FR: Krauser’s new opener is unleashed

September 9, 2009

Armed with my new day game magic bullet I start some fairly consistent sarging. I open the same each time. Here’s how it works out.

July 12th, Covent Garden
I’m wandering round the indoor market when HB9 Italian goes by. I open, she stops. She’s really smiley and nice – a pleasure to talk to. I lock in to the railings and lean back. Five minutes or so in set and I try the number close. No, on her way to meet the BF.

Next I’m walking down Longacre towards Leicester Square. HB9 Italian (different girl) is meandering the other way. Not that I know it then, but a slow aimlessly walking girl is a far better bet for an instant date and f-close. I run across the road to her and open. Hooks easy, I lock in to the Next shop window. Ten minutes chat, I get to run my Milan DHV story etc. I number close but she mentions a BF.

Just as I’m walking off some guy approaches: “Excuse mate. This might sound a bit weird, but are you day gaming?” So we end up doing winging for an hour. I open three more sets but can’t hook.

July 13th, St Pauls
I’m having lunch with a friend, telling him about my new opener. He’s asking what it is, I see a HB7 French and say “watch”. Bamn! Email close.

July 14th, St Pauls
Same friend, same place. HB8 Hong Kong walks across my kill zone. Number close in the middle of Paternoster Square. She’s super hot and a lovely manner, very much taken aback by the approach. We swap texts for a couple of days before she mentions a BF and an intention to LJBF me. I sign off with

“So you’ve got a BF? Hey, I don’t need to know about your problems 🙂 OK, stay in touch and I’ll let you know when I’ve got stuff going on that you’ll like.”

That turns out to be a wise move, as I find out six weeks later. I also try sarging an HB8 Greek who turns out to be married.

July 15th, St Pauls
I’m getting rather carried away with this lunchtime sarging and I see a fit looking HB8. As I rush off to open my friend says “I think I’ve seen her before”. Indeed he had. She’s the HB8 married girl from yesterday and she’s not impressed with hearing the same opener two days in a row. Pretty embarassing to do that in front of a hundred people eating lunch. To her credit she doesn’t make a scene.

July 16th, Liverpool Street
I’ve met a wing through a forum and I open six sets after work as everyone is milling around the station. The first three hook and I get number closes from HB6 Indian and HB7 Spaniard. The latter is 20yr old, which I like. I really mess up the close with the Indian though cos I close by putting my number in her phone and then ringing it, to pick up her number through caller ID. Except she’s got privacy settings so I don’t get it. Not deliberate either, because she definitely wanted to see me again.

Day game’s magic bullet

September 9, 2009

July 2009, it’s the second day of boot camp. Two of the instructors take us around Borough Market for a few hours of day game instruction. I really want to ace day game because in my chode-mid that’s how I’m gonna find all the intelligent girls.

We are taught the basic approach, which goes thus:

  1. Let hot girl walk past you
  2. Chase her with a playful jog until you are alongside her and slightly ahead, so she catches you in her peripheral vision
  3. Jump right into her path, smiling
  4. As she stops say “Hi. I just saw you walk by and I knew I’d be kicking myself if I didn’t come over and talk to you. You’re gorgeous”
  5. Lean back, look a little inscrutable, and say “So. Who are you?”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. That shit won’t work we think. So the instructors gets us to point out a girl and he goes an number closes her in three minutes doing exactly that. We are believers!

I’m still choding out. I say to him “I find it difficult to open a moving target. It feels like they have their stuff to do and I’m just interupting, getting in their way”. His response has really stuck with me: “That’s tough to answer because it’s not even in my reality. I’m offering them the value, the opportunity to know me.”

He goes on to say that much of day game is about just creating the opportunity for the interaction. Some girls are gonna like you, but if you don’t open then you don’t close.

They push me into six sets over the next hour. I don’t close any, but only crash’n’burn one. There’s all kinds of errors, principally from my lack of confidence and clumsiness of the execution. I find myself interogating with questions so much that one girl asks if its an interview. The last two girls show me engagement rings (mental note: I also walk on the right hand side of the path so I can see the girl’s left hand before I approach).

The main thing is that by the end of the session I feel like I can do this. I can jump in front of moving targets and open. That’s massive. It’s the magic bullet I was looking for. My next 70 day game approaches are built upon this base.

Krauser does a boot camp

September 9, 2009

I believe in mentoring. Any skill I’ve learned in my life I’ve always found that having a skilled guy leading me through it reaps much better rewards than mere hard work and persistence alone. So at some point I was gonna put down the books and get some instruction but two things were holding me back:

1. I don’t like going into lessons cold. I feel like I’ll get much more out of classroom time if I’ve done my homework and read up. In this case, I figured I needed to try approaching to give myself a baseline.
2. All the boot camps I’ve seen advertised are a grand a pop and it’s not clear which are good.

