The euro-jaunt rucksack

January 9, 2015

I’ve just left the chilly climes of Northern England to get a bit of winter sun on the south coast of Spain. Perhaps that’s a good time to talk about some of my tips for the regular euro-traveller who wants to squeeze in a few extra creature comforts.

My 2014 Daygame Stats

January 3, 2015

As noted in my previous post, I’ve been reading The Numbers Game, a statistical deconstruction of football. It’s been inspiring in its analysis, giving that sense of intellectual power that comes when you realise a vague, complex, artistic activity can be data-mined and understood by the intelligent application of a statistical mindset. Regular readers can imagine the direction my mind turned.

While I’d love to do a rigorous data collection exercise for the sport I love – adventure sex – I fear it’s far beyond the scope of one man. The sports analytics community is hundreds strong with many full-time staff at sports clubs and tremendous technology. So, daygame will have to wait. However, in the spirit of Christmas let me offer you my 2014 stats. As with last year, only the lays are a 100% reliable number. Everything else involves a degree of estimation because I didn’t keep records.

Working on my new book

Working on my new book

Opens: I racked my memory to estimate how many days I went out each month and roughly how many sets I did per day then multiplied one by the other. I was dormant throughout Q1, barely opening. Q2 I hit it hard in Russia, Serbia and Czech Republic. Q3 was so-so, and Q4 I had a final roll of the dice when I wasn’t crippled by toothache. This opens number is accurate to the nearest 100. I’d have liked to have opened more but all manner of things derailed me.
Numbers: I tend to get one phone number or social media add for every four girls I talk to. This hasn’t changed from last year. I rarely bother asking if she doesn’t seem keen. So this total is just ¼ of the Opens estimate
Dates: I tend to bang half the girls I get onto a first date, so this is just double the lays number with a few added on because of a bad run in Russia. In Russia I had a run of dates-to-nowhere in April, whereas in Prague in November I banged 4 of the 6 girls I dated (one of the LMR knockbacks was, and remains, a virgin so I don’t feel too bad about that one).
Lays: This number is exact. I kept notes and it’s memorable enough that I don’t really need the notes.

  • Opens: 480 (London 50, Russia 100, Serbia 150, Czech 100, Croatia 40, Hungary 40)
  • Numbers: 120
  • Dates: 50
  • iDates: 15
  • Lays: 23 new girls, 8 repeats from prior year

So that’s one lay per 21 opens. It sounds about right. I always do better on the road and I was barely in London this year. It represents an almost doubling of my efficiency from 2013, and the girls averaged about a half point hotter. So, improvement. Unlike 2013 (which was very consistent), my anecdotal feel for 2014 is that my results were volatile. Nineteen (82%) of my lays came within four of the months (April, May, July, November) when I was most active and least hindered by illness or outside interference.

  • SDL: 1  (a virgin)
  • SNL: 1
  • Day 2 lay: 6
  • Day 3/4 lay: 12
  • Long Game lay: 3

Compared to last year that’s a bit slower, I think mainly because I wasn’t getting London tourists so I was dealing with more chaste girls and also my average trip length went up from two weeks to one month meaning I was no longer in a hurry to close. Nothing went beyond the third date (D4) except the Long Game. I was also doing “marking time” coffee second-dates of an hour which hit the numbers but don’t really take much of my time. Let’s consider the geographical distribution:

  • Sex in same country we met: 22
  • Sex in different country to open: 1

And for the Long Game:

  • Sex where she came to London for me: 1
  • Sex where I went back to her country: 2
  • Sex where we both went to a neutral country: 0

Now lets get to the ages. I’m 39. The average age of girl I slept with was 23, making a 16-year average age difference. More stats:

  • Youngest: 19
  • Oldest: 30
  • Number of girls under 23: 13
  • Number of girls over 23: 10

I fucked six 20yr olds and three 19yr olds, which is very pleasing. Let’s consider nationalities (not ethnicity). I’d say the Slavs and Balkans were the hottest as usual, averaging 8s. Overall I think eleven of the girls were legit 8s (I feel some pride having them on my arm), three were 6s (not too proud of myself) and the rest were 7s. I’m very strict on what I call a 9 (gobsmacking beauty that turns heads everywhere) there were only two girls who might be called a nine but I think they didn’t quite make the cut. I had a few nines on dates.

