wanted to let Russia preselect me in front of her but unfortunately she wasn’t there) and then an extraction. No f-close even though she desperately wants me to fuck her. She’s angling for the relationship (as am I) so she’s protecting her value. There’s alot more to it than this and I might write about it later.

Current status is she’s gone home for Christmas and is knitting me a sweater with my name on it. She’s fallen head over heels for me and I’m so into her I’m gonna properly date her. The only question is upon which terms?

She knows about the harem and isn’t too enthused by it. She says she understands why I have it and that it’s okay but I’ll need to disband it before we can have a relationship. I’m certain she’s just fronting and will take whatever I offer her but that’s not the point – I’m genuinely thinking I should disband the harem (more on that later in my next post about Skeletor). I’ve actually stopped opening girls while I decide what to do.

I think I have to find closure on the reasons I have my harem. I’ve put lots of work into it and it’s my current mission. My best guess is I’ll knock over four or five girls in the next month and then when Russia comes back I’ll freeze the harem and start dating. I don’t think I’ll be ready for exclusivity until I’ve banged a few more girls.

The fact I’m even considering it makes me feel strange.

NB – I’ve saved all the mails, texts and facebook chats for this one so I have a full trail from the video of the initial pick up to where we are now. I’m holding it back for now.

Calling in more expert help: He-man meets Skeletor – part two

December 21, 2010

So why did my marriage fail?

That’s a long involved question. There’s the version my wife gave me and then there’s what I really think. Without going into huge detail, the woman’s version is that I was too mean, didn’t show enough interest in her, became dull, and that she fell out of love. My version is I betatised and lost most of the qualities that had attracted her in the first place. I focused too hard on being the GQ / Esquire / Hollywood version of a perfect husband and that led me to become boring, home-centred, and to care too much about making the marriage work. I also found her increasingly unattractive as she aged and became masculine through starting a new job and Westernising. There’s alot more to it than this, but they are key trends.

The first six months of 2010 were weird for my game. I was getting lots of dates, lots of attraction, and lots of almost f-closes. Then suddenly in June everything fell into place. Most of that was down to getting my alpha shit together, but there have been lots of outliers that couldn’t be explained by lacking alphaness. I’ve had about a dozen girls crazily attracted this past year, to the point where they’d say things like “before I come out to meet you my heart is beating fast and I’m short of breath” and they’d be super horny. And yet I failed to f-close them and they drifted away, much to my bemusement.

So what gives?

Masculine polarity

At the end of my free one-hour consultation session with Skeletor, as he was packing his notebook away he teased “I think I know what the problem is.” Guess I better sign up for those paid sessions then,…… thing is, he actually delivered.

A week later we had a three-hour sit down in a casino cafe. Mostly he was pumping me with questions. Delving deep into my attitudes on men and women, on my attitudes to sexuality, the relationship my parents have, whether I was popular at school etc. Then after a ciggie break he reflected everything back to me and took me through the theoretical basis.

Now it’s common for overly-enthusiastic reviewers to talk about sessions being “mindblowing” or “shattering my reality”. A teacher can give you a whole new orientation towards the world and open up a panorama of new possibilities.

This one didn’t.

The most helpful takeaway from the whole session was that we actually agreed about 90% on how the sexual marketplace works. It was freakishly similar. We have different models and different priorities but we essentially agreed about what Game is and how to get it. What this told me is I’m on the right track. All that theoretical knowledge I’ve worked on in the past 18 months, all the worldly wisdom I’ve picked up in the past 35 years – nothing Skeletor said invalidated that.

So the session wasn’t too useful, you ask? Fuck no, keep reading. The mindblowing bit was far more subtle. I’d gone into the sessions deciding all my barriers would be down, all the shields turned off, and the phasers set to stun. People who know me know I am an exceptionally open person but also strangely guarded without realising it. I knew Skeletor was going to need a direct unfiltered look into my character to do his work properly. There’s no point trying to hold stuff back or reframing stuff to impress him (and lets be honest, I wanted him to respect me so the temptation to qualify was there).

I was handing him full disclosure in a way no-one but my brother has ever seen before.and hoping he could work some magic. What he did was take pretty much my whole personal history and current sticking points and explain everything as stemming from two character traits, then explained the detail, then explained how to fix it.