Eventually I got recommended the Sarge School which were doing two day boot camps in London for £99. At that number it’s worth the risk so I go for it.

July 2009
We meet up at a tube station and are walked to a pub where they have the run of the place. The instructors all ooze charisma and make us feel comfortable. There’s four other students of whom two are desperately chode and the other seems a bit like me – a history of decent success but rebounded off a chilly break-up. There’s a few hours of seminar presentation and they take us out to Piccadilly for an in-field. My state is pretty good but lots of AA.

We spend an hour outside the club with the instructors pushing us into sets just to ask directions and other small talk. I do a few, then my assigned wing opens a cute 2-set by Boots. I get pushed into his set and he hangs around long enough to see me hook then rolls off. Two nice French girls, and I email close the cutest. State rises.

Inside the club (Jewel) I feel great. These guys are excellent at social proof and maintaining state. They push me into a seated 2-set – HB6 Egyptian HB8 Algerian. I opinion open (“How can I tell, upon first meeting a girl, if she has a dangerous love hate relationship…. with chocolate?”). HB8 squeals that she loves chocolate, pulls a Dairy Milk out her bag and hand feeds it to me. I sit down and hook for half an hour. I’ve got DHV stories ready that hit well. My wing helps, then I roll off and reopen later getting a numberclose. We text over a week and add to Facebook but ultimately no Day 2.

Doesn’t matter. I rock! I realise later that I didn’t get her properly invested and I was too much the entertainer. I should’ve stood her up and led her somewhere.

I open a few more including a very flirty HB6 Japan who I think is using me for validation so I don’t go with it. I also help my fellow student number close. It’s a really fun night. The positives I took were:

– Watching experienced guys run game, so I’ve got a model to aspire to
– Seeing social proof in action, both on girls and my own state
– Immediate feedback on my technique
– Meeting lots of guys into this stuff made me feel less like a loner weirdo for doing game

We go out to Old Street the next night. I open and hook more sets. One of the guys keeps coming up to me in set with high energy and patting me on the back saying stuff like “Krauser! You were awesome last night, I gotta buy you a drink” etc, which got the girls asking for the DHV story. My highlight is an email close of HB9 Latvia barmaid, but she flakes.

Following the bootcamp I swap emails with the best student so we can wing at a later date. I also add some of the instructors to Facebook. These are guys I want to learn from.

Methodological notes

September 8, 2009

This blog is basically a memoir to myself, but in the interests of methodological rigour I ought to clarify my terms, ratings, and purpose.

Purpose: This is a chronological record of my development from latent-alpha / betatised divorced chode (April 2009) to master pick up artist (the future). When read from oldest-to-newest posts it should show clear progression. I’ve made a lot of progress so reading the blog this way should inspire fellow travellers taking their first steps. In the beginning I was so bad that if I fell into a bucket of tits I’d come out sucking my thumb. Now I’ve been banging catwalk models, strippers and virgins. Use this blog to motivate yourself, if it helps. Also, I believe in openess and full disclosure. This blog includes my fuck-ups and my uninspired moments too. I’m not an omnipotent guru, so don’t set me up as one.

Stats: I stopped tracking my stats after about my 500th open. I’d recommend beginners keep a spreadsheet / blog / notebook but eventually you’ll grow out of it. Excessive stat-tracking hurts your frame and gets you away from the main goals of game. If you want to know my lays, click on lay reports. I don’t count my approaches anymore. I’d guess that as of May 2011 I’d done over 2,000.

Girl Ratings: I go for young, slim, medium height, fairly curvy girls. Preferably of exotic looks (relative to white Brits). While no class of girl is truly ruled out I will generally avoid Muslims (to avoid their cross-eyed inbred cousins throwing acid on me) and 1st-generation African immigrants (so my cock doesn’t fall off from Ebola or HIV). I will happily bang girls who have Pakistani / Somali / Kenyan etc ancestry. So long as they aren’t Burqa-veiled HIV factories.

I don’t use the 1-10 scale much anymore, especially HB-this HB-that. That’s just a training wheels thing for beginners. One important thing I learned is I’d rather date a “7” who is my type than a “10” who isn’t.

FR: My first day game number close

September 8, 2009

It’s still not in my reality to stop random girls in the street, interest them, and then get a phone number. Nah, not me at all……

1st June 2009, St James Park
I’m very nervous for my first two sets. I’m wandering around the park looking for any girls sitting by themselves. I flounder for a while and sit in a deck chair reading a book. Pretty tempting to stay there but I force myself to open.

