Crystallise her attraction for you

May 15, 2014

While travelling in Moscow, dependable first-gen daygamers Tom and Ramy were having a lot of idates and screening coffees. The further you travel East, the more false positives FSU girls give you and this creates its own set of problems. In the beginning you’re wide-eyed – “wow! so many super-hotties and they all want to come on dates with me!” you think.

Not so, sir

After your fifth consecutive date-to-nowhere you realise shininess is a double-edged sword. It doesn’t matter that she’s a 5’11” greyhound with heels and immaculate fashion if she’s only there to practice her English and gaze at the strange species Homus Englishski. The new problem of False Abundance is you have so many phone numbers you have to write them all down and keep an Excel document for scheduling dates.

A dirty rotten timewaster, yesterday

A dirty rotten timewaster, yesterday

I once dated 21 different girls in 7 days. Only fucked three of them (and another two on a return visit after long game).

The positive edge to the sword is you can practice hardcore screening and escalation. That’s the kind of thing that let’s you finger three different girls on three consecutive days inside cafes in mid-afternoon (story and audio to follow). You are so concerned to avoid wasting time (rather than avoid losing the girl) that you can push hard. Now, fingering them fast may be something of an over-compensation so let’s instead consider a strategy Ramy developed.

During the questions game, ask this:
“What do you like about me?”

Really, you can be this blunt with Russians. Once you’re used to it, you’ll find you can be that blunt with any girl. The authenticity shines through and cuts the crap. Generally I’ll ask this question after I’ve done the Age and Approach debrief questions. Girls will always answer it and you can calibrate from their response.

  • “I like that you are native speaker so I can practice my English” = probably a timewaster, expect to need to give her The Talk later
  • “You are so bold and direct, like real man” = great, you’ll be making The Move soon
  • “You are interesting, with much life experience” = great, continue your MIMITW game

Girls tell you how to seduce them if only you are perceptive enough to process their words. So I’ve been using this question on almost every Day 2, especially for daylight coffee screening dates when my evenings are already occupied with Day 3s and 4s. Just last night while out with a pretty young student I realised there’s an extra advantage to asking this question…….

We are all well-aware that girls are creatures of the Now, buffeted around by whimsy and emotion. Just because she’s feeling vague woolly feelings of attraction for you now does not mean she will do so tomorrow morning when the love bubble has burst. So it’s good to lock it down.

Moving hands south imminently

Moving hands south imminently

Right now, on the Day 2, she’s feeling good. Her hindbrain likes you, but perhaps your game has been so smooth and covertly-conveyed that her forebrain hasn’t really engaged with it. She’s got this odd forebrain/hindbrain conflict where the latter likes you but the former hasn’t gotten the message. Thus the attraction is epheramel – it depends on her hindbrain, which blows around like a ship on a stormy sea. So even if you kiss her she might wake up the next morning not fancying you much. The date is just compartmentalised as a “nice experience” and the notch recedes from view.

So force her forebrain to acknowledge that she likes you.

It will crystallise the fact of “I like him” so that the next morning it’s accepted, and durable through time. This question uses the hindbrain pleasure of the love bubble to force the forebrain to get on board, and she actively constructs the reasons for her answer. You’ve given her Forebrain Fodder.

Daygame Nitro: long-awaited second edition out now

May 13, 2014

Nitro blog launch cover

I am proud to announce the launch of Daygame Nitro second edition. I know what you’re thinking….

“I torrented the first edition and feel a bit guilty about it. How can I ever restore my daygame karma?”

Repent, sinner. I’m giving you the second chance you scarcely deserve. If you head over to Lulu and buy this book I guarantee the daygame gods will push two teenage tourist SDLs your way within a week.*  The video below goes through the content and flicks through a paper copy so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting.

To summarise, here’s answers to the obvious questions:

1. What is new in the second edition?
The first edition was 36,000 words. I rewrote all of those and added an extra 30,000. So it’s almost double the size. Some chapters have been expanded (for example a long sexual future projection in the idate chapter) while some entirely new chapters are added on Vibe, Emotional Rollercoaster, Polarity, Connection, Physical Escalation, SMV and Cold Reading. Click the preview on the Lulu page for full contents.

2. The first edition looks like your mum did the graphic design. Does this one look better?
Yes. I paid professional copy editors to clean up the prose, a layout guy to make it look nice, and also commissioned custom interior / cover art and a flowchart girl.

3. Who is it aimed at?
Nitro is designed to get a beginner up to intermediate level (one new lay a month), whereas Mastery is meant to get one-a-month up to three-a-month and a point higher in quality. So long as you’ve done at least fifty sets the concepts of Nitro will connect well with your experience.

4. I don’t like these hardbacks. When is the Kindle coming out?
I really don’t know. I’m not averse to it, but nothing is planned in the near future.

