Good-looking guy game

October 17, 2014

I’ve been watching some YouTube infields lately. It’s a pretty varied bunch out there. On the one hand you have the total clowns spam-approaching London tourists, oblivious to the girls’ IODs, with a merry stream of equally-oblivious cheerleader chodes in the comments. It’s quite berbaric barbaric, so I won’t name names. Then there are also some really well-done videos. I watched some of Willie Beck’s fast bar pulls and SDLs, the RSD hot seat promos, and some of what Street Attraction are doing in London. There’s something good going on.

Shave heads are "in"

Shave heads are “in”

It’s given me some food for thought. Let’s start with the positives.

  • I think it’s great that real-life seduction is being taped, logged and disseminated so the mass of men can see what it really looks like. When I was coming up in 2009 there were only a few dozen infields online and it was mostly trash like Mehow and Carlos Xuma. Even a guy like Mystery, who I genuinely respect, had only some of his lame sets online. The internet is currently flooded with infields of guys who actually get laid showing you them getting laid in real-time. That’s a tremendous positive. Well done fellas.
  • I think it’s great that new talent is coming up through the ranks and bringing their own take on seduction. For example Beck is really pushing the r-selected bad boy vibe and escalating hard. The Street Attraction guys are doing the normal London Daygame Model but have added a prankster vibe in some sets, and a fast escalation vibe in others. Again, well done fellas. I like to see new guys shake things up a little.

This brings me to the main value that such infields provide – they show you what seduction really looks like. Not how you may imagine it based on reading a book or getting into a dick-waving contest on a forum. These guys are successfully knobbing girls and letting you act as a fly on the wall. But as you guessed, there’s another fly and it’s in the ointment. Not necessarily with the guys I’ve just named but their videos served as a jumping-off point that got me thinking about it.

Jason Statham, yesterday

Jason Statham, yesterday

One thing I’ve noticed in all the most impressive infields, especially the fast crazy pulls, is the player is always better-looking than the girl he’s pulling. They are failing the younger-hotter-tighter test. And that’s a big failing. The whole point of Game is to score girls younger and hotter than you. If you’re pulling exactly the type of girls you ought to be pulling anyway without Game, then pulling them a bit faster or in higher quantity doesn’t really say much. It just means you’re working a bit harder than you used to. So let’s break this down for the average man. The man who isn’t 6’2”, twenty-seven years old, with attractive facial features. You know, 95% of men.

The single most important factor in r-selection sex is looks (by that I include height, physique and facial structure)

So why do people like Tom and I bang on about r-selection so much when we clearly don’t have looks (or age) going for us? Because the next most important factor is charisma, then attitude, and then work-rate. If you lack the number one factor you can still get the job done by maxing out the other three. It’s just much harder. I don’t mind hard work – I’m just glad it’s even possible.

This is how it works when a good-looking guy tries r-selected daygame. I’ve seen this first hand with a bunch of them.

  1. Walk around looking good.
  2. Catch a huge number of approach invitations from girls between 1 and 3 points below you.
  3. Let the first ten IOIs pass because you still don’t like rejection or approaching.
  4. Open the most receptive-looking girl with a “hey”
  5. Stand smiling for a few seconds while she giggles, blushes and flutters her eyelashes.
  6. Give a direct compliment, so you feel like you’re doing real game. “You look pretty hot.”
  7. Inane chit-chat for a minute and take a number.
  8. Marvel at the low flake rate. Invite her out for a date the next night, at a bar next to your apartment.
  9. Turn up on date and don’t really think much about game. Just chat, and occasionally sit back and be quiet.
  10. Around 10pm say “lets go back to my place for some wine”. Girl enthusiastically agrees.
  11. Take her to bed. No LMR.

That’s really all there is to it when you’re good-looking. It’s not Game. It’s just “warm-open, escalate, lead”. There are no roadblocks. You don’t need to pick yourself up after a run of harsh rejections. You don’t need to amplify attraction. You don’t need to carefully choose the right moments to escalate. You don’t need to build emotional connection. You don’t need to surmount LMR. It’s playing the game on Easy Mode – and if that’s still not easy enough you can use Tinder. Now let’s consider how it is for the normal man trying r-selected daygame.

