You have to crash the car

March 13, 2015

Almost every guy who gets into Game suffers from the same affliction – he’s too nice. That’s how we’re brought up. Be nice, be courteous, do that right thing. It becomes internalised so that we are the living breathing agents of the Feminine Imperative. Thus an important strategem in your early days of game is to crash the car. You never know how fast you can take the corner until you press the pedal to the metal.

Last night I put that to the test. I was on a first date with a Russian girl I’d met a few days earlier. Heading into the date I was not too enthused. I seemed to remember her as being fairly plain. Then she showed up dressed in her best clobber and I thought “mmmmmm”. Long legs, tight ass, long hair. Then she told me she’s eighteen. I immediately texted Tom: “I might be a bit late. She said she’s 18. It’s worth another hour.”. Then, as I grabbed her throat and threw her against a piss-stained wall she flinched. I put her hand on my dick and her eyes grew wider than a raccoon on cocaine.

“You haven’t touched a dick before, have you?” I politely enquired.

“No” she squeaked.

“Are you a virgin?”

“……. Yes”

Epic win.

So I pulled her hair and rubbed her pussy. Might as well crash the car. So in the spirit of rapid escalation here’s a video of me quite literally crashing a car bobsleigh*

* Note the speed. 48km/h is pretty damn good.

Don’t obsess the numbers

March 3, 2015

I was reading a blogpost yesterday from a guy deconstructing my 2013 daygame stats. He’s a Game dabbler but it’s a pretty interesting blog for a window onto modern London life around Covent Garden. Anyway, one of his contentions is that daygame has an extremely high cost-per-lay once you include the opportunity cost of not going to the office because you’re on the streets.

I immediately thought that was a weird wrong-headed comparison. Now, this guy was just musing and throwing ideas out there. I’d be surprised if it’s a position he’d actually wish to defend in serious debate, but it did get me thinking. His argument goes as follows:

Day Game is a whole other thing. If you do it systematically, it’s financially horrible. The hidden cost here is that Krauser’s spare time is not free: he’s an IT contractor in Financial Services and those guys make upwards of £400 a day. He could be earning six figures annually, but chooses not to. It’s a rare contractor who works all twelve months a year: let’s assume he could work six months a year. If I’ve followed his year right, he’s done a three month earning stint in 2013. In nine months he gets thirty lays, so in six he gets twenty. The extra ten notches are the benefit of his chosen lifestyle. The extra ten notches cost around £25,000 in lost post-tax income. That’s £2,500 a notch. Yikes! And those notches are almost all one-time: all those girls who are “on their last night in London”?

Summarised with this advice:

Good-quality escorts go out for £250+ an hour. That’s the benchmark. Pay more than that per lay and you need to re-examine your choices

The natural conclusion is that we should all bang whores. I’m pretty sure you know instinctively that’s wrong. Let’s explore why.

A waste of £250, yesterday

A waste of £250, yesterday

Within the statistics community they talk about how reading a stat only really tells you that somebody counted something somewhere. It’s a human process. Some phenomena lend themselves readily to interval data (e.g. height, weight) while others are more problematic. For example, what is the “biggest” video game in the world?

  • Is it GTAV because it had the biggest launch?
  • Is it Elite because it has the biggest gameworld?
  • Is it Mario because it’s the franchise with greatest total sales?
  • Is it League of Legends because it has the most simultaneous online players?

Before you start measuring something you have to decide what is important to measure. What are you actually trying to find out? Only then do you get into the next problem of how to measure it. To continue the video game example, let’s say by “biggest” what you really mean is “which game makes the most money?” So now you need to make judgements about what money is counted – is it physical copies sold? Is it “seats” per online distribution? Is it recurring monthly subscriptions and in-game purchases? How you count it determines if you end up with Call of Duty or World of Warcraft.

Note I’m not saying statistics are meaningless. I’m saying they aren’t simply “fact”. They tell you something, but you have to know how they were collected and they need to be interpreted. So let’s return to Game laying an additional piece of groundwork.

Per the scripture of Tomassi, there are two types of sex: transactional and validational. A girl fucks you either as a tool to extract something from you (money, fame, access to a lifestyle etc) or for the sheer joy of the act. At the extreme transactional end is prostitution, at the extreme validational end is burning love. Most men most of the time get sex that is weighted towards transactional, but are instinctively dissatisfied with it. Men want to be desired and loved for who they are, not as a means to an end.