Note interior is in B/W

Note interior is in B/W


* Complete lie. Guarantee is pure fabrication.

The 10 invisible barriers to daygame

May 12, 2014

The harsh reality of daygame is most men will never get it. That’s partly because most daygamers are an adversarially-selected bunch of weirdos (as indeed I was when I began) but mostly because it’s just an enormous ask:

Start talking to a hot young girl, who doesn’t know you, and then fuck her with nothing more than your aesthetic and charisma.

To pull that off consistently on girls younger and hotter than you is basically a super power. I’m surprised top players aren’t asked to be in the next X-Men. So while I was sitting in a cafe with Tom looking out over a nice FSU plaza, we reflected on a simple question: why aren’t more men able to pull this off?

I see all the hot girls walking around and I know that with a bit of effort I can get some of them. So that’s exactly what I do. What’s stopping all the other men doing the same? Why is it that despite hundreds of bootcamps, one-on-ones, seminars and at least a few thousand men going through the London Daygame mill I can literally count on my hands how many are good?

There are invisible barriers to daygame that aren’t mere technique and will be imperceptible to everyone below the intermediate (one lay a month from hard graft) level. These are the things that are no longer in my reality but used to be like a forcefield holding me back.

Where have all the overweight socially maladjusted men gone?

Where have all the overweight socially maladjusted men gone?

1. Sting of rejection
A girl’s reaction shouldn’t affect your sense of self. When she’s walking down the street with her headphones on and daydreaming of her next pair of shoes she’s not thinking of meeting men. Opening her well will usually shock her out of this but there will always be girls who brush you off and keep walking. Assuming she stops there’ll be girls who give you a “what do you want?” look and you can’t quite get rolling – so another rejection. Or maybe you get the compliment out and get the “thanks but no thanks”. Or you get excited with the number close and she doesn’t reply. The only two certainies in life are death and daygame blowouts. For as long as you feel the sting of it, you’ll find ways to avoid being in that position, which leads me on to……

2. Meta-weasels
…. the ego is ingenius in it’s ability to avoid damage. In addition to the usual street weasels (“she’s too hot”, “she looks busy” etc) are the lifestyle weasels that prevent you even being in a position to open a girl. Just recently Tom met a guy who appears to have the Euro-jaunt lifestyle set up but he seems to spend all day in a cafe reading books and not opening. It’s quite acceptable to go see the art gallery, the museum and the opera house on your first day but that’s it. A good daygamer is a piss-poor tourist.

You must want this more than photos outside the Opera House

You must want this more than photos outside the Opera House

3. Blowout streaks
Everyone has strings of blowouts. If you’re good-looking and confident they’ll be short strings that barely phase you but you’ll still get them. If you’re a short Indian chode opening Russian catwalk models blowouts are pretty much the only thing you’ll get. It’s quite dispiriting to have a run of good results, perhaps a few quality lays, and then suddenly every girl acts like you’ve sprayed on woman repellant. Daygame is about keeping many balls in the air simultaneously in order to pull off a magic trick. It’s so easy to drop a ball or too and then not even get a girl to stop for you. And then you’ll start doubting yourself. “Was I really any good at this? Does it even work?” The typical newbie daygamer doesn’t have the reference experiences or mental grit to push through these streaks, nor the self-diagnostics to correct whatever is causing the blowouts.

4. K-selected signals
Almost every daygamer wants to be the Nice Guy. He’s absorbed too many Disney fairytales and has turned to daygame to get the Good Girls and not those Nightclub Sluts. He’s kidding himself. The sexual market rules are always in effect. It’s always a darwinistic fight whether on the club or on the streets, and the girls are operating according to the same mating schema. Daygame is to nightgame what tennis is to squash – useless ill-coordinated slobs are going to fail in both sports. Daygame fools you into thinking you’re not in competition with all those other cool charismatic men simply because you can’t see them at that moment in time. No. Hot young girls always have options and you’d better be either (i) her best option or (ii) a side-dish she can’t otherwise get.
So drop your Disney fantasy. Daygame is dirty and animalistic.

Boyfriend material. No chance of SDL

Boyfriend material. No chance of SDL

5. Weirdness
For every cool daygamer I’ve met, I’ve met six or seven normal everyman types who have a chance to make it. For every normal guys, I’ve met a couple of weird freaks who have no chance at all. Like the LSS guy who lives in a tent in an Essex forest and has had three phone numbers in ten years – because he’s not only homeless but he looks and smells homeless. His stupid weirdo ego prevents him addressing the one obvious problem. Then there’s all the little Indian chodes asking me “how many sets I need before hot Russian girl become in my harem, Mr Krauser?” or the frame-control PUA freaks who “open” me with a Yad-Stop then completely ignore my friend while trying to get a free consultation. Just the other day I met such a guy and he had weird bug eyes and his shoulders looked like he was halfway through a shrug. He wasn’t physically deformed, just a lifetime of being weird had etches itself into his muscle memory. That can conceivably be undone but it’s a hell of a job. And until them every girl is thinking “ewwww!”