  1. Walk around as if you’re invisible to women. Try to force IOIs and get blanked constantly
  2. Weasel the first few sets because you’re expecting blowouts or flat timewaster sets.
  3. Build up courage and throw yourself in there. The first few go nowhere but remind you it’s not so bad really.
  4. Try really hard to hit a good vibe, because you know vibe is the only thing that ever really compensates for lack of good looks. It might take a while. You might not even manage it this day and have to try again tomorrow.
  5. A combination of good vibe, carefully-honed skills, and good luck mean you’ve reached hook point with your first hot girl, who seems to be giggling and eye-sparkling. So you try a spike. She excuses herself – “I have a boyfriend” or “I’m late for my lecture.” She leaves.
  6. You drag yourself back up the mountain and hit some flow. You collect four or five numbers in about fifteen sets. Some pretty girls, some a bit plain. At times you really had good patter and were buzzing with vibrancy and charisma. Okay, time to go off the clock. You’re a bit tired now.
  7. Half the numbers flake. Two girls respond enthusiastically, one of whom inexplicably just stops replying. You get the remaining girl on a date three days later.
  8. The date goes okay. You run the model, draw her in, spike her up and after two hours you build the right moment for a kiss. She fights off the first few tries but is obviously enjoying herself. You get the kiss in the end but she won’t come back to your apartment.
  9. Two weeks later, after four or five such dates earned through a week of hard graft on the street, you’ve fucked one of the girls and the rest have gone flat. You feel a grand sense of accomplishment at surmounting such a demanding challenge and getting a girl twenty-years younger than you and two points hotter.

I’ve perhaps exaggerated it a little to draw the contrast but that’s the reality. So enjoy watching GLGG on YouTube and absorb what you can about the process, but don’t think what they are doing is “game” or that it’s applicable to your life. They are on the ski lift whizzing up to the top of the mountain while you’re plodding up with a tree branch for a walking stick and two tennis racquets tied to your feet for snowshoes. And what a surprise – at the resort bar at the end of the day, they are sipping beer and telling everyone how easy skiing is.

Symbolism, yesterday

Symbolism, yesterday

Pretty soon I’ll be showing you (yes, show not tell) what normal-guy r-selected daygame looks like. Stay tuned.

The game wisdom of H.L. Mencken

October 15, 2014

Amused mastery

Amused mastery

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” Prejudices: First Series

Most of you dear readers reached your throat-slitting moment some time ago. For me it was when lying on my sofa in April 2009, playing Battlefield Bad Company on my Xbox360, when I was overcome with an emotion I can best verbalise as “this will not do!” So I genuflected, figured out I’d love to be able to bang lots of hot women, and then in a moment of madness made a firm commitment to hoist the black flag of pick-up.

So here I stand, Captain Krauser of the goodship Daygame, sailing the high seas in search of booty with my fellow rapscallions. I was originally planning to write a post on that but as I kept reading Mencken quotes I continued to be astonished at his ability to parse high-falutin’ ideas into great witticisms. So, let me pick some of my favourites and offer an idiosyncratic interpretation for how it affects the unplugged nomadic daygamer.

“An idealist is one who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it makes a better soup.” A Book of Burlesques

This is the very essence of choosing girls on pure looks without due regard to their vibe and character. Far be it for me to pretend younger-hotter-tighter is not my goal, but banging super-hot girls won’t make you any happier – it’s chasing a phantasm. The cabbage gives you a full flavour, some nutrients, and is a good soup. I haven’t banged many girls in the top tier, just a few, but they aren’t really the memorable ones. Fucking a catwalk model is like poking a bicycle frame with a stick. The girls that please me are young and hot but they’ll also be brimming with feminine sweetness and preferably wide hips and fullsome jubblies. Avoid choosing girls from an ego-based “trophy girl” mindset. It’s okay to bang a few to get the monkey off your back but after that you need to be introspecting about what you really like in a woman.

Oxford Street Yad-Stops, yesterday

Oxford Street Yad-Stops, yesterday

And on another tangent, don’t think you can ever possess beauty. A rose is beautiful to be looked at. Once you try to consume it, it becomes tasteless gruel to you, and you’ve destroyed the beauty of the rose in it’s natural form. You can’t cure a purity fantasy by fucking angels. Setting your sites on the top tier is both a worthy goal and an insidious trap – you should aim high but make sure to aim for something real. If you think fucking a turbo-hottie will solve your problems you’re in for a big shock when you shoot your bolt and realise you’re still the same man you always were, with the same insecurities.