And this gets us to why cost-per-lay is pretty meaningless. At worst, it’s a smoke screen for a monger to fudge his way into claiming to be equal to a player. Economists and accountants know all about “externalised costs”. That means excluding costs from a calculation so as to make the transaction appear more profitable. Say for example you spend about £100 every time you go clubbing and you get laid approximately once every four nights (which is pretty damn good work). That’s £400 per lay. But what costs have you externalised?

  • Hangover the next day
  • Hours in an unpleasant environment
  • New clothes to wear at the club
  • Missed opportunities to do something else that night
  • Decreasing health

Those lays might cost you a lot more than £400. But then again, maybe you really enjoy nightclubs and have a blast every time you go. That £400 is buying you a ton of fun experiences in addition to the actual lay, so shouldn’t you be costing some of the money to a different activity (the cost of having fun on a Friday night) rather than the cost-per-lay? Perhaps you’ve also externalised some “income” too and that while clubbing you get such a good vibe that you make great male friends. Can’t you also apply that to the calculation?

Now let’s get into the quality of girl. In a cost-per-lay calculation there are two sides: the cost and the reward. There are all different accounting treatments to apply to the cost (as noted above) and the same concerns apply to the lay itself. Is an annoying fat slut as satisfying to bang as a virginal Russian catwalk model? McDonalds will always beat Byron Burger in a cost-per-burger but is that really the correct calculation? Remember the whole purpose of collecting a statistic: you aren’t really trying to measure the burgers, they are just a proxy in your attempt to capture a rather more nebulous concept – human satisfaction at an action.

A satisfying human, yesterday

A satisfying human, yesterday

This is one of the central insights in the Austrian theory of economics. Value is not contained within the “thing”. Value is a subjective calculation carried out in the mind of the consumer of the thing. Much the same applies to the valuation placed upon the costs – most of Game’s costs are in effort and emotion, not cash, and thus they are not amendable to simple interval measurement.

So let’s pull this together into comparing daygame with whoring. Here’s a crude rundown of the cost-per-lay


  • £200-ish for an hour, one-time sex
  • Girl is probably a physical 7, maybe 8
  • She’s damaged goods in health, wear’n’tear, and mindset
  • Transactional sex. She doesn’t give a damn about you. Probably has contempt for you.


  • £10-ish for anywhere between one-time sex to multi-year MLTR
  • Girl is probably a physical 7, maybe 8 (for me)
  • She’s in the upper echelon of freshness and pleasantness
  • Validational sex. She really fancies me and loves having sex with me.

It’s foolish to ignore the intangibles in daygame. To return to the initial quoted costing, I don’t want to work in an office. I do the minimum necessary to fund my lifestyle and even if I wasn’t doing daygame I wouldn’t go back into the office to maximise my income – I’d just read a book, or play a video game. My decision to not earn as much as possible is not an opportunity cost of daygame (as the earlier quote) because it was motivated by something different entirely. I happen to enjoy daygame. When I’m “on” I hit a flow state which simply can’t be bought. Flow must be earned whether by daygame, sparring, climbing a mountain, sledging with huskies or whatever else it is that lets you temporarily grasp its blissful absorption.

Once you have made the jump from primarily-transactional to primarily-validational sex you have completely changed the nature of the interaction, and with it your whole view of life. Banging whores rots your soul. You know they are rotten and you know you haven’t achieved a damn thing by poking your dick into their diseased orifices. Banging younger-hotter-tighter is uplifting. It makes the sun shine almost every day as you achieve something so special as to be akin to street magic.

Set difficulty to "Belgrade"

Set difficulty to “Belgrade”

Cost-per-lay and it’s bedfellow notch-count are infantile measures. It’s like comparing a golf score without including the handicap. Those stats do tell you something, especially if you make an effort to render constant all other variables, but when you hear them bandied around the internet you’re probably just witnessing a combination of ego-shrimping* and barrel-stepping* from internet blow-hards, or a series of meta-weasels so the writer can reconcile himself to not cold approaching.

* terms to be defined later, see if you can guess.

The Sigma Male

February 25, 2015

Now this is just plain chilling. As I read the Murakami excerpt (see link) I was nodding my head and then when I read Vox’s following summary I felt a shiver through my bones:

What is interesting is that Murakami accurately describes many of the attributes of a Sigma decades before the concept was articulated. The young illustrator is solitary, but successful with women despite being physically unremarkable, is likable and makes friends easily, but has little interest in a social life. He possesses unusual motivations and preferences, has strong willpower and a high level of self-discipline, and exists almost completely outside the normal social hierarchies. His interests fall on the obsessive side. He understands women on a level few men do, but has very little interest in them beyond their sexual utility and is more inclined to view them with contempt than place them on a pedestal. Relationships, both friendly and romantic, are open to him, but he instinctively shies away from them.