  • Slavic: 12
  • Balkan: 8
  • Western Europe: 2
  • Anglosphere: 0
  • Latino: 1

The nationality is heavily skewed by my choice of holiday destinations. The furthest West I visited was Czech Republic. I never left Europe and missed the opportunity to pick up the more diverse London crowd. Now lets consider the self-reported chastity of the girls involved. I interviewed most of the girls after sex to find out all manner of things, such as when they decided to fuck and how many men they’d had before me. Bear in mind these are self-reported numbers and girls aren’t entirely truthful (to put it mildly). I think I got more truth than a k-selected guy but I’d take these following numbers with a pinch of salt.

  • Virgin: 3
  • 1 or 2 men before me: 5
  • 3 to 10 men: 4
  • 10+ men: 1
  • Didn’t ask / didn’t tell: 10

Just over half the girls gave me an answer, the others I didn’t ask (except for one I asked and she didn’t tell me). The virgins I am certain of because I felt the hymen break and saw the blood. I suspect two of the “didn’t ask” were over ten based on how comfortable they were with the seduction and sex. The rest I put under ten based on same criteria. But you never really know. I’ve also racked my brain for near misses. I only count them as a near miss if the girl was totally up for it, had her hand on my dick, I’d had my hand on her pussy, and she’s either agreed to come to my place or we’d been in a sex location. It’s a bit of a muddy definition but every single one of these girls I was certain I was going to fuck and then it fell apart at the last minute:

  • Near misses: 7
  • Failure due to LMR at sex location: 5
  • Failure due to unexpected outside forces: 2 (both virgins)
  • Failure due to logistical errors: 0

So in summary, I had to do approximately twenty opens to bang one low-eight who was sixteen years younger than me. I’m pretty happy with that. That’s basically two day’s graft for a new girl and not many dates-to-nowhere. I also had greater retention of girls from prior years still wanting the Krauser D. Importantly, my results continued to improve on almost every index. I’m not sure how I’ll manage to outperform that through 2015 but generally if I turn my mind to something, I figure it out. I’m inclined to go for higher quality, less work, and less notches this year.

Adventure Sex – How To Become A Professional Cad

December 29, 2014

I’ve been reading up on football lately. By football, I mean the game where your foot touches the ball, not that weird faggot-rugby-for-blacks that the yanks play. For a long time I’d watched football shows such as Match Of The Day and Sky Sports before a sudden thought hit me – “I’ve been watching this sport for thirty years and I barely understand what I’m seeing.” This was crystallised when watching a Newcastle match with my dad and enduring ninety minutes of him lying on the sofa, arms crossed, spouting unbelievably ignorant gobshite at the television. He’s been watching football nearly sixty years and appears to have absorbed nothing. So, I’d better not turn out like that.

I realised that the live commentators tell you almost nothing – they talk like attention-seeking toddlers, just repeating verbally what is obvious to the eyes: “Ronaldo loses ball to Messi, Messi runs forwards, and is tackled.” Well, thank you Captain Obvious.

In-field analysis, yesterday

In-field analysis, yesterday

So I cast around and got a shortlist of highly-regarded football theory books. I read Jonathan Wilson’s excellent Inverting The Pyramid. After two weeks studying that I had a general awareness of why teams choose their tactical formations and play in certain ways. Now I’m reading Anderson & Sally’s fascinating The Numbers Game which is like Moneyball but for a sport people actually care about outside of the US and Japan. I’m seeing football in a new way. For example, did you know:

  • The total number of goals a team scores does not increase with the number of corners it wins. The average Premier League team in the 2010/11 season scores a goal from a corner once every ten games. That’s why Guardiola’s teams don’t bother with them and play it short to keep possession.
  • The winner of any given football match is only 50% determined by the quality of the team. The rest is luck. Comparing the success rates of pre-game favourites per the bookies, basketball and NFL have 68% of favourites win. In proper football it’s only 52%.
  • Goals per match are almost identical (2.6) in all four major leagues (Premier, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A) over the past ten years with an astonishing consistency. This is despite hugely different national ethos and formations.
  • Darren Bent was the most valuable player in the Premier League in 2009/10 and 2010/11 when players are ranked according to how many points their goals won (i.e. scoring the equalising goal, or the goal that takes the lead in an eventual win). Yes, Darren fucking Bent.


Anyway, I digress. The reason I bring up football is that there is a really interesting chapter on Wigan Athletic and their then-manager Roberto Martinez. The book begins with some simple stats confirming that Wigan has the lowest revenue of any top-flight club – in a sport where the club wage bill correlates 92% to eventual league position – yet upon promotion in 2004/05 managed to remain in the Premier League for eight consecutive seasons and even won the FA Cup in 2013. Per the stats in The Numbers Game then Wigan stood a 95% chance of being relegated in the first five years. Yet they prospered. Why?