More than any other strategy, daygame is a test of how normal you are. Weirdness will always fall flat when there’s no alcohol, flashing disco lights or female super-horniness to mask it.

6. Nowhere leads
A combination of the other barriers listed here will tend to result in a guy getting phone numbers to nowhere. Now you are fully aboard the emotional rollercoaster. You get the sickening dread of approach anxiety, the euphoria of a girl hooking and chatting, then the validation of the number close, and then the dull let-down of her not responding. Inevitably you’ll obsess for days over it, trying to figure out the perfect recovery text. And finally give up. Get yourself a pile of these false leads and you’ll get into the “is daygame worth all this effort” meta-weasel.

7. Hack mentality
“Dear Tom. I love your book, perhaps I do one-on-one with you. Me your fan. Your infield very good!!!! So Mr Tom, where is easiest place to get laid?”

Everyone wants to avoid the market. Whether it’s a corporation shovelling cash in lobby groups, a feminist mandating alimony laws, an established PUA moving to “lifestle game”, or a noob looking for Pussy Paradise – the emotional driver is always the same: I don’t want to be subject to the rigours of the free market because it’s too hard / I don’t think I’ll win that competition. Combine this with the natural chode avoidance of making significant changes and you have the hack mentality.

The PUA cartel saw you coming and will sell you magic pills and 3 Secrets To Make Her Wet as long as your credit card is below it’s limit. If you’re looking to score something for nothing, you’ll end up with nothing. Daygame is hard. Very very hard.

8. Quality overreach
When you see a really hot girl with a boyfriend, have a good look at him. He’s not a short pot-bellied old man with a comb-over and ill-fitting Primark t-shirt is he? Hot girls only have sex with high value men. Now, as daygamers we are lucky that there is a carefully-honed system to deliver that value in a short space of time but….. the value has to be there. The single biggest piece of value a daygamer can have (and which at least 60% don’t have) is… a personality.

The fuck ladder is real. If you’re currently getting occasional 5s then you needn’t bother opening higher than a 6. By all means do so as an experiment in breaking limiting beliefs but know that you’ve got no hope in hell of fucking them. Go dig up a photo of the hottest girl you fucked in the last two years. That’s what you should be opening. If she’s a 5 then leave the catwalk models to the men who actually have a chance.

Good luck with that, fatso

Good luck with that, fatso

And yes, you probably bristled at the last two paragraphs. Going for turbo-hotties that blow you out is actually avoidance – you are avoiding girls you might fuck because getting blown out by the 6s is a bigger blow to your ego.

9. Spoonfeeding
The first generation of London daygamers figured it out for themselves. Tom, Jon, Antony and I were hitting the streets and trying new things. We’d experiment with how many steps to take before coming in on the front stop, what hand position, when to ask the name and so on. There wasn’t a Daygame Mastery out there for us to read so we figured it out for ourselves. That’s called self-reliance and it’s a universally attractive masculine trait. We also read whatever we could get our hands on and stripped out the goldust to incorporate into the model. At no point did we ever think somebody would just hand over the answer. That would’ve been weird.

We accepted that the world is a cold unyielding place and if we wanted to get sex, we’d better solve the problems put in our way. Now I look at some of the emails I get, or long rambling blogposts in the manosphere and it seems few people want to work for it. Wanting to be spoonfed is an entitlement mentality which will stop you improving.

10. First day abroad
Every one of the above barriers slams down hard when you try a Euro-jaunt. You’ve probably built yourself up over a few weeks while waiting for the flight date. This is it, pussy paradise, you’re gonna hit it hard. Burn the town with a crazy number farm and get some hot foreign birds! And then you arrive in your apartment, put down your suitcase and look out the window. Shit has just gotten real and all those insecurities rise up. If you’re not careful you’ll wig out and spend the whole trip buried in a cafe reading blogs.

They don't just fall into your bed

They don’t just fall into your bed

Daygame is not the easy answer to getting laid. There’s a reason more people don’t do it, and there’s a reason most people who do either give up quickly after the bootcamp honeymoon, or they are relentless weirdos who get nowhere. So when I’m sitting in a Prague pavement cafe looking at the hot teens stride past in hot pants and think “I might have a piece of that” it’s no longer a surprise to me that there’s not more men doing exactly the same.

If you want to learn daygame the right way and maximise your chances of success, check out my book Daygame Mastery

Celibacy Clubs Part 3: Gammas For Christ!