Vox was the first guy to popularise the notion of sigma (maybe he invented the term, I’m not sure). I was immediately drawn to it because it put a word and concept onto something I’d felt my whole adult life. This is his most striking elucidation of it. Bravo.

It’s all about avoidance

February 14, 2015

I’ve been reading a few internet forums and blog comments sections of late and my Innate Pattern Recognition System (IPRS, a.k.a. human brain) has noticed a rather obvious underlying message to some of the odder comments. At the surface level there seem to be a number of ostensibly different set of concerns raised and advice given. For example:

  • Technique-based game is quite superficial relative to the deeper mindsets stuff.
  • The PUA frame of reference is toxic, a “manipulate fear-based protocol” and really you need to move “beyond game”
  • The player’s lifestyle is shallow and mind-numbing. Far better to find a Quality Girl to enjoy a meaningful relationship with.
  • Chasing women is just a distraction from other more manly pursuits, such as making money or mastering a craft.
  • When you dedicate yourself to picking up women you are becoming the ultimate pedastaliser because you devote your entire being to pleasing women.
  • Tinder is the way forward. Just perfect your photo and learn the hacks.

I won’t bother engaging any of these positions with logic and evidence. It doesn’t really matter what their relative merits are. They could all be true or all be false and it wouldn’t matter. What I want to bring out is the fundamental behavioural advice they all agree on: Don’t cold approach.

Full of shit, yesterday*

Full of shit, yesterday*

And that’s the point. We are frollicking along the giddy heights of advanced meta-weaseling with these avoidance gems. As the functional sociologists figured way back in the 1950s, an easy heuristic to apply to any closed system is that everybody is getting something out of it. Whether this is a postive interaction (e.g. personal trainer gets paid, client gets a good workout) or a negative interaction (e.g. alcoholic gets attention, long-suffering wife gets to play martyr), all parties in the interaction get a payoff. This is explored in fascinating detail by Eric Berne in The Games People Play.

So let’s apply it to what I will collectively term the BeyondGameosphere.

Everyone feels approach anxiety. As I discuss in Daygame Mastery, AA is really how a lack of self-acceptance manifests itself in a desire to avoid real world feedback on your true value. Tom put up a video calling it Assessment Anxiety and I mostly agree with that. If you knew every girl you approach was going to like you (sex or no sex) you wouldn’t feel AA. It’s not really the approaching that worries you rather than the risk the girl might not accept you. Her acceptance is a proxy for your own self-acceptance. AA is real and releases itself into your body and mind the same way fear does. While writing on self defense, Geoff Thompson classified different types of fear according to the relationship between the action (a threat) and the timing of it’s build-up and aftermath. Have a look at this list (Adrenal Map) and tell me it doesn’t describe AA equally well. Some examples:

  • Pre Post-Fight Fear = the fear of consequences after a fight. This would be your future projection of how bad you think you’ll feel after a day getting blown out.
  • Think-Fight Fear = anticipation of confrontation. This is routine AA, a heightened anxiety as you think about approaching.
  • Pre-Fight Fear = the fast adrenalin dump of immediate and unanticipated confrontation. This would be a day you don’t plan to approach and suddenly see a hottie that gets your spider sense going and you know you ought to approach.
  • Double-Tap Fear = having celebrated closure too quickly, to have confrontation suddenly re-open (think of the horror movie where “dead” killer suddenly gets up again). This is when the set has been going great and you’ve calmed down into a steady state but then she does something to suggest you aren’t as far along as you thought.
  • In-Post-Fight Fear = bottling out in the middle of a confrontation when you suddenly begin thinking of the consequences. The set is going well but you start the negative self-talk along the lines of “no way can this be happening! she’s so hot! don’t fuck it up!”

Adrenalin is a physical syndrome that requires a physical release. When people get Bad Feels, they find a coping strategy. Such strategies are not created equally. Some will address the cause while others merely medicate the symptoms and go no further towards improving your objective reality. The most effective AA strategy is to cold approach: deal with the fear and take right action, until you are meeting and sexing the girls you really want. But that’s also the toughest. It requires mental strength and long-term disciplined action. So there’s a whole army of snake-oil sellers offering to install advanced inner game without going to trouble of encountering Bad Feels.