That’s mindblowing. Not boom!smash!bang! mindblowing. It was just incredibly perceptive and reductionist. The two traits are:

1. I lack soft dominance
2. I look to the world for external validation of my self image as a high value man [I’ll go into this in the next post – it was mostly from the second paid session]

Soft Dominance
A woman looks to a man to lead her safely through the dangers of a hostile world. He has the ability to impress his will upon the world (rather than the reverse) and build an impregnable fortress within which the woman is safe. This is hard dominance. The woman feels safe and protected both physcially but also in her social status, which becomes attached to the man’s. I do this very well. Bad boys do this too, but they also have fleeting attractiveness that eventually turns the girls away. Why is this?

Girls also crave a garden paradise within the walls of the fortress. A warm beautiful space to express their true character without risk of judgement and to let all their love flow. They need to feel cherished, to feel needed, and to feel romantic connection with their protector. Otherwise the fortress is a prison and the girl feels trapped in her relationship. The analogy we came up with in the session is of a motorcycle helmet; The shell is the hard dominance, the padding is the soft dominance. What happens if one is missing? If the man is a beta pansy the force of a crash impacts upon the padding and kills the woman. If he’s a bad boy there’s just a shell and while the road doesn’t kill the woman, the shell does.

My heart, artist's impression

As we talked about my attitudes it became clear not just that I lacked soft dominance but also why:

  • My father is a spineless beta and now a kitchen bitch. My mother is a confrontational aggressive, barely empathetic shrew. Thus the male-female roles were reversed through much of my upbringing. Don’t get me wrong – my parents have had a successful 40-year marriage, are still in love, and I’m close to them both. But I rebelled against the role reversal and vowed I’d never become a wuss like my father, and never allow a woman to treat me like my mother did my father.
  • Growing up as an intellectually exceptional student but athletically unimpressive, I always tended towards bookish hobbies and developed a sense of physical lacking. In my late teenage I went on an over-compensatory quest to become physically competent that led me into boxing, BJJ, and muay thai. This is now an extremely strong part of my identity. I’m not a wuss.
  • I credited (rightly) much of the success of my relationship with my wife as due to being strongly masculine, aloof and badass. I blamed (rightly) much of the relationship’s collapse to us losing this male-female polarity. Thus I became determined not to be a wuss.

Notice the W-word coming up a lot? I believe many of the softer characteristics of a man’s dealings with women are wussy, and I’m not a wuss. You see the issue? This explains why I missed all those f-closes earlier this year, and why my wife’s complaints during the marriage weren’t simply the rationalisation hamster but actually stemmed from real unmet needs.

Skeletor went on to outline his models and how to work on the soft dominance. I promised him I wouldn’t steal his proprietary material so I won’t go into detail here. The basic principles however are:

  • During the hypnotic scanning phase (usually on a date, in deep rapport) the man is scanning for genetic fit while the woman is scanning for identity. Thus it’s crucial to have the inner game fixed and to drop the mask. This is why routine-based and dishonest game ultimately fails with high esteem women, and why earlier this year I was getting day 2s that went nowhere. I was able to show an attractive mask for the ten minutes of the street pickup but on the Day 2 when we had to actually get to know each other I would either keep the mask on, or let the girl see into an inner game that still had broken pieces jangling around from the divorce. Either way, the girl didn’t connect.
  • Good game is creating a strong identity in alignment with your masculine core, then removing all the barriers that prevent that showing through in your interactions.
  • Men and women can each be characterised according to confidence / competence (men) and beauty / esteem (women). This create a dual hierarchy of 4 types each. Durable relationships occur when the man and woman are from matching types.

It’s surprising how much you can get through in three hours. So far Skeletor is living up to his rep.

Croatia – Another banging hot tall girl

December 14, 2010

Here’s the last of my videos from Croatia where the girl was exactly what I look for. Got another few vids of shorter fatter girls I might post later. There’s not much to say that’s not in the video. She was the fourth leggy girl I opened that afternoon.