May 8, 2014

Here’s a guest post from Bodi. Go here for part one and part two.

When I started writing this article I racked my brains trying to think if there was such a thing as a male celibacy club. The gang of betas on a night out deliberately DLVing each other to squabble over girls? Not really: it’s just pure mate competition. What about internet nerds, sitting in their darkened rooms playing MMORPGs together? No; the core element of a celibacy club is missing: they are not cooperating together in deliberately excluding females and imposing these shared terms and conditions upon each other.

Men’s desire to fuck is simply too strong. Their whole lives are geared around getting access to pussy. To most men the idea of joining a club where you have to not have sex to join is anathema. Male clubs are an elaborate social-circle or value-boosting scheme to GET sex, not avoid it. Don’t forget that women are stupid and illogical and have poor future projection, so they are far less able to manage the consequences of their own actions than men. In times past this didn’t really matter: they had little control over their own lives and even the most socially retarded cavewoman was paired off by her father and brothers regardless of her most sincere gruntings. NOT having sex as a default strategy was the optimal survival strategy for a cavewoman. The only way round this strategy was either by:

  1. familial  coercion, in which the opinions of her father and brothers were probably likely to be ten thousand times more likely to select a suitable partner than her own fluff-ridden mind
  2. by a caveman so strong and alpha that he actually got past her default strategy: thus the strategy selects a male good enough to defeat it.

On the other hand any caveman who didn’t relentlessly pursue his campaign of gene replication was zapped from the gene pool very quickly. Don’t forget the old broscience statistic that 80% of cavewomen reproduced whereas only 20% of cavemen did: and this is assuming they were all trying like crazy!

The paleolithic carousel

The paleolithic carousel

It turns out I was wrong. There ARE indeed celibacy clubs for men and they are the saddest specimens of all. There are two that I can think of:

  1. Gammas for Christ
  2. Manosphere Jihadies

I’ll go over each in turn.

Gammas for Christ

Those amongst my readership who have attended a UK university will know what an incredibly creepy and sinister bunch the Christian Society type people are.

Caveat: this may not hold true in the US. The UK is far more secular and the only people into religion are old or weird. I was stunned when I first met Americans and realised how many of them were non-athiest and further amazed to discover they weren’t creepy and weird. In America religion seems the casual norm, like it was in Victorian Britain.

Let’s continue. These groups of young Christians, both in and out of University, are usually run by a pack of super-Gamma white males who viciously police the territories of their domain ensuring conformity from all members. What have they got to gain from it? Two things:

Firstly, they are nearly always extremely Gamma. By being Christian and spiritual they get a reason to feel better than everybody else, a Gamma’s true desire. The also get a knowledge system that they can turn their formidable minds to and learn inside out and use to position their status above other people (to wit, explaining to people the “real” meaning of some obscure scripture). Now in these groups nearly everyone is paired up in couples. University campuses provide a fresh supply of deluded young girls to fall victim to the ChristSoc propaganda and then be allocated out as girlfriends to the next repellent, control-freak Gamma chode waiting in line. Allocated out, that is, by the oppressive hive-mind of the average ChristSoc. So you get a girlfriend after all but you don’t get to fuck her. This defeats the point, right? Not to the gamma it doesn’t. Firstly a girlfriend you can’t fuck is better than no girlfriend at all (plus unilateral sexual rejection and constant spurning from the ‘open’ sexual market). Secondly, they get a sweet ego-excuse for not being able to tup her guts. Lastly… get this… being Gamma a lot of these charming gentlemen decide that their way, their secret and superior belief system, is actually the one true way and they are therefore justified in doing anything they want so they then treacherously play both ends of the field by secretly trying to guilt the girls into screwing them anyway. They simply hold two incongruent beliefs at the same time: Gammas can do what they want!

Pretty vacant

Pretty vacant

Post-University there are still plenty of Christian groups and social groups but the celibacy-club aspect of it isn’t so prevalent. Lots of the hotter girls leave to get access to dick and husbands. Membership is swollen by people of all ages, loads of old people and kids. Lots of couples just give up and start fucking anyway but keep it to themselves. However, the hardcore persistant Gamma for Christ still swims in these shoals like an odious stickleback. Why does he persist? Because this group is the fuel for his engine! It provides the ideal conditions for his gammaness to thrive. He gets to continually master the secret system and use it against others (AMOG’ing them with more intricate bible knowledge perhaps) and he gets to reposition himself above others whilst appearing to be benevolent. It also gives him the sweetest fruit of all: a total justification for his own inability to get a girl to fuck him.

This all really happens! It’s not just mental masturbation on my part. I personally know two men, but who do not know each other, whose stories were so eerily similar that it kicked off the whole concept for me.