Cutting edge game

Cutting edge game

The reason the BeyondGameosphere is so resilient is because everyone is bullshitting each other to anaesthetise the Bad Feels away with a heavy dose of Happy Feelz valium. The instructors provide rationalisations to do everything but cold approach: inner game, warm approach, social circle, gym, move country etc. Their superfans maintain their own position of pseudo-importance on the forums/blogs by telling numerous unlikely stories of how they’ve implemented their No Approach ideology and are now so much happier than when they were meeting dozens of pretty young women through cold approach. And the beginners get sucked in, thinking it’s possible to get good with women without doing the actual hard work.

It’s one massive circle jerk of bullshitters and scammers.

Fortunately for us, there’s a really easy heuristic to separate out the real men of game and the numerous bullshit artists trying to scam you into co-signing their avoidance bullshit. Ignore the rationales they offer and just deduce the natural behavoural advice they offer:

Does it require you to cold approach in order to have more success with women?

No? Then they are full of shit. To declare yourself “beyond game” is a classic lower-intermediate tell, signifying you’ve done enough cold approach to begin being worn down by it, but haven’t yet built yourself up to deal with it. There’s a whole community of crabs and barrel-hosts waiting to hold you in place.

Advanced Inner Game Paradigm

Advanced Inner Game Paradigm

* But in his defense, he does seem to advocate some approaching. His snake oil is more like a resource for other people who wish to avoid approaching

Daygame Overkill Transition – Existing Customers

January 20, 2015

Vimeo has removed all videos now, therefore I have to manually create new accounts on the new platform earlier than expected. I’m sure there’s a life lesson in that somewhere. So, this is how existing customers of Daygame Overkill can get their free login to the new platform. Follow these instructions carefully:

1. Send me an email at nickkrauser1 [at] gmail [dot] com

2. Use “Overkill Transition” as the subject title

3. Include in that mail a copy of your Vimeo proof of purchase, including your unique identifier (transaction ID, email etc).

It’s absolutely vital you include the proof of purchase because I fully expect a few little shits to try to use this as a chance to scam a free copy. Follow those three steps and I’ll manually create an account from you and you’ll get an auto-generated email containing your new login name and password to use at


This is what I mean by proof of purchase. If you pre-ordered Overkill you will have received this email confirmation on either the 30th or 31st of December. If you bought it after that date, you will have received it instantaneously. Check your email folder on that date.

overkill proof of purchase


Do not send me the “confirmation of pre-order” mail or exchanges with Vimeo staff that do not provide evidence of payment. A number of people tried to pre-order and then a problem (with either Vimeo or their credit card provider) meant they were not charged and therefore haven’t paid. If this describes you, don’t worry, you can proceed directly to the new Kajabi sales page here and buy it now without needing to go through this whole transition process.

The reason I’m strict is that, obviously, I’m not going to give away my products for free. Lots of snivelling little shits try it on with me and without proof of purchase I can’t distinguish between honest serious daygamers (i.e. you, I hope) and pathetic sluthate cheapskates. I’m sure you don’t give stuff away based on some anonymous dude on the internet giving you a pinky-promise that he really did pay for it. Help me out and distinguish yourself from them by simply forwarding the proof of purchase.


So far I’ve transitioned 1/3 of the Vimeo customers. At the time of writing – 11am GMT on 21st Jan – I’ve cleared my inbox and created logins for everyone who followed the above instructions. If you haven’t had a reply from me then something went wrong so contact me again. If you did get your welcome email / login details then you’re good to go.

Daygame Diagnostic

January 18, 2015

A key skill for any would-be daygame slayer is the capacity to learn from experience and make changes. Usually these will be small tweaks, and occasionally there are major shifts in direction. Useful symbolism here is to compare yourself to:

  1. An engineer tweaking his F1 car to shave fractions of a second off the lap time.
  2. Sherlock Holmes arriving at a crime scene and assessing the jumble of evidence, much of it hidden until you specifically look for it, in order to build a picture of what happened.

