The Russian Bear has reached tipping point

April 15, 2011

Tipping point is the moment in the pickup when the girl clearly shows a flip from “might fuck” to “will fuck”. Usually it happens on the day 2 but it can happen on Facebook, such as with Painter and Muslim. I’m pleased to say my top Russian target has just flipped.

Stay back! Stay back, I say!

This Russian Bear is really starting to draw me in to liking her. She has this fantastic enthusiasm and quirky femininity. I imagine if she could speak good English she’d be great fun. For whatever reason she’s well into me now. Here’s another one of my midnight chats. Generally speaking I’m working mostly attraction and whenever the opportunity presents (as it does towards the end of the chat) I try and fix it down with some rapport. I’m also constantly having to watch for her attempts to steal the frame. This is a beautiful tall girl who works nightclubs as a hired gun. She’s used to making everyone jumping through hoops and has gotten very wiley at doing so.

Me: night club again?
Her: no time for slipping when i`m with my girls)))  [Frame steal #1 – trying to get me to ask what she’s been doing with the girls]
Me: [neg]

artists representation of Russian girls

Her: ))))))) Yeeee, and vodka))))) why you don`t sleep? Go to bed!  [Frame steal #2 – trying to put me on the defensive and get me justifying, even though she’s doing it playfully]
Me: You can’t give me orders, woman!  [snatch it back and dominate]
Her: haaaaaa….. I like you more and more))))))    [IOI and another subtle frame steal, to get me excited at her showing interest]
Me: I like you less and less :P    what are you wearing?   [rebuff her IOI and snip into sexualisation]
Her: it is bad question    you know) you know)    [testing if I crumble under her disapproval]
Me: [neg]

a Russian Bear, yesterday

Her: I`m dressed in a stretched Russian trousers ..    it is my style…..    [obedience]
Me: you have good legs    I like them    maybe I can sell them and buy a car [reward her obedience but don’t give out too much validation. Then stack with gibberish]
Her: ) You can try)))
Me: When you come to London. I’ll kidnap you    you’ll be my chef    [assume the sale, position myself as her boss and me getting one over on her]
Her: nooo… I`ll be in bondage…    [she doesn’t realise she’s served me a softball]
Me: you pervert! not THAT bondage :O    [accuse her of being a pervert and trying to chase me]
Her: Whyyyyy? ))))))    You are pervert! I`m not))    I see real things)) [loves being teased]
Me: [neg]

Google Images is endless

this is “bondage”
Her: Don`t sleep please……   [not sure what she means…]
Me: …   […so I don’t try hard to answer]
Her: )))))))) I`m afraid of chains and ropes.. I`m seriously    Your last picture is so nice))))
Me: I like teddy bears. I have a panda in my bedroom    he’s called Bongo   [keep leading the conversation. Her job is to giggle and cheerlead]
Her: ok… I can be a good pillow)    two pillows)))))   [not sure if she’s refering to her breasts but she’s definitely qualifying and chasing]
Me: hmmmmm    are you warm?    and soft?  [reward but I’m not yet won over. Qualify harder]
Her: very-very)   [she qualifies]
Me: Only 2 girls are allowed into my bedroom    1. girls with money    2. girls with food   [so qualify her harder still by setting standards. Remember most guys would be jumping all over her and expressing joy at her wanting into the bed]
Her: )))))))) And in my bedroom too)))) hahaha    I`m kidding ))))))    I take food and money… Don`t worry..)    I will be ready ))))   [she qualifies again, we are basically talking about fucking now]
Me: Ok. I will allow you to come.    BUT    bring cheese   [so I relent, she’s won me over…. so I lightly qualify her again – no girl gets my swipe without bringing me her scratch]
Her: No… I take a lot of cakes))    Are you remember?)))   [she’s attempting callback humour to our last chat - a strong IOI and sign of investment. She wants to cling to our world]
Me: cake fight?  [so I recognise it, which is a mild IOI from me to her]
Her: Yeee) Will you are ready too?)))   [which she jumps on – she’s turned AFC now]
Me: Maybe  [so I’m vague. Spin, hamster, spin]
Her: Why you don`t sleep so late?  [She’s asking for rapport now]
Me: It’s been a long day. I was boxing. Then I needed to help a friend  [so I drop the banter and give her some rapport, via a DHV]
Her: Why you needed a friend?  [this isn’t a frame steal, we are in authentic communication now]
Me: my friend had trouble with his neighbour    I talked to his neighbour and resolved it    took me 2 hours
Her: Wow… You are tired… i think… my dear friend…   [it’s going well]
Me: I’m ok. What are you doing?  [so I continue the rapport]
Her: I`m in my bed))    I like your sport, you know))   [she’s IOIing me again without me even drawing it. She’s well into me]
Me: ?   [so I make her work]
Her: you are strong … I imaging…….    )))))))))))   [yes, we’ll call that an IOI. But note it’s also a trap to see if I start yapping and wagging my tail like a puppy grateful for affection]
Me: I love boxing   [so I parry the IOI without rejecting it]
Her: )))))))    )))))))    ))))))    )))))))   [which she loves]
Me: What do you like?   [back to rapport]
Her: i like sport, but only fitness and stretch: SPORT FOR women)))    I care about my figure…)    I like my friends – They are fun) spend time boldness)))    else at the meeting…..)   [she’s qualifying herself again]
Me: what meeting? please explain
Her: )))    No ….. my eyes say my to sleep)   [ok, I don’t want to draw this out. Job done]
Me: ok, sleep well darlin’    ;)
Her: And you too…    nice boxer))

If this girl does come to London, we are fucking. It’s 90/10 now.

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