When I released Daygame Nitro in May of last year it was the only daygame book worth reading. It’s still the best, but I’m a narcissist so you’d expect me to say that. My book is aimed at guys who can already do a bit of game and thus dives straight into the advanced material. Other guys cater to beginners and that’s fine. I devoted one chapter to “beginners daygame” and no more.

My method is designed to get girls who are younger and hotter than you are, then make them fall for you hard. That’s not an easy task. It requires real technical nous and an unshakeably strong frame. Daygame Nitro explains precisely how to acquire it. This is the most technically deep daygame material there is.

Everything is laid out in specifics. I use sample openers, sample stacks, sample conversations. I then explain the principles behind them so you can create your own on the fly. Combine this book with the dozens of free videos already on my blog and you have all you need to start knobbing hot young fillies.

That’s why for it’s first year of release I set the bar high at $70. If you’re serious about getting good, serious about putting in hundreds of approaches, then $70 is a pittance.

So for a year I’ve counted my loot and sat atop my pile of gold, cackling madly. Perhaps it’s to restore my karma, perhaps it’s a moment of madness but now I’ve cut my prices and even, in my boundless magnificence, released a cheap paperback edition. The content remains exactly the same. So, dear readers I offer you two choices:

Daygame Nitro Hardback – $50

Daygame Nitro Softback – $20

Knock yourselves out. This won’t last forever.


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  2. I see, you flagged ManEater. Very discretely. Good.

  3. Does the content including from opening to bad or just to get the chick’s number? [to f-closing]

    • hey, i’ve already bought the book but i get the problem when i’m booking. and the LULU’s reply make me irate. I’m dealing with them now. I wish that i can get something after pay 62 euro.

      Just let you know the reason why i strongly recommend you change to another one.Because i believe that this is an amazing book, so it need to make easier to get it.

      [Thanks. This is the first time I've heard of a ordering problem. If anyone else has had problems please let me know. K.]

      • well, i’m complaint about the customer service, maybe i’m not in the Britain. all i got is the official reply, nothing help. But i’ve a strongly feeling that your book will help me a lots. so, i book an another one. i’m expecting it.

        keep going, krauser! if u plan to come my city, let me know.

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  6. Hello,

    I actually already ordered the book from Lulu but I’d like to ask you a question:
    What is your success rate like out of all the girls you approach?

    Generally the figure tossed around by a few other “gurus” is about 10-11% for daygame; I know a few non-gurus whom I know are successful and get around this figure as well. On the other hand, some people recommend instead learning how to identify the girls that are going to be interested in you through eye contact etc and thereby increasing your success rate. Does the book go into this?


    • Actually, I would say that that is a very good question…
      Roosh is always talking about how pulling the ladies is a numbers game – could you give us a rough idea of your % success rate?

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  17. Any thought to publishing an electronic version?

  18. Should have an e-book version.

  19. Hey man, I just bought your book, not because of what the favorable review said, but because of what the unfavorable review said, basically along the lines of “sexist and being physically dominant” is what sold me. Fuck yeah!

  20. Krauser, would buy a copy if you published an ebook version.

    You could self-publish via amazon at little cost and I’m sure drive more sales

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