Never forget that as daygamers we are engaged in a diagnostic exercise: there is a messy jumbled world out there and contained within it is what we want – adventure sex with hot girls. However like Sherlock Holmes arriving on the scene, it’s not until he forms an expectation of a certain cigar ash in the corner of the room (which can be compared to his vast library of analysis on the world’s different cigars and where they are bought), it’s your job to direct your mind towards the relevant evidence and then to make sense of what you collect.

an original in-field

an original in-field

It’s one of the reasons daygame is so addictive. You are engaging your mind on so many levels, from those transient micro-signals that flit between you and the girl on the street on up to those macro-signals you notice about your long term vibe or skills. So, with that in mind let’s consider one useful diagnostic tool I learned from Tony T back in 2011.

Chart of Lost Girls
Grab some paper and draw a simple line graph. Label your vertical axis “hooked” and the horizontal axis “compliance point”. You are now going to estimate your results with girls and plot them along the graph as follows:

  1. Trawl your memory (or excel spreadsheet if you have one) for the total number of opens you’ve done for the period under review. I’d recommend you don’t use periods longer than six months. Try to choose a timescale that represents a plateau, where you feel like you’ve had stable results (for good or ill) during that period.
  2. The total number of girls you opened in that period is the upper limit of the vertical axis. If you opened 300 girls in that period, mark “300” at the very end of the vertical axis. That’s the total population of the cases under review.
  3. Mark lines along the horizontal axis to break it into sections as follows, from left to right: Open, Hook Point, Number, Ping Text, Date Acceptance, Date, Kiss, Extraction, Lay. These represent the key moments of compliance which indicate the girl is still interested in moving forwards with you. Advanced perverts players may add a final category of Anal Virginity.
  4. Now comes the difficult part. Go through those 300 (or however many) sets you did and plot on the graph the last compliance point you received from each girl. So lets say you fucked four girls – you’ll put a cross at the point where “lay” on the horizontal axis crosses “four” on the vertical axis. If you opened 300 girls but only reached hook point with fifty then your left-most cross will be 300 (above open) and the second-to-left-most (above hook point) will be fifty.
  5. Clearly you’ll have to estimate some of the numbers. Try your best even if it takes half and hour to sift through your memories.


Here's one I made earlier

Here’s one I made earlier

Right, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s a downward sloping graph because daygame is a linear process where the pool of girls is gradually whittled down until some find their way into your bed. The purpose of this chart is simple:

Where are you losing most of the girls?

This chart will identify your strengths and weaknesses, giving you a signal for where you need to focus your next plateau-busting efforts. Like everything in game, you can’t blindly follow statistics. For example, you might hook most of the girls you open – which most people would think is a sign of strength – but that could mean either:

  • You’ve got a really strong open and mythology (a good thing)
  • You open girls way below your potential quality ceiling (a bad thing)
  • You hide your sexual intent (a bad thing)

So now that the evidence is in front of you, organised in a useful format, start trying to find reasons for the statistical pattern. You’ll see many of my stats on the 2013 and 2014 summary posts. You can also make this a time-series to see where you are improving from period to period.

Daygame Overkill has moved

January 13, 2015

On the day that Daygame Overkill was released I got an email from Vimeo to inform me that it had been unpublished (i.e. removed). They gave me the reason as, simply, “PUA”. So I wrote them an email contesting it because I hadn’t actually breached any of their guidelines. After a short email exchange with the moderation team they determined that it was a “close call” and their guidelines would now be updated to specifically include “PUA” as a theme that is unwelcome on their platform. Okay, that’s their choice. The moderation team were actually quite polite and responsive and we agreed a grace period where Overkill would remain live and taking orders until I set up a new platform. They have also agreed to aid the transition by giving all existing customers instructions on how to contact me to transfer their login from Vimeo to the new platform Kajabi.

That transition begins today. Vimeo have unpublished Overkill. Existing customers can continue to watch it by logging into Vimeo and browsing to their Library. Follow the instructions in the notification mail and – importantly – keep your proof of purchase. The domain now directs to the Kajabi platform login page.

New customers can no longer purchase Overkill from Vimeo. Instead, you can buy from Kajabi using this sales page. It’s the same price and same content except for two things:

  1. The Kajabi videos are not full HD. They are 720p rather than the 1080p on Vimeo.
  2. As a sweetener, I’ve added a new “Directors Cut” section that has the full unedited versions of all ten infields. This extra content will help those of you who have absorbed all my analysis and now just want to zone in on the infields and draw their own additional conclusions about what’s happening.

My apologies for the fanny-on. It’s just an occupational risk when you swallow the red pill and teach men how to improve their sex lives. The whole of the blue pill world is hostile.

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