Both men are extremely Gamma; high-IQ, good job, lack of playerness, obtained long-term girlfriend through manipulation of a system (online dating for one, dance classes for another). Each man has a twin brother who is even more Gamma: a High-Gamma. Initially each set of brothers was totally into the church. After a few years half of each set of brothers started playing some form of system to get themselves a girlfriend and when they hit pay dirt they locked in the girl and then their church activities rapidly dwindled (showing why they were really there in the first place). The other brothers, however, doubled down on Churchianity and increased their involvement to obsessive levels. They both grew their hair long and straggly and stated, I shit you not, that they did this “because Christ did”. It gets more delicious! Each brother then takes up woodwork as a hobby again “because Christ did”. I’m not making this up! And don’t forget: these are two seperate sets of brothers who live in different places and have no connection with each other. Each brother then develops an enclyopediac knowledge of Christian doctrine and then at any opportunity argues about it, pissing off and AMOG’ing more normal church-goers and the priests themselves. They then decided that…. oh God can this get any more Gamma?… that they alone have deconstructed Christianity and see the problems with their Church’s interpretation and they alone have “the correct path to Christ”. And apparently the true message of the Bible involved them doing one thing:

whatever they wanted

They didn’t have to go to Church anymore. They dressed how they liked when they liked. They’d aribtrarily not turn up for work if they “wanted to pray” that day.

You’re probably correctly surmising that these brothers were utter cunts. And they are. And of course they have the little holes in their beliefs that all Gammas do. They both serreptitiously sneak off and try various schemes to meet girls. One tries salsa classes and online dating, fails at both and then delights in tearing them down whenever anyone’ll listen. The other tries online christian dating but declares all the girls are ‘sacriligious whores’. Whores that he cannot, you will guess, actually fuck.

What a pair of loathsome fucks. Pure Gammas for Christ. May he have mercy on their evil souls.

Mansophere Extremists

When I first heard of this mindset I thought it was a joke. Krauser told me someone had commented on one of his lay reports where he described shooting his load on a girl’s face and that they’d said “it showed how little he’d valued his seed”.


The reframe is exquisite: that by chasing pussy you are ultimately a slave to pussy and the truly powerful man will detach himself from this salacious Sisyphean task and concentrate on more erudite and fulfilling areas of his life. I don’t agree. It seems to me a pretty obvious rationalisation to justify not getting pussy. It’s no better than women pretending fish don’t need bicycles. It’s no better than the crazed forty year old cat ladies disappearing into charity work to fill the aching void in their hearts and between their legs.

The fundamental nature of human beings is of males pursuing women. It’s the very essence of human progression. Rejecting the age- long dance between men and women is rejecting humanity. I’m not religious, but if I were I’d say it was ungodly.

It doesn’t mean you have to be a slavering fanny-rat though, perhaps endlessly travelling round Europe, living squalidliy out of a suitcase and with nothing in your life but the next ephemeral hit of a fresh notch; that’s taking it to the other extreme. I’m not anti-monogamy either. I’m not even anti-marriage! I really think there’s a lot to be said for the plan of finding a decent woman that won’t betray you or your offspring, one that submits and seems well balanced, then simply withdrawing from the pussy hunt and getting on with other things in life. It’s just not the plan I personally and currently plan to follow.

What is nauseating though, is guys whom have done this sitting online and then reinventing themselves as manosphere heavy weights. It’s just another form of the favourite American hobby: creating a fake idealized self online and vicariously living through it. They’ll backwards rationalize all the pussy “they could have had” and explain away how they decided not to take it then they’ll relentlessly big up their wife. The manosphere is full of online alphas who never actually go out and fuck any birds *

These married, enchildrened “nouveau manosphere” guys are not the celibacy club I’m talking about. I’m talking about the ones who don’t even get married. That sit in their apartments, reinvent themselves as red pill, perhaps grow a goatee and then just cease the often gruelling and ego-shattering challenge of actually going out and really, in real life, getting an actual flesh and blood young, hot girl to fuck them. Then go online and start spouting about how they are “resisting the feminine imperative”. Pah! Faggots.

* I’ll resist the urge to link specific blogs here

Guest Post: A Steve Jabba lay report

May 6, 2014

After nearly 2 years of focused and determined effort building Authentic PUA, I decided it was time for a break. I’ve got bored of London and as I live out of the centre, it’s a giant pain in the ass to hunt girls. Plus, lately I’ve been feeling a real lack of motivation..I simply cannot be arsed, and I rarely see girls of sufficient quality to even bother. So I decide to head (alone) to the FSU for 10 days of reflection and (possibly) getting back to what I do best.

Pulling girls!