The book’s thesis is that Martinez had his team play “guerilla football” to maximise their strengths as a David playing Goliaths. To quote:

“Martinez’s Wigan are not your typical club. In 2010/11, they created goals in extremely unusual ways. They relied much less on traditional open-play goals than most, and did not bother with anything that resembled a patient build-up. In half their games they failed to score from open play at all. When they did, they tended to come from what are known among analysts as “fast breaks” – lightning quick counter-attacks. And the rest of the goals came from free kicks. Their output in both these categories was exceptional. They scored twice as many goals on the break as the average side, and they scored almost four times as many goals from free kicks.”

“Not only did they score from fast breaks and free kicks, but when we calculated the average distances from which Premier League clubs attempted shots that season, Wigan were the overall league leaders. This looked deliberate: their goals came from a longer distance than any of their peers. Martinez was thinking outside the box in the most literal fashion. Indeed, his team had the lowest number of goals scored from inside the penalty area of any side in the league – just twenty-eight, compared to Manchester United’s sixty-nine. He did not place any emphasis on corners – Wigan scored just one goal from a corner in the entire 2010/11 season – because it meant allowing his troops out of hiding and into open sight, leaving them vulnerable. He had his team lie in wait for their opponents and then punish them on the counter-attack. He employed sharpshooters to let fly from distance and snipers to hit free kicks.”


+1, story to follow

+1, story to follow

When reading this my mind spun a little. Hmmmmm….. here is a manager who knows his team is outgunned on the normal criteria of the game. He doesn’t have the size or revenue to buy success through normal channels. He knows most of the time he’ll come up short, but he doesn’t need to win every game, he just needs win enough to get a steady supply of points and stay at the top table. Every now and then, such as 2013, he gets some luck and outperforms the biggest clubs in a major competition. But to do this he needs to think outside the box, work hard, and work very intelligently at his own bespoke system. You might spend ninety minutes absorbing pressure from better teams but when that one counter-attack presents itself you can snatch victory. You can drill a series of well-rehearsed set-pieces on the training ground so that when you get that free kick on the edge of the penalty box your whole team is moving with expert synchronisation, every piece in place to outmaneuver the opposition.

Yes, that sounds very familiar.

Let’s change some of the vocabulary. Imagine someone had realised he was out of his depth in the SMP according to normal criteria. He wasn’t young, tall, muscular or good-looking and yet he wanted to bag the same trophies everyone else is competing for. If he went the same tried-and-tested route as everyone else – nightgame, Tinder, online – he’d barely score a point. So this someone thought outside the box and found a system to get by. It was unorthodox. It involved grinding it out and being alive to when those occasional Maybes and Yeses turned up. And once that chance presented itself, he was ruthless in converting it to a win.

Yeah, imagine getting by for five years or so like that. Sometimes winning the cup final.

Daygame Overkill is available for $199 here. Daygame Mastery is available for $100 here.

Daygame Overkill – pre-order discount

December 25, 2014

Ho ho ho!

Wouldn’t it be great if a top daygamer was to record his in-fields while in peak form, hitting on ten hot young girls in Croatia? These would be real interactions, a few of which resulted in lewd sexual acts a day or two later. Then imagine this money-grabbing generously-minded capitalist daygamer very patiently deconstructed those interactions so you can see exactly what is happening, and why. Let’s say he included a wide range of interactions so you can see Yes, Maybe and No girls with an explanation of all the subtle cues for how to spot them and what to do about it.

Then let’s say that same man delivered a two-hour theoretical presentation explaining why this new daygame is different to what you’re doing. He tells you everything you need to make the leap from “nice guy daygamer who barely gets laid” to “bad boy daygamer that kills it”. And he shows it all with live in-field examples.

As if that’s not enough to make you cream your pants, imagine if the whole model was simplified so that it’s easy to learn, and there are just a few principles you need to keep in mind while talking to girls. That would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it?

Overkill screens

I’m not so generous as to give it away, but at this price it’s a steal. Daygame Overkill is released on New Year’s Eve. Perfect timing to provide a destination for your excess Christmas gift money and motivate you to stick to your New Year’s resolution to get better with women. Buy it on release for $199.

However, in the spirit of goodwill to all blog readers men, I offered a pre-order discount of $25. That’s now expired.


This code was only for pre-orders and I removed the code before release, on a whim, so that only the early-birds benefited from it. Before crying over such unfairness, let’s review just what you’ll get for your $199 if you jump on it now:

  1. A two hour theoretical presentation of r-selection daygame.
  2. Ten live in-fields including detailed play-by-play analysis. That’s over three hours of demonstration.
  3. A half hour remedial introduction to the London Daygame Model including graphics of the latest tweaks.
  4. All recorded in full HD, streamed onto your laptop or smartphone.