HB8 sitting with her little dog. I walk over and stroke him, going to my haunches so I’m not towering over the girl. I say I like her dog, what breed is her etc. She responds but I’m not hooking. Really I’m trying too hard to find an IOI but I’m nervous and subconciously looking for an excuse to eject before my ego gets battered by rejection. Time in set: 2 min. She doesn’t dismiss me, I just bail.

HB7 Frenchie reading the Economist. I open with “Hi. What’s that you’re reading?” She opens up well and we chat but I am so nervous I’m just wittering on about the magazine, France, and doing the 20 questions routine. Way too nervous, seeking too much rapport, trying too hard to fill the space. I sit down and she doesn’t flinch. Yet I still contrive to eject at the earliest opportunity. This set could’ve gone on much longer.

2nd June, Soho.
I’m off work and I start strong. I get on the train and there’s an HB8 Asian sitting listening to her iPod and doing sudoku. I chode out initially because there’s a random guy next to her and I don’t want to risk being rejected in front of him (I still haven’t internalised the “I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of me” mantra). Luckily she changes train at the same station as me. I plan my exit so I’m ahead of her on the escalator. I turn over my shoulder:

Krauser: Hey, I’ve always wanted to know, is sudoku really Japanese?
HB8: Um, I’m Korean
Krauser: Pangapsumnida
HB8 *smile*
Krauser: Yeah, it’s just I used to live in Japan and I never saw them play sudoku. I think it’s probably one of those things they say is “big in Japan” because they know nobody is gonna prove them wrong

We chat, she gets the same train as me. She sits down and indicates for me to sit with her. Mystery is speaking in my mind that I should affect disinterest so I stay standing but next to her, not giving her my full body language. I’m struggling a bit for conversation and I know I have to get off in two stops.

Krauser: Hey. I’m getting off in a minute. If I wanna see you again what do I do?
HB8: Um, take my number
Krauser: OK *gets out phone*

We swap about thirty texts but I can’t get a day 2. Re-reading the texts now with the benefit of hindisght I realise my text game was awful, but that’s for another post.

For now it’s a victory story – my first ever day game close. A reference experience for changing my reality into the kind of guy who picks up girls in the street.

Flush with the rush of success, in true noob fashion I proceeded to kill the opener by doing it on another four Japanese sets that afternoon. One 2-set hooked really well but I was lacking direction.

Mystery Method

September 8, 2009

This is obviously the CocaCola / Microsoft / McDonalds of the pick up community. Unsurprisingly it was also my first real learning aid (as mentioned below The Lay Guide was my introduction, but that’s just a shameless rip-off of the Gunwitch ebook and is more like a journalist’s cut’n’paste job than a unified theory of pick up artistry).

I loved the VH1 show. There’s something about seeing total dweebs plugging away and handling horrid rejections, then gradually improving, it just gives that same feeling as Royce Gracie beating the ninjas in the Octagon – the little guy can win! Ok, so it’s a constructed narrative and the first few episodes are shamelessly point’n’laugh TV but there’s a real demonstrative effect. Remember, I hadn’t been to any boot camps at this stage, nor did I have any mentors. Just what cowboys might call “book larnin'”


  • Indirect method is a great way to open big sets when you’re a beginner
  • Routines give a crutch to get some air-time in set
  • Theoretical underpinning always gives a sense of where to go next. The A1-S3 model is analagous to the Brazilian Ju-Jitsu position progression
  • Peacocking gives confidence
  • MM is fun to do


  • It’s clearly tailored to help tall magicians get the hottest girl in the room
  • It’s way more advanced than necessary to pick up a girl around your level
  • Going indirect creates new roadblocks, such as how to escalate
  • You can learn to be a social robot that has some success without ever reconstructing the chode heart that beats within

So I try Mystery Method one night – Cargo nightclub, Old Street, 19th June 2009

First thing I see is a massive queue outside with literally hundreds of people in. I’m with a wing and his girlfriend who has agreed to pivot. I walk up to a pair of young guys near the front of the queue:

Krauser: Hey lads. Quick question. If you could have any superpower, you know like you’d just been invited to join the X-Men, what would it be?

Guys: blah blah blah
* Krauser locks into queue. 2 min later wing and pivot join. 1 hour queueing avoided. Thanks Mystery*

Early on my wing opens a 2-set of Italians standing against a wall in the beer garden. I join in and he lets me run the set. I run some routines, tell some DHV stories. Girls coo and say “you are really good at telling stories, you should write a book” etc. Some random chodes start tapping the targets shoulder from behind to get her attention. She turns around, so I say “Hey, the show is this way”, she laughs and the chodes disappear. Later two Portuguese interrupt, who she knows, and she practices her Portuguese with them. I’m stumped. I roll off rather than chode out. Five minutes later the guy from the queue says hello to me. Great, instant pawn. I pull him to the set, interrupt with “Hey, you’re Italian right. Where did you say your holiday way in Italy *to the dude*” and the Portuguese chodes are blown out. I run the set again.