Sexual intent, yesterday

Sexual intent, yesterday

I get here and notice immediately there’s a LOT of women. Quality isn’t anywhere as near as good as some other parts of FSU I’ve been (at least in the daytime), but what happened on my first night made up for this. I chill out for the day, and soak up the vibe. I start strategising immediately, finding local spots that are good for food and asking the cooler waiters where the hottest girls go out at night.

Looking on the internet for hot spots is no good : you always want local knowledge. Also I tip the guys well : you never know when this will come in handy, and I am keen to make friends. Plus they seem pretty decent, likeable people.

By 11pm I am toying with the idea of staying in as I had no sleep the night before, and was up at 3:30 am for my flight. But no, fuck it – I’m going out.I head out into the main area and see some pretty sweet girls walking about. I start to “switch on”- meaning pinging for IOI’s but also keeping a wary eye on my surroundings for aggressive guys, etc as I am well aware I am alone in a new town where no one knows me, and I stand out. A lot of guys are not happy about hunters like me rocking up in their town and taking the hottest women. This becomes important later on.

I head to one of the best clubs where “there are no drunk guys, everyone looks good and there’s no trouble”. Sweet. As I go in, it strikes me that I am totally alone and yeah, I get a very short pang of nerves. Despite going to nightclubs alone for over 20 years on my own it happened. I was a little shocked but breathed deeply and paid attention to my surroundings whilst drinking a vodka and diet coke.

They had a fashion show on so lots of (non-professional) models walking around. I start to get in the groove and find what always happens to me when there’s hot girls about : a laser like focus, zone out the other guys and focus on the girls – this brings me into a good state more than anything I’ve ever found.

I’m not getting IOI’s like I usually do though, by midnight it’s not really happening so I switch tack. I still haven’t approached anyone, so I go to the smoking area and start a conversation with a local dude. He’s pretty friendly and the trick here is to be friendly and cool, but not value suck and also hold your self possession. With guys, the key is to be cool with them, but also subtly position yourself and demonstrate that you’re a solid guy. You have to gain their respect and listen to what they have to say. (It’s also a good idea to tell them how hot their local girls are)

A metaphor, yesterday

A metaphor, yesterday

Really what I am doing here is building bases. If you go it alone in clubs, especially if there may be some hostility further on down the line, bases come in handy – plus it’s good for your sociability, andyou can start off the beginning of a social circle. When I do leave London, this is exactly the sort of thing I will be doing consistently.

At about midnight or so I say goodbye to my new friends and decide to check out somewhere else just to see how it is. On the way out, as I am heading down a side alley I start to get a little tingle as there’s a group of 3 guys coming towards me. One looks a bit threatening, and I hear him say “Angliski”..and then more discussion from the friends…I quicken up the pace and head towards a bigger group of people and steer back towards the club I have just left…Out of the corner of my eye I can see Mr. threatening getting heated and being held back by his friends…I think he must have been a local nationalist who wanted to give me a pasting by virtue of being English (and possibly because I stand out and might take his women). Not good.

Back in the club I take a breather in the smoke area again and chat to another dude. He’s qualifying himself heavily with his mate to two pretty hot girls..Big mistake but I keep my eyes open and sit there alone, smoking. He starts talking to me and I reply in English : instantly I am his new best mate and he invites me over to drink with their group. Cool.

I drink with them for about 20 minutes or so but then ENOUGH..Girl time.. I switch on again and this time the IOI’s start flowing..Back to the smoking area and I see a very hot blond girl (see pic and video at the end of this email) getting shouted at by some chodey looking dude…I notice she is staring at me so I return the look and give her a little nod of the head (slightly arrogantly)..Forcing an IOI.

So I head over and Mr. angry DOESN’T LIKE IT ONE LITTLE BIT…As I stand there, not in his way but quite close to him he turns his attention to me and says something (quite aggressively)…I just look back and shrug my shoulders, non threatening despite the fact I can see he is giving the hot girl a very hard time…”Please don’t leave me” she says to me (sotto voce)…”It’s cool…I won’t”…So I stick around and eventually Mr. Angry fucks off.

Actual girl

Actual girl

We begin talking and I get in nice and close. I like this girl, she is hot and self possessed with a lot of confidence. I establish pretty early on she’s not in a relationship and throw out a few “hooks”to see if she bites (kind of like I do in my videos). She bites…tentatively. But all I need.I make sure I’m introduced to the friends, but unfortunately my Angry keeps returning and making a right nuisance of himself…Almost shouting at her…It is winding me up but no way am I going to do anything as the risks are far too great..I suggest to her that we go somewhere else and she agrees, so we leave the club with her female friend and 2 other guys (also friends) who I make a point of being friendly with and talking to. I do this to avoid any resistance later on…

So we head off to some cramped ass new place. I hit the button with her and tell her I like her very much….Do the soul gazing thing where I look deep into her eyes and tell her how much I like her…It’s just an authentic expression in that moment because at that moment the love bubble appears and everything else is shut out…Just free flowing lust and powerful emotions..I feel this with every girl I go for, on some level and because I mean it..It works. I did like her.