This is my best product yet. 335 minutes of tightly-packed daygame awesomeness. Be excited. Be very excited.

UPDATE – Lulu are offering a 25% discount on books, expiring 31/12, using the AMA25 code

Product update

December 20, 2014

Righty-ho. I think I’m about a week away from completing Daygame Overkill. So far I’ve edited the entirety of part one, the theory seminar, and I’ve edited seven of the ten in-fields that comprise the second part. I’ve captioned the remaining three. So, this is what remains:

  • Film a product welcome and introduction to the model.
  • Film and edit in the analysis of the last three videos.
The future, yesterday

The future, yesterday

This won’t take long. It’ll be hosted by an online streaming service so it’s viewable on laptops and smartphones. I’m trying to disable iPad compatibility because I don’t want faggots watching it. I’ll be offering a discount code on those of you who snap it up early and then increasing the price every two weeks until the only person who can afford it is the man who needs it most – Mark Suckerberg.

Jesus fucking Christ

Jesus fucking Christ

The real secret of eternal youth

December 19, 2014

I woke up late today, about 11am, because I’m sleeping off a root canal treatment I had yesterday in Newcastle. Yes, my teeth are still fucking with me. Hopefully it’s all sorted now. So, I wake up and shuffle into the bathroom for a hot shower, climb into my clothes and then set the coffee filter machine brewing my morning cup. I can hear birds singing in the garden and I look out the conservatory windows to see the family cats chasing one up a tree.

but 4 degrees Celcius

but 4 degrees Celcius

My laptop boots up and I notice Steam is having a holiday sale. Chivalry is reduced from £18.99 to £4.99 so I snap it up and it downloads while I check my mails, books sales, and do my daily round-up of the few blogs I still regularly read (Steve Sailer, Heartiste, Vox Day, Roosh, D&P). Then I run around medieval Europe hacking limbs from rival knights for half an hour. Hmmmm, I’m hungry. I walk down the local pub for Cumberland sausages on mash inside a giant Yorkshire Pudding. I get a second coffee and read through my hardboiled detective paperback. It’s about 2pm now. I’m WhatsApping a few of the girls on my international rotation, hassling them for new naked photos. It’s Friday. Anyway…. I won’t bore you with my day. The point is this…… I begin to ruminate on the nature of free time.

There is only one truly precious resource in life – your time.

Time is the only thing you can’t get more of. It’s the resource you trade for everything else. When you go to work you trade it for money. With hobbies you trade it for fun. With girls you trade it for sex and affection. It’s your most precious resource and you’d better use it wisely. Don’t give it away cheaply. Don’t waste it. Don’t let people steal it. So my mind wanders further and I do a quick calculation of my free time now compared to when I worked “in the matrix” in my banking job. So, let’s compare:


  • 07:45 – Wake up, shower, rush breakfast, get dressed, walk to work.
  • 09:00 – Morning in the office, until the lunch break from 1pm till 2pm – half of that is walking to deli and waiting in queue.
  • 14:00 – Afternoon in the office, usually getting out at about 6pm.
  • 18:00 – Walk home, pick up dry cleaning, unburden myself of work clothes, put on normal clothes, start cooking.
  • 20:00 – Finally I’m rested and well fed. My free time begins.
  • 00:00 – Bedtime.


  • ??:?? – Wake up when I damn well feel like it.
  • ??:?? – An hour or so on my business, blog, and related mails and admin
  • ??:?? – If I feel like working I’ll do anywhere from one hour to ten hours work on a product or blogpost.

So I realised that while at work I only really had four hours of free time per weekday, or twenty hours a week. Now it’s more like fifteen hours per day is free. I’ve quadrupled my weekday free time. Now, that’s not to say I lie in a hammock and watch Family Guy all day but almost my entire waking life is a blank slate that I fill with the things I feel like doing and only those. Future project that over the rest of my life. Twenty hours a week vs fifteen hours a day. Let’s say weekends are the same in both lifestyles.

Someone who wasted my time, yesterday.

Someone who wasted my time, yesterday.

If you consider, like I do, that the real business of living is doing the things you like in your free time then I’ve “extended my life” by four times.

I’m not saying the maths is perfect, but it’s a thought isn’t it. Unplugging doesn’t just extend your life through better health and lower stress. You’re pretty much extending it just by the incredible multiplier applied to your free time.

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