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable…” Prejudices: Third Series

This is unplugging and the independence of Daygame. It is dating against the machine. The blue pill is a carefully-crafted soft conspiracy that defines both your goals and your means to achieve them. You’ll first get that glitch – the splinter in your brain – when your intuition warns life is not what it seems. Taking the plunge and wrenching yourself out of the matrix is the big step, like dropping anchor and letting your ship sail away to the freedom of the open seas. Be ready for a long period of angst as the pain of the “dishonest, insane, and intolerable” looms so large in your mind that the small seeds of new meaning can’t yet be seen through the weeds. The reason this man is most dangerous is that once free he never looks back. No man re-enters the gulag. He’s gone forever, a free man in control of his life and far too savvy to let the chains be slipped back around his ankles.

“Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.” A Mencken Chrestomathy

This is the real emotional drive of PUAhate and the white knights. The unhappy man bristles at the thought others may be enjoying their lives and then focuses his energies on bringing them down into his pit of despair. Every time you read some pompous moralist explaining that players are low-lifes, their women are sluts, that they really ought to just settle down with a “good woman” of “high character” be sure that it’s all about envy. A spiteful lazy man will become a Marxist in politics and a White Knight with women. The lowest of all become nihilists and game denialists. If you’re ever receiving the hate remind yourself it’s because your life is happier than theirs and both of you know it. If you’re tempted to throw out hate at someone else, stop and think. Identify the emotional driver (almost certainly envy) and redirect it towards action. Pull yourself up.

"Yeah mate, I'll be right out daygaming. Just let me finish reading these first..."

“Yeah mate, I’ll be right out daygaming. Just let me finish reading these first…”

“I know some who are constantly drunk on books as other men are drunk on whiskey.” (no source)

Two extremes in the community are theory junkies and pussy rats. The man who spends all day on his laptop watching YouTube videos and dialling in his inner game is practising avoidance of the simple sort – he can’t handle approach anxiety on the street. His solution is simple – get outside and hit on women. The man who spends all day spam approaching and hanging on to every lead is also practising avoidance but of the more subtle kind – he can’t handle self-reflection. Doing the same thing over and over again is often motivated by a fear of change. It’s okay to spend a few weeks, or even months, relentlessly opening girls day after day. You need repetition to burn the skillset into your muscle memory, to see what the streets are really like, and to desensitise yourself to approach anxiety. That’s far better than pontificating on internet forums. However, if you’re stuck with a brutal workrate for every solid number – you need to stop. Reflect. Introspect. Get a second opinion. Often this means a harsh calculation of your current SMV and a realisation that tight game in itself isn’t enough.

Daygame is a journey of constant growth and self-reflection. Don’t be fooled by false end-points. Ride your plateau for a while and then put your energies into finding the route up the next mountain. The drunk gets high every day and wakes up the next morning having slipped imperceptibly further down the slope.

“Happiness is the china shop; love is the bull.” (no source)

Every player feels the pressure of the game. When balls-deep into an immersion cycle your love for the game will temporarily quieten all those doubts and you won’t feel the catabolic cost of gaming. But it’s there, under the hood, the fuel tank gradually running dry. Chasing women dissipates your energies until fatigue and game revulsion creeps up on you. This is when you lose the joy for it. The world has the colour and heat drained out of it and you’re going through the motions like an old factory where somebody forgot to switch off the assembly line.

Accept the cyclical nature of game. When you’re down it’s temporary, it’s not a sign that you ought to find your soul mate and “get out of the game”. We have a name for people who treat temporary fluctuations in mood as permanent changes of momentous proportions – women. Ride it out, read a book, have a beach holiday. It’s okay to go off the clock until your hunger returns. The moment you LTR yourself up and prattle on about love is the moment you let the bull into the shop. For a while the novelty and the commotion is exciting, but when the dust settles you’re lying next to a beast and everything you built is smashed to pieces.