We head off together to a more secluded place in the venue, to get away from the crowds and I put her legs over mine (dominance, leading)..A few guys are hovering around and looking unhappily on but there is no room left for that, we’re totally in the bubble. I tell her we should go and I want her…She seems pensive but after some thought says “OK let’s go”…We go to find her friends (I don’t hurry this along, I relax and am very chill about it)..We end up leaving with her female friend! She tells me we are going back to her place “but no sex and you have to be good”…I nod assent.

We jump in a taxi and I don’t even know what is going on, but about 3/4 distance the friend jumps out and wishes us both a good time…Back at the apartment we start kissing in the front room then she jumps up and leads me upstairs..Plain sailing from there and we go at it like animals…All night and the next day too!

I did actually like this girl, but she found my website and has many friends in this town, so I cannot post this on my own site. Plus, on some level I do feel a little guilty about it. But I guess I have to get my name out there because for all you guys know, the stories about me are all hype. Perhaps one day soon I will tell some more of these tales..

Hope you enjoyed!

Alpha vs Abundance

April 18, 2014

It is in the nature of learning that concepts begin muddy and confusing, then gradually refine until you can simply and precisely understand them. So it is with two commonly equivocated concepts: alpha and abundance. Consider a fairly frequently-observed case where a guy is lacking any strong alpha qualities but gets laid a lot and treats girls with the classic IDGAF frame. How can this be so? Aren’t girls supposed to be fucking ALPHAS?

Justin Bieber

Massive abundance, low alpha

Massive abundance, low alpha

Most insider accounts suggest he’s a fairly boring needy chode in a normal social context but clearly he can bang a new hottie every night if he wants. Robbie Williams is a needy creepy guy (lots of gossip on clingy and reactive behaviour from him) but also swimming in pussy. Or consider the recently-leaked text message exchange with James Franco.

I don’t know enough about Franco to comment on his relative alpha cred (and even writing that sentence gives me a creepy internet-alpha-syndrome shiver). But he certainly exuded IDGAF. So what are we to make of this apparent conundrum? Let’s pedantically unpack the two concepts and how they relate.

Alpha is a mindset. It is a way of relating to the world, to girls, the male rivals, and fundamentally comes down to having an internal reference point. Abundance is a condition. It is the actual real-world situation of having lots of girls wanting to fuck you. To split hairs, abundance is not about the girls you’re fucking now, it’s about your self-belief in your ability to fuck new girls in the near future. Naturally, being alpha is a predictable (but not 100% certain) cause of abundance because girls are attracted to alpha. But, it is possible for a beta to engineer / encounter circumstances which give him the condition of abundance.

  • White gamma guy goes to Japan / Phillipines
  • Top athlete attains fame and status
  • Normal guy appears on reality TV show
  • Rock guitarist in band that achieves fame
  • Successful businessman hires female employees
Mid-abundance, low alpha

Mid-abundance, low alpha

There are many situations in which a man can become The Chosen without requiring a fundamental change to his mindset. It’s like the difference between getting rich from building a business versus buying a lottery ticket. The bank balance is the same, no matter how it was obtained. I think this explains the common mis-identification of alphas as “any guy getting laid a lot”. Once a beta is living in abundance he will naturally take on the IDGAF mindset because it’s a result of options rather than internal referencing. He really has more female options than time and motivation to bang them all, so he can aggressively filter, go direct, and walk away at any point. Just review James Franco’s text message exchange.

Is Franco also alpha? I don’t know. However, that text exchange is pure abundance mentality.

So a lesson for any aspiring player is to work for abundance as well as alpha. Abundance can come from hosting VIP tables in a nightclub, working as a dive instructor at a backpacker resort, owning a strip club or (in my case) travelling in countries where I’m shiny and then aggressively number-farming. That gives you the IDGAF from plate spinning.

It is not a reason to abandon the quest for alpha (or in my case, sigma). And the reason is:

  1. Betas will always eventually lose abundance
  2. Betas will always get rolled by a predatory female

I know a Welsh guy who was recently on a reality TV show. Fairly good-looking guy but nothing special. However the show made him shiny and cast his filter net* wide, thus all the local girls know who he is. So now he’s getting spammed by selfies from DTF girls. He’s living in abundance and getting laid like dambusters. But eventually his fifteen minutes will pass, other guys will replace him as flavour of the month, and the pussy shower is turned off. I hope he uses his period in the sun to lock down the IDGAF attitude to get him through leaner times.