0:09 – I had an opener ready but when she nearly choked on her food in surprise, I just ran with that.
0:17 – My usual preframe tease was unnecessary when I heard her accent. Natural game should be flexible, going with what the girl gives you rather than sticking to a script.
0:22 – Jambone wandering around aimlessly rather than videoing from a distance. Again.
0:26 – The first of many playfully challenging statements because she seems amenable to banter and it shows value.
0:57 – Vibing, starting to move the conversation onto her.
1:31 – Finally I need to root the conversation. I’ve already shown value for over a minute so its easy to go direct.
1:36 – I don’t think you’ll care about getting to that class darlin’
2:11 – Retarded shit in vibing, I’m self amusing.
2:25 – I like to tell girls off for being naughty.
2:42 – Playful qualifying on her cultural engagement.
2:48 – Shit test on my age. This is a confident girl who isn’t scared to throw things back at me.
3:03 – Pretty face I say.
3:23 – Hands on hips to show mock outrage. A nice IOI. These are signs that the vibing has reached its goal and I can mix in some investment from her.
3:36 – This is screening from me. I like girls who are smart but don’t get all hoighty-toighty about it. The fact she plays down her education is a sign of high esteem.
3:50 – But just incase she doesn’t pick up on the subtlety, I drop in my education too. I want her to think I’m a smart guy playing the retard, not an actual retard.
4:22 – A variant of the Mystery “beauty is common” principle.
4:54 – Playful qualification and teasing draws another hands-on-hip IOI. She’s emotionally investing.
5:15 – Snip thread and compliment. Push-pull.
5:30 – She gives me an easy in to a DHV.
5:51 – She’s asking about me and forgetting about her lecture. Good stuff.
6:23 – Another challenge.
6:48 – Treating her like a racehorse or showdog.
6:55 – Lead the thread away from generalities and back to her childhood.
7:29 – Projecting the frame that I’m interested but I don’t care if she doesn’t like me.
7:56 – Comfort and rapport. It’s good to tell the girl something about yourself that she can connect with.
9:08 – I’m probably talking a bit too much now but I’m enjoying the conversation.


I bang my first drunken Aussie

December 14, 2010

It’s bootcamp night on Friday and I’m not working (I never wing nightgame). Nonetheless there’s seven students and seven instructors so I think it’ll be fun to go out and get drunk while I watch as an interested observer. We hit Camden Town and it’s pretty busy. Before long I can’t help but start opening, passing on a couple of sets to students. I drink a bit more, get into the fun spirit, and decide I want to do a set or two for real.

Next to me are two Australian girls, mid-twenties and about 6s in looks. Not the sort of girls I’d chase down in daygame but they look like they might be fun so I tease the obstacle about her jacket (It’s red and looks a bit like a quilted winter jacket a granny would wear – a bit beatnik) then ease into the set. I’m doing fairly strong douchebag game like I always do when drunk and not much bothered if I lose the set. It hits well. A student comes in to wing and it’s just the usual push-pull for a while. The girls clearly sense my outcome independence cos I really don’t care where it goes, I’m just on autopilot.

I roll off into a takeaway and a student gets the wrong end of the stick (he thinks I need the set held in my absence) and jumps in. I think he’s trying to steal the set and because they’ve just had a lecture on wing rules I tell Burto I’m gonna give him a live lesson. I walk over, say excuse me, and pull my target away. She comes with me. Burto then goes in to explain what I did and why. [I wouldn’t have done this if I was officially winging the bootcamp]

I know the SNL is on so now I just have to build a little comfort and make my intentions clear. The set is already heavily sexualised because I’ve had her twirling for me so I can check out her arse, grabbing her tits etc. As the pub kicks out around midnight I sit on a bar stool, pull her in and while looking in her eyes say “I’ll tell you what I want. I want to fuck you. Tonight.” She nods and says she has to tell her friend.

I enjoy the feeling of sitting against the bar, finishing my drink, watching my girl at a distance tell her friend she’s coming home with me. Then she comes back and we get a taxi back with Lee and his oneitis. There’s no LMR. For reasons unbeknownst to me I decide I should fuck her in the ass and cum on her face, so I do.

Afterwards I am strangely compelled to give her full disclosure about my blog, my company, the bootcamp, and so on. She actually says “I thought so! My friend said you were teaching those guys pick up”. It’s actually fairly obvious when a big bootcamp is on. She’s keen to see some infields and laughs when she sees me doing some of the same things as I did to her. I then give her the Book of Alpha warning talk about the perils of bad boy chasing. The next day I push her out the door. She’s a nice enough girl but we both understood this was a one-nighter.