Arguing the toss

September 26, 2014

Here’s another short video, this time describing the subtext to when you argue with a girl during a street stop.

End Game

September 20, 2014

I’ve just had the most physically painful week of my life. What should’ve been a week of finally knuckling down and churning out some leads on the FSU streets (after doing nothing for 2 weeks due to work) was completely sidetracked by a serious bout of toothache. I had the most ridiculous bad luck – first on Tuesday my emergency dental appointment identified an impacted wisdom tooth that needed extraction. They said they’d just clean it up, put in a microbiotic strip in the gap for 24 hours and the pain ought to go away until a week’s time when they had a slot for the operation.

24 hours of extreme pain later they pulled out the strip and it was still horrible. So painful that even taking the maximum Ibruprofen non-stop only dulled the edge but left plenty of discomfort and periodic sharp pain between doses. In this country you can’t get a prescription for stronger painkillers. So they said the pain would lessen but if there’s still trouble to come in on Friday. So I came in on Friday and this time the English-speaking specialist was gone and a middle-aged woman speaking zero English cleaned it up. The most dramatic moment being when she came at me with a scalpel (and she’d been unable to explain the planned procedure). My mouth was pissing blood but getting her to write a note that I could show to one of my girls, it turned out she’d done another clean but made a small incision to get at a deeper infection.

This morning, Saturday, the dental hospital was closed and I’d slept only 2 hours despite being on the full Ibruprofen dosage. So I called my landlord and he arranged a noon emergency appointment at a guy’s private practice who opened up shop just for me. After half an hour waiting with the nurse, the dentist called to say he’d had a minor car accident and would be at least another hour. So I went home, sorted myself out, and ordered steak at my favourite local cafe. Might as well have some food for the day.

He summoned me before the steak arrived so I had to pay for it and leave before it arrived. As I walked into his private office I saw he was the same dentist as I’d seen in the hospital. To get it done at his private place was double the price (but, admittedly, still a fraction of the UK price) so he went ahead and began. I figured it wouldn’t be so bad because I’ve had two wisdom teeth out five years ago and they each took about five seconds – just grab them with pliers and yank hard.

Oh no! I was in the chair a full forty-five minutes while he drilled, cut, hammered, yanked and split the tooth up. In total it was cut into six different pieces to get it out. He said it was one of his more complex extractions lately. The whole time I was petrified, getting a good test in emotional control. As I write the anaesthetic has worn off and I’m back on the Ibuprofen. My mouth is swelling up, but that’s normal. I’m just a little worried that the molar next to the extracted tooth is actually the source of the real problem because it seems decayed.

So…. fuck my luck. It’s been a thoroughly miserable week. I had a regular around last night and was in such a bad way I couldn’t even fuck her.

I think this week is one of those unwelcome but highly fruitful “re-base” periods that remind me that the normal routine of my life is exceptionally good and I really ought to count my blessings for my health, sound finances, good friends, and abundance with women. You can take that for granted – I certainly did the past few months. It’s amazing how some persistent pain drops you right down to the bottom of the hierarchy of needs. I really ought to be more grateful for the good things in life that come my way.

On another note, regular readers will have noticed they are becoming regular viewers. This is just a temporary thing. I’ve been writing so much for my Sigma Wolf books that I’m all tapped out for writing. There’s a new project very close to completion that’s taking all my writing energies. I think readers will be very pleased I chose to do this project rather than just continue the usual blogging service. We shall see. Until then, I hope you enjoy the change of pace the videos represent.

YouTube infields are often nonsense

September 10, 2014

Here’s a short video explaining why you have to be aware of what you’re really seeing when perusing YouTube channels for daygame pickups, and how to think about long convoluted lay report “super stories”.

Tom Torero reviews Primal Seduction

September 6, 2014

Most of you will know all about Tom Torero, formerly head instructor for, author of two daygame memoirs, and more recently creator of the Badass Buddha video. He’s one of the few people in the game who’s opinion I value. So I’m mightily pleased that he likes Primal Seduction. Check out the full review below.

UPDATE – A savvy reader notes Lulu are offering a big discount if you enter the correct coupon code at the checkout. Currently the one that works is:  SMG14 — Free Shipping & GETIT15 — 15% OFF  Total Price: $76.87 USD

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