A stone, completely rolled

A stone, completely rolled

As for the predator women, just think of John Lennon. Completely rolled. I view Yoko Ono as a top-level heist professional who completely took him. Many guys in abundance get rolled – Bob Geldof, Paul McCartney, Russell Brand, Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson, Mike Tyson. Unless you change the mindset you’ll always be vulnerable to the coquette who knows your need for affection (abundance always strips your soul over time, leaving you vulnerable to affectionate women) and how to use it against you.

Betas can experience abundance by succeeding in the hamster wheel of life. Become the best tennis player, become a rich businessman. Become a famous musician. That’s great, more power to them. Just don’t mistake it for alpha.

*Filter Net – Out there in the world there’s a certain number of women who will like you just as you are, without much Game required. For most men the problem is you never meet more than a tiny proportion of these girls. University increases the net (because you’re in constant contact with teen girls). Working in a business surrounded by women increases the net (e.g. fashion photography). Cold approaching increases the net (by initiating more interactions). Being famous massively increases the net by letting those women know you exist and telling them how to find you. Thus it’s possible for a man’s abundance to massively change purely on the strength of widening his net without any other changes to his mindset and game.


April 8, 2014

I’ve been out daygaming for three days since arriving in Russia. We’ll be here for a while so I’m taking it easy and not running amok like I have in the past. Just a couple of hours a day, cherry-picking my sets according to DNA-tug or if I cop an IOI. So far I’ve done about ten sets a day and taken five numbers each time.

My state has been poor. After taking nearly three months off I’ve lost all momentum and that fine-tuning to the street that regular game gives has disappeared. It doesn’t worry me because I know the muscle-memory is trained and thus I can free myself of micro-management. In this state I noticed an interesting phenomenon that happens alot for me now.

  • When I’m in set, I feel super-relaxed and natural.
  • When I’m between sets, I feel like shit. Like the whole thing is an intolerable grind.

I don’t worry because I’m just like a footballer returning to camp after an off-season. My daygame legs will return, as will my love for it. Nonetheless it intrigued me how I can be in such shit state and yet still turn it on immediately from the open. So like I often do when an idea occurs to me, I sit down with Tom and discuss it.

He’s not micro-managing his sets either. All of those things in Daygame Mastery are just embedded into our DNA now.

  • Feel the strength of the hook
  • Manage her energy levels
  • Teasing and challenging

We aren’t thinking about any of that. Instead we’ve both been doing the same thing intuitively, which is directing ourselves to an empty-minded flow state and then making sure we “give her The Eyes”. We are confident that all the other stuff will sort itself out.

I had a set at the end of my second day with was a perfect expression of this, like a high watermark of exactly what my Game will look like when I’m consistently at my next level up. I was coming home from an idate with a glow in my breast and a spring in my step. I felt great. My mind was free and calm and I looked forward to soaking in a hot bath. From fifty metres away my RAS pings for a greyhound on the other side of a busy road. She’s exactly the girl I would’ve designed if I had one of those Weird Science machines.

weird science
I put my swag on and look away as we cross the road, passing each other midway. As we pass I look around and catch her checking me out. There’s a Moment (to use Jabba terminology). Electricty crackles. She’s smoking hot, on her way home from university. I double back and open. Everything is right. It’s like dialling a radio receiver to receive a faint transmission from another galaxy and getting a perfectly clear line. My eyes are sparkling, by body language exuding happiness, and yet there’s an unapologetic and pure sexual intent. This is the kind of flow state that can’t be manufactured. More practice lets you hit it for longer and more often but it’s never really in your control.

The effect on her is momentous. She’s rocked back on her heels, blushes and starts the “daygame sway” (when a super-on girl rocks around like a drunken sailor on deck in a storm). Her English is weak but it doesn’t matter. Throughout the five minute chat we keep falling in and out of “the trance”. I’m used to putting eye mesmer onto girls but it’s rare that I have them mesmering me so strong that it gives me the sway. But I felt it hard.

We swap numbers. I want to idate but I know my vibe is on it’s last hurrah from the previous idate so I don’t risk it. As we agree to meet for coffee and shake hands, it lingers.

Basically, this

Basically, this

What a set!

This is the magic of daygame. It touches you in a way I’ve never found in nightgame. My conversation was unremarkable and it often came out stilted. It didn’t matter. Everything that did matter was in the eyes and this finely-balanced connection. She immediately replied to my texts and our day two went great.

I explore this more in the upcoming material I’m doing with Steve. Once you have thoroughly deconstructed your game and rebuilt the high-performance engine, that phase is over. You’ve got the F-1 car and it’s finely tuned. Your mind now turns Senna-like to the driving, which you do emotionally in a flow state. I can’t hit this state at will, but in the past few days I’ve slipped in and out of it. I’ve watched Tom’s sets as he slips in and out of it. The effect on the girl is profound.

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