I email close and its a flake. But I’m extremely friggin’ happy because I just ran a thirty minute 2-set using MM dealing with interrupts, pawns and got a close. She was an HB8.

I also encountered a noob problem with MM – I was the entertainer guy. The dancing monkey. I didn’t escalate, didn’t peel them off the wall, didn’t do anything except hold their attention and make ’em laugh.

FR: Night game begins in Poland

September 8, 2009

Night game intimidates me. It’s not really the flashing lights / loud music / lots of people thing. It’s not really the risk of public humiliation in front of drunken revellers. It’s definitely not the distant risk of violence (such as from a pissed off boyfriend). Fuck all that.

It’s my reality. In my chode-mind I’ve got myself figured as an “intelligent guy” who only wants “intelligent women”. Nightclubs are full of thick pissheads and shallow tarts, ergo, I don’t like night game. It’s funny how embroiled the human mind is in self-deceit. This mental construct is just a way for me to dodge the challenge of pulling in clubs while maintaining my fragile aura of self-confidence.

So I decide I have to break down that barrier and as luck has it one of my poor friends has been beaten down into marriage submission and has a stag do in Poland. There’s fifteen of us going, of whom I know twelve well and have briefly met the others. A nice big pack to hold my state up if I start choding out.

Krakow, 29th May 2009
Great atmosphere from the off. We check in to three apartment rentals in the same old city-centre building. There’s a strip club opposite, which we subsequently find is dripping in hot stripper cunt. But the first order of business is to drink through the afternoon. Our chubbiest friend barfs in the one part of the bar that can’t be walked around and we get turfed out.

We end up in a small basement club that I really like. It’s gradually filling up with a student / mid-20s crowd, about 60/40 men to women. Most of my friends are beta AFCs and having a great time amongst themselves but wouldn’t ever approach. I discuss the need to sarge with the one alpha guy there so we wing up.

HB7 / HB6 seated two set
There’s a blonde and brunette sitting by the wall sipping cocktails. I open with the tourist “Where’s good to visit?” and they hook easily. Wing comes over, we stay in set a good 20 min or so. I don’t really know how to escalate and I find myself pecking, but overall this set is fine. We eject for reasons that elude me. Within five minutes some random Polish chodes are bothering them and they are giving us “help us” eye signals. Which we ignore.

My wing opens some HB5 sitting by herself, the only other girl not either dancing or in a mixed set. I briefly join and as I do her HB6 friend turns up. They are 20yr old Chemistry students. As the HB6 goes to the cloakroom I go to the bar. On her way back I grab her, pull her in, lower-back lead to the bar.

Krauser: Help me with the drinks
HB6: Tee hee
*she kiss my cheeks*
HB6: Free kiss
Krauser: No. I only do kisses on the mouth
*make out within two minutes of open!*

We take the drinks back. Girl’s hand is on my lap. Random dude comes over and leaning in to girl, bothering her.

Krauser: Is that your boyfriend?
HB6: No. My ex-boyfriend
Krauser: I’m claiming my second free kiss
*make out infront of chode*
Chode: *trying to be threatening* You… have… a… problem…?
*I look him up and down, hold eye contact*
Krauser: Maybe
*Wing laughs, chode ejects*

The set doesn’t go anywhere and after we eject I notice about an hour later that HB6 is in deep conversation with aforementioned chode. Looks like I was a cat’s paw. We go on to the strip club.

Krakow, 30th May 2009
We’re in a much bigger club and it’s also got a great atmosphere. Except for one isolated room with a dancefloor, it’s easily quiet enough to speak. While the betas have fun with themselves and eventually move on to the same strip club, the wing and I sarge every set we find. I open six sets, only crashing’n’burning one. Is it state, or are Polish girls just so much friendlier and willing to enjoy the male-female dynamic?

I get a thirty second make out that still confuses me. Basically I was jumped, but it goes nowhere and the girl doesn’t want a second try. We get the runaround a bit from two young’uns who get us to take a photo (chode alert!) and then lead us on to the dancefloor before dismissing us half an hour in. Mental note: don’t let the girl lead you around

My best opener is “Do you mind if I sit here? Those girls told me to get lost.”

When we have finally sarged out the whole club we head to a different strip club called Casablanca which is in fact a brothel. Fucking awful it is too. Looks like the hotel bar of a Holiday Inn, there’s only three women of whom two are middle-aged munters and the other is a jaded disinterested mid-20s who was probably once very hot. It’s rammed with middle-aged Alan Partridge types. Not only do none of the whores try to drum up business but when I ask the pretty one a few things she fobs me off with “I’m busy” and plays on a slot machine.